Unknown Enemy

Unknown Enemy – Episode 5

Written by Amah

Betty was home with her family that weekend, making lunch with Rebecca her kid’s nanny when she had the door bell, Tony who was watching television with his son and daughter answered the door, and it was Kate, Kate came with her daughter, Ella.

“Hello Kate…how are you doing today…

“I’m doing well Tony..and you…?

“I’m good…please come in…Betty is making lunch, hope you are spending the weekend with us…and our little pumpkin, Ella will have a super fun weekend…

Tony lifted Kate five year old daughter up and she laughed out, he dropped her and bent over to asked her how she was doing and she said she was fine, he held the little girl in his hand as he guide her to where his own kids were and they all sat together to watch the cartoon, he told Kate that Betty was in the kitchen she went to join her,

Tony treats Kate’s daughter like his, whenever they he takes them out he takes care of Ella like he will do to his own, whenever the little girl, Ella comes to spend weekend she was always happy and don’t like leaving when Kate comes to pick her up, Tony was like a father figure to her and Kate is always grateful to him and Betty for their constant care,

But recently Kate noticed that Betty’s attitude is gradually changing and she can’t place what the problem is, she knows probably Viva that is poisoning her mind towards her, she was still thinking when she joined them in the kitchen and surprisingly Betty was extra nice to her and was so happy to see her around, Kate joined her in helping out with the lunch and they talked about Betty’s supermarket where Kate work as a manager, they also talked about other things just like before, even Rebecca joined in the conversation, as they gist and laugh,

Another door bell rang and Tony went to answer it and it was Viva with her own son too, Viva saw when Kate came in from their gate with her daughter, she felt bad that Betty has not cut off ties with Kate yet after all she did to convince her that friendsh¡p with Kate was not okay for her, Betty acted as if her word was taking effect but later slipped back to her normal way with Kate, she needed to ignite the fire again in Betty, so she decided to bring her son too as she saw Kate brought her daughter, she also wanted to know how to get into Tony, she will also ask Betty for Tony’s weak point so she will know which way to take.

“hiiii…Tony…I almost forgot that this is weekend and you will be home…thanks for helping me with out the other day…I also told Richærd and he is grateful to you…

“Your welcome Viva…

“i Came to spend little time with my friend…Betty, my son wanted to come too…you will have a full house this weekend…is Betty in the house?

“yea…sure…Josh is growing bigger everyday, he should go and join the kids they are watching cartoon…please come in

As she went in,side she sat in the living room with the kids and Tony, Tony later went to check on Betty and to inform her that he will be taking the children out for a ride and to get ice cream for them, Betty assured her that by the time they return Lunch will be ready for everyone, he k-ssed his wife before leaving, he ask Rebecca to go with them so she can keep watch on all the kids, he took Ella, Kate’s daughter, Josh Viva’s 4year old son and his two children,

After sometime Betty and Kate joined Viva in the sitting room and they began their gist.

“I can’t wait for Richærd to come back, I miss him, he promises to bring lots of goodies home, it can be boring sometimes being alone and a house wife, I can’t also wait for Richærd to set up the supermarket like yours for me, eehee Betty why do you treat your help like she is your sister…you even sit and talk with her…you forgot she is a house help…this people are meant to be treated as they are, because if you treat them so well they will start misbehaving…I don’t give such room for nonsense…

“You mean Rebecca…she is helping me with the kids, she is not my servant…Viva, and treating people right is a thing my parents instilled in me, and it pays to see everyone like yourself…

Okay oo if you say so…hope your husband is enjoying his holiday…he is looking happy which means you are really pressing the right button…hahahaha

“Tony is always happy, he is a happy man…that is one of the reasons I love him and he always makes me happy too, the holiday is good for him…he needed rest, I have been asking him to go on a leave long before now but he said not yet, I’m glad he finally took one, I even suggested that he travel out to spend his three weeks but he said whenever he wants to travel he will travel with me and the kids, this summer would have being the best time for the wh0le family to travel but we suspended it for some other time, Tony is really a man to keep…

“uuuh…that so sweet… I see, and you are indeed a lucky wife, Richærd is also rom-ntic…that is why I can’t wait for him to come back so that he can treat me the way he use to, I miss his tickling, the way he pampers me ooh is out of this world, we also plan to go on summer vacation abroad next year, Richærd had lot in his plate that was why we couldn’t have a sweet holiday together, do you know if I want to get Richærd down for him to do my bidding I go through his belle button, that is his weak point, he will just fall flat to me…hahahaha…I just remembered the way he will lie helpless in my arms just like a baby… so what is Tony’s weak point, you know men has different weak point or sed-ctive act, something they can’t resist…things that quickly turn them on…what is Tony’s own?

As Betty was about to answer Viva excitedly without thinking Kate hushed her

“Betty, you must not reply to everything Viva ask, learn to keep somethings to yourself…Tony’s weak point or whatever that turns him on, or sed-ces him is not a topic here and doesn’t suppose to be discussed with us, whatever that maybe should be between you and him…I don’t think Tony will like you talking about him this way, we don’t have to know that, I personally don’t want to know about your bedmatics please, and this talk is not making sense at all…let’s talk about something else…every talk must not be about husband, Betty… this husband talk is becoming too much…let’s talk of something else, but if you still want to talk about that then I will quietly go to the other sitting room and watch television undisturbed…

“your jealousy stinks so bad, me and Betty didn’t include you in our topic because we know you don’t even understand what the word “husband” means, you are not supposed to be in this our gathering because you don’t belong in anyway, if our gist irritates you that much why not look for a cotton bud and block your two ears or better still walk away as you intended, I’m talking to a matured, happily married woman not a nosy single mother who doesn’t know her class, you are a single mother Kate and that is very unfortunate for you, your daughter is probably a product of one night stand, we don’t do one night stand we do a life time partner, lover and husband, stop body biting and stick to your stand, I’m still wondering what Betty saw in you before calling you her friend, I guess she doesn’t know yet that you are dangerous to her marriage…

“hahahaha, Viva I am more happy in my singleness and with my daughter than you will ever be in your marriage, all this your pretense of Richærd this and Richærd that is a cover up, I see through you Viva, you are not happy, is just that Betty can not even see that you are just a penetrator, you are more dangerous to her than a bunch of me, single mother looks good on me than marriage looks on you, if all marriages are like yours then I will rather remain single…your bleached skin is deceiving you, with no doubt you are beautiful but your beauty is that of jezebel, I wonder why Richærd didn’t look pass the physical appearance before taking you as a wife…you are very deceiving and cunning. Betty will eventually come to know that someday I just pray it won’t be too late…

“If you say more than your mouth I will slap that nonsense out of you, do you even know who you are talking to…? you said you can’t be deceived yet a man deceived you with “I love you baby” get you pregnant and ran away, don’t carry your frustration on me, I wasn’t there when you became a single mother, Betty knows deep down you are the wolf in sheep clothing, you are just pretending to be her friend because of all the benefits you get from her but my two eyes are watching you, you can’t reap where you did not sow…that is certain

“Please enough…enough of all this… Kate…Viva…can we just have a normal conversation without bringing in misunderstanding… Kate you know you started this one…there was nothing wrong in the question Viva asked me…is just something fun, it wasn’t suppose to be an issue at all…Viva mentioned her husband weak point and talking about Tony’s weak point is normal…I see nothing bad with that…and you know I love talking about Tony, it suppose to be something to laugh about, why do you always get pissed whenever I start talking about Tony, he is my husband and I can talk about him as much as I want, it’s because I adore him and you and Viva are my friends and I don’t like keeping things to people I call my friends, I only talk about my family with two of you I don’t go about spreading it to everyone on the street, Viva means well, Kate please learn to be accommodating …please… except there is something else to you telling me not to gist Viva about my hubby, you just have to be free Kate, stop hushing me every time I’m talking with Viva…I am not a child…we are all adult…

Betty was still talking when Tony came back with the kids and Rebecca, and the house was filled up, lunch was served to everyone and that was how the husband talk between Viva, Betty and Kate ended, Viva was watching Tony and Betty closely to see if she will be able to grab something that will help her with her plans, as she watched she and Tony’s eyes locked and she smile to him, Tony didn’t smile back, he quickly stood up from where he was and walked into his room.

Viva eyes sometime send chill into his spine and he was begining to feel uncomfortable with that.

Kate was spending the weekend with them and Viva was not happy about it, especially she felt bad that Kate will be close to Tony who she has being trying to get to herself, she wondered why Tony doesn’t really pay her attention despite how beautiful and tempting she was but she has seen how he flows with Kate, she will try and get Betty to tell her his weakness, Kate was the devil that stopped Betty from telling her what she needed to know earlier, she will deal with Kate since she chose to be a pain in her neck, an obstacle to her happiness with Tony.

She was beginning to be obsess with Tony and will try everything possible to make sure she subdue him, Betty is too open and naive she is not a problem, but Kate is a real problem for her and she will not stop poisoning Betty’s mind towards Kate until she stripes her off.

To be continued

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