Until I Met You

UNTIL I MET YOU (Episode 14)

Episode 14
Writer: NICKY

Dave’s POV
“I can’t let that lowlife jerk touch you illegally because of me. Let’s just stop if possible”i said feeling angry at what the guy did.
“No Dave. just calm. I understand what you’re trying to say. I don’t like it as well but we just have to do it anyway Please”she said staring at me. I stared off still feeling mad. “Ok”I said. “Trust me ok. Let me go back to him now”she said and was leaving. I moved back and sat on a chair behind hanging my head.
She’s doing all this because of me. I want her to stop but she keep insisting to help. How am I gonna pay her back with all this she’s doing for me? She’s really trying her best to help me and I can see that.
I looked up and saw her leaving with the guy. He was wrapping his arm around her wa-ist and they were both going in. I stood up feeling more angry. I feel like breaking his ribs. I tightening my fist feeling mad.
Immediately they left, I followed after. They entered a room and the door closed. I drew my mask down feeling so hot. Why am I doing this? Am I really jealous?
I thought to myself. When I heard voices, I went to the door and placed my ear on it to listen but the voice stopped.
I’m so curious and dying to know what’s going on in,side but I have to be patient because I trust Annabel. She’s a very smart girl. I stood by the door in panic. Seconds, minutes, hours I was still standing there. Until finally, the door opened. Annabel was coming out while the guys was lying on the bed. I think he slept. Immediately Anna got out, I rushed to her looking at her face. “Are you ok? What happened? He didn’t try anything funny with you right? Please tell me everything.”I said feeling impatient. “Calm down Dave. Why are you like this?”she asked looking at me weirdly. “I’m sorry. But what happened between you guy?”I asked feeling so curious.
“You didn’t even ask if the plan went well.”she said staring at me. “You’re more important right now”I said holding her. She was surprised staring at me speechlessly and We were both staring at each other. “Uhmm. Ok. I’m fine. Nothing happened. Plan worked successfully”she said not looking at me and I smiled feeling relieved. “Ok. Let’s go home for now. You must be really tired”I said. She looked up and nodded her head. “Ok”she said and we were both leaving.
Annabel’s POV
We got home and were about departing to out apartments. “Thanks for today”he said with a smile. “It’s my pleasure. Goodnight”I said. “Goodnight”he said and we both went in,side.
The following day, I got to work and carried on my normal duties at work.
When my shift was over by 3pm and I was preparing to go home, Josh came to me. “Hy”he greeted and I replied. “I heard the manager wants to transfer you to another branch?”I asked and he smiled. “Yes. I won’t be coming here again starting from tomorrow.”he said. “Ok. I’ll miss you”I said feeling a little sad. “Really?”he asked. “Yes. But anyway take care”I said. I was about leaving when he called my name. I turned back and he walked closer. “Hmm. There’s something I have to tell you since I’m leaving soon”he said. “Ok what’s it?”I asked. “We can’t say it here. How about we go to a place more convenient?”he asked. I wonder what he have to say that much. “Ok.”i said “should we go to the coffee shop down there?”he asked. “Alright no problem”I said with a nervous smile.
We got there and he ordered something for us on the menu.
He then started what he wants to say. “Are you ok here?”he asked. “Yes I’m good”I said and sip from my drink. “Actually there’s something I’ve been wishing to tell you for long but I don’t know how you’ll react if I say it. Because I don’t want to lose the friendsh¡p between us.”he said and I was listening. “Hmm. The thing is. I like you Annabel.”he said and I was a bit surprised staring at him. “Are you joking?”I asked and laughed a little but he was serious. He isn’t smiling as he use to. “Oh I guess you mean it”I said. “I know it sounds funny but it’s the truth. I fell for you at first sight and it keeps growing day by day as we got closer”he said.
“I like you so much. Annabel will you go out with me?”he asked but feeling a bit nervous.
I was surprised to hear this. Josh is just like a friend. He’s nice, heartwarming, cool and handsome as well but I never had such feelings for him. I can’t date him because I like another man.
“Will you give me reply now?”he asked staring at me. I was silent for a while before I finally said something. “Uhm Josh. I understand what you said but I’m sorry”I said feeling a little bad.
He looked down in disappointment and smiled. “Ok. I understand. You can’t force yourself anyway. Thanks for your time and take care too.”he said having the amazing smile on as usual. I suddenly felt like a bad guy seeing him that way. I know how he must’ve felt but I love another man. I can’t accept his proposal.
Dave’s POV
I was in the room working on some song I just wrote. I was playing the piano and singing at same time but my mind wasn’t there. The thought of Annabel kept crossing my mind. I think I miss her.
Oh no. I can’t do this. She’s just a friend. Yes. We have to stay friends. No special feeling than just a friend.
I started the song over again trying hærd to concentrate. I then remembered how she was stripping back in the other night and a smile formed on my face. I was surprised watching her that night. For a moment, I thought she was a real stripper. I think she’s cute and beautiful too.
No no no no no! Dave concentrate. I thought to myself shaking the thoughts out of my head.
I stopped singing and wanted to start over again. This time, I heard the door bell. I smiled thinking it’s Anna. When I got to the door, I opened it expecting to see her beautiful smiling face but unfortunately, I saw Jane’s face. The smile on my face vanished and it turns to a frown. “Why are you here?”i asked refusing to let her in.
She stood there staring at me. “Dave. Please would you let me in at least?”she asked. “Why should I? What else do you want from me? Enough of your f-cking explanation. I don’t wish to see your face again. Will you leave or you want me to slam the door on you?”I asked staring at her badly. I heard some footsteps and I saw Anna behind her. She was going to her apartment but when she heard us, she quickly walked to me and looked at Jane weirdly. “I’m home honey”Anna said and my eyes went wild. “Ho..hon… Hmm”I shut up when she pinched me a little. “Who’s she?”Jane’s asked staring at her. “Oh. I should be asking you that. Who are you? I’m Dave’s girlfriend”Anna said folding her arms. I wanted to smile but I try heard to control my expression. “What a joke. His girlfriend?”Jane’s asked and look at me confused. “Honey, Let’s go in,side hun. I think What we did last night made me so weak and tired. I couldn’t work properly today. I came home early because I’m missing you already”she said and I started coughing. “What?”Jane said looking at Anna badly. She wrapped her arm around me tightly pushing me in,side to close the door on her.

To be continued…

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