Unknown Enemy

Unknown Enemy – Episode 6


Written by Amah

Viva was able to get Betty to tell her Tony’s weak point, as usual she engaged her in a conversation while trying to get information from her about Tony and other thing she may need in her quest to get Tony to herself, and she eventually succeeded,

Betty poured out everything to her Neighbor friend Viva, not knowing Viva has a secret agenda.

So one day at night when Tony and Betty were preparing for bed that night Viva came, acting all scared up of something, she was p-nting seriously as if something was wrong, Betty went to her to calm her down while Tony stood to watch waiting for her to be calm so that she can tell them what the problem is, Viva pretending to be crying as she stammered to explain to them what happened, Betty held her as she tries to explain.

“I was already in bed sleeping when this strange noise woke me up, at first I thought it was the air condition which developed fault yesterday, the wh0le place was hot and the fan wasn’t helping at all, but I managed to sleep like that, I planned to call our technician to come check if he need to refill gas in it, so when this noise woke me up, I sat up on the bed looking round the room, I put on the light just to be sure of my environment, as I looked round that was when I saw this ugly looking monster rat, it was so scary, the rat ran under my dressing table, if you have listened very well you would have heard my loud scre-m, I scre-med so loud when….when..i saw the ugly rat in my room, ooh…no…I can’t sleep in my room if that rat is not out tonight…I can’t sleep in that house…I hate rats…I don’t like seeing one around. I’m allergic to rats since I was a child, that is why I don’t like them…you understand now…is so painful that Richærd is not around…he could have find a way to deal with that rat…

Betty felt sorry for her as she watched Viva sobbed, she was willing to help her in anyway she can so that she can feel safe,

“If you are not comfortable in your house because of the rat…you can come and spend the night over here, there’s enough room here for you and Josh and also your maid, i will personally make sure is comfortable for you…

“no…no Betty, I can’t come and inconvenient you and your family, I will rather stay at my place but I need other help from you and Tony…hope I won’t be asking for too much…

“I don’t mind and I know Tony too doesn’t mind, but anyway we can be of help then I we will be glad to help…even if to I have to come over and stay with you till day break I will do that, or better still come over and stay with us…what exactly do you want and will we be glad to help

Viva looked up at Tony who was sitting down now and listening to her speak, her plan was already working and she will soon smile,

Tony was just listening to Viva, he wondered why she was so scared of a common rat, he understand that some people are scared of little things as spider, but his wife Betty will never run out of the house because of a rat, he felt bad as he watch her sob and panicked while Zila was trying to console her, Tony thought it was Richærd absence that was affecting her.

“please can Tony come over to my place and check if he can chase the rat out of my room…please that is all I need…Tony please don’t deny me of this…I really need you to go with me, Richærd will really appreciate…please hope I’m not asking for too much…?

Tony shakes her head as Betty gave him a pleading look, Tony told Viva that she should find another alternative and by tomorrow he will call somebody that will help her with that,

“Tony please…don’t turn me down. Richærd will do same for you if he was around and you are out… there’s no alternative for me and I definitely can’t come here and stay, and as far as there is rat in my house I can’t sleep in it…I will have allergies…that is more reason I’m worried…I would have love Betty to come but we are both women…and you know women are weaker vessels compared to a man’s figure…I will feel more safe with a man around the house…Betty please beg him..

“Tony…please go with her…she is my friend and our neighbour and she needs our help…this is the little we can do for her…please…since she said she will feel more safe with a man figure and you know Richærd is not around…is just for few minutes or an hour and you will be back…she feel unsafe in her house and needs our help…

Tony didn’t want to go, she kept trying to convince Viva that she will be fine but she was insisting on him coming and when Betty joined her in pleading he has no choice than to give into their request despite he felt awkward with that, he followed Viva to her apartment with some rodent killer that will chase Viva invisible rat off from it’s hiding,

On getting in Viva’s apartment, she took him to her room and to where she saw the invisible rat, while Tony tries to spray the odorless rat killer Viva was busy change into her skimpy transparent night wear, as Tony turned and saw her almost unclad he quickly turned away and apologized and tried to leave but Viva begged him not to go because she just saw the rat ran under the bed while he was backing her, Tony told her that what he sprayed will chase off the rat and she should feel safe because the rat can not stay in such hot environment, Viva said okay and pointed at her air-condition if he has an idea how to fix it for her, Tony shakes his head that he doesn’t but he will help her get somebody who will come check it by tomorrow

Viva insist that he should tries first if the air condition will come on, Tony used the air conditioner remote control to see if the air coming out is hot but to his surprise the air condition was working perfectly well, it was cooling, Viva acted surprise and excited as the Ac comes on, she ran and hugged him, Tony tries to push her off gently because she was still half unclad, but she held onto him like a lost child, Tony was still trying to keep her off from him as he was moving slowly to the exit door but Viva wasn’t ready to go off, she started touching him sed-ctively, using everything she has learnt from Betty to ar-use him, she started acting as if she was touching her husband as she kept mentioning Richærd instead of Tony,

Tony felt she was probably missing her husband that was why she was acting in a sed-ctive manner, but he didn’t want to pull her off with force he was gently shifting her off as he held the door knob, Viva’s tricks were taking effect on him and he wondered how she got to know where how to touch him like she was doing, it was only Betty that understands his weak point but Viva seem to be expect with it, his kneel where already shaking as he tried to pull off, he shouted her name to stop it but Viva pretend not to hear or care, she started k-ssing his neck and his mouth, Tony was trying to be strong but his strength was obviously failing him, he tried but he was already shaking and Viva won the Battle as he began to k-ssed her back, he loosened his hand on the door knob and grab her forgetting himself, he was not thinking anymore as he and Viva went into a hot rom-nce and they both landed on the bed just as Viva always wanted, Viva felt so happy because she was has finally won,

Betty was waiting for Tony in bed and didn’t even know when she slept off, Tony sneaked back in and went into the shower, he felt so bad for what happened between him and Viva, he also felt unclean and tried to wash off the immoral act, he scrubbed himself with sponge but the memory was in his head, he stayed under the shower for long, hoping the water will wash him clean, he has never cheated on his wife before and has promised her that such will never happen, he has assured, sworn and promised Betty he will never in his life time hurt or cheat on her with any other woman, he felt so bad as the water poured down from his head.

He has cheated on his precious wife with her friend and neighbour, he wished it was a bad dream but it was reality, he wondered how Viva got to know his weak point and also know where and how to touch him just as Betty does, and no doubt Viva was good at it, he tried to resist but his strength failed him, how can he even face his wife or look her in the face with the guilt that was built up in him.

Tony hated himself for agreeing at first with Betty to go over with Viva, who he felt was missing her husband, Tony felt he took advantage of a ho-ny Viva not knowing it was all a set up, Viva has always wanted it and she has finally succeeded. Tony felt like beating himself for doing what he promised his wife he will never do.

After he was finally out of the shower he went to bed quietly not trying to wake his wife who was deeply asleep, Betty was suddenly awoken when Tony was quietly trying to sneak into bed, Betty checked the time it was 1 :59am, is being over three hours Tony went to help Viva out, Tony spoke first before she could say anything,

“I’m sorry….i…I didn’t want to disturb your sleep…sorry for waking you…

“You stayed long…I was waiting for you before I slept off…are you just coming back…

“..No… no…being back since…was watching television in the sitting room and I also took a shower…please go back to sleep…

“What of Viva…where you able to help her feel better… Because she was so tensed up because of the rat…hope she is feeling better now…

“yeah…i…sh…she’s better now…

“thank you darling…that is more reason why I love you…you always listen to me and does whatever I ask you to do…you didn’t want to help her until I asked you to go and you listened…I love you always…

“yea…i….i..lo..v…e…you too..

He stammered as he tries to reply Betty, guilt was eating at him…he felt like confessing his sin but he dares not do that, Betty will be totally broken, as Betty tries to touch him that night he told her he was tired from helping Viva chase off the rat, Betty understands him that he never says no to her and tried not to stress the issue, she went into his arm and slept off again.

All Tony could think of that night was Viva even as his wife lies beside him…how can he undo what he did with Viva, Viva’s face was all in his head as he shot his eyes and tries to force sleep to come but sleep was far off from him as he lay awake.

To be continued

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