Under Attack

Under Attack – Episode 8


Under Attack – Episode 8
© Brian Ngoma
K.B and The Chantings On the Reception
Elevator doors on the ground floor opened, Two men came out with the other one leaning against the other one. The man in charge ran to them.
“Renard what happened?” He asked them.
Renard was put on the floor and given some water to drink. He looked around and everyone was looking at him. “What are you looking at!” He yelled at the hostages.
“Easy, easy,” the man in charge held his shoulder. “Rest a bit you will tell me what happened,” the man in charge looked around. “Where is Nick?”
The man who came with Renard answered, “I left him on the 5th floor, he thought he had heard something.”
“Where is his gun?”
“Here. Left him with the knife.”
“Good. Make sure you leave the guns if you’re going on a solo mission. The detectives on the 3rd floor need no access to guns.”
“Okay boss.”
Nick was somewhere on the 5th floor laying unconscious. The man in charge called the I.G. The I.G was brought to him. As usual, he was shaking fearing for his life.
“Acting I.G, when i have the 3rd floor and the leader of CID, i want you to act in harmony and tell me what i need to know. If you won’t, the fate of these people is in your hands.”
“What do you want to know?” Daniel asked.
“Wait till Izukanji is brought here. You two will have a chat.”
The man in charge ordered his men to take the I.G back to his chair. He ordered everyone to be quiet. He was walking slowly back and forth as if waiting for something. The hostages and his men were staring at him. Finally, what he wanted to hear happened. From up the 3rd floor, gunshots were heard and everyone went into a frenzy. They all screamed and prayed to God to save them. The man in charge and his men were smiling knowing what was happening. After a while, the gunshots stopped.
They heard an elevator bell, the man in charge and his men were in position to fire at anything not on their side. The elevator opened and a man in uniform came out. Recognizing the man, the man in charge and his men lowered their weapons as the man walked to the man in charge.
“Two down, another one is hiding in an office on the floor. He’s hurt, we shot him but we’ll get to him,” the man in uniform said. “Izukanji is still on the 3rd floor.”
The man in charge said, “From what i heard on Christinas wire, there are only two remaining. That should be Izukanji and his other man. Go back to the 2nd floor, get Trey and go up. Bring me Izukanji. ”
The man in uniform ran back to the elevator. Renard was now ready to talk about what had happened to him on the roof. He walked to the man in charge who was amongst the hostages. They stood face to face with everyone watching them.
“Tell me Renard, what happened?” The man in charge asked.
Renard sighed and said, “I don’t know what really happened. I cannot comprehend. How could that old white man get to me?”
The officers murmured at the reception. They knew who had gotten to Renard. They were whispering to each other.
“What old man?” The man in charge asked.
“The one on the roof. Probably not there because he left me there.”
“How about the kid?”
“I think the old man is with her because i heard her cry and when i wanted to get to her, he appeared and beat the sh*t out of me.”
“K.B has my daughter!” Nanas mother shouted. “Glory to be God.”
“Shut up!” The man in charge shouted.
“Whose K.B?” The hostage in an all blue suit asked.
“K.B is a detective here!” An officer shouted.
“He hates people!” Another one shouted.
“Will he save us?” Calvins mother asked.
“Probably NOT!” An officer responded.
“Is he that old?” Samana inquired.
“He’s an as***ole,” an officer yelled.
“My daughter loves him,” Nanas mother said excitedly. “I know he acts like he doesn’t like her but he wouldn’t let anything bad happen to her.”
“K.B should save us!” Natasha screamed.
Everyone started shouting, “K.B!”
“SHUT UP all of you!” The man in charge cocked his gun.
They all went quiet.
“I want this K.B now!” The man in charge looked at two of his men. “Bring him to me, dead or alive and someone find Nick!”
“K.B what have you gotten yourself into?” Acting I.G Daniel said under his breath looking at his fellow hostages. “You could have just gone home.”
“Old man, do i remind you of something?” Christina interrupted K.Bs thoughts.
“Do you hear that?” Emma got up and told everyone to stay quite.
The voices faded.
“They are chanting your name,” Emma looked at K.B.
K.B acted like he didn’t hear her. He moved from where he was and walked to the tied Nick on the floor.
“He’s K.B?” Christina asked.
“Yes,” the fluffy one said. “The friend to Dominick, may his soul rest in peace.”
K.B stood up when he heard ‘may his soul rest in peace’. He looked at the fluffy one who got nervous. The fluffy one also looked at Christina for help.
“Yes he could be dead. Izukanji sent him to the 2nd floor together with the other two. I ran away from them and bumped into this one,” she pointed at the fluffy one.”Was Dominick your friend?”
“I’m sure he wasn’t,” Emma answered. “I doubt if K.B has friends. I saw you on the 3rd floor,” she looked at Christina. “You said something about being a messenger, did the men downstairs send you to go to the 3rd floor?”
“Where were you?” Christina asked Emma.
“On the stairs.”
“Wow, yes.”
“Tell us what’s happening down there,” Emma said.
Christina sat down. The fluffy one and K.B remained standing. She told them everything she told Izukanji and his men.
“All this for a serial killer?” Emma was surprised. “Is the serial killer here?” She looked at K.B.
K.B looked away. He remembered the triple ‘S’ he saw on Renards clothing. It made sense now, ‘Societies Sixth Sense’.
“The man in charge is crazy,” Christina said. “And they are wearing bombs on their bodies so you cannot shoot them.”
“But this one is not,” The fluffy one pointed at the still unconscious Nick.
“Only a few are not wearing them but the man in charge is wearing one,” Christina said. “They have 2nd floor. They have three men there posing as officers.”
K.B remembered the three strange officers he had seen earlier getting on the stairs. So the 2nd floor was infiltrated. With no guns, they stood no chance. Izukanji and his other man were still on the 3rd floor with no guns too. Only chance they had was to get to Izukanji before the ‘SSS’ got to them. Only Izukanji knew where the serial killer was held. K.B didn’t say his thoughts though. He only listened.
“Why are they chanting your name?” The fluffy one asked.
K.B only looked at him. Why were they chanting his name? He didn’t know half the people down there? If they thought he was rescuing them, they had a wrong man in mind, he thought. He just wanted to go home and possibly plan another suicide.
“So what is the plan?” Christina asked looking at Emma who in turn looked at K.B
“Shikulu i want mommy,” Nana cried.
The fluffy one said, “You know this place too well i assume. Get us out of here.”
The elevator bell dinged. K.B quickly walked to the door and peeped. He saw two men coming out of there with bombs strapped on their bodies. They had no guns but knives in their hands. He turned around and looked at Christina, Emma, the fluffy one and Nana. Not a while ago, he was forced responsibility of Emma and now he had a child and three grown up people. It couldn’t get worser than this. He could have been with Astridah now.
“You,” he pointed at the fluffy one. “Here.”
The fluffy one was scared. Christina pushed him to K.B.
“There are two men, one for you and one for me,” K.B told the fluffy one.
“But why me?” The fluffy one almost cried.
“Hide!” He whispered to Emma and Christina.
“I’m here!” Nick shouted.
Christina kicked him on his face. It was too late now. Footsteps quickly approached the door. Christina and Emma hid. The door was opened. The first man entered. The fluffy one quickly jumped on him and strangled him. Upon seeing his friend has been strangled, the second man entered but his hand was gripped by K.B just by the door and twisted he screamed. K.B quickly grabbed the knife from him and placed it against his neck. He saw the fluffy one struggling with the other man. Christina came out of hiding, grabbed a vase and banged it on the mans temple he blacked out.
“Easy,” K.B said to the one he was holding.
Emma came out and got cuffs and cuffed all the three men together. The fluffy one was breathing heavily. Christina helped Emma put the men down. Nana ran to K.B and stood beside him. He looked at her and pushed her like always. She didn’t go anywhere.
“These people are many and if we don’t get out of here, they will still be coming,” Christina said.
Emma looked at K.B. “K.B, what do we do?”
“He’s coming for you,” one of the cuffed men said looking at K.B.
The fluffy one knelt down and punched his face. “I had to do that, he bit me.”
K.B walked to the strained men and knelt. He carefully removed their bombs and stood up. He got one and put it on.
“What are you doing K.B?” Emma shouted.
He didn’t reapond. He put it carefully and passed the other one to the fluffy one.
“Hell no I’m putting on that thing,” the fluffy one stepped backwards.
“We can survive by wearing these,” K.B said.
The fluffy one looked at the women. He cussed himself because he looked like a chicken. He grabbed it and put it on.
“Where are we going?” Emma asked.
“3rd floor,” K.B answered.
Cuffing the three men to the metal desk tightly gripped to the floor, K.B and the rest left the room. They slowly walked passing the elevator.
“Why not using the elevator?” The fluffy one asked.
“K.B doesn’t like elevators,” Emma answered.
Ignoring what had just been said, K.B kept on moving. They reached the stairs and he looked down. He only had less than 10 minutes to get to Izukanji. His guts told him the mad man in charge also had his men go to him. Walking down the stairs, he looked at the strapped bombs on his body. He remembered his second suicide attempt years ago.
To be continued

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