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Chapter 16unedited

Jane watched the two lifeless bodies.. The man that she had once loved and cared for..well..the money..was covered in the pool of his own blood. She dropped the gun on the floor realising the consequences of her actions.. All the anger she had once felt was replaced with fear..

“There is no way am going to jail..no..no..I need to leave as soon as possible.”
Jane turned and opened the door but she was greeted by a crowd. The neighbours had heard the gun shots and a man’s pleas they rushed to check what was happening.. Jane was grabbed by the mob and they started beating her, they stripped her [email protected]
“Man killer…huh..man..killer..you are finishing the men in this world..huh!!!!” The crowd screamed..
Jane was rescued by the police and taken to Kabwata police station.. An ambulance arrived at the crime scene..Adam was still alive but in a very critical condition.He was rushed to the University teaching hospital however. The girl didn’t make it..
“I didn’t mean to shot him..i was just upset and drunk.please please.” Jane pleaded..

“Shut up woman.. stop crying and give me your statement.. ati I was drunk..you women are becoming very dangerous.. Every time we are getting such cases..” The officer in charge yelled at her…
Jane felt helpless..she still blamed Adam for her predicament. She knew that this time she couldn’t escape what had befallen her..She had no one to turn to, her parents were dead and Biggie had nothing to do with her.. She held the chitenga close to her body so as to keep warm..She gave her statement and when she was done she was taken to Jail.. The place was filthy with poor sanitation, there was a toilet which was almost full, the floor was disgusting and it smelled badly.. Jane covered her nose with her hand but it didn’t help.. She sat on the cold floor and cried.. There was only one person she could call but could he forgive her after what she had done.. She had mistreated her own blood, she never thought she could beg Nick for anything but now she needed him more than ever…

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Thelma smiled when she landed..It had been a while since she had left home.. Her sight was restored though she had low vision… They walked hand in hand as they headed for the taxi.. Micheal opened the door and made sure she was comfortable.. He sat besides her and held her hand..
“I love you Thelma.” He whispered..
“A woman in Lusaka, shot her husband last night after she caught her husband with his girlfriend in the act.. The woman known as Jane Mwansa is now at Kabwata police station but she will be transferred to central prison.. Her husband known as Adam Mwanza sustained severe injuries and he is currently fighting for his life at the University teaching hospital..” The reporter said..
” Driver please increase the volume..” Thelma said..
“As for the girlfriend she died on the spot..”
Thelma went quiet, she could only think of her children and Adam as much as he had hurt her she still loved him and he was the father of her children… Micheal held her tight as tears rolled down her cheeks.. How did we get to this point..Adam..she thought…
“Driver please take us to UTH.”
An hour later……………………………………….

Thelma rushed to the ward. She found Adam’s family.. His mother was in tears…when they saw Thelma they stood up so as to give Thelma the way.. Adam was lying on the bed, he looked pale and his head was swollen.. His once handsome face was now unrecognised..
“My daughter..look at what that devil has done to my son. Now he will never walk .” His mother cried..
Thelma felt pity for Adam..She stood by the bedside..Adam opened his eyes and tears rolled down his face as he looked at Thelma.. He felt shamed…..
Thelma you came…I…I….am… sorry…. yyy… He stopped and took a deep breath.. He coughed….
Adam..am sorry but you brought all this on yourself..you were never satisfied with what you had
I loved you with whole my heart..but you choose to go after other women.. You had children that other people fasted for.. God gave you a wife and children but you treated us like nobodies..your relatives could not even help me out.. Adam you had it all but you decided to throw it away.. look at what the pleasures of life have done to you….

You will now spend the rest of your life on a wheel chair, the life that you once despised.. It’s funny how things turn out.. you hated having a grand child with special needs… Mother but now look at your son….I don’t have much to say..I have forgiven you because I can’t keep hate in me as it may consume my soul as well.. God has given me a second Chance to life and I don’t want to ruin it with hate… I used to think I was unworthy of being loved..I almost got used to being treated like trash..But I have someone who appreciates me in ways imaginable..I now know what love really is..so..I thank you because I couldn’t have met Micheal…I pray that God sees you through..
“Where are my children Adam?” Thelma asked..
They…..they….huh… Thelma….am…sorry..
“Adam where are my Children?.” Thelma yelled..
I.. don’t..know…Thelma…I don’t…know.. Adam tried to speak..
“What do you mean you don’t know..?” Thelma had now lost her temper she didn’t care whether Adam was injured or not.. She went and grabbed his collar and started shaking him.. Micheal tried to pull her away from Adam. His relatives were yelling at Thelma but she didn’t care…


17 final
“Thelma.. please….let..him..go.. please..” Micheal begged..
Thelma withdrew and sat on the bed..She was still upset and felt like killing Adam.. She looked around hoping that someone could tell her where to find her children.

“Get out of here..you want to kill my son..get out this minute!!” Adam’s mother yelled..
Mother please..she has the right to be upset…I failed at being a husband and a father..I couldn’t even take care of my own children….I have no idea where they are…what type of man am I.. I let a beautiful face come between me and my family..I deserve whatever is happening to me…Thelma please forgive me.. please…find it in your heart to forgive me… Adam lamented…
Thelma stood up without saying a word.. Micheal followed her…. She didn’t know where to start from but she knew that she had to find her children..
I need to find my babies… Micheal.”
“We will find them my Love..am sure they are fine..”
“I hope so..I would die if anything happened to them..”
They got on a cab and went to Micheal’s place in Kabwata. Micheal’s young sister and son welcomed them.. Junior Micheal’s son was all over his father, they hugged and talked.. Thelma greeted the boy, he reminded her of little Mapalo and Favour.. She thought of the times when she got home and Mapalo was waiting for her at the door.. He could greet her with a kiss and a painting… She felt empty and incomplete… How was she going to fill up this empty space…
“Aunty Theo…look at what daddy brought for me…look..!!!!” Junior yelled as he jumped up and down…
Thelma was absent minded and didn’t hear the little boy calling..She stared into space and thought of her kids. However Junior was determined to get her attention…


Aunty… Aunty…!!!!!
“Oh sorry baby..Aunty didn’t hear you…wow.. it’s lovely..do you want us to try it out..” Thelma said as she lifted him… She put him down and opened the box…. There was a big car with a remote..Thelma removed the car and put some batteries in the remote.. She showed Junior where to press and the car. They played for awhile until they were called to have dinner.. Thelma went to freshen up and later joined them for dinner… Thelma didn’t eat much all she could think about was her Children…..
“Aunty will you tell me a story.. before I sleep and I want you to sing for me..” Junior asked..

“Of course Love..I will do just that..”
Later that night…………………………
Thelma tucked Junior in bed, she had just finished telling him a story..
I love you….you..love me we are one big happy family with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you………………… Thelma couldn’t finish the song she broke down..lucky Junior was sleeping.. She sat on the floor and sobbed…. The song reminded her of Mapalo.. They were times when he was in a bad temper but the song could calm his nerves….She was too exhausted and she eventually slept on the floor… Micheal who was on his way to bed saw her, he went into his son’s room and lifted Thelma…..

Horizon -->


I want mummy….. mummy….. mummy… mummy……. Mapalo cried..
He had a bad temper and he kept throwing things at Favour and Nick who were trying to keep him calm.. Mapalo, threw a bag which almost hit the Tv… He hated the sound that was coming from outside.. Everything irritated him, he covered his ears and started screaming.

“Mapalo please….stop..it. Please..” Favour pleaded.. She was getting impatient with him..she felt like yelling at him..The past days were hectic, Mapalo was not himself and Favour had tried everything to came him down but nothing worked.. Favour just sat down in frustration and cried.. She had played the mother figure for Mapalo but what about her, she took care of everyone…. Her mother and brother but now all she needed was someone to take care of her.. She covered her face and sobbbed..
Mapalo having realised that he had made his sister upset.. Jumped off the chair and went to his sister.. He pulled away her hands from her face and kissed her on the forehead….
Sorry…. sorry…sorry…. He repeated the words..

Mapalo hugged his sister and started humming the I love you song.. Favour signed and held him tight…
“I love you too kiddo…us against the world remember that, you and I against them all.”
Nick who was standing, smiled at the two..He had grown to love Favour and Mapalo…..
“Ummmmh..what about me, you are leaving me out..” Nick said… Trying to put up a serious face..
“Come over here..we love you too.” Favour said.. They hugged and laughed..

“Nick Nick!!! My son come and hear on the radio.. Something happened to your boss, Mr Adam Mwanza!!!.” Nick’s mother shouted..
Both Nick and Favour rushed to the bedroom, Nick increased the volume.. Favour was in shock with out she head. Nick leaned on the wall for support.. He didn’t know whether to feel bad for Jane, but she was still his birth mother.. He went over and hugged Favour..
“He will be fine..God is in control.” He said..
“He is still my father, even though he never cared about us..he is still my dad..Nick I can’t loss him too..I need to see him..”
“I will take you to him tomorrow but first I have to see Jane..she happens to be my birth mother not that I feel sorry for her, i just need to as her some questions..I have nothing to do with her..”
“You mean Jane is your mother.. she is so wicked..am sorry Nick but that’s the truth.. It must be hard for you but know that am always there for you..”


Favour woke up early she couldn’t sleep all she thought about was her mother and father..She knew she could never question her father’s decision, she still blamed him for all the problems they faced.. She cleaned Mapalo and played games with him..She had alot of questions to ask him and she hoped she could get some answers from him..
She dressed Mapalo in a blue track suit. Mapalo smiled and kissed her sister on her forehead..
“Guys hurry or we won’t be allowed to see him if we are late.” Nick called from outside..

“We will be out shortly, just waiting for Palo to tie his shoe laces.” Favour called back….
“Palo time to go and see dad..” Favour told Mapalo has they walked out.
Daddy…. daddy… daddy.. Mapalo repeated the words.. He seemed so excited and in a good mood.. He kept humming the I love you song.. They got on a bus and an hour later they were at UTH.. Favour hesitated before she got in the ward..If the injury was as serious as they had said on the radio then she was ready to see him in such a state..
“Favour let’s go in..” Nick said as he held her hand..

Nick opened the door.. Adam lying on the bed while his mother fed him.. Nick walked in first and Favour and Mapalo followed.. Adam asked his mother to help him sit, he stared at his children without saying a word.. Tears flowed down his face.. They were all grown up now..
“My grand children, come closer and greet me..”
Favour and Mapalo moved forward and greeted their grandmother. Adam was still quiet. Favour and Mapalo went closer to their father.. he opened his arms so he could hug them but they children didn’t move, they stayed at the same position..

Am sorry my children..for the hurt I cause you.. Favour please forgive my daughter..am really sorry..I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness but please find it in your heart to forgive me…I looked for you..I did try..
You didn’t try hard enough dad, we left us when we needed you the most..Every time you hurt mum..you also hurt us too..did you ever think of is when you made those decisions.. You never accepted Palo has your son..why dad..did he ask to be born this way.. huh..tell me..all those nights you fought with mum did you ever think that it hurt us too..
My baby am sorry… please..
Favour was now crying, she couldn’t pretend that everything was alright..She hated her father but seeing him on that bed hopeless softed her heart.. She went closer and hugged him.. Mapalo also climbed on the bed and joined the group hug..

When Thelma had received a text from her in-law about her children.. she called Micheal and the two rushed to UTH.. Thelma got out of the car before it stopped. With the help of Micheal, Thelma walked very fast..she tripped several times.. When she got to the ward, Mapalo was sitted with his grandmother.. As soon as he saw his mother, he got out of the chair and rushed to his mother lifting his arms in the air…
Mummy…. mummy… mummy..mummy
Thelma lifted her little boy.. he kissed his face all over her face.
My baby…I missed you..my baby.. She said as she cried..

Favour who was sitted next to her father, stood up and hugged her mum.. The three kissed and hugged each other..
“Mum. You are still live..I thought you were gone for good.. Mum I missed you..”
“I will never leave you my babies never again…I love you so much..”
Years later
Thelma sat at the front seat with Micheal by her side.. Adam was sitted in the wheelchair next to Favour who was heavy pregnant..
“Dad and mum..I swear I just want this baby to come..I look horrible..am just here for Mapalo otherwise..” Favour complained…

Shshhhh, your brother will be called soon..I want to hear his name my love..Nick warned his wife..
Mapalo Mwanza…merit in computer science.. The vice Chancellor called..
Mapalo was nervous..he looked around for a familiar face. He looked at his hands and started playing with his string.. he always did that when he was nervous..
“Mapalo go and get your degree.” His friends told him..
Mapalo stood up and bumped in a chair. He hated crowds and the noise irritated him..
Thelma, Favour, Nick and Micheal stood up and waved at him.. Mapalo felt relieved when he saw his family..he smiled and went to get his degree. Thelma smiled, his son had finally made it.
“Mum I think am in labour…” Favour said has held her belly..

The end……….
Every child has a potential to be successful, let’s believe in our children……. disability is not an inability…

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