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Untamed Librarian episode 5


Untamed Librarian episode 5
They finished shopping and Alan drove them to his house.”Well, you’ve been asking to see my house and here we are.” “Hmm not bad” she said. They went in and dropped the shopping bags on a table. “Let me take you round the house.” He took her to each of the rooms and when they finished, Clara said to him, ” I’m famished,

what do you have in the house that we can eat?” “Oh! I’m sorry! I didn’t even think that you’ll be hungry by now. Let’s go to the kitchen and see what we can eat”. They went into the kitchen and they found some steaks in the freezer. Alan grilled the steaks while Clara made a salad to go with the steak. They ate in comfortable silence and then, went to the patio to sit down on the chairs that decorated the patio.
“What a nice evening!.” She sighed. She faced him and said “I heard you telling the jeweler earliet that your parents’ anniversary is coming up,how many years have they been married?” ” You heard right their anniversary is coming up the week after labor day. They’ve been married since 33 years, I’m 32.” he answered. “That’s good. My parents too were married for 25 years before they died in a car accident. They so much love each other.” I still miss them so much even though it has been 3 years they died.” She smiled sadly. “So you’re 28. Cool.” She nodded absently her mind has wondered far away to the past where she was with her parents on christmas day. They sat round the christmas tree with many gifts under the tree and a carol was playing on the radio. They laughed and opened each others gifts and oohed and ahhed on them. Clara was given a beautiful cashmere sweater…. “Hey clara where did your mind go?” Alan said softly at her as he liftd her into his arms “oh I’m sorry, I had a trip down memory lane” she touched her face and saw that she was crying “I-I-I…..” She choked on her words and buried her face into Alan’s shoulder and cried hard. “Hush now baby it’s going to be alright” Alan said to her as he rubbed her back.
She quited down and tried to apologize for soiling his shirt with tears. “No worries clara. Just shut up and kiss me.” Clara put her arms around his neck and kissed him. Alan groaned “I want you Clara”. “Then take me Alan. Please.” She whispered. Alan snapped and carried her to his bedroom. He placed her on the bed and started kissing all her body. They pulled off their clothes and touched each other. They whispered sweet words to each other as the passion

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got intense. When Alan saw that she was w€t enough, he parted her leg and entered into her slowly then, he heard her gasp in pain and looked up at her face ” oh God! You’re a virigin.” He tried to pull out but she held him in with her legs “pleease don’t stop now,please Alan” she cried to him. Alan took her face and kissed her then, moved to get in deeper.
Clara m0aned with pleasure and moved with him. They got into a rhythm and faster they went and then, Clara shouted as her orgasm hitted her hard,

Alan growled and he bit her neck as he released into her. They laid beside each other spent and breathing hard. “That was….wow!” Alan said as he got his breathe back. “It was incredible I never knew it would be amazing like this.” She smiled to him and he kissed her. “Why didn’t you tell me you were a virgin?” He asked as he trailed his fingers on her belly. “Well, I’m not anymore” she ginned at him. “I can’t believe you’re 28 and a virgin. Why didn’t you date anybody?” He asked “believe it because nobody wants anything to do with a dowdy and fat librarian until you.” She answered as she snuggled up to him.
“That was because you intrigued me from the start and your s*xy** voice got me” he grinned boyishly “s*xy** voice? You called this throaty noise a s*xy** voice?” She laughed hard “you must be jaded” “hey I know what I’m saying your voice is a bomb” he said as he kissed her throat. She m0aned with pleasure “another? Aren’t you tired?” “No I’m not. You’re so beautiful” he said as he looked at her body. Then, he kissed every inch of her body making her gasp and plead for more. He gave her more and they made love till the wee hours of the night. They both went off to sleep with their arms around each other.
“Good morning” Alan said as he woke Clara up with hot kisses down her body. Beautiful. Your skin is so smooth.”It really is a good morning” she said as she brought his head up and kissed him with vigor. They tore at each other with Alan using both his hands and mouth to work wonders on her body. He cupped her Bosom in his hands and

suckled them softly at first with Clara m0aning and thrashing around with passion then he changed and bit into them. Then he went down under lapping and eating her up with his hands fondling both her bossom, he used his tongue to touch into her then she broke down and had rocking orgasm which made her shout and tremble all over. “Please Alan. Please” she begged. “Please what? I want you to say it” “Please I want you inside me”. He growled hard and plunged deep inside her. She m0aned his name and wrapped her legs around his body to bring him closer to her. They moved together in harmony and faster they went till they came together into the brink of pleasure shouting each other’s name as they came. Alan collapsed on Clara’s body with both of them still breathing hard and their heart beating loudly against their chests. “I’m heavy.let me get off you before I crush you.”He said “don’t get off yet,I like how your heart is beating against mine.”She said. “I’m hungry and thirsty but I don’t wanna get out from this bed with you” he said as he removed himself from her body. He got off the bed and n’t let me crush you.” He said. “No it ok, I like it this way.” “I’m hungry and thirsty,but I don’t wanna leave this bed with you in it.” He kissed her forehead and got off the bed Unclad, then went to the kitchen to forage for some food. Clara sighed blissfully and got out of the bed to go to bathroom. As she was having her bath, Alan came in and took the sponge from her “let me help you.” He used the sponge to wash her Bosom until it got hard and pink then continued down her stomach to her crotch where he dropped the sponge and used his hands and fingers. “I need to use my fingers at this juncture because the sponge is too hard and it isn’t good for your soft core. She blushed pink and m0aned with pleasure and then she grabbed him in the shaft and pumped him with her hands. “Oh Clara, yes! oh yes! touch me baby”. He inserted his fingers into her w€t core and fingered her hard and deep,using his free mouth to suckle her Bosom. They m0aned together and then Clara bit him in his neck as her orgasm hitted her hard. She collapased on him and panted whith the water rushing from the shower.
They finished having their bath and came out wearing bath robes to go to the kitchen. They ate some eggs and bacon and went back to bed to make love.
It was late afternoon before they wore their clothes and sat down by the television to watch a movie. “Labour day is in two weeks time, so you’re following me to the house for the annual labor day picnic.” Alan told clara. “Oh ok. But I’m kinda scared.” She said. “Why are you scared?” “Well, I don’t know if your family would like me or not, you know I’m not that pretty or come from a rich family.” He laughed and said “my family are not monsters Clara,they would like you especially my mother. You’re beautiful you know that and being rich or not doesn’t count. You have a good character why wouldn’t you be loved?” He cuddled her and they continued watching their movie.
“Stay with me don’t go….” Alan pleaded. “It is sunday night Alan, I’ve got to get to the library early tomorrow and again I can’t wear the same cloth that I wore on saturday.” She said. “But you just bought new clothes which is here, you can wear it and then I’ll drop you at the library and come to take you home.” He said as he moved towards her. “Don’t! Don’t you dare move. I won’t be able to think if you touch me. Ok….I’ve got new clothes with me here, new shoes and even new makeups….” She said as she pushed her glasses to her nose. “Good so it’s settled.” Alan stated as he began to remove her glasses and clothes. “No it isn’t settled fully.” She said with her voice getting thick with desire. “Yes it has been settled” and carried her towards the bed kissing her along the way.

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