Until I Met You

UNTIL I MET YOU (Episode 21)

Episode 21
Writer: NICKY

Annabel’s POV
Dave and I got to a place and stopped. People were moving around some were sitting enjoying the slow music playing.
I took a deep breath relaxing “Are you ok?”he asked. “Oh yes. I’m fine”I replied. He stares at me for long and smiled. “Hmm well you look pretty tonight”he said. “Thanks you’re not bad too”I said smiling. “I thought your were busy with your sister earlier. Why do you have to leave like that without a word?”dave asked.
“Don’t worry about them. It’s not necessary.”I said.
“Ok”he said nodding his head.
“Erm I want to ask you something”I said looking at him. “What is it? Let me know”he said listening.
“Uhm. Do you know Regina before? I mean have you guys come across each other before apart from the company?”I asked. “Hmm. I don’t think so or maybe I can’t remember. Why did you ask?”he asked staring at me confused.
“Never mind it’s nothing”I said smiling. “Ok”he said.
I know what I’m trying to prevent. I know Regina to be a very cunning and greedy girl.
Back in college, Regina took a guy from me knowing we were dating . She know her way to sed-ce them and they always end up breaking up with me just to be with Regina. She always make life like hell for me. I even remembered a day I caught her with my boyfriend k-ssing at the school garage after a party.
I confronted her and made it a big fight then because I was heartbroken. When we got home, she told madam Lisa I disgraced and beat her in school with my friends. That day, I was given the best beating of my life. Madam lisa told her to beat me back with a wh¡p until my body started bleeding and I dare not complain. I was a total idiot and puppet to them back then.
She continues like that. Any guy who I date or plan to go out with, Regina always end up getting her way through us and will end up with the guy.
I don’t want same thing to happen this time around. I can’t stand to lose Dave especially to her. Never.
I trust and believe dave can’t betray me like other guys. He won’t go out with that slut.
“Are you sure you’re ok?”dave asked bringing me back to my sense.
“I’m fine”I said with a fake smile. “Alright you’re making me worry with your expression.”he said.
A waiter brought wine to us and I took a glass.
I drank little from it and placed it on the table beside me. The rest of the party went well and I gave dad the gift I bought after the party.
A week later, dad called me to visit him at the office and I did.
We were both sitting opposite to each other while his PA was sitting beside him.
“I guess you’ve been well”he said and I smiled nodding my head.
“I called you because I need your help.”he said. “What’s that?”I asked.
“It’s about the people modeling for our new wears which will be on sale next moth. You heard we’ll be doing the shoot soon right?”he asked. “Yes. You told me before.”I replied. “The thing is I want you to be one of the female model for the female brands. One of the model we suppose to use can’t make it so I decided to use you. What do you think?”he asked. “Hmm well. You know I’m working and won’t be chanced plus my boss is strict.”I said and he sighed.
“We took care of it. I told him personally that you might take days off”dad said. “How could you do that dad? It’s my personal business. What if I don’t want to do it?”I asked getting annoyed.
“Annabel. Enough of this. You know it’s not my wish to let you work but because you have passion for it, I just have to let you do it. You don’t want to work in my companies but always doing things your way. Who do you want me to make the successor later when I step down? You’re my daughter too why do you always count yourself out of my business?”dad asked getting angry already. I calm a little but still not ok with the idea.
“Do it if you don’t want me to disown you as a daughter. That’s my final say. You can leave”he said. I stood up and was heading out in anger.
When I got outside, I stood beside the secretary table thinking about the wh0le thing. “What a joke”i said still annoyed. my phone started ringing. I picked it and placed it to my ear. “Hello anna”dave said. “Hy”I said trying to sound ok. “What’s wrong?”he asked sounding concern. “It nothing. I’m fine”I said smiling. I saw a poster beside me and I took it.
It’s about the shoot he was talking about. I looked closely after seeing dave in the picture. He was there with some other guys and some female models too. “Dave”I called and he answer. “Are you doing modeling for my dad’s company?”I asked. “Oh yes. I forgot to tell you. Sorry it skipped my mind.”he apologized. “Sorry I’ll call you back ok.”I said and hang up. I took the poster looking carefully. I then saw Regina among the female model.
Regina is going too? It’s a business trip which means they might use days before coming back. Oh no. I can’t let regina use this chance and opportunity. That’ll be the most perfect and easiest time for her to get in. No way!
I turned back and was heading to dad’s office.
I then heard him talking on phone. “You mean the female model will arrive before the day?”he asked the caller. “Alright thank you. We’ll be expecting”dad said. I flung the door opened staring at dad. He was shocked with the way I opened the door.
“Fine. It went as you wished. I’ll leave you to do your work or whatever. We got the remaining model. You don’t have to join for the trip anymore. Happy now?”dad asked staring at me. “Oh no. No. Please take that back. No no!”I thought to myself feeling bad. “Why are you still standing there? You can leave”he said. I closed the door and walked up to him. I stood before him looking like a lost puppy. “I’m sorry dad. I take everything back. I wasn’t in my right sense when I rejected it. actually, I wish to do it badly”I said hoping he would approve but he was staring at me in confusion not saying anything.

To be continued

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