Until I Met You

UNTIL I MET YOU (Episode 28)

Episode 28
Writer: NICKY

Dave’s POV
I was heading back to the guys after getting something in,side. I was pressing my phone and walking. I heard noises and I looked at the direction. To my surprise, I saw Regina and Annabel fighting. Regina has pushed Anna to the edge of the pool and before I could get to them, she pushed her into the pool and Annabel was struggling to dive. I quickly rushed there but before I could get in, someone jumped into the pool and was diving to save Anna. I was so scared and shocked by this. Daniel brought her out and placed her on the ground but she was unconscious. I looked back and saw the remaining guys around us all wondering what happened. Regina was standing there not saying anything or making attempt to come close to her. I was going to Anna but Daniel bent beside her tapping her to wake up. I bent down beside her calling her name too. “Annabel wake up”I said shaking her body. Daniel pressed down on her chest multiple times but she didn’t open her eyes. I got so impatient and scared something bad might happen. Daniel was trying all his possible best until he was trying to do mouth to mouth breath to her. “Stop”I said and everyone look at me. Daniel stares at me in confusion but I moved closer to Annabel and pressed down on her chest more. When she didn’t open her eyes, I closed her nose with my fingers and leaned down to her l-ips. I blew hair in her mouth. I did it the second time and pressed down on her chest until she coughed out water and opened her eyes slowly. I took a deep breath of relieve and sat back on the floor. I look at regina again and she stared off.
I can’t believe she pushed her sister in the pool but I saw it with my own eyes.
“Annabel are you ok? What happened?”they started asking but no response from anyone.
I went to annabel and carried her from the ground in a bridal style. “How could you do that to your sister?”daniel asked regina staring at her badly. “Do you think I push her? She started it first. I didn’t even….”
“Stop lying. I saw everything clearly. And the other night with dave too, I saw what you did”daniel said and I stopped. I turned to her and everyone else was staring too.
“What are you talking about?”regina asked.
“Oh you’re pretending you don’t know?
Well I was actually watching the other night before dave joined you. I heard all what you said and the lies you told just to receive attention from him from him.
You purposely did that right? I know you did that just to hurt your sister. She saw you guys that night and you know.
You know what, I’ve been watching you ever since the night of the party when you picked a fight with her. I knew something was going on since then but I never thought you could go to this extent of harming her. That’s so cruel of you”daniel said.
I looked at annabel and we were both staring at each other.
“Is that true?”I asked staring at regina.
“That’s all lie. I did nothing wrong. Annabel hurt me first. She…”
“That’s not what I ask.”I said and she was quiet.
“You telling those that night was a lie? You did it intentionally just to get my attention?”I asked but she kept mute.
“Oh you even told me to hug you because you know annebel came around that night? What do you gain in doing all that?”I asked.
“Is it a crime to love? I love you that was why I did all that. I want your attentions badly but you seem to be so clueless. You never look at me for a second. You took me just as your girlfriend’s sister. It’s not my fault I fall for you is it? I did all that because I want you to look at me”she said crying.
“That’s not love. If you truly love someone, you won’t hurt or destroy what’s important to them. I’m highly disappointed in you”I said. “I’ll take my leave then”daniel said and left.
I stare at her for a while before turning to leave too.
The rest of the guys were staring at the scene speechless. Some were even recording but her friend told them to drop the camera.
I got to Anna’s room and placed her down. She walked the chair and sat down. There was a long awkward silence between us. “Are you ok?”I asked breaking the silence. “Uhm. I’m fine”she replied not looking at me.
“You have to change your cloth”I said. She stood up and headed to the bathroom to change.
Annabel’s POV
I got to the bathroom and removed the w-t cloth I had on. I on the shower and watch it pour down my body. So that’s what really happened? I blamed dave for no reason when he is innocent. Now I’m feeling guilty cause I think I’m the stupid one right now. I have to apologise because I’m feeling bad for judging him wrongly.
After the bath, I wrapped a towel tightly around my chest and went back to the room. He was still sitting there while I went to stand beside my bed.
“I’ll turn my back while you dress”he said and I smiled. Not like it’s first seeing my body what’s with the attitude.
He turned his back to me and I was wearing my cloths. After dressing up, I was unable to zip up my gown. I tried but it was so tricky I couldn’t draw it up. “Are you done?”he asked. “No.”I replied trying more. “Why taking so long?”he asked.
“Erm… Can you please help me here?”I asked and he turned back. “What?”he asked staring at me. I turned my back to him pointing to the zipper. “Can you help me with this?”I asked.
“Ok”he said and walked up to me. He drew the zipper and it was all done. I was still turning my back on him feeling bad to look at his face. There was an awkward silence again and I wanted to use the chance to apologise.
“I’m sorry….”we both said at the same time. I turned around looking at him and he was staring at me too. “Why are you sorry? You did nothing wrong. I’m the one at fault”he said.
“I didn’t know that was what happened. Actually I came out that night just to check on you. When I got there, I met you and Regina instead. I saw you hug her and I was thinking of so many things. I didn’t know there was a reason to it. I’m sorry for jumping into conclusions on my own”I said hanging my head.
He lifted my head up staring at me. “It’s ok. We are both sorry because it was a misunderstandin
g. I didn’t know you were going through such threats from your step sister just because of me. But you should have tell me at least. but it’s ok now huh. We are good”he said smiling and I nodded my head.
“Are you feeling better?”he asked. “Yeah. I’m ok. Thanks for saving me”I said and he smiled. “You should thank daniel too. He really helped. I didn’t know that rude brat might be useful someday” he said and I smiled. “Jealous huh?”I asked and we both smiled.
“Oh my God. I’ve missed you so much. I just realised that now”I said and hugged him. “Me too. Don’t let us fight again in future ok. It really hurt my heart”he said stroking my hair.
“Ok”I said smiling. “Other’s must be waiting. Let’s get going now”he said holding my hand. “Ok let’s go”I said smiling and we both left the room.
Two weeks later, I told dad about dave and my relationsh¡p with him. I was surprised he approved to our relationsh¡p. He told me he knew something was going on already because he saw some news and also saw it in my attitude.
Everything was just going smoothly and I love that.
On a Friday night Rachael and I went to Dave’s show and stood somewhere in the front. I remembered the first time I came to his show and the first time I met him in person. I wonder if he still remember me to be the girl.
I was watching him on stage with a smile on my l-ips.
He took the mic and was looking around the crowd. I told him I’ll be coming so I guess he was looking around for me. Finally, our eyes met and he smiled.
“This night, I’m dedication my song to no one else but someone so very special to me.”he said smiling.
Oh I remembered he told me about it. Who could it be? I thought to myself smiling nervously then he began.
“You’re a great person and someone I can never forget. The moment I met you, my life story changed.
You made me believe in myself and always tell me things can get better.
Anytime I see you, I feel like I was blessed with an angel sent from heaven. I feel incomplete and lonely until I met you.
How can I forget the memories we shared together?
How can I forget the smile on your face each time you look into my eye?
You promised to be there for me forever when I feel like no one else is there.
I don’t know what you do to me because I think I’m addicted to you.
Tell me how can I forgot you when all I see is your love and care. You’re my amazing just the way you are”
this touches my heart and I feel like I’m about to cry. I remember each memory of us as he sings and my heart melted.”Are you ok?”Rachael asked and I replied yes with a little smile.
He came to my side looking down at me while everybody was cheering so loud and scre-ming. He stretched out his hand for me to come on stage and I was surprised. “Oh my God”Rachael said smiling so brightly. I took his hand even if it feels a little uncomfortable because of the crowd and scre-ms. I got up on stage and was looking around feeling so embarrassed because there are lot of people than I imagined.
Dave was smiling looking at me and I smiled shyly too. He took my hand and moved to the center of the stage feeling so happy.
I should be expecting my photos on internet tomorrow as this is going to go worldwide. “I love you”he said without the mic and I smiled. “I love you too”I said smiling.
I thought that was all until he moved back and brought out something from his pocket.
He knelt on one leg and opened a little black box revealing a shining object. Could that be a ring? Oh my God! I was totally surprised by this. “Annabel matins will you marry me?”he asked staring at me and the wh0le crowd scre-med louder than before. I don’t know what else to say than yes. I couldn’t express how happy I am. He slipped the ring on my finger and a loud clap came from the crowd. I stood there staring at him speechless and happy. He moved closer to me smiling. “You deserve more than this.”he said. I covered my mouth still in surprise.
“I love you”he said with the mic and another cheer roar in the air. “I love you more”I said and tears dropped from my eyes. He moved closer and k-ssed me. Tears streamed down my cheek and I wrapped my arm around his neck k-ssing him back. I can’t believe this is happening right now. Words can’t express my happiness.

To be continued

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