Unknown Enemy

Unknown Enemy – Episode 11

Written by Amah

As Betty and Tony went in,side, Betty began speaking to Tony about his reaction to Richærd.

“what has come over you, that was very wrong of you Tony, they are our friends and you didn’t even give me the opportunity to hear what he got to say, that man is sad, Richærd is not happy and the least you can do is to lend him a listening ear, since you don’t want to you would have allowed me to know why he called me, Viva is also not happy, we need to be there for them, although we don’t really know what the exact problem is but their everyday quarrel is becoming a thing of concern…Richærd may not be a very open person, he hærdly associate, but he is a nice person, his wife is my friend, and I want to do everything I can just to show them I care, and you should do the same, what you did outside there was very embarrassing, he just needed someone to talk to..

“And you think that you are the right person for him to talk to, Viva is not your friend, that woman is not good for you to associate with… I don’t have issue with Richærd but I don’t trust him either, and I will not feel safe watching him talk with you, he should look for somebody else to talk with but definitely not you Betty, please don’t ever listen to anything he wants to say…

“why…why are you panicking, why is Richærd talking to me a problem for you, why is that, he probably want to tell me to help beg his wife to be patient with him so that he can get money and open the supermarket she asked for…

“that is not what Richærd want to speak to you about, and I know more than you when it comes to that family, please don’t associate with them, Betty I just don’t want a bad influence around you, look at the way they always have misunderstandin

g…I don’t want you going close before they transfer aggression on you…before they put you in the middle of their mess, I know you got a good heart, and that is more reason I love you…I just want you to be safe and our family to be away from other people’s trouble…please…

After that day everyone moved on with their lives, Betty kept on going to her supermarket and still waiting on the day Kate will show up, and give her the chance to show how sorry she was for striking her and smashing her phone,

Betty was able to get enough cash from Tony, she did not tell him the real reason for the money, because if she tells him he will not give it to her, she added it to the one she can spare from her side, as she gathered all the money it was huge, she wrote a cheque of huge amount before calling Viva to come over, Tony was not home, so it was a good opportunity to speak to her

“I have not really got time to speak to you of recent concerning you and Richærd misunderstanding, you are my friend and I want you to be happy and also your family too, what exactly is the problem…

“ I have told you before not to mind that useless of a man… he just want to frustrate me, but I made him to know that he can not do that…and you know Tony behavior has also change towards me…and I did nothing wrong…I don’t know why, I’m not a bad person Betty, I don’t know how I ended up with a man who can not provide all my need, I wish I had a husband like Tony who will not only love me but also provide me with anything my heart desires…but Richærd can say he love me the wh0le day with his big mouth but can not do my bidding…what kind of husband is that…

“Viva I have told you to calm down, everybody is not the same, don’t worry about Tony, he is probably concerned about your constant quarrel with your husband and doesn’t know how to help, or what to say, Viva stop calling Richærd useless, he is your husband and deserve to be respected no matter what…be grateful for the things he has being doing and keep hoping things will get better and he will grant your heart desire…don’t be like this…that man care and love you…please be appreciative whenever he get you things even if is not exactly what you wanted but still say “thank you”…it goes a long way and he will be encourage to do more anytime he has enough…

“Betty…you don’t just understand how this things work…I can’t keep thanking him whenever he gets me minor things…why should I thank him as if he bought the wh0le world for me…wait…Betty for crying out loud he is my husband not my boyfriend…is very normal for him to get me things and make sure I’m alright…very very normal, he was suppose to take care of his family, and never allow his wife to lack anything…so I see no reason to be saying thank you all the time to him…if he buys me things he is only doing his duty and nothing more…is not a big deal… well that’s for me and that’s my stand…and you should not be thanking Tony all the time anytime he gets stuff for you…he is only doing his rightful duty as a husband,

“hmmm Viva, well as for me I like thanking Tony and encouraging him, that’s your philosophy, I have a different up bringing and I leant from my mother, she thought me well, to always care, trust and love unconditionally, she showcased a good example by loving my dad always and my dad loves her with his life, you know we are just two in the family, me and my elder sister who lives in abroad with her husband and children, we had everything, my dad was a wealthy man and yet he was humble and my mum too, me loving , understanding and respecting Tony comes natural for me, is what I grew into that I exhibit in my home, so I came from a loving humble family who believes love and respect conquers all, everything is not about money Viva, there are somethings money can not buy, just go and love, respect and appreciate your husband just as he has loved you, I hate seeing you sad…you are my friend, and I just don’t want you to be sad, that is why I got something for you…something that will at least bring back peace in your home….it may not be able to get a big supermarket and stock it up but it will sure go a long way, it will get you something close, please take it get whatever you desires…

Betty gave Viva the cheque, as Viva collected it and look at the amount on it, she scre-med so loud, she couldn’t believe her eyes, the huge amount written on it, she hugged Betty and ran off, Betty was happy that she was able to put a smile on Viva’s face, she was so happy as she watch Viva drive off,

Betty didn’t tell Tony what she did, because Tony may not like it, she kept it to herself,

Rebecca heard everything Betty and Viva talked about, after Viva collected the cheque and left Rebecca went to Betty,

“you are very kind ma, but not everyone deserve your kindness, not everyone deserve love or friendsh¡p, this world is not as you think , your parents really trained you up so well, but this world we live in…hmmm.. don’t deserve people like you, because if you are too calm and kind somebody will definitely take it for granted, is good to be nice and a little shrewd too….niceness plus shrewdness turns out mild, it helps…abyway now that Mr Tony is not around and Richærd is home why don’t we go over and know what he wanted to speak to you about,

“Rebecca…you talk like an elder, you are still very young what do you know about the world we live in, you can’t know what this world is like more than me, I have lived over a decade before you were born, you are about to turn nineteen in few months from now, but I appreciate your concern, well I can’t go over to Richærd’s place that will be going against Tony’s warning, and he warned me not to listen to Richærd, I may not know all his reasons but I will not go contrary to it…

“I understand… age is nothing but a number ma, being wise doesn’t come with age it comes with life experience, but what if is your word and encouragement…or probably advice is all that Mr Richærd needed to hear, if you really want to help that family nothing should stop you from listening to both party not just Viva, your friend…but if you don’t want to go and hear him out is fine, let the sleeping dog lie…

“uhmmm…I guess you are right… looking at the time Tony will soon be back, we will wait till tomorrow when he goes out, Richærd is always home on Wednesday, we will go over, I don’t want Tony to know about it.

Rebecca nodded, she also has a plan of her own, and that is for Viva, she waited outside the gate the following morning after Tony drove out to work, she waited for Viva to come out, and after a while, she saw the security opening the gate for her, as she drives out, Rebecca waved her down, she stopped and waited as Rebecca came to her,

Rebecca wore a pretentious smile as she greeted Viva,

“Good morning ma,

“yea, what is it…what do you want housemaid…I’m actually very happy that is why I won’t call you bad names today or do anything to you for feeding Betty with your lies… stupid fool…you are just lucky or I would have done what I had in mind for you,

“Your friend sent me to stop you, I mean Betty, she wanted to know if you have already paid in the cheque she gave you yesterday evening, she said I should come and collect it, there was a mistake on it, she want to rewrite another one for you, but the figures won’t change…she may even add more to it, but she said there is not enough cash at that her account right now…

“aaah…really, ooh no…I wanted to go and cash it yesterday o but I was late and the bank has close, so that is where I’m going now, aah…thank God I have not gone already, wait let me give you the check, why didn’t she call me…she always calls me..

“you know she doesn’t want Mr Tony to know about it…so that is why she is trying to be careful, she asked me to block you outside here and get the cheque, she needed to put enough cash in the account before the cheque bounce, she wouldn’t want that and she knows you won’t like that either, there’s no enough money on it presently, but she will do all the transaction today and you can cash it tomorrow, that is what she sent me to tell you..

“okay…okay… you can have it I will pick it up tomorrow then, I’m still driving out anyway… let me go and check out for a good shops in a well suited area…especially, where only the rich can afford…I don’t need poor people around me…

After Viva handed the check over to Rebecca, Rebecca smile to herself, Viva doesn’t deserve anything good from Betty, she is too evil, and she will make sure that she will sweat before she get anything from Betty, she smile to Viva who was looking at her like a waste bin, Rebecca decided to ask her a question that will annoy her

“Sorry to ask…don’t take offence in my innocent question…with all due respect ma…you are always going out…does your house bite, I mean you are hærdly at home, your son’s nanny who you take as a house help is always taking care of your son and things in the house…i thought you are a house wife..?

“you are an imbecile for asking me such…what gave you the right to open that you wide smelling mouth to ask me stupid question…you are an uneducated fool, I am the boss in my home, yes my house help suppose to take care of things that is why she is called “house help”, nonsense.

“okay…sorry if I offended you with my first question, but I have one more…did Tony dump you, I guess he got tired of your fat ass and dump you, anyway is a pity that even your husband Richærd is gradually getting tired of you, are you not ashamed of yourself, your clothing should be an apparel of shame, how can you still have mind to still call yourself a friend to Betty after having affair with her husband and manipulating her, Betty is an angel, she still see you as a friend and even gave you a cheque to go and start your business…not knowing that you are the enemy next door, an unknown enemy, a wolf in sheep clothing…isn’t that Betty’s precious necklace on your neck…you stole it from her and lie against Kate… you are not just a harlot but also a thief…my prayers is that she finds out soon of all your atrocities and put you in your place, trust me…people like Betty are not to be messed with, they love and trust with their wh0le heart but when they are betrayed…hahahaha…they will make sure that the person who betrays them will live the rest of their lives in regret, you are a terrible person madam Viva…I wonder how you live with yourself…how do you sleep at night knowing well that you sed-ce your loving friend’s husband who trusted you greatly, you keep blackmailing him until he was able to pull away from you… how can you be this evil…I still don’t understand, you are so pretentious, you are terrible, i just have to tell you the truth…do your worst to me…it won’t be any difference because only what you are capable of doing is terrible and worst things, I’m not afraid of you Viva… I don’t care anymore, but Betty deserve people like Kate as friend not evil Viva, who can go any length to get what they want no matter what they have to do, I don’t care anymore what happens to me…do what you know how to do best…because Betty will get to know the kind of person you are someday, even if I’m kicked out, she will still find out the truth someday….you are so evil and you smell of it…

As Rebecca talk Viva tried to slap her but she ran back, and was still talking to Viva angrily who wish she can shoot her down with her two eyes, she came down from the car and stone Rebecca with her high hell shoe but Rebecca dodged it and threw the shoe back at her.

Rebecca later went in,side leaving Viva standing in shock and confusion and planning what to do to the wide mouth Rebecca that thinks she has grown enough to talk to her,

Viva was boiling with anger, she thought of going to Betty and giving her any story she can fabricate so that Betty will throw Rebecca out, but she can’t think of any story at the moment, the only thing that sock thrown her is anger, she doesn’t even know how to manipulate Betty again and Betty is becoming very difficult to convince unlike before, is either Kate, Rebecca or that stupid Tony that left her for his naïve wife that is advising her,

she needed to do something quick before worst thing happen, maybe if she goes to get her cheque tomorrow she will try everything possible to convince Betty on throwing Rebecca out, the stupid maid will soon be back on the street where Betty picked her from, that is where she belong, a common housemaid have the mouth and gut to talk and insult her, Viva thought to her self as she made a fist into the air, “after dealing with Rebecca anytime she sees her coming she will be on the run…she will make sure of that, Rebecca will not go scot free with what she has done”

Viva went back into her car fuming in anger

After Rebecca’s encounter with Viva who later drove off to wherever she was going, Rebecca went in,side, Betty didn’t know what she has done, Rebecca acted innocently as she remind Betty about going over to Richærd’s house and Betty quickly got ready and went to see Richærd,

She and Rebecca rang the door bell and josh nanny came and open the door, and greeted Betty before going to inform Richærd about their presence, Rebecca was happy that the kids were on a summer coach, she was happy to be here with Betty and to hear what Richærd have to say, Betty felt good going over with Rebecca.

Richærd was surprise to see Betty, after Tony pulled her away, he was surprise at his reaction, he doesn’t know why he acted that way but he just guess their must be something wrong, that was unlike Tony to act so rudely to him not even trying to hear what he wanted to speak to his wife about, Richærd just guess, Tony probably doesn’t want his wife any close to him maybe because of his continues quarrel with Viva, but he was happy to see Betty who was with her kids nanny, a beautiful young girl,

Betty apologise for what happened the other day with him and Tony and Richærd told her not to worry about it, that he understands.

Tony wanted to be home early so that he can make Betty’s favorite dish for her, he stopped to get her gift at his normal gift shop and started driving home,

Viva was also on her way home, she needed to see Betty over Rebecca, that girl needs to be out of that house as soon as possible, and Viva vow to make sure of that, Viva also wanted to know when the issue on the cheque will be resolve so that she can go and cash it,

None of them knows the trouble that is awaiting them, the hidden secret will soon be revealed.

To be continued

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