November 29, 2021

Unfulfilled Promises episode 4 – 6


Unfufilled Promises
Episode 4

Eric sighted Oleng at their usual waiting place and his face lit up like a light bulb She looked lost in thought For the umpteenth time, he thanked God for bringing her into his life Oleng, his rare gem.
It wasn’t just her beauty that captivated him even though she was a very beautiful girl She acted as if she wasn’t aware of it though Her chocolate skin shone at all times, so much so that she’d been asked to advertise a body cream but she’d declined.
Petite, that was the best way to describe her Her stature always made him feel like lifting her up in his arms and swinging her around,The part of her that captivated him the most was her pointed nose which he loved touching He couldn’t quite contain what he felt for her Someday, he knew he would have to voice it out but he didn’t know how she would take it with her being a very shy and reticent person.
He finally got to her. “Hi sunshine. Have you been waiting here for long?”
She shrugged and got up. “Not really.”
They both walked hand in hand out of the school with their school bags on their backs.
Ever since he got to SS1, he had pleaded with his parents to allow him to start walking to school since it was just three streets away, He felt like a child always having to wait for their driver to take him to school and take him back home again. Besides, the large estate was a safe place in Port harcourt; Woji and he was grown up now His parents had obliged with the help of Damian, his elder brother In the past he’d always instructed their driver to stop by Oleng’s house to pick her up since her house was on the way to school but now they walked to school together and went home together
They talked about this and that until they got to her house, oblivious of their school mates walking around them.
“Will you come in?” she asked when they got to her red iron gate.
“Nope Not today. My mum is at home and I don’t want to explain my whereabouts to her.” he answered, grinning.
“Mummy’s boy.” she teased.
He touched her nose playfully and smiled again.
“Well, see you tomorrow then Don’t come late like you did today or I’ll walk to school alone.” she threatened jokingly, stabbing a finger in the air at him.
“You wouldn’t.” he dared.
“Try me.” she countered, laughing.
He laughed and shook his head.
“See you tomorrow, sunshine.”
“Bye Ricky.” She opened the small part of the gate and went inside.
Just as Eric was getting to the end of the street, Edward and Dave caught up with him They were all friends due to the fact that they all lived on the same street and got along Dave was Eric’s close friend too He wasn’t as good looking as Eddy or Eric but handsome nevertheless He was also an introvert like Marvelous.


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usual, Edward was talking about girls
“Eric, please stay clear of Oge I’ve already seen the color of her panties.” he declared with pride.
Eric and Dave shook their heads and stared at their friend as they walked down the busy street with students.
“Whose panties haven’t you seen in that class?” Dave questioned in bewilderment.
“None. I’ve gotten down with all of them. All you have to do is use the right words on them and before you say ‘bed’, they are down!” he laughed.

The others laughed and shook their heads Eddy would never change They were used to him and his escapades with girls.
Edward gave Eric a quick glance before saying, “Frankly, there’s one girl I really would love to see her panties but I know it wouldnt be impossible because she belongs to another.”
“That has never stopped you before Who is she?” asked Eric.
Eddy shook his head and smiled.“Forget it.”
“Tell us so we’d bet on it.” Dave challenged.
Edward glanced at Eric again before saying, “Oleng.”


anyone could say ‘What?’ Eric had punched Edward.Students who were walking around them quickly stopped to watch the show while those coming behind rushed forward.
“Jesus!” Edward exclaimed and held his bleeding nose. “Na play I been dey o! I just wanted to see your reaction You didn’t have to punch me na.” Eddy was shocked Eric wasn’t an advocate of violence.
Eric’s eyes flashed fire as he dropped his bag from his back and palmed his friend on his chest Edward staggered backwards. “Don’t you ever joke with that sort of thing again Oleng isn’t one of your girls or play things.” Eric’s black eyes were filled with fury as Dave and some students held him from punching Edward further.
Edward raised both hands in surrender. “Okay, lover boy But get down with her before someone else does.” Edward riposted as he brought out his handkerchief from his pocket to wipe his nose.
“You don’t know my Oleng at all My sunshine is not like that and even if I want to get down with her, I know how to play my cards right.” Eric fired back with strong masculine conviction.
“Okay o! It’s my moons abi stars who are like that? Eric, you pack quite a punch! I’m lucky my nose isn’t broken Edward moved his nose to the left, then to the right with two fingers and winced.
“Serves you right!” Dave scolded him, releasing Eric from his grip He motioned for the other students to unarm his friend.
Eric looked shame faced at his outburst.“I’m sorry. Don’t joke about my sunshine like that again.” He looked around him at the students who were still watching the show He lowered his head. He’d acted out of character. D–n!
“Okay. I just hope she’s worth it.”
“She is!” His eyes flashed anger again. Edward was hell bent on tempting him He however swallowed his anger even though he felt like punching the lights out of his friend.

“Let’s go home” The ever quiet Dave dermanded of them when he noticed their school mates were watching them intently and making unfounded remarks He knew the news would be all over school the following day; the true version and the one garnished with lies Their cool headed senior prefect had punched one of his closest friends because of Oleng.

“Alright.” Edward conceded witheringly, smiling mischievously as he continued wiping his bloody nose.
Eric wasn’t as cool headed as everyone thought It was good to know that his friend would fight for his girl. Sincerely, there were times he wondered how Oleng would be in bed but dared not tell Eric.
Oleng was a very beautiful girl; quiet but captivating even in her serene nature. What he loved most about her was her smile. She had a shy, cool and charming smile. He had to warn his classmates against approaching Oleng because he now knew Eric’s feelings for her ran deep and he would be prepared to fight anyone who dared to toy with his “Sunshine”.

With that thought, he said goodbye to his friends and knocked on his gate.

Unfulfilled Promises
Season 1

Episode 5&6

“O God!” Marvelous groaned as Oge and her four friends entered their classroom. The bell for break was rung a few minutes ago,She quickly glanced at Oleng, who was seated at the wooden chair beside hers.The poor girl was already shaking her head sorrowfully.Ezinne was frowning at her seat.

“Oleng, Ezinne and Marvelous, come with me.” Oge announced and walked out of the class with her goons at her heels, The whole class including the boys felt sorry for the three friends as they walked quietly out of the class with Zinny sighing in anger, That was good bye to their break time.
They followed their seniors to the school farm Last time it had been the school poultry.
“Go on your knees.” Oge told them harshly when they got there.
They quietly went on their knees on the loamy soil beside the ridges Zinny was the last to go down.


did you tell Edward?” Oge demanded curtly.
The three friends exchanged looks Oleng groaned inwardly So Eddy had kept his promise of telling Oge off them.
“Nothing, Senior Oge.”Oleng informed her.
Oge raised her hand and it landed hard on Oleng’s cheeknTears ran down her eyes as she held her stinging cheek.
Who are you making eyes at?” Oge asked the frowning Zinny before giving her her own share of the hot slap.
“So you girls had the guts to report me to Eddy. You weren’t afraid By the way, what did he tell you?” she ranted,They cast their gaze on the ground.
“What did he tell you bitches about me?” she screamed like a banshee Her friends held her from kicking them.
”Leave me alone,” she screamed at them. “Let me teach these bitches a lesson for telling on me.”
“You girls better tell her what Eddy told you or we’ll allow her beat you girls to death.” One of her friends advised the three friends.
“Senior Beatrice, truly we didn’t tell Senior Edward anything and he didn’t tell us anything.” Marvelous quickly supplied.
“Then why did he approach me? How did he get to know I punish you girls? Filthy liars!”Oge shrieked. “As for you Oleng or whatever you call yourself, I’ll deal with you. The few weeks I have left in this school will be very miserable for you Because of you, Eric has been ignoring me but thank God he has finally come to his senses If not for the school authorities, I would have marred your beautiful face for you, so that nobody will ever speak to you again especially your so-called best friend!” she hissed furiously Oleng sniffed.
“Girls, please keep them here while I go and meet the love of my life You know what we planned na.” Oge instructed her friends smiling.
“Remember to bring all the goodies you promised us from the canteen.” Gertrude reminded her, confirming why they were always ready to act as her slaves due to the favors they enjoyed from her because her dad was filthy rich.
She popped the top button on her white shirt. “Trust me na. I’ll be back” she declared as she walked away wriggling her buttocks.

Episode 6

Meanwhile, Eric was wondering what was keeping Oleng and her friends The bell for the long break had been rung a long time ago yet they were not out and he knew there was no teacher in their class.
He had sent a junior student to go and call them but she had returned saying they were not in the class. Where could they be? Dave and Eddy had left him to the canteen He had told them he would meet them there whenever the girls showed up, He would have called her but the use of mobile phone was prohibited in the scool.

As he was there pondering, he caught sight of Oge He stood up abruptly and wanted to escape but she had already seen him She waved frantically.
“Hi handsome.”Oge was all smiles when she got to him.

“What are you doing here all alone?” she purred innocently.
“I’m waiting for Oleng. Have you seen her?”
“No.” she replied with a small shrug. “Come on Let’s go to the canteen She can meet us there.” She held his hand and tried to lead him in the direction of the canteen.
“No thanks. I’d rather wait for her here.” he coolly told her and she stopped trying to drag him Her gaze roamed all over him as she pretended to be lost in thought.
“I know where she is but I was trying not to hurt you.” she slyly told him and sat down on the bench.
“What do you mean? Where’s she?” He was filled with curiosity as he surveyed her coolly.
She sighed and played with her tie “I saw Uche half leading and half dragging her towards the toilet behind the school farm.”
“What?” Eric thundered. “Uche did what? I’ll kill him!”
Oge was surprised at the fury she saw in his eyes She had never seen him like this before Had she gone too far? She was scared but managed to placate him.
“It’s okay. I’ll show you where they are.” she informed him squarely as she got up to hold his hand He shook her hand off and followed her.

He didn’t say a word He followed her quietly to the place In his musings he planned to give Uche a black eye and a bleeding nose As for Oleng, he would think of something to do to her Right now, he would handle Uche,In his anger, he failed to question if Oge was saying the truth Oge left him to his musings as she quietly led the way and prayed for success in her seduction plans.
When they got to the toilets, they entered quietly.
“Uche…..Oleng!” Eric bellowed in anger.
Oge locked the main door of the toilets and walked seductively to him as he checked from one toilet to another She caught up with him as he got to the last toilet.
“I’ve been waiting for this ever since I set my eyes on you.” she purred seductively as she pressed herself to him against the toilet door She could afford to do that since the toilet was kept squeaky clean and disinfected.
Eric gazed at her in bewilderment.“So this was a set up.” he breathed, shaking his head in disbelief. “You lured me here for this? I should have known.” He hit his head with his hand, cursing himself for his folly.

To be continued

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