Until I Met You

UNTIL I MET YOU (Episode 16)

Episode 16
Writer: NICKY

This is the most happiest moment of my life. I chose not to trust people again after so many betrayals but Anna changed that. Now I believe there are still good people out there. Everything was hopeless and hærd for me until I met Annabel. She made me stand strong and at last it leads to success. She promised to reinstate me and she just did.
After a while, I released her from the hug and was holding her shoulders with a little smile. She seemed shocked about the hug but it doesn’t matter to me.
The cameras and flashlight become more unbearable and I took her hand to go back into the car. We can’t have dinner here again because of the present situation but I promise myself to make it up to her a bigger time than this. I was leading her to the car and flashlights and sound of cameras keep following us. She got in and I quickly went to the drivers seat and closed the door. I took a deep breath because the sound and noises reduced a little.
I looked at Annabel and smiled. “As you can see we can’t have the dinner anymore”I said. “It’s ok. I understand.”she said.
I thought of an idea and faced her again. “How about I prepare it at home? I promise to make it great?”I said but she giggled. “Are you serious? Can you cook?”she asked. “Uhm. Yeah.”I replied briefly. I know I’m not that good at it but I can still try. “Oh my God! That’ll be fun. I can’t wait to see how it’ll be. Better then. I’ll love you to do it”she said smiling. I smiled too and started the engine to go back home.
Soon we got home. And I was in the kitchen not knowing which one to do first. I don’t usually cook unless it’s noodles. I prefer ordering it online or taking snacks cause I’m so worst at it.
She waited in the living room watching tv. While I was in the kitchen. She volunteer to help but I refused because I don’t want to stress her.
Annabel’s POV
After some minutes, I stood up and decided to go and check Dave in the kitchen cause he’s taking so long.
When I got there, I was surprised to see everywhere messed up with ingredients. I opened my mouth and gasp in shock.
“I’m done”he said facing me. I moved closer to him and checked what he prepared. Everything was half burnt. We both looked at each other and he smiled. “I guess this with be delicious”I said and laughed.
“It have to be cause I put so much effort in it”he said.
We sat down in the dinning after he set the table.
I took a deep breath before taking the spoon to eat. I pray I won’t die of food poisoning tonight.
I took a spoon and ate. He looks at me smiling expecting me to comment about it. I stopped chewing and swallowed it straight.
“Oh. It’s so delicious”I said smiling. I took another spoon and forced myself to swallow it without chewing.
“I told you it’ll be delicious”he said and dipped his fork in it too. He took the first spoon and his expression changed. He quickly ran to the bathroom to pour it out. He came out and took my plate from me. “Why are you eating it as if it’s good?”he asked staring at me. “It’s because you put so much effort”I said. “Oh no. Are you ok? This tastes so horrible”he said feeling bad. “No it’s not. It’s so delicious to me”I said trying to eat again and he pushed all the plates away from me. I looked up at him and smiled. “I need to use the bathroom for a while ok”I said getting up. He stares at me until I got in and close the door.
I got to the bathroom and bent down before the WC. I vomited everything and flushed it down. “Oh my God. I think my intestines are twisted”I said feeling bad. I stood up and went to wash my hand before going out. I opened the door and met him right in front of me. “You vomited?”he asked staring at me. “Uhm… I think I did”I said not looking at him. “And you said it good”he said.
“That was a lie. It’s the most horrible food I ever tasted”I said and he frowned a little. “I’m sorry. I can try again next time”he said feeling bad. I smiled staring at him. “Don’t worry. It’s fine”I said and closed the bathroom door.
“So you won’t eat dinner because of me?”he asked.
“No. I’ll prepare another one for us.”I replied.
“So will you help?”I asked and he smiled.
After I finished preparing another one, I set the table and we had our dinner.
We both went to the living room after he asked me to watch a movie together before leaving.
I sat down crossing my legs and he was sitting right next to me.
“You’re a great cook”he complimented. “Well I told you the other day”I said and he smiled.
“Well, I’m jealous of your future husband”he said and I looked at him smiling. “Why?”I asked.
“Just that he’ll be happy to have the most perfect woman on earth. You’re nice, smart, a great cook and overall beautiful as well”he said and my heart skipped a bit. He actually said I’m beautiful? I thought to myself smiling.
“You’re not bad as well. Your future wife is lucky too. To have a good looking, caring and heart warming husband like you”I said and laughed nervously.
I looked at him and found out he was staring at me. My heart started the normal stupid race again and my gaze couldn’t move from his eyes. What’s wrong with this awkward silence? It’s making me uncomfortable.
Finally, I blinked my eyes and pushed it with a smile. “Oh. Why am I feeling hot”i said fanning my face with my hand because my cheeks are burning.
“Why didn’t I meet a lady like you earlier?”he said and I froze in shock. Our eyes locked and I feel like there’s a magnet controlling it cause I found it hærd to stare off. He moved his gaze to my l-ips and back to my eyes. I blinked and bite my l-ips. What’s going to happen now? Why this stare competition?
He was leaning closer to me and my heartbeat rate increases.
“Oh no! Another dream?”I thought to myself.
He leaned closer slowly until out l-ips are just an inch apart. This time, I didn’t close my eyes cause I’m took shocked.
He looked at my face the last time before crushing his l-ips on mine. My eyes were widely opened as if they are going to pop out of their sockets. He raised my shin up and deepen the k-ss pulling me closer.
Don’t tell me this is a dream cause it’s too real to be.


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