Until I Met You

UNTIL I MET YOU (Episode 25)

Episode 25
Writer: NICKY

Annabel’s POV
After dave left, I was alone in my room thinking about this and that. How I wish I can go too. I don’t want to worry because I trust dave but Regina can be a beast at times.
Soon dad’s call came in and I took it. He told me the model couldn’t make it and asked if I can replace her. I didn’t let him finish before replying yes. He told me to visit his office for necessary information and others.
I took my bath and got dressed then headed to dad’s office.
After everything was done, he told his PA to drive me to the airport to join others.
I was so happy and relieved.
When we got to the airport, Mr Raymond and I were heading to where others were waiting and the first person my eyes located was Regina. She was busy checking dave out. We got to them and greeted everyone. When dave saw me, a smiled curved on his l-ips and he was confused at same time. I think I’ll explain to him later. I faced Regina and greeted her stretching my hand. She was staring at me in shock refusing to reply. I withdrew my hand smiling.
Few minutes later, we got on our flight and took off.
I was sitting opposite to dave in the plane while Regina was at the other side with her friend.
“So surprise to see you all of a sudden”dave said looking at me.
I explained things to him and he understood.
For all the moments I was talking to dave, Regina’s eyes never leave me. She was staring at me badly talking to her friend too.
After an hour and few minutes, we got to our destination and the plane highlighted.
At the location…
We arrived at a big building to stay for the three days the same place we’ll be having some of the shoots. Everyone was put into their rooms. Unfortunately for me, Dave’s room was not close to mine but so close to Regina’s. I think that’s not a problem.
We’ll be starting the shoots the next day because it’s late. So we use the opportunity to hang around like having some fun.
I was sitting beside the pool with two of the female model. Dave was with some guys talking and discussing things. while Regina was nowhere because I didn’t see her around probably hanging out with a guy again.
I excused myself to use the toilet and left the girls.
On my way, I met a guy talking to someone on phone. When I got there, he hang up. “Hy”he greeted. “Hy”I replied with a smile. “Oh I guess you must be Annabel”he said. “Yeah. That’s my name”I replied. “really? Well I’m Daniel.”he said. “Oh ok.”I said and wanted to leave but he called my name again and I stopped. “I’m sorry to bother you”he said. “It’s ok”I replied with a little smile. “Ok. I must say this. You’re so beautiful”he said. “Oh really? Thanks”I said smiling shyly and he smiled too. “do you have a boyfriend?”he asked. Why this question? Is he trying to hit on me? “No. I mean….”
“What are you guys doing over there?”I heard a familiar voice and I turned back. I saw dave walking towards us staring seriously at the guy. “Who are you?”he asked looking at him. “Why? It’s so rude to cut in when people are talking”Daniel said staring at dave.
I was staring at both of them not saying anything but wait. Are they about to fight over me right now? No.
“Rude? I think it’s rude to talk to other person’s woman in private too”dave said. “What? How is that your business? She didn’t tell me she have a boyfr…”
“Guys it’s ok. Cut it out”I said getting in their middle. They were both staring at each other badly until I dragged dave with me and left.
We got to a place and he stopped, facing me. “Why would you talk to other guys in private?”he asked. “I’m not. I was going to use the toilet when I met him.”
“Oh you met him and you guys decided to flirt? Did you really tell him you’re single?”he asked sounding more jealous. I don’t know he can be this cute when jealous.”I thought to myself smiling. “What? You dare to smile?”he asked staring at me. “Let’s go. Others might be worried”I said smiling and was walking on. “Wait you have to answer me first. Did you tell him you don’t have a boyfriend?”he asked but I didn’t look back.
Regina’s POV
It’s quarter past 8pm, everyone has gotten in and I was outside planning to do my thing. I brought out a pack of cigarette and lighter. I put the cigarette in my mouth and about to lit it when I heard footsteps from behind. The person already got to me before I could hide it. So I just removed it from my mouth and look at my side. To my surprise, it’s dave. He wore a black hoodie cardigan and white short.
He stood beside me receiving a call. “Ok good night. I’ll go in soon”he said smiling. I used the chance to drop the cigarette and kept the lighter in my pocket. He finished receiving his calls and turn to me. “Why are you here alone?”he asked. “Hmm. I’m just looking at the stars and receiving fresh air.”I replied. “Oh really? I think it’s too cold out here”he said and I reasoned it’s true. The breeze is much and cold.
“I’m not really cold.”I said with a little smile. “Oh ok. I’ll get going in then. Don’t stay out too long because of the weather ok”he said smiling and was leaving. “Dave”I called his name and he stopped. “What’s that?”he asked staring at me.
“Erm. Can I ask for a favour?”I asked. “You can. I’ll do it if it possible”he said smiling. “Ok. Can you stay with me for a while?”i asked but he took long before replying. “Ok.”he said and came to stand beside me but not too close.
He looked down and s₱0tted the cigarette I dropped. He looked at my face and bend down to pick it.
“Did you drop this?”he asked and I didn’t replied. I think he caught me so it’s better I look for an excuse. “Yeah.”I said not looking at him. “Come on. This is very bad for your health. Why would you do such? It’s very bad”he said.
“Erm..well. I’m not really the type that smoke but I have a reason for doing it this night”I said acting sad. “What’s it? Is there a problem?”he asked feeling concern. “Actually, my heart was broken because my boyfriend broke up with me this night. I felt so sad and unhappy. I don’t know what else to calm me so I decided to do this to clear away the thoughts. It was so painful and sad for me I couldn’t sleep”I said sobbing. “Oh no. I’m so sorry. I didn’t know that’s the reason. I’m sorry”he apologized feeling bad for me. I then started shading tears. “I love him so much. I didn’t know he’s gonna do this to me. I’m so down right now I have no one to lean on”I said crying. “It’s OK dear. Stop crying”he said comforting me.
“What a warmhearted caring guy.”I thought to myself crying more. He gave me his handkerchief to wipe my tears and my heart melted totally. I looked behind him and saw Anna standing a little far from us. She was holding her phone and staring at us in confusion.
“I’m sorry. I think I have to go for now. Take heart ok”he said planning to leave but I stopped him. “No please don’t go yet.”I said and he was staring at me. “Can I lean on you just for few seconds? Please do this for me at least. Please”I said sobbing. He stares at me not saying anything for a while then he sighed. “It’s ok”he said and I moved to hug him. I looked behind and annabels expression were unreadable. “I’m sorry to make you do this. Thank you so much”I said to dave pretending to cry again. “It’s ok. You’ll be fine”he said and was patting my back lightly. I smiled behind him staring at Annabel  as her phone dropped from her in shock.

To be continued

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