Until I Met You


Episode 2
Writer: NICKY

The anger in me just faded away. I can’t believe I finally met Dave. Everything just felt like a dream but it’s reality. “Here”he said stretching the money to me.
“No. Don’t worry about it. I don’t know it’s your car.”I said. “No. Am at fault. I can give you more if this won’t be enough. Please just accept it”he insisted. “It’s ok. Am very sorry for causing a scene. Am not a girl like that. It’s just that I was not in my right sense earlier”I said feeling bad. I did nothing wrong but am the one apologizing right now. I don’t even know what am doing again. Rachael looks at me. I guess she was about to laugh but was controlling it. “Ok. If you insist.”dave said taking back the money. “I’m sorry once again”he said before turning to go into the car. I feel like holding him back not to go. “Please don’t go. Stay for a while please. Don’t leave me Dave”I was thinking this to myself staring at him. He got into the car and was driving off. I stood there looking like a nuisance. Rachael bursted out into laughter. “I know you’ll do that”I said not looking at her. “like seriously. He’s so s€×y for real but can’t believe that was Annabel earlier.”she said. “I told you he’s amazing”I said. “How I wish I can get the chance to meet him again”I said feeling sad. “You’ll definitely meet him again. He’s your soulmate. Let’s just go home for now or you plan to sleep there?”Rachael asked heading to the car. I turned back and headed after her.
Dave’s POV
“Are you ok?”Mick asked. “Do you think I’m OK?”I replied. “Am sorry for not taking proper care of it”he apologized.
“Some girl are just so crazy but I have to act all nice because of my name. I can’t let something like that turn to big thing you know. I have to be careful and control my temper because they are my fans”I said. I t-rn on the radio and was driving a bit faster. We got home and Michael suggested we go clubbing. I refused but later think it’s great idea just to catch some fun so we left for club.
Four days later, after work, I got home really exhausted. I went to the fridge to take some water.
Am living all alone except if rachael comes to visit once in a while. Mum died a long time ago while my dad got married to another woman. Madam Lisa. She’s a very cunning woman and she has a daughter too. Regina. She’s the same age as me but I senior her with three months which made me the elder sister. I was living with them before but when everything turns out bad between all of us, I packed out of my dad’s house and relocated choosing to live alone. I got myself a job as a chef in a standard restaurant where I got paid well. I used that to take care of myself. Dad use to call to ask after me but I don’t like picking his calls because he chose those people over me his lovely daughter. Madam Lisa is as evil as the devil and I know she’s behind all this. Dad is a great successful business man. Am just 22. when I left home, I chose to live as just as a normal happy person. It’s good this way because I have peace of mind and gained my freedom. I went to my room preparing to sleep because I had dinner at work. I took my phone and was surfing the internet.
I saw an article about Dave which really made me click on it.
Then I saw the news.
“Dave forced to rape a lady at a club because he was drunk.”I saw that and my head was spinning. I saw some pictures under it too. In a picture, he was half unclad sleeping on a lady. And another pics they rolled over to the edge of the bed with the lady trying to free herself.
The images were so real but how in the world could this happen. Dave can never do something like that. This is a setup. No Dave can’t do it. I believe he can’t. I thought to myself staring at the screen of my phone. I went under comments and saw people saying bad shits about him already.
“He’s a perverted jerk.
“I can’t believed he can do such. That’s so bad of him.
“F-ck him!”
“Am unfollowing him right now.”
“He doesn’t deserve my love anymore”
“This can’t be true. Could it be setup?”
“It can’t be. Maybe that’s who he truly his. A rapist”
I slammed my phone hærd on the sofa to stop myself from reading the comments. “This can’t be happening. What in the world happened to Dave?”I said feeling bad.
Dave’s POV
“What should we do?”Michael asked as I was moving to and fro in my room. I could not get out because reporters and everywhere waiting for me to show up.
I was set up. I didn’t do anything like that. I don’t Even know how I got to the room I found myself. I could remember how I went to a club with Michael. The last thing I could remember was drinking a cup of wine when Michael went out to receive a call.
I asked him what happened to me but he claimed not to know cause he couldn’t find me again when he got back.
Who did this to me? The lady’s face was not even showing in the picture. I couldn’t trace anything from the picture.
How do I start? My reputation was dragged to the mud with this incident. How am I going to face the crowd again. Why would anyone want to ruin my career for no reason? Why?

To be continued…

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