Until I Met You

UNTIL I MET YOU (Episode 33 – Finale)

Episode 33
Writer: NICKY

A week later, I went to visit dave in the hospital. Regina was taken to court and was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. Dad divorced with madam Lisa when he later found out she planned to take all his property and also want him dead. I didn’t

want to tell dave I lost a pregnancy because I don’t want to shock him and worsen his condition. I plan to look for a way to say it to him later. Although it was so painful to me but I can’t keep it to myself forever anyway.
I visit him everyday at the hospital because his wound is yet to healed fully. But thank God, he’ll be discharged today and we can go home together.
I got to the hospital and straight to his ward.
I got there but couldn’t see him.
“Where is he?”I asked looking around. I went out dialing his number. Just as I put it to my ear, I s₱0tted him with some girls snapping pictures. “One more. One more”a girl said smiling. She linked her arm around his and stretched her hand smiling. “Cheese”they said smiling.
“What?. Cheese my foot. I guess he got some energy now”I said looking a the girls badly. I brought down the phone from my ear and walked up to them.
“Looks like you’re having fun”I said and he looked back. The girls all look at me too with some weird expression. What? Are they going to eat me raw or what? Because I’m always scared of this fan girls each time I come across them. They can be so crazy and dramatic at times.
“Oh you’re here”dave said smiling.
“Bye guys. I have to go now”he said smiling at them and they all stared at me again. “Oh no. One more please. Just one more pics”a girl said acting cute and linking her hand wrong Dave’s. “Not anymore. Enough of those pics and clings. He’s someone’s boyfriend ok”I said and removed her hand from his body staring at her badly.
“Who are you? Why are you stopping him from taking pics with us?”one of the girls asked staring at me. “Oh you don’t know? Ok. I’m this man’s girlfriend. Got it?”I said glaring at them. “Oh my god! She’s the girl”one of them said and the rest were all staring at me in surprise. I moved closer to dave and linked my arm around his hand smiling. He looked at me and smiled too. “Oh ok. I’m sorry for being rude. I didn’t know that’s it”the girl apologized feeling bad. “It’s ok. It’s ok.”I said with a smile. “Ehm… Sorry to ask. How about we all a take picture together with you too?”she asked. I stared at her for a while then smiled. “Ok!”I said and they all smiled moving closer for the picture.
Soon, we left the place and was going back. I was smiling walking by his side. “How are you feeling?”I asked. “I’m getting better. I mean I’m all better now.”he said smiling. “Of course you are. Guess you were having some much fun with the ladies earlier”I said. “Jealous?”he asked. “What? Who said that? I’m not. I’m even older than them. Why will I get jealous of those little things?”I asked almost raising my voice. “Really? But your attitude said otherwise.”he said and laughed. “Stop it. I said I’m not. Like seriously”I said and hit his shoulder. “Ouch… My shoulder. Oh ohhhh that hurts”he yelled in pain holding his shoulder.
“Oh my God I’m sorry. Does it really hurt you? I didn’t even hit that hærd. Oww I’m so sorry dear”I said feeling bad. He look up to my face and bursted into laughter. then I remembered it was the other shoulder he got wound on”How dare you? Were you playing me? Huh”I asked and hit him more.
“Your expression was so hilarious I couldn’t help but laugh. Sorry”he said looking at me and I smiled. “Good to see you laugh so much like this after a while”I said. He took my hand and linked our fingers together walking on.
He was discharged from hospital and we both went home later in the evening.
We were both sitting on the couch in the living room watching movie. I was leaning my head on his chest while he was playing with my hair.
“Hope you’re not stressed today because of me?”he asked. “Why would I be? I’m ok”I said. “Thank you”he said. “For what?”I asked. “Just everything.”he said and I smiled. “I didn’t do anything. I should be thanking you Instead and I’m sorry for everything you went through because of me”I said.
“You don’t have to be sorry towards me. You saved me too and I didn’t regret doing it for you either because you deserve it”he said.
“But I had been thinking about this over and over. Why would you jump in front of a bullet just to save me? I mean what if you end up dying?”I asked. “It’s ok. if it is to save your life”he said and I raised my head looking at his face. “But I think that is too much”I said and he smiled.
“It’s ok. Thank God I didn’t die anyway and you’re fine too”he said. I sat properly thinking of telling him about the pregnancy.
“There’s something more I have to tell you”I said not looking at him. He came closer to me wrapping his hand around me. “Go on dear. I’m listening”he said.
“Uhm…the doctor said I’m pregnant”I said not looking at him. He was quiet for a while and I look at his face to see the surprise expression. A smiled curved up on his l-ips and he got up in excitement. “Are you serious? For real? Wow! That’s a good news.”he said smiling. He took my hand and pulled me up from the couch. He hugged me so tightly feeling so excited. He was too excited that I’m afraid to break the sad news to him.
He released me from the hug and was looking at my face. “I’m so damn happy right now. What next? We have to fix a wedding date. That should be as soon as poss…..”
“I lost the baby”I said looking sad. His happiness died down and he was sad immediately. “Oh no. Why?”he asked.
“The doctor said I lost it due to the accident. I’m sorry”I said in sorrow.
“Oh my God”he said feeling more hurt.
“I’m really sorry”I apologized.
“No it’s ok. Don’t be sorry. Everything is ok as long as you’re fine”he said and pulled me into a hug stroking my hair. “You must be disappointed”I said. “I’m not. You’re more important right now. Don’t be sad don’t worry about that for now ok”he said. He pulled me from the hug and k-ssed my forehead. He k-ssed my l-ips then my forehead again and hugged me.
“It’s ok. Don’t be sad”he said and I hugged him back.
Two months later, We did a very big wedding and went for our honeymoon in Paris.
On the night of our honeymoon…
I was standing at the balcony looking at those beautiful stars. Old memories flashed to my head and I was smiling to myself. “How beautiful”I said. I remembered our first meeting, the day I first got to his apartment and the time went to club.”those memories keep putting smiles on my face.
“What are you doing here smiling to yourself?”dave asked. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder hugging me from behind. “What are you thinking about?”he asked. “Nothing. Just wondering how things turn out.”I said. “Like?”he asked. “I mean meeting you and us ending up together this way”I said smiling.
“Really? Isn’t it great?”he asked and I nodded my head.
“Do you remember the first time we met?”I asked. “In the elevator?
“he said and I shook my head. “I guess you can’t remember”I said. “When was that?”he asked. “The night you bumped into my car and I was throwing fit insisting you apologise to me directly”I said. “What? You were the girl from that night?”he asked. I turned around smiling. “Oh. You didn’t recognise me. I guess that was because it was a short meeting”I said. “Like serious, I just remembered. That’s true. You were the noisy girl from that night”he said and we both laughed. “You think I was noisy?”I asked.
“You were so loud and angry that night. I could remember”he said.
“But you were so cool and attractive that I couldn’t do anything when you got down to apologize”I said and he laughed. I wrapped my arm around his neck smiling. “But now, you’re mine! The handsome, hot and s€×y guy from my dream and imagination is now my husband”I said looking into his eyes and he smiled too. I k-ssed his l-ips and smiled. “The brave, smart, beautiful and greatest chef is my wifey”he said smiling and I laughed. I k-ssed him again and he pulled me closer lifting me up to his body k-ssing me more.
I have to confess he’s so good when it comes to k-ssing. After a while, we stopped and he was smiling brushing my hair off my face. “I love you”he said. “I love you more more more more”I said and we both laughed. He pressed his l-ips down on mine and was k-ssing me again walking into the room still carrying me.
This is a dream come true for me. I remembered then when I always pray that I wish to meet dave. I wish to be his girlfriend. I wish we get married. I do say this a lot anytime I’m praying because I was so much in love with him. I dream about him almost every night because I couldn’t get his images off my head. Now I think my prayers are answered and my dreams came true.
Our love grew stronger day by day and we never got tired of our moments together. It was a sweet and beautiful memory. Most happiest moments of my life was spent with him “Dave”.
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