Under Attack

Under Attack Episode 16 – finale


Under Attack – Episode 16

© Brian Ngoma

K.B & His happily ever after.

Sitting in the balcony looking at the lake, K.B felt peace he had never felt before. He looked behind and saw the curtains to his bedroom wavering and someone laying in his bed. He then heard kids voices shouting playfully on the ground. He stood up and walked to the door to his bedroom, pushed it and entered. One step into the room, a song played.

“Hey darling!” A female voice called him.

He recognized the voice. He couldn’t believe it. This can’t be happening. He walked to the bed and the person in it shifted and turned to him.

“Astridah!” He almost lost his breath.

“Hi darling,” she answered him. “You’re up already?”

K.B looked around. “Where are we?”

“You’re home love what do you mean?” She got up and extended her arm. “Come here.”

He didn’t move.

“Did the kids wake you up?”

“What kids?”

“Honey is everything okay?”

“Are you real?” He stepped a bit closer to her.

“You’re now worrying me Kerzner,” she opened her arms and called him.

He walked to her and sat beside her. “Is this really you Astridah?”

“Of course it’s me honey,” she held him into her arms. “Did you just sleep okay?”

“I missed you baby,” he cried while laying his head on her chest.

“But you just woke up.”

“Yes but you were gone for too long.”

“Have always been here. I’m sure the kids disturbed your sleep.”

“Whose kids?”

“Our kids honey,” she kissed his forehead.

“I want to see them,” he looked up at her.

“They are not going anywhere,” Astridah assured him.

“How about Bella?”

The floor shook.

“What was that?” K.B asked.

“Nothing, don’t worry,” she held him tightly. “Don’t be afraid.”

It continued shaking. Everything became blurry. K.B couldn’t see anything. He felt Astridahs grip loosening. The more he held on, the more loose it became. He started hearing her cry from a distance with words echoing from a distance.

“Come back soon my love,” the voice faded.

“Wake him up!”

Water splashed in K.Bs face.

“He’s up boss!”

K.B’s eyes opened to familiar faces. So it was all but a

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dream but it felt real. That was Astridah. He was in her arms. He felt her. She told him to come back soon. Where was that? He had never felt so much peace at once. Everything was in it’s place. He coughed and tried to lift his head but couldn’t.


car skidded.

“Drive carefully!” The man in charge yelled.

“We can’t risk that!” Nick shouted. “We have police cars on our tail.”

The man in charge was tying his bullet wound while glaring at K.B on the floorpan. K.B wasn’t even tied but hurt on his head he was bleeding.

“How far?” The man in charge asked Nick who was driving.

“We can’t go to the hide out. I’m failing to lose these people!”

“Maybe it’s about time we improvise,” the man in charge got an Ak47 and threw it across the other man. “Let’s shoot them out of our way. We can’t be doing this

all night.”

K.B took a deep breath in and out. Looking around, he was in a closed van which was being driven at a speed of lightning. From afar, he could hear police sirens. He knew they were coming for him. He then saw a bag on the man in charges feet. There must be something in that bag he could use, he thought.


Dominick kept bugging the driver to drive fast. Their car was two cars away from the chased van. Dominick felt like the driver wasn’t doing enough. As a matter of fact, they weren’t all doing enough. It had been 20 minutes from the time they had left HQ. Instructions were not to shoot at the suspects because they had a hostage in that van; one of their own.

“Sir the vans backdoors are opened,” the driver told Dominick.

“Oh sh*t!” Dominick shouted seeing a man holding an Ak47 on the door. “Be careful!” He screamed.

The car skidded out of the road and got onto a dust road while the gun blazed and fired at the two cars in front of it. One car turned over and got out of the road. The other one hit onto another car in the other lane and came to a halt.

“Jesus!” Dominick got a handgun and cocked it. “Men down, men down!” He shouted over his radio

Their car was still on the dust road at a distance from the van. They couldn’t be fired at. They saw the doors closed.

“Step on the gas!” Dominick shouted. “God help me I’m killing these bas***ds.”

“You can’t shoot at them. K.B is in there!” The driver reasoned with Dominick. “Let’s just try to get closer and see what we can do.”

“Dominick!” A female voice called his name over the radio.

“Dominick here, who am i talking to?”

“Emma, what’s the

situation there?”

“Aren’t you supposed to be at the hospital?”

“I’m at the hospital. What’s happening?”

“It’s……” he stuttered. “I’ll get back at you.”


He put down the radio.

“Get us closer,” he told the driver.

“On it,” he stepped on it.


“That was fantastic,” the man in charge exclaimed.

“We still have some more cars behind us boss,” Nick looked in the vans side mirror.

“We’ll get rid of them too.”

“I don’t see a reason why we have the white man!’ Nick said. “He’s the reason they are swamming us like this.”

K.B could hear them. They were four. One driving, one injured, one looking over him and the other one with an Ak47 by the doors. The bag, he needed to get to the bag but if he could manage to get to it before being shot at, that would be a miracle.

“He’s moving!” One of the men observed K.B.

“He’s hurt he can’t do anything,” the man in charge said. “He’s bleeding can’t you see. He just has to be alive when we make an example of him for the whole world to see.”

“Example my ass,” K.B said under his breath.

“What did you say?” The man in charge motioned to the other man to silence him.

K.B was kicked in the stomach.

“Say that again old man!”

“Screw you!”

He was kicked again.

“You’re lucky you shot my leg, I’d be the one kicking your ass right now. You sabotaged my whole plan. I’m just glad that serial killer was killed.”

“All for what you bas***ds?” K.B tried to get up.

“For society to wake up!”

K.B was pinned down by the other man. He rested his leg on K.Bs back.

“Another car is closing in on us boss!” The man with the Ak47 shouted.

“Do as required!”

K.B could hear the other man trying to open the vans backdoors. The leg was still resting on his back. He took a really deep breath in and got up with all his mighty throwing the man causing him to hit the vans roofs. The Ak47 man tried to turn to K.B but was punched in the throat he dropped the gun and knelt. The vans doors were halfway opened. From the back, K.B was held by the other man. He managed to elbow him and turned around at him and kicked him in his face.

“Get him!” The man in charge yelled.


“Did you see that?” Dominick’s officer driver was wowed at what he had just seen.

“That is K.B!” Dominick said. “bas***d never gives up. I’m sure he’s giving them hell in there.”

The van made a turn out of the main road and got onto the vast land leading to some grasses. Dominick’s driver was on it’s back and so where other police cars behind them. The van sped off.


Punched in the stomach, K.B knelt down. He blocked one punch headed to his face. He dragged the man to the floor and got on top of him and repeatedly punched him in the face till he was knocked out. Getting up, he turned around and the man in charge was busy checking the bag. K.B rushed to him and grabbed him by his shirt and lifted him up hitting his head on the roof.

Boss are you okay?” Nick shouted.

“Don’t stop driving till we get there!” The man in charge yelled at him while being throated by K.B.

The man in charge kneed K.B in his torso he rolled over to the other side of the van. K.B quickly got to his knees and dived back at the man in charge and tightly grabbed his wound he screamed. He tried to punch K.B in his face but his punch was weak. K.B head struck him he dropped to the floorpan. With the AK47 within his reach, the man in charge reached for it and fired at K.B but K.B got out of the way and the bullets penetrated Nick’s head. Within a few seconds,, the car lost control and overturned three times.

For a minute or two, there was a sharp sound in both K.Bs and the man in charges ears. They couldn’t hear anything but whizzing sounds of the aftermath of the crash. The van was squashed that the roof was almost in contact with the floorpan. K.B and the man in charge were trapped in between.

“bas***d,” the man in charge yelled.

Over the other side was K.B with a metal rod pierced through his lungs on top of being trapped between the roof and the floorpan. He was bleeding heavily and by his side was the bag slightly opened. Seeing clearly, in it were grenades.

“Don’t you dare!” The man in charge saw K.B looking at the grenades. “Don’t touch those bombs old man.”

K.B extended his arm but failed because of the metal rod in him.

“So you want to kill us all?” The man in charge laughed realizing he couldn’t move. “We are so many old man. This is an organization. Kill me now, there are others to complete my work. It’s a wave.”

K.B tried again and this time he grabbed one grenade.

The man in charge laughed. “Come on do it!”

K.B looked at him. He looked at his wound and torn out body. This was it now. Astridah would be happy he did one thing right. She would nag that this wasn’t supposed the way he was supposed to go but finally, all the odds were in his favor. This was his purpose. All his children were now grown and had mothers who would move the world for them if needed.

“Do it!”

For the first time K.B smiled. “What a better way to go to hell.”

“See you there bas***d!” The man in charge shouted.

“Then it doesn’t end here for us but for me, this is my happily ever after,” K.B said releasing the safety lever.



“Stop the car!” Dominick yelled at his driver.

The car stopped. Dominick got out and started running to the van and before he could reach it, it blew up he was thrown in the air and hit the windshield of the car he lost conscious.


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