Unconditional episode 5 – 6



Chapter 5

Thelma got the bottle of whiskey and opened it.. She smelled it one last time and went to the bathroom and poured the entire whiskey in the sink.. “Am done drinking, I will no longer be a slave to this.” Thelma walked to the bedroom and cleared Adam’s things and packed them in boxes.. She needed a distraction form the urge she was feeling.. Afterwards she swept the entire house by the time she was done, she was exhausted..
“Oh no, I forgot to take my drugs.” she exclaimed.. with the drama that was going on in her life, she had totally forgot.. The reminder of her disease had made her realise she had a few more years with her children.. Her only happiness and pride… She had kept it a secret from everyone even Adam.. she didn’t want him to pity her or stay out of pity… She felt her body deteriorate by the day ..her brain tumour was getting worse and the fear of leaving her children alone increased by the day…. Thelma walked to Favour’s bedroom, the blanket was on the floor and her thumb was in her mouth.. which was her habit since she was a baby.. Thelma smiled to herself and covered her child.. She knelt down and prayed silently making sure she didn’t wake her child..” Lord I know it’s been awhile, am not worthy of your grace but I ask that you give me more time to take care of my children and I pray that as I depart, my children will be taken care of and will always stick together.. please father hear my plea..Amen.”
Thelma stood up and switched off the light.. On her way to Mapalo’s room she felt dizzy and almost fell..She touched the wall for support and stayed in the small position until she regained her strength.. This was worse than she thought, “Lord please give me strength” She said.

Thelma managed to get to Mapalo’s bedroom.. She watched as her youngest child slept.. He looked so peaceful, she went closer and kissed his forehead..” sweet dreams my angel, I love you.” Thelma walked out of the room feeling more fulfilled than ever.. Once she was in the bedroom she got her pen and wrote. ” To Favour my beloved child, I know by the time you will be reading this I will be far gone…. I don’t want you to despair or feel sad…I want you to understand that everything in this world happens for a reason… Your father loves you very much and please forgive him. I don’t want you to poison your precious heart with hatred.. The child your father’s wife is carrying is also your young brother or sister love him or her as you love Mapalo.. know that I will always be there for you.. I love so much… Yours mum..

She got another piece of paper and wrote.. To Adam, I know things did not end on a good note for us.. my love for you is the same and I will always love you.. I just want to ask you for a Favour promise to take care of our children for the sake of the love you once felt for me..They need you Adam, don’t forsake them.. love Thelma….
The last letter was addressed to Mapalo.. my shining star, am sorry I let you down so many times.. Hope you can forgive me.. In life you will meet alot of obstacles but don’t let that bring you down..you have potential to became the greatest person if you work hard.. Always remember you are capable of becoming who you wish to be.. Am sorry I won’t be there to share your success but remember that wherever I will be, I will watch over you.. Whatever anyone can do you can do it better.. Make mummy proud.. I love you… Yours mum..
Thelma folder the letters and put them away.. The doctor had told her that she might lose her sight because of the tumour.. She wrote the letters in advance when she still had the strength.. Afterwards, she prayed and slept…

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Somewhere in Misisi compound, seventeen year old Nick, lit a candle to study.. Having been brought up by parents who where both visually impaired and had sacrificed alot to take him to school.. They begged on the streets of Lusaka and the money they got they bought school materials for their son.. Nick opened his biology book and tried to study but his mind drifted away.. He looked around the small one room apartment that he shared with his parents.. His Parents slept on the other side of the curtain..” I will make it through” he said. Nick got back to his book and continued studying..
Jane woke up at three in the morning..she had the same dream that had been haunting for the past years.. Meeting Mapalo reminded her of the secret she had kept for years now…” No one should know…No one No one, it must remain a secret” she thought.. She touched her belly and hoped her past could not catch up with her..Why did I have to meet that boy…



Nick woke up at five in the morning, he swept the house and fetched water for his parents.. Afterwards, he cooked and put food in the warms.. ” Nick won’t you be late for work.” His mother asked..

“No mother, I have put the food in the warm.. am off see you in the evenings when I knock off.” He called out..

“Thank you son, keep safe .” The mother said..
Nick pushed the door and left.. He worked during the day and went to school in the afternoon at Kamwala secondary school, grade ten was expensive and his parents were too old to help.. He looked at his watch once again.. “I hope I make it on time or that lady will kill me” he said. He got on his bicycle and headed to Salena Chalala… He only stopped when he arrived at the blue gate along the ring road.. The outside was well maintained and the surrounding was clean… Well thanks to Nick because the boss didn’t do a thing.. he actually even washed her panties, he had no option but to obey.. He opened the gate and went to change in the guard room…
“Nick!!!Nick!!Nick!!” Jane yelled.. She was wearing a short transparent maternity dress and house slippers.. Her fingers were well manicured and her Brazilian hair was so long that it covered her behind.. The price of dating a wealthy man.. “Chi Nick, iwe.. Do you have deaf ears or what.” She scolded..
Nick changed quickly into a short and a t.shirt.. ” Madam, am coming.” He said..


come out this minute or I will come and drag you out, silly boy.” She yelled..

Nick came out and went to his madam..

“Look at the time, this is past 08, you are so late and you expect to knock off early and go to school.. well today, you won’t go to school.. do you hear me..” Jane said..

Nick nodded in agreement.. “I fired the maid so for the time being, you will do all the chores.. To start with, go in the kitchen and make breakfast for my husband.” Jane said as she admired her fingers…

“Yes, madam.” Nick said as he went to the kitchen.. Jane watched as Nick went inside the house.. The boy was quite attractive, he was tall with a well built body due to the hardwork, his skin was smooth… ” I don’t mind having a piece of that.” She said.
Nick got to work, he had learnt how to cook at a very tender age.. He warmed some baked beans, fried some beacon and made scrambled eggs.. He got a plate and put the eggs, beacon and beans, He put six slices of bread on a side plate.. Then he got a tray, put the plates and served.. He put Juice and a flask on the table…
Jane was now in the living room, she was busy with the remote… Nick knelt before her.. “Chi Nick move away, you are suffocating me with your smell… Do you bath..move..!!!” Jane shouted..

Nick smelled his shirt, he was fine and he had washed his clothes before he went home.. He moved away and knelt at a distance.. ” Madam breakfast, is ready.” “OK, go and start cleaning the house and make sure it is spotless” Jane said..
“Babe, food is ready” Jane shouted..Adam came from the bedroom.. he still looked good at the age of forty, he sat at the dinning table.. ,”Babe, this food is good…you should cook this often” Adam said. With a mouth of food.. Jane smiled, she didn’t want her husband to know that the garden boy did the cooking, as far as Adam was concerned..his new wife did the cooking..

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“By the way love, I need some money to buy baby clothes.” Jane asked as she walked to the dinning table.. She put her arms around his neck and kissed his ear.. “didn’t I give you, three thousand kwacha yesterday for the baby’s clothes” Adam asked.. He got a slice of bread and put some baked beans..

,”What, that money wasn’t enough…just give me the money.” Jane said.. sounding upset…

“Jane, that money was enough and at the moment I don’t have money, so manage that for the time being..I will see what I can do but am not promising.” Adam said..

Adam, I don’t want any excuse, am not Thelma so just send the money in my account or I will turn your office upside down, do you hear me” She said and stormed out of the room.. Adam lost his appetite, he didn’t understand Jane anymore.. Maybe it was the hormones.. sometimes women could be so difficult, he got his brief case and left..
Nick cleaned most parts of the house..he hesitated before he knocked on the master bedroom door.. “Who is there ?” Jane asked.. She was laying on the bed and reading people magazine.. “it’s me, Nick, I have come to clean the bedroom.”

Jane pulled her dress exposing her light thighs..she had learnt the tactics of seducing men at her tender age.. She thought of the times when she went hungry and her parents could not do anything about it.. She blocked those memories away.. “Come in” she said…
The bedroom was a mess, they were clothes and underwear on the floor.. Nick started picking up the clothes and put them in the washing basket..He avoided looking at the madam who was almost [email protected] He swept the room quickly.. He went to the bathroom and knelt down to scrub the toilet.. Jane got out of bed..she was annoyed that Nick didn’t look at her, she was used getting her way.. She stood at the bathroom door and watched him clean..” Make sure the toilet is very clean, otherwise.. She pushed him aside and spit in the toilet and she left.. Nick continued with his job…


Mapalo woke up early, he got out of bed.. This Friday morning he wasn’t in a good mood, his drugs had finished and when that happened he became very hyper.. He started with throwing his clothes on the floor, he undressed and remained with his underwear.. He started making the click sound over and over again, on his way out of the bedroom he picked up a string and started playing with it..

He went to the kitchen and opened the door.. Mapalo played with sand, he got water and poured it on the ground.He dived in the mud and slept in it.. He loved it that way, when he was tired.. He went and opened the gate.. Mapalo started running towards the ring road, he crossed the road, while making the clicking sound and pulling the string… The sound of the cars irritated him, he kept running and throwing dirty..
Favour woke up, an hour late, she went to the kitchen and found the door open.When she went outside, the gate was wide open.. Favour ran into the house and checked Mapalo’s bedroom.. He wasn’t in his bed, her worst fears where confirmed. “Mum!!Mum!!” She cried out.. She went to her mother’s room and woke her up..” mum, Mapalo is missing.” She cried..

Thelma, rubbed her eyes..” What do you..he is missing.” She said sounding sleepy..

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