Unfulfilled Promise

Unfulfilled Promises episode 7 – 9


Unfulfilled Promises
Season 1

Episode 7
Eric, please.I need you. I’ve dreamt of you doing a lot of things to me Please Eric.
Nobody will find out,I assure you We’re all alone here, No one comes here at this time of the day.” she pleaded with him, all the while quickly taking off her tie and opening her buttons.
She removed her white shirt to reveal a black lacy bra She had generous proportions there,Eric forced himself to look at her face, not the twin temptations.
“Oge, get a grip on yourself Look, you’re a very beautiful girl but I don’t want you I’m not into such things.” he snapped at her, holding her by her shoulders and pushing her gently.
“Don’t worry. I’ll teach you.” she insisted as she grabbed his belt and tried loosening it. “Just a quickie, my darling. I’m burning up for you.”
“Oge!” he yelled at her. “I don’t want to have s£x with you. Why don’t you ask Eddy? I’m sure he’d readily oblige a second time.” He was disgusted by her coercive methods.
Understanding dawned on her then making her look downcast. “I did it for you He promised to get you for me if I got down with him I didn’t know it was just a ploy to sleep with me He lied to me He used me.” She was almost in tears.

“It’s a pity then.” Eric shrugged nonchalantly as she righted her clothes.
“Is that why you don’t want me? Because of Edward? Do you see me as his left over?”
“No. The thing is, s£x is not my priority right now. I’ve been able to hold myself since and I’m not about to smear my record when it’s just few weeks from my graduation Besides, there is only one girl who holds my interest.” he delivered with brutal frankness.

“Oleng.” She whispered.

He nodded.

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“Is there nothing I can do to make you like me more than her?”
He shook his head. “Absolutely nothing.”
“Okay.” she conceded with a slight shrug.
As she turned towards the door, he held her hand.
“No hard feelings, right?”
She shook her head, gave him a peck and smiled.
She unlocked the door of the toilet and walked out She smiled as she saw Oleng and the other girls some distance away. She made a great show of buttoning her shirt and fixing her tie as Eric came out fastening the belt she had loosened belatedly realizing they had spectators. He looked up and felt his world crumbling.
Standing some distance away was Zinny, Marvy, Beatrice, Gertrude and the love of his life looking at him with so much horror on her face as if he had suddenly grown horns on his head, She looked at Oge who was fixing her tie and smiling. She did the only thing she could do at that moment– she ran…

Unfulfilled promises
Season 1
Episode 8&9
Oge, you’re a witch!” he exclaimed and ran after his best friend.

Oge was no longer smiling. Her friends came towards her with great eagerness. They asked what happened but she just shook her head and left them sadly.

“Oleng! Sunshine! Where are you?” Eric called as he ran. He had suddenly lost her in the bustling school. It was break time so there were a lot of students and activities going on.

He looked everywhere for her but couldn’t find her. He even went to the canteen but couldn’t find her. He couldn’t find Zinny and Marvy either.

He was so worried he didn’t pay attention to the two subjects they were taught after the break. He was eager for closing time. When the bell was rung, he was the first to leave the class. He went directly to Oleng’s class. He was surprised that she wasn’t there.

He however saw Zinny and Marvy. Marvy didn’t talk to him. She just walked past him. Zinny would have done the same but he held her hand and asked her about Oleng’s whereabouts and what was wrong. For an answer, Zinny shook his hand off hers gently and walked to where they normally sat.He followed her quietly all the while looking out for a glimpse of Oleng. Zinny waited for him to sit before talking.

“What happened between you and that witch, Oge?”

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Eric recounted all that transpired between them.

“I thought as much.” Zinny admitted when he was through.

“What happened? Where were you girls and how come Oleng was there when we came out?”

Zinny in turn told him what happened. He was furious.

“You mean that witch actually punished you girls and hit you?”

“Yes, and that wasn’t the first, second or third time. It has been a constant thing. All because of you.” she remarked in an accusing manner.

“For God’s sake, why didn’t you girls tell me? Why didn’t Oleng tell me? We’re not supposed to keep things from each other. We promised each other no secrets.”

“Oleng was just trying to save her head from further punishments. Oge is the female senior prefect. She wields a lot of power. She might use other prefects to punish us.” Zinny pointed out.

“And what am I? Her house boy? Am I not also the senior prefect? I wield more power than her. I’ll deal with her. She’s going to be dethroned.” he fiercely said, got up and started to walk away.

“No, Eric. It will only worsen matters. She can still use her friends who are prefects to get to us.” she pleaded with him as he walked with determination towards the principal’s office.

“Not while I’m still senior prefect. The principal has complained about her a number of times. I’ve been defending her but now, I’ll throw her under the bus now. She was only elected because her dad is an influential person. I’m not boasting but her dad is a nobody where my dad is. So she must go. No one hurts my sunshine. Thanks Zinny for the information. I’ll see you on Monday.” he informed her as they got to the principal’s office.


knocked politely and entered at the summons. Zinny just stared at him in admiration.

Eric threw his phone on the bed in frustration. He had been calling Oleng but she refused to answer the calls. She kept ending the call and finally switched off her phone. God! She could be stubborn sometimes.

He just wanted to explain what happened between him and Oge and to tell her that Oge would be dethroned on Monday because the principal had had enough of her also.

He wondered when his mum would leave the house so he could go over to her house. He would have loved to go there now but his mum had visitors and he wasn’t in the mood to go and greet them for him not to be embarrassed by their scrutiny and his mum’s praises of him since his mum had maintained that she must be informed about his whereabouts.

Just then his phone rang. He scrambled to go and answer thinking Oleng had changed her mind and called him, forgetting it was not the ring tone he had saved for her. He was disappointed she wasn’t the one but glad it was his elder brother, Damian.

“Hi Damian.” he cheerfully greeted.

“Hey kiddo.How you doing?”

“Cool….No, not cool. I’m actually in trouble.” he lamented.

“Talk to your big bro.”

Eric told him about the events of the day.

“Have you tried calling her?”

“Yes. She refused to answer and switched off her phone.”

“Big trouble then. Why don’t you go over to her place? Make her listen to you at all cost. She’s your best friend, so you should know how to get through to her. Try and do it fast so you don’t lose her to inane gossip from that Oge to spoil your name further in her sight.”

“Alright, Damian. Thanks. I’ll do that as soon as mum’s friends leave.”

“Oh! The so-called society ladies are there?” he chuckled.

“You talk as if your mum isn’t one of them.” Eric reminded him and they both laughed.

They talked about boy stuff and how Eric would soon join him in America to further his studies. He remembered he had not told Oleng and wondered when he would tell her he was going to leave her. It hurt him anytime he thought of leaving her but he couldn’t refuse the offer to better his life and his parents wouldn’t hear of him going to even a private university here in Nigeria what with their poor educational standard and all.


was glad when his mum’s friends finally left. He got dressed and went to his parents’ room.He found his mother before her exotic dresser, making up. She was a stunning woman.

“Mummy, I want to go over to Oleng’s house.”

“You see her in school every day, what do you want to tell her that can’t be said over the phone? Don’t you have air time?” his beautiful mother asked, looking him in the eyes.

Eric looked down at the Persian rug. He didn’t like it when his mum tried to be difficult.

“I have credit but mummy, what I have to tell her cannot be said over the phone.” he fielded quietly

“Really?” his mum questioned smiling as she went to sit on the luxurious bed and studied him coolly. That was when he knew she was only teasing him.

“O Mummy! I offended her. I’m only going there to apologize.”

“Can’t you apologize in school?” Mrs. Sokipirim Conrad asked her son still smiling. She knew of the close relationship between her son andOleng but didn’t mind. She and his dad had been that close also in their teenage years.

“Her anger would have escalated by Monday.”

“Wow! Why didn’t you apologize when you were in school?”

“Mummy!” Eric exclaimed in exasperation at the revised version of the Spanish inquisition.

His mum burst into laughter. “Come, my darling. I was only pulling your legs. You can go over. Just make sure you come back early.” she said and hugged her son.

“Alright.” He quickly pulled away before she started her usual kisses on his forehead. She always forgot he wasn’t her little boy anymore who had adored her kisses.

“If you see her mum say hi to her for me, will you? And tell her that when next she goes to Dubai she should get me a diamond necklace.”

Eric shook his head. “You and jewelries!”

“You can’t blame me, darling. I’ve got to look good for your father.”

Eric smiled and left. He walked quickly to Oleng’s house wondering where he would begin his explanation. It was just a stone throw from his house so he took his time walking down there, gathering his thoughts. With hands in his jean pockets, he kicked a stone till he got to the house. He knocked on the dusty brown gate and Andrew; the gateman opened it and greeted him warmly since Eric usually tipped him. Eric didn’t disappoint him by pressing some naira notes in his hand. He joyfully told him that Oleng was inside.


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