Until I Met You

UNTIL I MET YOU (Episode 26)

Episode 26
Writer: NICKY

Annabel’s POV
I want to believe that’s not dave. I want to believe he’s not the one hugging my step sister right there.”I thought to myself feeling bad. My phone feel down from me because my system was ruined by what I saw. Dave told me he was on his was in. After 10mins, he’s still here doing what I don’t know with my sister this late at night. I was looking at them from afar feeling so hurt. I picked my phone from the ground and left in a hurry.
I got to my room and closed the door in anger.
Is dave lying to me? Is he cheating on me with Regina? I want to believe it’s not. “Yeah dave can’t do that. maybe… Maybe they are just….no.”I sat on the sofa and broke in tears. Why would he hug her if nothing is going on?
Dave’s POV
After getting in, I sat on the sofa thinking about Regina’s situation. She must be really heartbroken. What a pity. I just felt bad for her because she was too down earlier. I hope she’ll be fine soon. I laid down and took my phone. “She must be sleeping already”I thought to myself planning to call Annabel. I called her phone trice but she wasn’t picking. I decided to sleep thinking she might have slept off too.
The following day…
After the first shoots, everyone went on few minutes break. I noticed Annabel was not that free with me today. She was acting strange since morning. I saw her talking with two other ladies and I decided to call her. It started ringing but she didn’t pick my call. I thought she was not with phone before but now I clearly saw she was ignoring my calls intentionally. I decided to go to her directly.
“Annabel can we talk for a minute?”I asked looking at her but she look at me with some strange expression then said ok.
We got to a free place and stopped. “Is something wrong?”I asked. “No”she replied. “Ok. I called your line this morning you weren’t picking. I messaged you, you didn’t reply and now, I called you again you totally ignored my call. Why are you doing that? Is there something wrong?”I asked staring at her. She shook her head. “I’m sorry I didn’t know my phone was ringing”she said. “Ok. But are you sure everything is ok? You’re making me feel sad about something”I said.
She was quiet for a while the spoke up again.
“Don’t you have anything to tell me?”she asked. “Anything? No I have nothing to say again”I replied and she nodded her head. “Ok if you say so. I’m fine”she said with a smile. “Can I go back?”she asked and I shook my head. “No I want to see your face more”i said but she didn’t react. She just stood before me without a word. I think there’s something wrong. This is not how she act with me on a normal day.
Regina’s POV
We finished the remaining shoots for the day and throughout, I could see the sadness in annabel’s face.
We all got to the dinning table to eat dinner. I was sitting beside Daniel while dave was beside Annabel. She stood just in between dave and Daniel and the rest sit anywhere round the dinning table. “Hope you guys enjoyed today’s shoot? Since it’s the last day hope it’s not too stressful?”Mr Collins asked and the rest replied yes except few people. Anna wanted to take from her food while Sara wanted to take the whine bottle from her side. She took it up but Anna mistakenly bumped her hand on it and the bottle fell to the ground. Some spilled on her skirt too. “Oh my God. I’m sorry.”Sara apologized. Anna stood up to dust her skirt but I think she stepped on some broken bottle and that hurt her leg. Daniel and dave quickly rushed to help her at same time and the ladies stood up to help too. I looked at them and rolled my eyes. It’s not like she’s a fairy princess or something. Why so much fuse?”I thought to myself in annoyance.
Annabel’s POV
Dave and Daniel volunteer to help me but I got up and was heading to the restroom to clean up myself. I got there and was cleaning my injured leg first. It’s not a deep cut so it’s nothing much. I cleaned my dress too and was going back to the dinning. Just as I opened the door, I met dave right before me. “Why are you standing here?”I asked but he rushed to me looking concern. “Are you ok? How about you leg?”he asked and I told him I’m fine. “Sorry about that”he apologized looking bad.
“You don’t have to be sorry. You’re not the one that caused it or is there other thing you’re sorry about?”I asked staring at him and he was also staring at me in confusion. “Never mind”I said and was leaving. He pulled me back to his body and was holding me. “Why?”I asked. “I don’t know what you mean but can you tell me what’s really bothering you? Stop acting this way towards me. I miss my annabel so much. You’re not acting like that annabel again. Please tell me what’s going on”he said looking at me. I sighed then decided to ask him about what I saw the other night only if he’ll tell me the truth.
“I…I want to ask you..”I was about saying but his phone rings causing interruption. He took it and after the conversation, he came back to me. We heard some ladies voice coming our direction and I decided not to talk again.
“Never mind. We’ll say it later”I said and was leaving.
On my way back, I met Regina. “Hy”she said with a smile. I just ignored her and wanted to leave because I don’t have the energy to argue. “Were you down because of what you saw last night?”she asked and I stopped. I turned to her slowly looking annoyed. “Well I think you’re overreacting already when it was just small thing you saw. I mean what if you saw us kis….”
“Shut up you mouth!”I said staring at her.
“Wow! you have the guts to tell me that?”she asked. “I believe dave can’t go out with someone like you. I know what I saw that night might be one of your evil plot or am I wrong?”I asked acting like I don’t care when I do so much.
“My evil plot? I’m sure you’ll understand soon because I’m just a step closer in letting him mine. You’ll be surprised soon.”she said and laughed. I got so angry that I feel like hitting her but I controlled my anger.
“Oh ok. I guess you must have learn something from your mother”I said staring at her. “What?”she asked and the smile vanished from her l-ips. “Yeah. Was that how your mum sed-ced my father? I’m sure you took after her. Bunch of hoes!”I scre-med at her and she slapped me. “How dare you insulted my mother?”she asked p-nting angrily. I looked up straight to her eyes. “How hurtful is it? I’m sure it’s hit you more than what you just did to me now. I’ll let it go this time but try it again and I won’t take it lightly. Stay away from dave. My last warning”I said looking at her. I wanted to leave but Dave showed up staring at both of us confused. He must have been standing there for long. He walks slowly towards us and then stopped when he got to me.

To be continued

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