Until I Met You



Episode 1

Writer: NICKY

“Anna, I love you”Dave said looking into my eyes. “I love you too.”I said smiling. We were both standing close to each other. Dave wrapped his arm around my wa-ist and was leaning in to k-ss me. “Oh my God! This is the time I’ve been waiting for all my life. I can’t believe it’s about to happen. Dave and I are about to k-ss right now. k-ss k-ss k-ss k-ss. The word keep ringing in my head as I shut my eyes tightly expecting his l-ips to touch mine. I pouted my l-ips out expecting the k-ss which feels like it’s taking forever for his l-ips to touch mine.
“Annabel!!!”I head my name and my eyes were widely opened. Before me, was standing racheal, my best friend. She was staring at me strangely and immediately, I raised up my head knowing I had been dreaming since.”What the f-ck are you doing?”she asked staring at me. “Oh gosh! Why did you have to shout my name that way? You should have waited a little bit. That was close. You ruined everything”I said feeling bad. “What’s she talking about?”rachael asked. “Never mind. Why are you in my room”I asked scratching the back of my head. “What! Have you forgotten we are going somewhere tonight?”she asked and I remembered immediately. “Oh that’s true.”I said and quickly climbed down from bed.
We are going to Dave’s concert tonight. You guys are wondering who dave is?
Well dave is my boyfriend. He’s a celebrity. Singer, artist and a model. I fell for him from the first day I saw his picture and some of his performance. Did I mentioned my boyfriend earlier? Oh sorry. He doesn’t even know me. We’ve not met before for real except I watch him perform on stage and in videos. I had a very huge crush on him which I can’t get over it no matter what. Let’s say we are dating only in my dreams. My room right now is full of his stickers and posters. The pouch of my phone has his sticker on it too. I really love dave so much that I wish I can be his cell phone if that will keep me so close to him everyday. Lol. Am crazy right. Well, that’s how much I love him.
After we are dressed and ready to leave, I took my car key and headed out with Rachael.
Soon, we were at the concert. We used our tickets to get in and I feel so happy that am about to see my love again. When we got in, the place was crowded with people. Obviously am not the only girl that’ll have crush on dave. He has so many female fans too.
We stood somewhere among the crowd. Soon, he was coming up on stage. Everyone cheers and were scre-ming including me. I kept jumping up waving my hand in excitement. “Dave! I love you!”I scre-med on top of my voice even tho he can’t hear me. He took the mic and shouted “hello everyone” they all replied hy. And when everywhere was a bit quiet, he began his performance. I could not keep calm throughout the show. I was recording with my phone and cheering for him.
Minutes later after the concert, Rachael and I were both heading out. “Hope you enjoyed it? I told you he’s cool”I said to her smiling. The way I was sweating, someone would think I was the one that just finished performing on stage. I dried face with hankie. “Yeah yeah. He’s a bit cool”Rachael said out of concern. “A bit? Like seriously. I don’t know why you don’t like dave. I mean he’s hot, s€×y, talented, he has every charisma of a perfect man.”I said to her. “Whatever. Let’s just go home. am tired as f-ck.”she said looking exhausted.
On getting to the s₱0t where we packed my car, the black sport car before us wanted to drive out but it mistakenly bumped into my car and left a huge scratch on it. “Oh my God!”rachael said covering her mouth. It stopped and a guy came down. I quickly rushed to my car looking closely at the damage. “You just scratched my car. Oh my God. Why are you not careful?”i asked almost in anger as looked at the guy shooting daggers with my eyes. “Am very sorry ma’am. I’ll pay you for the damages”he said apologizing. “Who said I need your money? You should have been more careful that’s what am saying.”I said. “Oh my God! It’s so much.”I said touching it. “Am very sorry”he said. I looked at the other car and noticed the other guy who drove it was not even coming down to apologise. I became more angry and looked up at the guy before me. “Let him do the apology instead. Since he was the one who caused this damage”I said looking at him. “Him?”the guy asked staring at me. “Yes him. The driver”I said. “No miss. It’s not his fault, so please I’ll pay for everything.”he said. Rachael was staring at the drama not saying anything. I ignored the guy and moved to their car to meet the driver. Rachael followed me holding my hand. “Anna please let’s settle this and just go”she said. I knocked on the windscreen of the car. “Sorry miss. I think you’re trespassing.”the guy said coming to me. “Trespassing?”I asked looking at him badly. “I mean we can settle this peacefully. I apologized to you and you said you don’t want money for the damages then what else do you want?”he asked looking at me. “What I want?”I asked. “What I want is for the person that hit my car to apologize to me directly. simple”I said looking at him. “The person can’t get down right now. because……”he didn’t finished his statement before the car door opened and the guy stepped down. He shut the car door and faced me.
“I am very sorry for the damages miss. I should had drive carefully. Please I apologize for it. And we can pay for the damages if that will ease your temper.”he said looking at me. I froze in shock and disbelief. “Dave…”the other guy called but he faced him and nodded his head with a smile. He brought out his wallet and wanted to pay for the mess. He was super handsome in person. He spoke softly and fluently. I couldn’t breath properly because I held my breath the moment I saw his face. I looked at Rachael with my mouth still hung open. She was surprised as well. It would be better if this is not another dream. If it turns out to be a dream, I won’t sleep for a wh0le week. I thought to myself In surprised. I stares at him not able to say a word.

To be continued… 

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