Unknown Enemy

Unknown Enemy – Episode 12

UNKNOWN ENEMY – Episode 12
Written by Amah

As Betty sat with Rebecca, listening to Richærd as he speak,

“I love and cherish my wife, I was ready to do anything for her, we use to live in a cool area, faraway from here, I was doing fine and the rent was not a problem for me, we were fine, then on the second year after our son born Viva started pressurizing me of getting another bigger place, the house we live in was big enough, three rooms, with one master bedroom, then I have already acquired a land and started building my own house on it, Viva didn’t like the area were I bought the land, she said she wanted a bigger and a very popular place and I tried to assure her that with time that place will be over populated, but she said I should count her off, she was will never live there, maybe I will rent it out but nothing will make her to live in such a place.

She started making trouble with me that she want to move away from the house we were living, she wanted a finer and a bigger place,

I asked her what is wrong with the place we are living and she said she doesn’t like it, she said there was no much wealthy people around there, and no activity, I told her we don’t need anybody all that matters is that we are happy and as for activities and fun I always hang out with her most weekend when I’m home and less busy but nothing I do ever satisfies my wife…she just wanted more, and the pressure from her to move was driving me crazy and I asked her where she wanted us to move to and she brought out a magazine of this estate, and she has being researching on one of the most talked about estate to live in, she also opened it on her phone to show me different fine houses and how beautiful and glamorous the estate was, when I check the amount for rents, it was just not what I can afford, I tried to convince my wife but she wouldn’t listen, she even threatens me with leaving if I don’t agree to her request, hmmm and just for peace to rain and for her to be happy I took a loan from the office which she doesn’t know off and never care to know how I was able to afford this place all that she cares about is that her wish should always be granted, I added the money I had and that was how we moved in here, and sincerely it has not being easy at all, I have to suspend my building project and put extra effort just to meet up, you see me traveling is just to hustle hærd so that I will be able to pay bills, when my son was born he wasn’t up to a year when she started complaining that she needed help with him, she said taking care of a child was a big work and she needed help I decided to get her a nanny, Mabel, she was just twenty years then, I brought four different nannies before my wife settled with Mabel, the other nannies were either too beautiful according to her and she doesn’t need anybody to compete with her in her house, or too outspoken, she don’t want anyone that will talk back at her when she talks, or too old, she needed an active person, a young girl, my wife said she wanted a humble, plain and a royal servant , and that was why she picked Mabel, Mabel was not really attractive, and was very quiet and so obedient, since Mabel entered our home she has being in charge of everything, she is more of a mother to josh than Viva is, the only thing Viva did was to give birth to Josh, the rest of the work has being left with Mabel to do, she has stayed with us for years and have never be disobedient to Viva or me, my wife treats her like a trash and no matter how I beg her to stop maltreating the girl she will never listen, she doesn’t just listen to anyone, Mabel wanted to leave many times but I begged her to stay, because she does virtually everything in the house, cooking, the laundry, upkeep of the house and still takes care of Josh my son, if she live who will Viva cope when she doesn’t know how to do many things, I know I wasn’t suppose to say somethings about my wife but I’m sick and tired of her attitude, I need help, I need somebody to talk sense into her….and she claims you to be her friend and that is my I wanted to se you, since we moved in here my wife has being over demanding not minding if I have or not, I even got her a place to work, which was not too far from my work place, I volunteer to be dropping her off every morning and picking her in the evening but she said she doesn’t want to work, she wanted to be a boss of her own, well I was still looking at how I’m going to get money to set up a business of her choice for her, I almost stole because of Viva, just to make her happy, she keep comparing with anybody that is doing far better and sometime compares me to Tony your husband, I have talked and talked but is just not helping…this is the main reason why I wanted to see you Betty, please help me to talk to her, please anyhow or anyway you can advice her place do, I want a happy home, I hate this everyday trouble, why I mustered the courage to call you on this issue was because of the recent happening, since I returned from travel…my last journey, my wife has being misbehaving, I began to see different changes in her, everyday comes with a new drama, she is not working and solely depends on me, but I see her this days spending extravagantly, I wonder where she gets the money to do all she is doing, she even goes shopping in one of the most expensive boutique here, hmmm…Betty after I returned from my journey she started refusing me to touch her in bed…and before she can agrees I have to plead and plead or even promise gift or give her money, I have to plead every time for me to touch her, which if she doesn’t agree I can’t force her, my own wife…the woman I married started acting like I was not man enough again, if not I’m a disciplined man I would have done something crazy, with her attitude I would have being pushed to do something demeaning, she is hærdly at home this days, she comes and goes anytime to she likes….Betty I don’t know where I went wrong…but this is really painful…I don’t know what to do anymore…she talks to me anyhow, and even insults me, calls me names… and yet I still love her, Mabel, my son’s nanny takes care of the house and serve me food, Viva does nothing just going off to God knows where….i…I don’t know who to talk to again or what to do..

“I’m truly sorry for all this trouble Richærd… pain is written all over you… so sorry, I will talk to her and very soon… peace will be restored in your home I will make sure of that…I just don’t know why Viva will be acting like that, that was very wrong of her, I’m glad to hear you tell me you are discipline, even without being told I already know that, not every man can endure what you have endured, I have always tell Viva that you are trying, paying rent in this expensive place, taking care of the house and buying her stuff, like the car you recently got for her, that car she is driving is one of the latest cars presently, the necklace she always wear…I use to have something like that before it got lost…is a very expensive necklace which cost is almost the rent of this place, when Tony got mine then I checked the price online and I scre-med my lungs out, it was beautiful and expensive too, so I do understand…and know how much you spent on all those things, I totally understand that is not easy…sh….

“please hold on…the car you see her drive…I’m yet to know how she got it, the necklace on her neck…I never know it worth that much, I actually admired it when I saw it on her but I don’t know how she got those stuffs…I just don’t know….but I’m not the one that bought any of that, I don’t even have the money…can’t afford that in this my present predicament… and is since she got that car that her ill attitude doubled up, she has no respect for me anymore…sometime I have this bad thought about her that I quickly waved off…and the thought is what if Viva is having affair…what if she is seeing another man… I so much hate cheating, I can do anything if I find out my trusted wife is being unfaithful to me, I will be so broken, it will be as if she put a gun to my head and shoot me, It will be crazy but I don’t pray or wish for such…but such though do cross my mind, how did she get such an expensive car, that car is twice the price of my car…Viva’s car is higher than mine and even yours too… Betty you came from a rich home and your husband is also rich and yet you are so humble… unlike my wife, I don’t know what to think, I wanted to even ask you if she happen to tell you where she got the car and probably that expensive necklace from…she told me her friend from abroad sent it to her, and I asked her to show me the friend on her phone or call the person let me also thank him or her but she refused, and even put password her phone, because I have tried to check her phone to see who was the good Samaritan sending her gifts and buying her car but my wife lock her phone and wouldn’t say what the pass word is, I don’t know if she happen to tell you where the car and the gold necklace she always wear came from…did she tell you anything…I know she always talks to you…she calls you her best friend… Viva doesn’t really keep poor friend, you are only her friend because you are well to do… let me call you a friend with benefits, that is how she see’s you, my wife doesn’t make friends with those still struggling… she is just get worse everyday… she said she doesn’t want another child because of her body, she can’t allow another pregnancy to sag her well formed body, well I still have to let her be on having another child, despite I wanted like two more kids but I can’t go against her law and with my current expenses I just have to agree with, Betty please I want a good and humble wife, Viva’s attitude is affecting me psychologically, I can’t concentrate anymore, when I first me her I was taking aback by her beauty, her attitude was not a problem for me, because I have always find away to manage her and please her, she was beautiful and nothing else matters to me and we later got married, she wasn’t as troublesome as this, she is just getting worse this days, is driving me crazy…hmmm…I’m just tired..

Betty was shock when Richærd started revealing somethings to her, the one that got her thinking seriously was the car and the necklace, Betty began to think within her if is not Richærd like she claims that got the necklace and also the car for her then who else did…how was Viva able to afford such car and the necklace…the necklace could it be the same necklace that Tony got for her, and even when Tony check it sometime back he said it wasn’t mine it belong to Viva… is it possible for Viva to be having affair, a married woman, no…no is not possible, she can’t do that,

Betty was not hearing the rest of the things Richærd was saying, her mind was occupied…she started shaking as different thought went through her mind… she remembered Rebecca telling her that Viva maybe having an affair, Betty wondered how Rebecca got to know that, or have such thought,

Rebecca knew there was trouble but she was happy because the hidden secret will soon be revealed and once Betty is able to add up the logic then she will know the truth…Betty will come to know that the person she calls friend and allowed freely into her home was actually a dangerous enemy, who not only stole from her but also had affair with her husband which resulted to the car she now own, she needed to still give Betty a close clue that will trigger her, Rebecca bent over Betty’s ear and whispered to her in a very low voice that Richærd can not understand

“ma…are you sure that is not your missing necklace that Viva stole from you…she probably stole it from you and decided to come up with a cooked up lie knowing well you will believe her… I knew that necklace was yours…since is not Mr Richærd that got it for her…then who did…and the car too…she is probably having an affair… I have told you before…I’m sorry to say…but anything is possible with somebody like Viva… you just heard all her husband said…she is not a good friend…she is very desperate…and manipulative… the receipt she showed you for the necklace tell her to take you to the shop or the person that issued the receipt for her, tell her to take you to the place where the gold necklace was made or sold…she need to prove herself…and the car too… she need to clear herself, her husband deserve to know and you also deserve to know…she is your trusted friend right?…you tell her everything…so let her also tell you how she come about the car, the necklace and other things…

Betty listened to Rebecca talk to her, she was speechless, Rebecca maybe right, the necklace was probably hers all this while but why did Tony agree to Viva deceit and later started hating her, Betty thought of different thing as her head was spinning, she just hope is not what she is thinking,

they were still talking when they hærd the sound of Tony’s car driving in, Viva’s car followed, they both drove in at same time, Betty’s heart began to beat fast, why is Tony and Viva coming in at same time,…Betty stood and started going down, Richærd followed behind then Rebecca didn’t come down immediately she wanted to see the look on Tony’s face when he see’s his wife with Richærd, she and Mabel watched from the window,

immediately Tony saw Betty coming down with Richærd his heat beat rise up, he was shock vehemently, many things crossed his mind, as he also thought of what him and Viva use to have, what if Richærd found out of his affair with Viva and decided to take revenge on his own loving wife, what if Richærd touched his wife like he did to Viva. his stomach tightened, as he swore under his breath, he quickly came down from the car and rush to Richærd, Richærd who wasn’t expecting what he got, received a heavy blow to his mouth, he charged up and as he tried to understand what is going on Tony gave him another one, Richærd charged up and retaliated, as Tony tried to punch him again he kicked him hærd on the abdomen and Tony Fell back,

Viva was surprise as she stood close to her car, not knowing what was going on, somebody whistled from her upstairs corridor as she looked up it was Rebecca, Rebecca used the cheque she collected from her earlier to wave at her, after which she winked, Viva gave her a steamed look and eyed her, Rebecca laughed out she can’t wait for more drama to start, which will involve Viva, she will love to see her deceitful face when she want to tell everyone where the necklace and car came form, is only Betty she is pitying at that moment Because Betty will be so broken if she finds out what her husband did.

Viva went back looking at the drama going on, she knew she was in serious trouble maybe Rebecca has told Betty of her affair with Tony, she also wanted the cheque that Betty gave her, if she had that money now she wouldn’t bother watching or waiting to be bashed, she would have drove off to a hotel and stay until the fire she started is calm before she returns and maybe fabricate another lie to Betty that Tony took advantage of her, and she will even become more loving and respectful to Richærd, her husband.

Betty was shouting at the men to stop their madness, although Tony was well built and taller than Richærd, he never expected the heavy kick that Richærd gave him as he held his stomach in pain and started threatening Richærd

“If I ever see you any where close to my wife again…I will deal with you…stay away from her…stay away from my family…leave my wife alone and face yours…I will arrest you if you dare crosses my wife…I will deal with you Richærd… Betty I told you not to go close to him or listen to what he has to say…whatever he says to you don’t believe him

“Tony you are a mad man… what do you think I want to tell your wife or do with your wife…why are you so scared of me talking to your wife…why the sudden fear…come let’s settle this man to man…why are you holding your stomach now… are you in pain…no I’m still going to give you more if you ever come at me again, you wanted a fight now you are stepping back…oh… is your height and body seize that is deceiving you and you think you can beat up anybody feel like…come close again let me teach you how to throw a punch…you are mad.. What is your problem… I only wanted to talk to Betty that’s all…why do you have a problem with that…and she was not even alone she came with Rebecca…I don’t even understand your fear…what do you think I will do to your wife…I’m a responsible man and will not do anything that will stain my name…I wanted to talk to her about something that has being troubling me which is my wife over there… please you all should ask her right here and now where she got that car from…where she got the expensive necklace on her neck from…I need answer I just can’t take it anymore…

Viva was already at the scene between Tony and Richærd, she knew she was in a big trouble, If Betty has told her earlier that Richærd has asked to see her she would have done everything possible to stop her from seeing him,

Rebecca was already downstairs with Mabel who stood beside her watching as the drama unfold,

Tony was also in trouble as he prayed silently that no one will find out what he has done with Viva, he tried to take Betty in,side but Betty was ready for the drama and was not stepping an inch, she told Tony she was not going in,side, Richærd wants answer and she also wants answers to her missing necklace, which she think was stolen by Viva and Tony boldly agreed with Viva that the necklace wasn’t her own then, even Kate saw that it was her own but she believed all the things Viva said and now Richærd said he knew nothing about it, the stolen necklace wasn’t just her problem at the moment because she has already put it behind her but the lies, the lies that flow from Viva of which Tony also agreed with so she wants answers as much as Richærd want answers also, Viva need to say the truth or it will be forced out of her, and she has already giving her a cheque of huge amount, she wouldn’t have given her that kind of amount if she knows the kind of person she is, and how she has being treating her husband and josh nanny, which was unhuman, it was obvious she was either having affair and her lover got her the car or something bad which she have to lie to everybody just to defend it, now her lies is getting expose one by one, who knows what else they will find out today, Betty can’t wait to start her own craziness, she hate when somebody call a friend takes her for granted and that is what Viva did.

Everywhere fell silent as Tony was still trying to pet Betty for her to follow him in,side, he told her he got her some gifts and also want to make her favourite food but Betty wasn’t interested, Viva stood shaking as Betty started coming close to her, she lost word of what to say, her lies has being exposed, she lied that all her has got presently came from her husband Richærd but it was all a lie and now Betty has found out she has being lying all this while… Betty may eventually come to know the truth about she and Tony, she need to do something quick, she tried to be stable as Betty got close to her, Betty’s eyes was on the necklace which was laying gently on her neck, Viva’s leg was seriously shaking as she began to think of what to say to defend herself but words failed her at that moment, she was doom.

To be continued

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