Until I Met You

UNTIL I MET YOU (Episode 30)

Episode 30
Writer: NICKY

I began to open my eyes slowly but my view was blurry. Finally I opened it and everything was clear. I looked around where I am trying to move my body but I couldn’t. I looked down at my body and found out I was been tied down to a chair. My mouth was stapled too so I couldn’t scre-m. It was then I saw a guy smoking a little bit far from me. He looked at my direction and was coming towards me.
I stayed calm but very scared and confused because I don’t know this guys. I don’t know what they want from me.
He stood before me and tilted his head. “You’re awake”he said looking at me. I was struggling to free myself from the chair while staring at him badly.
Another guy came around hanging a big stick on his shoulder.
He smiled and removed the tape from my mouth. “Who are you guys? What do you want from me?”I asked breathing heavily.
“We? Oh. I’m a friend”the guy said and smiled. “Let me go now or you’ll all regret this. I promise to Sue you all later for this”I said yelling. “How dare you raise your voice?”the other guy said raising his hand to hit me but the stick guy stopped him. “Don’t”he said pushing him back. He then faced me again smiling.
“How can you hit a beautiful girl like her. Such girls are meant to be treated nicely”he said.
“Let me go!”I scre-med again struggling from the chair.
“Will you shut your mouth you’re too loud”the other guy said again.
“You’re too pretty for torture I think. How about having a nice time with me before then”the stick guy said touching my face. I opened my mouth and bite his hand angrily. He moved back and slapped me in anger. “I was trying to be nice but I think this won’t work”he said after slapping me. I felt a sting at the corner of my lip.
I raised up my head staring at both of them. “Why are you guys doing this? Who sent you? Regina?”I asked staring at them but no reply.
“Ok. Bring that bitch here now I have to face her directly”I said in anger.
“Too loud. Too loud. You’re just the same. Throwing fit and shouting even at the point of death”a voice said from the side and i looked back.
I saw Regina walking towards me with a stick of cigarette in her hand. She came to me smiling. “Hy sister”she said. “You again? How could you do this? I think you’re going too far this time around. What is it you want again?”I asked staring at her.
“Me? I want nothing but your life.”she said and I was shocked.
“How dare you Regina? You know you’ll pay for this. You won’t get away with it this time around. Dad won’t let it slide will he? Be prepared to be thrown out with your mother”I said angrily. She dropped the stick of cigarette and puffed the smoke to my face. I started coughing trying to catch my breath.
“Daddy? Oh you mean that sick father of yours?”she asked and that surprised me. “My sick father? How could you?”I said feeling hurt.
“I don’t care what he does. I still can’t believe he was trying to hand over 60% of his property to you. Why? Because you’re the real daughter? What of us? Didn’t he love us too? I’ve know ever since I got in with mum, he never love me the same way he did to you. I won’t let mum and I lose to you. never!. He’ll die soon anyway. If you’re gone too we won’t have any worries”she said. “Die? You guys are so cruel. How dare you wish my dad death after all he has done for you and your mother? Isn’t this heartless?”I asked. “Yes. It’s heartless. Not my fault. You already say it yourself. We are gold diggers. Yes we are. Over my dead body will I watch you take over dad’s companies and most especially, Dave”she said with fire in her eyes.
“You’re not human regina. I’ll keep saying it. You don’t deserve to live on earth”I said. She pulled my hair back staring at me in anger. “Yes I’m not. I don’t have a heart. I’ll prove that to you today. Because you’ll die slowly regreting all the bad you’ve done to me”she said. “You can do all you want with me but not with my father and Dave. Don’t touch any of them”I said breathing hærd. She dropped my hair and moved back.
“Ok. But that’s if you’ll know cause the dead won’t know what’s happening on earth after he/she is gone”she said with a smile. She pulled something out from her back and to my greatest shock, it was a gun. Regina had a gun!
“You’ll die now!”she said angrily pointing the gun at me. I got so scared and closed my eyes expecting her to pull the trigger but she stopped and withdrew her hand.
“I think not yet”she said smiling evilly.
My phone started ringing beside me and I looked at the screen. It was dave but I can’t pick it. He must be really worried by now. “Go and pick the phone”she said to one of the boys. He took it and went to give Regina.
“I think it’s the chance to say your last goodbye”she said and brought the phone to me. “But you know what?”she said taking the phone away from me again and I was staring at her with my heart full of anger and pains. “I think I don’t need him. I was only trying to hurt you by getting him but I failed woefully for the first time? How funny. I think he really loves you. but how could he hurt my feelings before everyone? Just because of you this worthless thing?.”she said raising her voice.
The phone started ringing again and she picked it then placed it to my ear.
“Hello Annabel where are you? I thought you said you’re almost home”dave said sounding worried. “I’m fine. I’ll be home soon. Just wait a little more time”I said trying to fight my tears. “Come on I’m worried. What’s wrong with your voice? Are you ok?”he asked. “Nothing. Just wait I’ll be there”I said looking at Regina. “Ok but…..somethi
ng is suspicious. Are you sure you’re almost home?”he asked again and I sobbed trying not to cry. Regina took the phone from me and hang up the call. “How rom-ntic. Oh God. I want to have a caring boyfriend like Dave”regina said mockingly and laughed.
Tears streamed down my cheek as I watch her in anger but not able to do anything. “Promise me you won’t hurt anyone again after you do this to me. Please I’m begging you”I said throwing away my pride If that will make her change her mind about hurting dave and dad. “Hmm let’s see”she said scratching her head with the gun. “I’m not sure”she said and that evil smile curved on her l-ips again.
“Regina please. I’m begging you not to. Please don’t”I said crying.
“Ok. Maybe I’ll change my mind about it later or maybe not. It’s up to me to decide”she said.
She took the gun up coming closer to me. “Anything more to say before I shoot”she said with the gun on my head. “No.”I said in tears expecting her to shoot. The door flung opened and she stopped. Everyone looked at the direction to see who it is. I raised my head slowly and looked at the direction too. I was surprised to see Dave standing there staring at the scene in shock. he must have used the GSP he connected to my phone to locate where I am. But I think he’ll be in danger too. No I don’t want this to happen not to him too!


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