Under Attack

Under Attack – Episode 5


Under Attack – Episode 5
© Brian Ngoma
K.B and the 3rd floor
Christinas Muffled screams filled the dark room. She couldn’t see anything. She was scared she was going to die. Suddenly, the light came on.
“Let her go,” a deep tender voice ordered.
Christina was let go. She turned around and saw a slovenly dressed up man. “You stink,” she said stepping away from him.
“Just shut up,” the scruffy man said taking a sit behind the only desk in the room.
Christina turned to the well dressed gentleman. Looking at him, he was quiet old but still got it. That was her type. A man whose maturity showed with the way he carried himself.
“We heard you, what’s happening downstairs?” The gentleman asked. “By the way, I’m Dominick,” he extended his arm.
“Are you the one in charge?” She asked him.
“No but you said something about being a messenger, what is it that you have to say?”
“I cannot say it you Dominick. No offence but you’re not in charge.”
“Just tell him already,” the scruffy man added with his eyes on the landline on the desk.
Christina looked at him and clicked her tongue. “Is he a criminal?” She pointed at him looking at Dominick.
“He’s a suspect, now tell me the message.”
“No i cannot. I was told to only tell the one in charge of CID. Whatever that means.”
“Criminal Investigation Department stupid,” the scruffy man said.”Beautiful but dumb.”
“Shut up dirty man.”
“Language,” Dominick quietened the scruffy one and turned his attention to Christina. “Don’t be scared. Help is on the way, i think they know what they are in for when they get here. They cannot come up. They have taken down all floors but this one.”
“That man is crazy, you don’t know what you’re talking about,” Christina said. “All of them are wearing bombs on their vests.”
That was news to Dominick. “Real bombs?”
“I have never seen a bomb but those are real ones. I can tell.”
“How many are they?”
“I couldn’t count them, they are many. Please let me talk to the man in charge here, that man downstairs will kill me.”
“You’re safe here,” Dominick said his voice shaking unsure of what he was saying.
“Safe? You say?” Christina clapped. “Look where we are, you’re here hiding. Haven’t you called anyone?”
“Help is on the way.”
“Just tell her the truth,” the scruffy one said.
Dominicks hands were in his

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“What truth?” Christina was anxious.
Dominick turned to her. “The phone lines are dead. Even mobile phones don’t work.”
“Oh my god, everyone is dying.”
“That gunshot?” Dominick asked. “Was it a blank?”
“An officer is dead downstairs because of that gunshot. Please, the man in charge.”
Dominick got
uncomfortable. He looked at Christina and then back at the scruffy ond. He sighed and nodded. “That must be Izukanji, their office has been closed since the whole thing started. I don’t know what they are upto in there. They have been celebrating their recent achievement of catching that serial killer.”
Christinas eyes widened and she held her mouth. “Is the serial killer here?”
“I don’t know, does it have anything to do with why those men are here?”
She didn’t answer him.
“Tell me, i can protect you,” he held her shoulders.
“Take me to Izukanji, i really need
to talk to him. It’s urgent please. Not only is my life in danger but everyones, including yours.”
The scruffy one stood up. “Old man, take her to Izukanji, i don’t want to die.”
Dominick let out a breath. He hated Izukanji and his team. They taunted him so much. He tried as much as possible to stay out of his way but he couldn’t. He envied K.B who didn’t talk to anyone. He had tried over they years to have a friendship with K.B but that old man was an as***ole. Still, he was an ass that didn’t take bullsh*t from anyone. He kept to himself and didn’t associate. Dominick gave up his efforts when he saw that K.B was like a dark cloud. When he heard rumors about the suicide attempts, he tried reaching out but he only pushed him away. He gave up and stayed away.
Thinking about K.B, Dominick asked Christina, “Is there an old white man who looks like a detective downstairs where everyone has been rounded up?”
Christina looked thoughtful. “I didn’t see a white man. We are alot and with everything going on, i might have seen him but since i don’t know him, i wouldn’t recognize him and he’s white, No.”
“Poor old man,” Dominick said. “I hope he’s not dead. He’s so lonely and miserable. This must be very hard on him.”
“That old man i bumped onto in the reception?” The scruffy one asked.
Dominick nodded.
“He’s got an attitude. Who cares if he’s dead.”
“Aren’t we going to Izukanji?” Christina was getting impatient.
“Dominick walked to the door, opened it and looked at Christina. “So you have refused to tell me what the message is?”
“I’m sorry darling,” she walked to him and put her hand on his chest.
/> He watched her pass him and going out of the room. “I’m married,” he said closing the door and coming out too leaving the scruffy one in the office.
“Urrrrrgh, why is every descent man married?” Christina complained as they walked.
“I don’t know,” Dominick answered. “You must be unlucky.”
They reached the last door on the 3rd floor. They both stood. Dominick seemed nervous.
“It’s okay,” Christina said as if she knew he somehow was afraid of these men too. She rubbed her hand on his shoulder.
He looked at her and smiled. “I’m still married.”
“Please,” she rolled her eyes. “Just knock on the door.”
He knocked. The rule was to knock once and wait. They waited.
Against K.Bs idea to wait, Emma had left K.B and Nana and rushed to the 3rd floor to check who the woman was and why she was shouting. She saw her and tried to whisper at her but the woman didn’t hear till she was pulled into an office by two muscular arms. Emma got scared and ran back to K.B. She told him everything she saw and he was indifferent to what she was saying. He only heard that the woman was tall and light in complexion. The height and complexion reminded him of Astridah. Probably the only woman who loved him for him but life had its other plans.
“Shikulu, i want mommy,” Nana hit K.B on the legs.
He only looked at her.
“You said 3rd floor is safe but that woman,” Emma said.
“She’s safe,” he said thinking about who could have pulled her into the office. His mind directly went to Dominick, that fool. Why risking his life? Then again, the irony, when he looked at Emma and Nana in the office. “Damn,” he said under his breath.
“How do you know she’s safe?”
He didn’t answer, looked at Nana and pushed her towards Emma. She resisted and walked back to him. He looked at her irritated. He then looked at Emma as if mentally telling her to pick up the child.
“She wants you,” Emma read his mind.
“Shikulu,” Nana said.
“Then lets go to the 3rd floor,” Emma said.
K.B sat still in his chair as if waiting for something to happen. Only when whatever he was waiting for to happen would he go downstairs.
“Are you scared of something on the 3rd floor?” She asked.
Scared? No. K.B was scared of nothing not until an hour ago when he faced death in its territory. Still, that didn’t define who he was; a man just wanting to die. If anything, he hated the 3rd floor. It was filled with high self esteemed imbeciles of top detectives who celebrated gunning down criminals. Not too long ago, he was like that too but now, he was just a bitter old man.
Realizing she wasn’t getting anything from him, Emma grabbed a sit and sat. She called Nana and put her in her arms. She checked her phone and the network was still down. She then looked at K.B whose face was staring down. What could have happened to this old man? She thought. He seemed distant from people. He never liked people. People just don’t become like that overnight, something must have happened to him, she kept thinking as she looked at him.
The sobbing girl was now tied alone since Christina had been sent upstairs. No one heard what she had been told. They only saw the man in charge calmly giving her instructions and she kept nodding her head. The sobbing girl managed to crawl to the two boys. One of the men saw her but was motioned to let her by the man in charge.
“Calvin, are you okay?” She asked shaking him.
Hearing her voice, Calvin got up and so did Samana. The three looked at each other.
“Natasha tell us the truth,” Samana said seriously holding his cheek.
Calvin also added, “We want to know. Who do you love?”
Natasha looked at the two boys and faced down.
“Come on, we might die here,” Calvin smiled and looked at Samana.
Natasha raised her head and looked at the two boys. “I love you both.”
Calvin and Samana looked at each other in disbelief.
Boss!” A man yelled. “Come and see.”
The man in charge rushed to the door side. “What?”
“That’s Renards gun,” the man pointed at the gun lying on the ground. “It must have fell from the roof.”
“You and you,” he pointed at two men. “Go up and check. If there is anyone, bring them down here now!”
“Where is my baby?” Nanas mother was now awake.
“Shut up!” The man in charge yelled at her. “Go back to sleep or i will make you.”
To be continued

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