Under Attack

Under Attack – Episode 14


Under Attack – Episode 14

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K.B and the Explosion

The fluffy one, Christina and Nana all sat in silence staring at the walls. When Dominick and Emma left them, they didn’t say a word to each other. The two of them only hoped for something to happen. They couldn’t do anything, they were just civilians who found themselves at a right place, because of what they did but at a wrong time.

“So what do you do?” The fluffy one tried to break the silence.

Christina looked at him. “What does it look like i do?”

He raised his hands in the air. “I’m just trying to make conversation. This room feels like a dead house.”


The fluffy one stood up. “Let me check what’s happening.”

Christina rolled her eyes. “Check?” She laughed. “On what?”

Ignoring her, he walked to the door, opened it, peeped and got out closing it. He walked past the elevator to the stairs. Before stepping a foot on the stairs, he was scared and didn’t know what he was doing. He walked down and got to the 2nd floor. He hid in the corner and tried to see if the firearms department was still being guarded. Before he could even see it, he saw two men on the floor and one of them was Dominick. Quickly, he rushed to him and knelt before him.

“Old man,” he called him.

Touching his neck, Dominick slowly became conscious. “What Happened?”

“You tell me what happened,” the fluffy one said trying to get him up.

“Emma,” he said. “She knocked me out. Where have you left Christina and the baby?”

“3rd floor, they are safe.”

“You were supposed to stay with them. What the hell are you doing here anyway?”

The fluffy one didn’t have an answer to the question. He just looked at Dominick like a child whose been caught stealing. He just wanted to do something.

“Help me get up,” Dominick said.

The fluffy one helped him up. They both looked at the still unconscious uniform. Dominick got a cuff and cuffed the uniform to the rail of the stairs. Him and the fluffy one carefully walked to the firearms department and found it deserted. They entered and Dominick got himself some guns and gave the fluffy

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one, one. He was hesitant to get but he had no option.


“You said Emma knocked you out,” the fluffy one said looking at the gun.


“But why?”

“That’s what i want to find out,” Dominick threw a bullet proof vest to the fluffy one.


“Where is the serial killer?” The man in charge kicked K.B in the stomach.

Everyone gazed in awe at how K.B was being beaten up. They couldn’t understand why he was letting himself get beaten like that. From the moment he had veiled himself to the man in charge, he had refused to say where the serial killer was.

“There is no serial

killer here,” he had insisted. “Leave this building and you won’t be followed. No one has to get hurt anymore.”

“You killed my brother,” the man in charge had yelled angrily. “If it’s killing everyone here, i will. You will have to tell me where the serial killer is. I have to see this mission through.”

K.Bs firm stand on not knowing where the serial killer was angered the man in charge. Walking to where he had stood, the man in charge punched K.B in the face he knelt down. He got up again.

“You better leave,” K.B had said.

The man in charge kicked him till he fell on the floor. K.B wasn’t retaliating. He just covered his face while he took the beatings.

“If you won’t say where the serial killer is,” the man in charge stepped away from K.B. “I have no option but to kill another hostage.”

K.B heard the seriousness in the man in charges voice. Feeling his whole body hurt, he tried to get himself up but couldn’t. He tried again and managed. By the time he was on his feet, the man in charge had grabbed the two teenagers and was Pointing a gun at them.

“I’m killing the both of them!”

The two boys mothers wailed and tried to get up but were ordered to stay down. K.B was now in a crossroad. Either protect the two boys or the serial killer. If he chose the former, he would be a hero for saving the boys life and that of everyone. If he went for the latter, he would be crucified for saving the life of a deranged man over that of two innocent boys. To him, life was life and he didn’t want to have to choose between the two.

“Why don’t you just take me and do whatever you

want with me the things you want to do with the serial killer?” He asked directly looking at the man in charge.

“What are you talking about?” The man in charge asked back.

“You’re Societies Sixth Sense, punish me. Let everyone go. You want to right a wrong done by the police, let me take the fall.”

The man in charge looked at his men who were staring seemingly tired of the whole thing.

“I’ll be an example. Whatever it is you want society to know will know with what you will do to me.”

There was silence in the lobby. What kind of man was this white man? Question that lingered in everyone’s minds.

“Here is your serial killer!” Emma shouted entering the reception from the stairs.

Everyone looked in her direction. She had a gun pointed at the serial killer while she pushed him across the room.

“And who are you?” The man in charge pushed the boys back onto the others.

Emma and the serial walked past K.B.

“What are you doing?” K.B whispered to Emma.

Ignoring him, she walked to the man in charge behind the serial killer. “An admirer of your works sir.”

The man in charge grinned and looked at his men. “You see, we have an admirer of our works and she has delivered.”

Emma pushed the serial killer to the man in charge. “There, you have him.”

“And what’s the cut beautiful lady?” The man in charge asked. “I don’t think you’ve done this without expecting anything in return.”

Emma turned to K.B, looked at him and then looked at the man in charge. “You’ve got what you came for, leave.” She locked eyes with the serial killer.

The serial killer was standing behind the man in charge with one henchman guarding him. His eyes were hovering the place. He slowly reached down to his pocket and removed a blade from it. No one saw what he was doing. The man in charge was busy looking at Emma when he was grabbed from the back by the serial killer and the knife was pressed against his neck.

Emma quickly drew her gun and pointed it to the henchmen. “Don’t you dare move or your boss dies!”

All the men quickly pointed their guns at them. Emma didn’t drop her gun. She was still aiming at all of them.

The man in charge laughed. “You want to kill everybody?” He asked. “One slight mistake and the bomb goes off.”

“That would kill you too idiot!” Emma told him.

“You think this is the whole group? We are many. If all of us die here, there are others who will continue the good work.”

K.B saw the determination in the man in charges eyes. The idiot was not afraid to die. The grin on his face made K.B a bit uncomfortable. “Everybody stand up!” He shouted at the hostages whilst they still had a chance.

“Everyone on your feet!” Emma shouted too.

They all stood up and walked past K.B and went to the stairs. They couldn’t go out because the captors were blocking the exit and there were bombs on the doors.

“Emma step back!” K.B said.

“Step back with him!” Emma told the serial killer.

The serial killer was still pressing his blade against the man in charges throat. At last, his sins would be atoned for. If this works out, people will know him as a man who helped in getting rid of these criminals. He dragged the man in charge back to where the reception desk was and where Emma and K.B were standing.

“Now!” The man in charge shouted.

From nowhere, the serial killer was elbowed in the face and pushed out of the way by the man in charge and dived further away from him. The serial killer, K.B and Emma were now in the open. K.B quickly pulled Emma and dived with her behind the desk when the guns started blazing. The serial killer couldn’t get out in time all the bullets landed on his chest. The hostages all ran up the stairs screaming and shouting and stampeding over each other. K.B and Emma laid on the floor with K.B covering Emma with his whole body.

“The gun!” He shouted at Emma.

“I dropped it!”


K.B slowly got off Emma and crawled round the desk and saw the gun. With the men on the other side shooting at them, there was no way he would get to the gun.

And then, a high, keening whistle pealed out in the air around K.B. He turned his head in all ways and saw Dominick standing by the stairs.

Looking closely at Dominick, he had all the necessary gear. “Throw me a pistol,” Whispered K.B.

Dominick removed a handgun and threw it to K.B. K.B only had one thing in mind, to blow them up. He calculated the distance from where the henchmen where and the reception desk. If any luck, him and Emma wouldn’t be impacted by the blast. However way, he just hoped he was right about his thoughts. With the handgun still in the air, K.B got to his feet while the bullets whizzed past him and jumped at the gun and got hold of it. The man in charge saw K.B in the air and knew what was about to go down, he ran away from his men to take cover. K.Bs finger was on the trigger, he pulled it and bang, shot one of the men directly on the strapped bombs on his body and before he could hit the floor;


HQ shook. There was a massive explosion at the entrance. Half of the reception lit up. It was a big, big blast, part of the ceiling went down. The lights went off. There was smoke everywhere and a plasticky smell and it became increasingly warm and difficult to breathe. The whole reception was now on fire.

To be continued

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