Until I Met You

UNTIL I MET YOU (Episode 17)

Episode 17
Writer: NICKY

I think it’s a dream but it’s not. Dave k-ssed me. I closed my eyes and was k-ssing him back. It feel so good and passionate that I wish it never end anytime soon. But my phone started ringing and that made us broke apart. I took my phone and checked the caller. It’s Rachael. “Hello”I said.
“Honey, I’m on my way to your house. I’m in the elevator right now.”she said. “What?”I said and stood up. Dave got up after me looking concern. She hang up already and I guess she’s almost here.
“Sorry. I need to go. Goodnight”I said rushing to the door. “Wait!”dave said coming after me. Just as I opened the door, I saw Rachael standing there before me. She looked behind me and saw Dave too. She was so shocked that the nylon she was holding fell from her hand. “What’s this? Wh.. Why..”she wanted to talk but I stepped out and went to her. “We’ll talk about this. Let’s go in,side first”I said pushing her but she was still trying to look back. I looked back at dave and he had this confused look on his face.
I got into my apartment and closed the door. Rachael scre-med at me asking for explanation.
At last, I told her everything and apologized. Thank God she didn’t get mad too much.
I asked why she came and she told me no one was home. Everyone went to his uncle party except her so she decided to sleep at my place.
After we talk and it’s almost 10pm, she slept off and I woke her to go to the room. I went to my room too and laid on the bed but couldn’t sleep. I stood up again and sat down folding my legs. I remembered the k-ss and I bite my l-ips. “Why did he k-ss me? Did he like me too?”I asked myself confusingly. But I enjoyed it because its the perfect k-ss I ever had although it’s not my first k-ss but Dave’s own feels so special and great. I feel like k-ssing him again but is it gonna happen again?” I thought to myself touching my l-ips. It took me long to sleep cause I found it hærd to get his thought out of my head.
Dave’s POV
I was lying on bed finding it hærd to close my eyes. I didn’t get the chance to confess about my feelings for her.
I love Annabel. I want her to be mine because I had this feeling a very long time ago.
I woke up in the morning and was preparing to go out to see Mr mark at the company. After I finished dressing, I took my phone and car keys and set to go.
I opened the door to step out and Anna’s door opened at same time too. She had a smile on as usual but immediately she saw me, she was shocked and acting weird. “Good morning”she greeted with a smile and was rushing out without waiting for reply. “What’s she like that? Could she still be embarrassed about last night?”I thought to myself and smiled. I closed the door and went after her. “Annabel”I called her name but she increases her steps, practically running. She got into the elevator and was staring at me as I come. The elevator’s door almost close but I caught on with it and got in.
“What’s wrong? Why are you avoiding me?”I asked looking at her. “Why would I avoid you? Ha ha ha. How funny.”she said laughing. I sighed and put on a serious face. “Uhm…. About last night… I was..”
“Yeah. Hope you slept well?”she cuts in smiling. Soon the elevator door opens and she steps out. “Bye see you later then”she said and went on. I stares at her until she got into her car and drove out. I scratched the back of my neck feeling bad. “What’s happening? Is she mad at me?”I asked myself.
Soon I got to the company. After I was welcomed back, and asked to sign some papers, the president congratulates and offered me to do the modeling shoots for MW company as my first comeback contract. Modeling? that’ll be great. I agreed to do it and signed the contract.
He asked me to visit the company together and I didn’t hesitate.
We took his car and headed to MW company.
Annabel’s POV
I was actually avoiding him because I was afraid he’s going to apologise or talk about the k-ss. I’ll feel embarrassed if he say anything about it. But I can’t be this way forever. I think confessing to him would be great but what if he reject me? I’ll feel more worst. I’m afraid to confess my feelings. I love and I want him as my man but he might not feel the same. I thought we were friends until last night when he k-ssed me.
I’m more confused about the k-ss.
Soon, I got to dad’s company and got down from my car. I told him I’ll visit today to thank him for the help he rendered and to see him as well.
I took the elevator and when I got to the floor, I came out and was walking to his office.
I greeted the secretary and toldher I’m visiting daddy. She knows me so she doesn’t ask if I had an appointment with him or not but told me dad is in a meeting right now. I said ok and waited. I sat on a chair waiting for him to be done with the meeting. Someone came around and I raised up my head. Regina. I think she came to see dad as well. She looks at me and rolled her eyes. I just stare off and did as if I didn’t notice her. I focused on my phone while she sits opposite to me. “Ma’am I think he’s done with meeting”the secretary said and I stood up. Regina stood up as well and we both wanted to go in at same time. I raised my eyebrow at her and she was staring at me badly too. “I’m seeing him first so it’s better you wait”she said. “Oh. I guess I’ll see him first cause I’ve been here before you and because,”I look at her and smiled. “I’m the biological daughter too”I said. She looks so angry and wanted to slap me. “How dare you!”she said raising her hand to slap me but I took her hand staring at her in anger. “Why are you angry? It’s not like I lied? You and your mother are nothing but gold diggers. Like mother, like daughter”I said and dropped her hand pushing her. She almost stumble to the ground but raised her head and was p-nting angrily. “How dare you?”she yelled but I smiled. She was coming to me angrily but the securities arrived and held her. I folded my arms staring at her badly. “Let me go”she struggled to free herself. “Ma’am you can’t do this here”the security said holding her.
The door to dad’s office opened and he came out with the people he was having meeting with. He was surprised to see us fighting in the company “Anna, Regina. What’s wrong?”he asked looking at the scene. The security men released regina and she stayed calm staring at someone beside dad. “I’m sorry dad but…”I stopped when I sighted Dave and two other men with dad. Dave was shocked to see me and I was also surprised to see him too.
Why’s he here?


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