Until I Met You


Episode 3
Writer: NICKY

Annabel’s POV
I went grocery shopping because I need to buy some food stuffs.
I shop for things I needed and moved them to the counter to pay my bills. A message notification came into my phone and I checked it.
Rachael: hy honey. Am coming over to your place in the evening and I might sleep over.”I smiled and slipped the phone back into my pocket. Guess I won’t be bored with her around me.
Rachael is my old friend. We started our friendsh¡p right from when we were in high school. We went college together and graduated same day too. We are like five and six always doing things together. She is my best friend. She’s simple, kind, and friendly unlike me. My attitude might annoy you at a point because am not an easy girl. Am kind of mean at times which I know that myself. But I have soft s₱0t of me too.
After my goods were calculated and it’s time for me to pay, I found out am not with my purse but I remembered bringing it from home. Where could it be? It was then I remembered a guy bumped into me while I was coming in. Oh gosh! He removed my purse.
“Ma’am how will you pay”the cashier asked. I don’t know how to tell her my purse was stolen. “Erm…. Sorry. I think I misplaced my purse”I said to her. She was staring at me strangely not saying anything. “Ok. Can I transfer it to you instead?”I asked her. I brought out my phone and it went off too. I slipped in back into my pocket feeling a bit embarrassed. “Am sorry I don’t think this would work. Can I just return everything?”I asked feeling so embarrassed already. A guy came to the front with few things and gave the cashier his credit card. “I’ll pay for her own too”he said to the lady. “What!”I said staring at him. “It’s ok”he said smiling. “I mean the bill is much”I said. After he paid, he didn’t look at me before heading out. I quickly packed my stuffs and went after him.
When I got out, I met him about to enter his car and I quickly walked up to him. “Excuse me”I said and he turned back. “Yes miss”he said after dropping the bag he was holding in the car. “Thank you so much for earlier. Can you give me your account number? I promise to transfer it back to you once my phone is on”I said looking at him. He smiled nodding his head negatively. “It’s ok miss. I didn’t do that to collect it back later. I just did it because I know how that kind of situation feels like”he said. “I know but at least you really helped me out and am indebted to you. I have to pay you back and my mind would be free”I said. “It’s ok miss. Bye. Take care”he said and got into the car. He drove out and I watched his car until it was out of sight. I sigh and turn to leave.
I got home minutes later and soon Rachael arrives too. I narrated what happened at the shopping mall to her and we also talked about other things too.
Two weeks later.
After I finished preparing for work. I took my bag and was heading out to the compound.
My apartment is very ok and nice. The building is big, beautiful and neat. It’s a five storey building with other neighbors living in other apartments too. Am on the sixth floor which means I’ll have to use the elevator before getting to my floor. There’s another apartment beside me but no one lives there right now. I heard someone will be moving in today. Finally am having a neighbor too. What if it’s married couples or a bachelor or probably a very scary old woman?
I don’t know yet. I just hope it’s a good neighbor. I got to the compound and went to my car in the garage. I got in and was driving out towards the entrance.
Few minutes later I got to work. “Good morning.” I greeted my coworkers and they replied my greetings too. I got to my locker and took my uniform. I got to the entrance of the changing room and overhead some workers talking about something.
“I heard the new chef is so handsome. Oh my God can’t wait to see him here.”a voice said. “I pray he does not have any girlfriend currently”another voice said and they both giggled. I went in and they were quiet. “Good morning”the greeted bowing a bit. “Morning”I replied with a smile. They took their apron and both went out. I heard about the new chef too but it’s annoying how the female workers keep talking about him too much.
I got out and went to the kitchen to start working then the manager and a guy came in. “Good morning”I greeted bowing my head. “Good morning miss Anna.”he replied. I looked at the new guy beside him and I recognise the face immediately. “Here’s our new chef. He’ll be working with you guys from now on”the manager said. “Oh it’s you”I said looking at him. “You work here?”he asked looking surprise also. The manger starred at both of us confused. “Do you guys know each other?”he asked. “Yes sir”I replied smiling. He looks at me and smiled too.

To be continued…

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