Unknown Enemy

Unknown Enemy – Final Episode

UNKNOWN ENEMY Episode 14 (Finale)
Written by Amah

Tony got the beating of his life from angry Richærd, a beating he will never forget in a hurry, he couldn’t even see with one of his eyes that was blood shot for days, but later cleared up, Betty and Rebecca rendered Viva’s car useless, after the destruction it was unrecognizable,

Tony knelt and pleaded for Betty to forgive him, he cried and tried to explain but Betty was not having it, Betty felt like everyone she has ever trusted and loved took her for granted except Kate, she doesn’t know if she will ever trust anyone again, she cried her heart out, and told Tony she wanted to be left alone but Tony will not give her space, as he pleaded non stop, and there was nothing Tony did that could make her to forgive him, one day she drove out with her kids and Rebecca and never returned back to the house, she went to stay in a hotel to think of what to do next with her live,

Tony search for her everywhere but she was nowhere, he was almost running mad of searching for her, he didn’t know what to do again, he totally loosed weight and life itself was so miserable to him, he tried calling Kate so that she can help and beg Betty for him but Kate’s line wasn’t going, he knew he brought this to himself, he betrayed his wife, cheated on her with another man’s wife, boldly lied to her, he took advantage of her because she was loving and so forgiving, he can never forgive himself for being such a fool, the woman that has loved him both in good and bad time, a woman that understood him and never stopped believing in him, he betrayed her and took her kind and gentle heart for granted, he will never be able to live with himself if Betty did not forgive him, he is nothing but a shadow of himself, a dead man walking without Betty on his side, Betty made him who is, Betty’s father handed his blessing to him because of Betty and he has tried not to disappoint the man, he has tried everything possible by expanding the business and becoming the sole owner as Betty’s father handed it over to him before leaving the country, without Betty his wh0le life is worthless, he has never stopped loving and appreciating his darling wife since they got married, she knows his in and his out, he wanted his family to stay that way until Viva entered their home, he wish he can change back the and of time, he also wish he can call his father in-law or anybody that will reach Betty, but Tony was scared and didn’t even know how to explain his mess to anyone, he knew he has failed himself, his wife and kids and also the extended family that has believed him, he prayed and hope that Betty will return to him because he can’t live without her.


Rebecca has to go in search of Kate, Rebecca went to Kate house and was told she has moved out, but was giving a new address of where she can be found, She later went their and saw Kate and briefed her all that has being going on lately, Kate was not surprise because she knew what Viva was capable of doing, Betty was just the only one who did not see the evil in Viva,

Kate came to Betty and Betty was so happy and relived to see her friend, she thanked Rebecca for locating Kate after she has severally tried to reach her to no avail, she begged Kate to forgive her, and Kate did, Betty regretted every of her action against Kate, she told Kate how she trusted Viva and told her more than she needed to know and she went behind her and started having affair with her husband, it was so painful that she can’t still believe it actually happened to her, she use to pinch herself sometimes just to make sure it wasn’t a bad dream, it was so painful that when she sees food she just stare at it like it was poison, live itself was meaningless because she never believed that Tony could do such to her, she love and trusted her husband but he did not only lie to her and cheated on her he also took her for granted, she wish she has never trusted like she did, or talked more than she was suppose to say, yes, she agreed that she was naïve and stupid but she never expected the blow that hit her,

Kate tried to console her as Betty cried, Kate told her that she need to forgive Tony, he fell to a trap set by Viva and Betty also contributed to his falling, all that matters is that the truth is out, she need to forgive him and move on, because she complete Tony and Tony find joy having her beside him, Kate told Betty that mistake is bound to happen between couples but how the way they handles it makes a huge difference in lives, everyone makes mistake but we are all meant to love and correct all the time no matter what the sin maybe, “respect and never stop loving your partner, and don’t allow the enemy to have an upper hand in your marriage, you are in charge make it work out again between you and Tony by forgiving him”,

Betty listened to Kate advice her, and for the first time she smile having her true friend close by, the next day she drove back to the house with her kids, Kate and Rebecca was also with her, Kate took her home to a saddened Tony, who on seeing his family again, allowed tears of joy to flow, she went to Betty and knelt before her shamelessly as he pleaded again and again to be forgiven , Betty raised him up and hugged him while they both cried in each others arm, Tony muttered a thank you to Kate and Rebecca as they stood smiling and watching the lovely couples,

Richærd moved out of the apartment with his son and Mabel, Josh nanny, he moved to a place he can afford, Viva left the house after the incident and did not return, when she did she was told by the security that Richærd has moved, she later found out where Richærd has move to, a low class area, filled with poor who are not really well to do, she went ahead with her life because she can not live in such an environment, she can’t go from rich to becoming poor again, or from frying pan to fire, she has tasted wealth and don’t want to have anything to do with poverty

Richærd was in pain and the house they lived in reminded him of so much sadness, he also wanted to be in a place he can afford, he doesn’t know if he can ever forgive his wife for all the things she did,

Richærd later move on with his life, and later decided to forgive his wife if she returns and show that she was truly sorry for her action, he still hoping that Viva will someday come to her senses and come to apologies, but she never did, she left her son josh who was more use to Mabel, and see’s Mabel as mummy instead of Viva, and Viva never bother to come check on her son as she went living a fake live, trying to shame her enemies by attaching herself with the well to do and rich men and women who later found out the kind of person she was and abandoned her, life is never as she hope and wanted it to be, it turned out sour for her,

Richærd after waiting for Viva to retuned but she never need started developing feelings for Mabel, who he has taking likeness to, he doesn’t know what he will he do without his son’s nanny, who has practically moulded his son to be good and respectful, he allowed his feeling to wax stronger and stronger for her everyday, and then later asked her to marry him, she didn’t agree to Richærd requested but later did after constant assurance and pleading from Richærd, they got married legally, and that was how Richærd put Viva behind him,

After another year Viva came back and already Mabel was nursing her baby girl she had for Richærd, it was too late for Viva, as her nanny has taking over the house, Mabel became bold and took charge of everything, Viva was sent out from the gate,

She went to pleaded for Richærd to forgive her and take her back, she wanted to be giving a second chance to right her wrongs but it was just too late for that, no place for second chance again, because Mabel was the new madam of the house, and Richærd was at peace again as he resume his building project, Mabel was always encouraging and supporting him, and just within a year he completed his house and moved in with his new family,


Viva later became history to everyone,

Kate brought her wedding invitation to Betty and Tony, she was getting married to Trevo, who not only loved her but also took her daughter like his, Betty and Tony were happy for her,

Kate later got married to Trevo and they both make a beautiful couples, Tony and Betty gifted the new couple with a new car and a huge cash gifts with some other things,

Rebecca was part of Kate’s bridesmaid, Rebecca was so happy that love has won over hatred and unforgiveness, she was happy that Betty is wiser now unlike before, and Tony’s love for her was undiluted,

Betty loved Rebecca like her kid sister, Betty knew it was through the help of Rebecca that the hidden secret was revealed, she was always grateful to her,

One day Mabel went to the market to buy food stuff and stumbled into Viva who was trying to hide from where she was selling tomatoes and onions under an umbrella, she was looking unkempt and hungry, Mabel came to her and asked her how she was doing, she ended up telling Mabel of how she later got married to a drunk, who beat her up at every slightest mistake, she begged Mabel to keep taking care of Josh like her own son, Mabel gave her enough money to take care of herself before leaving the market that day,

Viva watched Mabel glow, all her hidden beauty was showing on her body, Mabel even drove the small car that Richærd got for her to the market, Viva wept and bite her l-ips in pain, she cried had I know, she would have done things different, and exercise patient for Richærd.

Kate sat at the balcony of her house, her big stomach shooting out, in few months from now she will bring forth her child, she was already seven moths gone, Trevo was making a chicken sauce for her, she can perceive the aroma from where she sat, Trevo came and served her a cup of orange juice and asked her if she wanted more spice on the chicken sauce or just little, and she told him little will do, he went back to the kitchen laughing after cracking a funny joke for her, Kate smiled as she closed her eyes and breathed in the fresh air that graced her skin, her stomach crows, she can’t wait to eat the delicious dish that her loving husband was making.

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