November 29, 2021

Unconditional episode 3 – 4



Chapter 3

Mapalo’s teacher, looked at the watch once again. It was almost fourteen and Mapalo was still at school..All his friends had left, it was just him and Mrs Phiri.. Mapalo was running up and down on the green grass.. Mrs Phiri got her phone and dailed Thelma’s line but there was no answer.. She was so anxious already she had delayed to pick up her children from school.. She tried again but didn’t get any response.. ” what’s wrong with this woman, she sighed.. Her phone rang, she looked at the caller ID it was Favour.. ” Hi Favour, your mother didn’t show up, Mapalo is still here with me and am really late.”

“I will be right there or we can meet at Libala SDA am so sorry, mother is sick,sorry again” Favour answered.

I will be at Libala SDA, in 10 minutes and I can give you a lift.” Mrs Banda said. She called Mapalo who come rushing, she held his hand as they went to the car..
Ten minutes later they were at Libala SDA. Favour was waiting at the bus station as soon as she saw Mrs Banda’s car she rushed over.. Mapalo was so excited to see his sister.. Favour… Favour.. Favour.. He repeated her name.. Favour got in the back seat and hugged him.. “So where do you stay.” Mrs Banda asked.

“We stay along the ring road, near the SDA church.” Favour said.

“We are here,” Favour pointed at the black gate.. She helped Mapalo out of the car and they said thanks and went inside.. Mrs Banda watched the children for awhile and decided to follow them. She parked the car at the church and walked…
“Mummy, we are home where are you?” Favour called out.. she got a snack and gave it to Mapalo and went to look for her mother.. She opened the door and was shocked with what she saw.. She ran to her mother.. “Mummy, wake up please!!” She cried. She got her phone and called her father…
Adam looked at the caller ID and ignored it. He wasn’t in the mood for family drama. He put the phone on silent and continued talking to his client.. Favour continued calling.. He finally decided to pick up.. ” What’s is it” he said sounding irritated..


has fainted, I think she drank something, dad please hurry she needs a doctor.” Favour pleaded with her father..

“Call aunty Lilian, am in a meeting and I don’t want to be disturbed.” Adam snapped and hang up.. Adam thought it was one of those things that Thelma did to get his attention.. he wasn’t going to leave his wife for some prank his wife had done several times… After all he didn’t care what happened to Thelma anymore..Jane and the unborn baby meant so much more and his mother had supported him.. He smiled just by thinking of her..” He looked at the small velvet black box, tonight he could propose…….
Mrs Banda heard the screams, she immediately knew that something was wrong.. She went inside the house..” Favour is everything OK.” She asked. Mapalo was sitted on the floor and was enjoying his biscuits.. Favour came out of the bedroom.. Mum…is..dead…she cried. Mrs Banda went into the bedroom and found Thelma unconscious on the floor. Thelma heard her child’s cry,, she knew she had no right to ask God to save her after all she took her own life.. Favour’s cries broke her heart…she thought of all the times she had let her children down..” Lord, give me one last chance to do the right thing..” She pleaded..
Mrs Banda and Favour managed to put Thelma in the car.. Mapalo went with them..he wondered why his mummy was asleep and why his sister was crying.. He touched her hand briefly and put his head on her shoulder.. A few minutes later they arrived at UTH.. Thelma was rushed to the emergency room, the doctor pumped the drugs out of her system.. An hour later her condition stabilized… Favour, Mrs Banda and her Aunt Lilian, Thelma’s elder sister were allowed into the room.. Thelma lay in bed with her hand connected to the drip..


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managed to get the drugs out of her system, she is likely she survived or we could have lost her..” The doctor explained.. Aunty Lilian sat at the bedside.. “Thelma sure..why could you want to take your life, look at your children they need you.” Her sister cried..

She will be fine, the doctor assured them before he left..
Favour held her mother’s hand and prayed for her to get better. Mapalo stood at Favour’s side.. Thelma knew she had to live and be there for her children no matter what…She didn’t care whether Adam loved her or not… “Am sorry my darlings, I promise to be a better mother.” She said in a weak voice..

Tears filled her eyes and she looked the other side.. Am done being weak, she wiped the tears with the other hand..
Thelma was discharged, the following day.. She was sitting in the living room watching cartoons with her son and daughter when Adam walked in. He didn’t say a word to his wife or children. Adam switched off the Tv and asked his children to go to their bedroom.. Favour knew that look, she hesitated and planned to stay and protect her mother. “I said go to your room this instant!!” Adam yelled.

Favour stood at looked at her father ” I won’t let you hurt mummy or Mapalo anymore, when was the last time you came home, have a meal with us, hold Mapalo or play with him daddy… Don’t we matter to you anymore…what crime have we committed.” Favour cried.. Mapalo sat in his mother’s laps and held on tight.. he hated it when his family agrued.

Adam had already made up his mind and not even his children’s plea could change his mind.. He opened his brief case and drop a pile of papers on the table. “I want a divorce.” Adam said..
Thelma spoke for the first time since Adam had arrived.. She told the children to go to their room while she spoke to her husband.. ” Adam I stood by you when you had nothing, for the past five years I have lost myself trying to overcome the pain you have inflicted on me,… I almost took my life because of you..well am done trying to fight for someone who doesn’t love me or his children.. You can go and marry Jane.. I have two beautiful children and I will live to be the best I can for this house it’s ours find your own..” She picked the papers read through and signed.. you are a free man do as you please and leave us alone…

Chapter 4

Adam grabbed the forms from Thelma’s hands.. He gave her one last look before he disappeared into the bedroom to pack his belongings.. He got a suitcase and started throwing his clothes, shoes into it.. Mapalo walked into the bedroom and stared at his father who didn’t even pay attention to his presence.. He loved his father deeply even though, he didn’t know how to show it.. He walked behind his dad and touched his trousers..” What do you want boy?” Adam snapped..

Mapalo unfolded the paper he had in his hands and gave it to his father…Adam got the paper and read the big untidy was a heart shaped with the word dad at the centre of the heart coloured in yellow.. Adam sat on the bed and for the first time, looked at his little boy.. Mapalo avoided eye contact but stood firm..


really did look like him and there was no doubt he was his son.. He remembered the first time he held the boy in his arms, he looked strong and healthy but a few years later they realised that there was something wrong with him.. Thelma had devoted her time to their son, she moved from one hospital to another.. He was very devastated when he was told that their son was diagnosed with autism.. Adam didn’t want to accept it and he had put the blame on his wife and refused to have anything to do with Mapalo.. The first years he had insisted that the boy should be locked in doors, he was too shamed and didn’t want anyone to know that he had a child with special needs.. However, Favour was too stubborn, she was always disobeyed her father.. ” daddy he needs fresh air….. Daddy Mapalo needs to go to a special school…daddy did you know that a disability is not inability..if we train Mapalo at an early age than he can live his life just like other children.. Favour always said.

Adam patted his son on his shoulder, it was the first time he had touched him after five years… He got the piece of paper and folded it neatly and put it in a file… He needed something to remind him of his first born son.. It was time to go, his mind was made up..he felt nothing for Thelma and his children where like strangers in his sight.. Adam continued packing his stuff.
Favour watched as his father packed his belongings. She had overhead the conversation between her parents.. ” daddy please… don’t leave us…please daddy..” she begged.. Favour went over and knelt before her father… ” Dad why are you leaving us, what have we done wrong, please stay.”

Adam helped her daughter up and hugged her…” Am sorry princess but I can’t stay here anymore…, You Haven’t done anything wrong.. it’s grown up stuff.” He pulled away and got his bag, on his way out of the room he gave Mapalo a brief touch on the cheek and left..

Thelma watched as Adam dragged his suitcase outside.. The children tagged behind, Favour was still pleading but her pleas fell on deaf ears.. ” I will come and get the rest of my stuff over the weekend.” Adam said. He put the suitcase in the boot and drove off without looking back.. He felt relieved and looked forward to starting a brand new life with Jane…
“Come here my darlings, we will be OK.” Thelma said as she embraced her children..She was hurting inside but she had to be strong for her children.. “Let’s say we go out for ice cream.” Thelma said. Ice cream, ice cream,ice cream Mapalo repeated the words.. He jumped up and down with excitement.. Thelma and Favour laughed..” As long as you behave, love.” Favour said.

The three sat at Creamy inn Wood lands mall and enjoyed their ice cream.. Favour saw Adam with Jane leaving pick and pay holding hands and looking so happy..Thelma stopped talking and stared at the couple.. She didn’t want her children to see what she saw but it was too late.. Mapalo ran to the car park and stopped in front of Adam… he called out..
Adam and Jane both looked at him…” Please take this boy to his mother, I don’t want negative vibes to affect my baby.” Jane said as she opened the door to the range rover.. Favour went over and held her brother’s hand.. ” Let’s go Palo, dad doesn’t want us anymore.” Favour couldn’t help it, tears rolled down her cheeks as she went to her Thelma.. people stared at Adam.. He got in the car and drove off..
The ride back home was quiet, Thelma Was lost in thoughts.. divorce didn’t not only affect the partners but the children suffered the most.. Seeing your father with another woman was the worst torture any child could go through..Thelma looked at the back sit at her daughter who was staring through the window.. Mapalo was busy playing with his mother’s phone and seemed to be in his own world..

When they got home, Favour went straight to her room and locked the door..She looked at the family portrait and held it tight..” daddy why..” she cried.. How could she explain to her friends that her father had left them..The man she had always loved had abandoned……She cried until she fell asleep….
Mapalo went to bed early and Thelma remained alone.. The house felt empty and lonely.. She looked at her husband’s remaining clothes..She touched his shirts and inhaled his perfume, how was she going to leave without him…Adam was the only man she had ever own..She didn’t want to be strong anymore..The pain was too much even though she had put up a brave face at the mall but seeing Adam looking so happy with another woman broke her heart…This was not the way it was suppose to…no…no.. where was the happy ever after he had promised.. didn’t his children mean anything to him… She looked at herself in the mirror, she was only 32 But she felt old…She still looked beautiful but why did Adam find her unattractive….she kept asking herslf….

She opened the cabinet and looked at the bottle of whiskey…it looked good and was very tempting…just one sip won’t hurt or a glass of whiskey on the rocks….She thought..

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