Until I Met You

UNTIL I MET YOU (Episode 8)

Episode 8
Writer: NICKY

Dave’s POV
Her words calmed me and I moved away from her leaving some space between us. So there’s still someone who still believe in me? There’s still a person who trust me.
“I wish to help but how can I do that when you don’t give me a chance? I want you to go back being that amazing dave who put smile on people’s face with his music. I love to see you sing and I wish you can do it again”she said looking at me. “Do you think I can do it again? Is there possibility I’ll be at the top again?”I asked staring at her. She smiled nodding her head.
“You will. I believe you can do it. Don’t give up keep going. It’s your dream you can’t stop chasing it until you get there”she said.
“Are you really wishing to help?”I asked and she nodded her head. “I will. I’m ready. If it’s to make you rise again, I’m fully ready to risk anything just for you”she said and my heart melted. I was staring at her without a word and she was smiling looking happy.
Annabel’s POV
It’s a Sunday morning and my day off too. I was cleaning up and rearranging my room because Rachael is coming to visit me with our old friends.
After I cleaned up everywhere and trashed the junks, I sat on the couch in the living room feeling exhausted. I took my phone and unlocked it.
It’s 9:10am. I guess Dave would still be indoor or probably gone to see his friends. I decided to send a message to him. “Good morning”I typed and sent it. Few minutes later, he replied. “Hy”
“How was your night?”I asked. “Not bad and yours?”he replied.
“Are you home?”I asked again.
“No, I’m not”
“Ok. When you get home,you can call me. I have something to tell you”
“Yeah”I replied and dropped my phone. I never told Rachael about who my neighbor is. I want to keep it a secret between both of us because I promised to. I rested my head back on the couch staring at the roof. I heard my phone ring tone and I took it thinking it’s Dave but to my disappointment, it is not.
Lovely dad was displayed on the screen. I frowned not wanting to pick it up. It went off then started ringing again. I don’t know why he’s calling. I’ve been refusing to pick his call since these days but he keep calling. My lovely dad just turn to someone I don’t want to hear his voice. I moved my hand to my phone slowly debating whether to pick it or not.
Finally, I picked it and placed the phone to my ear. “Annabel”I heard his voice but I kept mute. It has been a while I head that voice so I felt somehow. He called my name again but I didn’t reply. “Annabel are you there?”he asked but tears only dropped from my eyes. “Why are you like this Anna? Please come back home. I’ve missed you a lot. Don’t you even care to see me anymore? You remembered how you call often then telling me you miss me,has it changed?.”he asked. I sobbed and quickly ended the call. Tears streamed down my cheek uncontrollably.
Why do I hate him so much? He’s my dad but I don’t want to get involve with him anymore. I believed he neglected me because of his new family. My lovely dad turned to someone I don’t want to see but I miss him too.
I wish mum was still alive so we can live happily as we were before. I miss my mum so much.
I buried my face down crying out my heart.
“Honey we’re here”I heard Rachael’s voice and I quickly came out of my room.
I got to the living room and saw her with Lizzy and Bella. “Hy guys”I greeted sitting beside Rachael while they were both sitting opposite to us. “What’s up girl. Long time no see”Bella said with a smile. “Yes. It’s been long. How have you guys being?”I asked.
Lizzy and Bella are my old friends. We all went to the same high school and college. It has only been two years and their faces has changed.
We talk and gist about things.
After a while, I went to bring whine and some snack I prepared for them and turned on the music.
It was Dave’s song playing because I have a lot of them. The title is “my angel”
I went back to sit down and we continued our chats. “Wow looks like you’re Dave’s fan too?”Bella said smiling. “Yes I am”I replied and threw a snack into my mouth. “That’s good. I was one of his fan too”she said. “You were one of his fan?”I asked staring at her. “Yeah. Don’t you know about what he did?”Lizzy asked.
I was staring at them not replying. “Well the rumor was all over the internet. I stop being his fan because I think he is a pervert”Lizzy added.
Rachael looked at me and shook her head. “He might be accused wrongly. He is not what you guys think he is. He can’t do such thing.”I said. “Really? What if he truly did it? No one knows anyway but the pictures proved it all. now, everyone knows he’s nothing but a perverted jerk”Bella said and I couldn’t control my anger again. “You better watch your mouth”I said in anger. Rachael pulled my skirt winking at me. Bella and Lizzy looks at me in confusion. I then came back to my senses. “Sorry guys. I think I overreacted. Don’t mind me”I said laughing. They both smiled too and drank some whine. I eyed them badly when they were not looking and Rachael pinched my arm.
Dave’s POV
I was coming back from my parents home and was heading back home. I wasn’t putting on a mask because I was in the car and I just left my family’s home too.
I was thinking about how things are going with me currently.
I have been thinking so hærd to remember what happened that night but I couldn’t. I’m sure something is wrong somewhere. Was I drugged? I have to remember for me to figure out how I’m going start my investigation.
I heard a hærd bump and I came back to my senses.
A car just bumped into me. I pulled over and got down from my car to check. The side mirror of the other car was broken and my car has a little scratch. I’m sure the car bumped into mine. The car pulled over too and a lady came out. She was putting on a red sleeveless short gown which was tight and revealing her laps. She wore black heels and had a long hair tied in ponytail. “What the hell just happened?”she said looking at her car. She then raised up her head and faced me with her face frowned but immediately she saw me, her expression changed and she had a smile on. “I’m sorry I bumped into your car”she said looking at me. “Yes you should be sorry because you scratched my car”I said. “Oh my God. Are you really Dave?”she asked in excitement but I kept mute in confusion staring at her.

To be continued…

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