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chapter 9

“Oh my God, hope that dirty man is still alive… Oh my ….hope he didn’t see me…. damnit… It’s your fault Thelma..if I wasn’t thinking about you I couldn’t have ran over that man… damnit.” Adam cursed over and over again…

He parked his car, at down town shopping mall.. He looked back to make sure no one was following him.. He loosened his tie and unbuttoned his three first buttons.. Adam was still breathing so fast, he wiped the sweat from his forehead with his sleeves…When he was sure no one had followed him, he got out of the car to inspect the damage.. He smiled when he found that the damage was minimal.

He got back in the car and drove off.. He was still shaken by the fact that he had killed someone..He couldn’t get it out of his mind….It was the damn man’s fault why was he standing in the road.. stupid.stupid…stupid man.. He said over and over again.. He decided to go and drink, he didn’t care whether it was a Wednesday, he just needed something strong to calm his nerves…

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” Please stop, don’t hurt me…please.. the little girl cried.” Her blue dress was torn, her face was dirty, she had no shoes and her feet felt cold on the hard cold ground.. She shivered as she tried to keep warm by rubbing her hands… ” I just want to keep warm” she said. The gang of street kids smiled at her,… She pulled the little dress to her knees as she walked towards them.. As she was walking she felt strong hands around her waist, another pair of strong hands pulled her to the ground..the other boys pinned her to the ground.. The little girl screamed for help but who could hear her cries under the bridge.. The first boy removed her panties and forced himself in her, she felt a sharp pain between her legs.. She cried and pleaded with them, when the first one was done his friend took over until all five of them took turns.

The little girl couldn’t take the pain, she could smell their sweat, the wicked smiles that crossed their dirty faces when they were satisfied.. Their evil laughter.. She just layed still and prayed for them to stop but they kept doing it over and over again.. ,

“Please stop.. Please am begging you..” Jane kept screaming in her dreams. She woke up and looked around. She felt relieved when she realised she was home and not in the streets.. No one could hurt her now..no one… Why couldn’t her past leave her alone..it was all their fault..she hated them so much..she hated them all…

She checked the time, it was past midnight and Adam was not yet home.. She tried calling him but the call went to voicemail.. Jane became restless, she got out of bed and went to drink water..” Adam, you better come back home” She kept saying to herself.. Just then she heard the sound of the car, she peeped through the window…

Adam got out of the car, he looked pale and drank.. He opened the door and knelt before Jane and hugged her legs..

“Babe..I have killed someone.. I swear I didn’t mean to do it.. but the man was stupid..he saw the car but kept waking on the road..I ran over him and didn’t turn back to take him to the hospital.” Adam cried..

Jane pulled Adam and hugged him.. “it’s fine babe, you did the right thing, if you stayed or helped him you could have gone to jail and I need you.” They hugged for awhile….

“Let’s go to the bathroom, I get you cleaned up and we can sleep and forget about this..” They walked hand in hand, Jane helped him out of his clothes, she filled the tab with water.. Adam got into the tab..Jane gave him a massage, she kissed him.. Adam was different from the guys she had met, she felt complete with him.. When he was done she put a towel around his waist and they went to bed…


“Am sorry Nick but we lost him…your father is gone.” The doctor said.. He put a reassuring hand on his shoulder..

Nick broke down..He cried.no it can’t be…no ..this is not happening..papa..no..no….not my papa it can’t be doctor..no.

Chapter 10

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Nick tried to rub off the pain he felt…he felt like pulling out his heart from his chest so he didn’t feel a thing. He went into the emergency room and uncovered his father’s corpse… His dad looked so peaceful…. he didn’t deserve to die..no..why did God always take good people.. He put his head on his dead father’s chest, he prayed that he could wake up and tell him that everything was fine but no..he lay so still…..why was this world so cruel…

“You have to be strong, everything will be alright.” The doctor said as he pulled him away from his father..

Everything will be alright..well he was tried of hearing that word.. Everything will be alright they said..But things got worse everyday.. Something in Nick’s heart changed he was tried of doing the right thing… Where did it get him.. all he got was misery after misery..There was so much pain one could handle after that all that was left was emptiness… For a moment he thought he was going insane…

Nick walked slowly….He wanted time to stand still..how could he deliver the news to his mother..He just the thought, broke his heart into tiny pieces…

When he got home… He hesitated a bit.. his mother was sitted with her neighbours outside the house.. news spread so fast in Misisi compound..

“Mother… please…be.. strong..dad…is gone.” Nick said..

The ladies broke down and soon the house was croweded.. It’s funny how everyone tries to help when it’s too late..Nick watched as neighbours bought food, charcoal, fetched water.. Things that none of them did..they were days when Nick and his parents went without food And none of the neighbours helped out…



After the burial Nick had made up his mind…There was no way, he was going to live in poverty enough was enough… He vowed to provide the best life for his mother..

Nick pulled his cap making sure his face was covered.. This was it and there was no turning back.. He knocked on the door and a young man with a bread and a bold head come out of the house… He looked at Nick from head to toe..

“Well…well..well..Look who we have here, the one and only school boy, what brings you here.” The young man said..

“Can I come inside…I will explain.”

The young man, opened the door. Nick went inside, he stood and instructed the place.. The place smelt of marijuana, it was a a two roomed house with a small window.. The living room and kitchen was small, with a wooden table at the centre..the table was filled with newspapers, matches and marijuana.. In the far end there was a small television and a fridge.. bottles of beer littered the place..

The young man sat on an arm chair..he put the dry leaves on the newspaper and rolled it nicely.. He licked the edge and sealed the paper, he got the matches and lit it up.. Then took a long drag,..He smiled as he blow the smoke in the air…He pointed to what looked like a sofa and asked Nick to sit….


” I want in…I promise to do my part as long as get my cut.” Nick said with a serious face…He had practised, this speech for weeks and saying it now made him smile….

“Are you sure School boy.”

“Ba Biggie…I couldn’t have come if I wasn’t sure, so am I in or not.” Nick stood up and leaned close to the table, he grabbed the rolled newspaper from Biggie and took a drag…he choked on the smoke and coughed badly…

“Damnit” he yelled.. Giving Biggie back his blunt..

Biggie laughed and took another drag….

“School boy…you don’t have to prove anything..this stuff is for us but don’t worry, I will talk to the boys.”

Nick left feeling satisfied..This was a part of his life he was willing to keep private.. He could wait but for now he had a horrible boss to please .. He got on his bicycle and left….




Cont 11


Jane played with her phone while her head was lying perfectly on her husband’s chest.. She felt a sharp pain in her abdomen.. She had been feeling this pains for awhile.. Another pain come this time with so much force..


am in labour.”

Adam panicked…He hated the feeling of not knowing what to do.. He grabbed his wife’s bag and bucket.. Took them to the car and went back to take Jane… This time Jane was m0aning in pain, he put her in the back seat and drove like a mad man.. In no time he was at the university teaching hospital.. He helped his wife out of the car… Jane was put on a wheel chair and was taken to the delivery room..

“Push..Push…Jane.. don’t..give up..” Jane pushed but she was too weak.. She tried again and finally the baby come..

“It’s a baby boy..the nurse said.. The nurse looked at the baby and immediately knew that something was wrong…

The nurse held the baby but the baby didn’t make any sound..She patted the baby on the back but no sound..This was the hardest part of the job.. telling a woman who had carried a child for nine months that the baby was a still born..

“Nurse, why isn’t my baby crying..is he ok..” Jane asked sounding worried..

“Am sorry madam, but the baby is dead.”

“No it can’t be..no..nurse.. please..no..” Jane cried..

“I want my baby.. please let me hold him..” Jane held the baby..She couldn’t stop crying..Was she being punished for her past mistakes..The nurse took away the baby but Jane could not calm down.. The doctor tried talking to her but couldn’t calm her down..She was given a sedative and she soon fell asleep..

Adam went to the doctor..he had pacing in the corridor..

“Doctor how is my wife and my baby.”

“Am sorry sir, we did all we could but we lost the baby.” Adam sat on the floor..he thought of the man he had ran over…Was he being punished..

” How is my wife” he finally managed to ask..She is very weak and sleeping at the moment…

A week later…..

Thelma was cleaning the yard..She wore a hat to hide her hair which was now falling off.. Mapalo and Favour were helping their mother water the plants….

Adam parked at the gate for awhile..he made been thinking and had decided to get his children.. Mapalo was the only male child and he needed him to be close… His friends at work had advised him to accept his child… He got out of the car and knocked on the gate…

Favour opened the gate and was very happy to see her dad…

Daddy is here..she screamed happily..

Daddy… daddy…daddy.. Mapalo said as he ran to his father.. For the first time Adam lifted Mapalo and hugged him.. Thelma was so surprised with the whole scene.. She put the broom on the ground and folded her arms…

“Yes Adam, what can I do for you.”

“I have come to see my children or am not allowed too.. Actually am taking my children with me…I can’t let them leave with a drunk..”

“Oh no, Adam you are not taking my children away from me….over my dead body…” Thelma yelled.. Favour and Mapalo moved closer to their mother and held on to her….

“I just came to tell you..we can do this the rough way or the good way you choose.” Adam said.

“You are not taking my children, Adam just leave us alone.” Mapalo couldn’t stand the yelling..he started screaming and throwing dirty….

“Look what you have done..” Thelma said while pointing at Mapalo.. Favour managed to calm her brother..The two went inside the house while their parents agrued..

“I will be back soon Thelma and this time..am taking my children..see you in court.”

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