Until I Met You

UNTIL I MET YOU (Episode 9)

Episode 9
Writer: NICKY

I don’t think I know her or could she be one of my fans too?. I thought to myself.
“Hy I’m Regina matins. A fan of yours. It’s good to see you like this”she said. “Oh. Ok miss Regina. Thank you”I said. “Well if you don’t mind, can I have a picture with you?”she asked smiling.
I don’t want to but I can’t say no too. I put on a nervous smile and said ok. She went to bring her phone and came beside me. She stretched her phone forward and took a selfie smiling. She took couples of pics and finally stopped. I took a breath of relieve when she moved away from me. “Thanks for you time. It’s great to meet you in person. And I’m sorry for the accident.”she said. “It’s ok. You don’t have to”I said with a fake smile.
“I think I need to go”I said and left her. “Ok bye. I wish to see you again”she said and I went into my car. I sighed relaxing my head back on the seat.
“Looks like I still got some die hærd fans of mine left.”I said and smiled. I started the car and left.
Annabel’s POV
Rachael and the girls left and I was the only one at home again. I was watching a movie in the living room with a big cup of popcorn before me. It’s 6:35pm, I guess Dave won’t be home yet.
After some minutes, I dozed off already and it was the ring tone of my phone that woke me. I opened my eyes and sluggishly reached my hand for my phone. I took it to my face and saw Dave on the screen. I jumped up on my feet quickly and cleared my throat before picking it.
“Hello”I said.
“Hy. You told me to call you when I’m home”he said. “Yes. Are you home?”I asked and he replied yes. I dropped the call without bothering to ask if I should come or not. I went into my room and changed into something comfortable. A pink sweatshirt and a blue Jean. I dressed my hair properly and sprayed some collagen on myself. It’s not like I’m going for a date. I wonder why I’m doing all this just to visit a neighbor close to me. I thought to myself.
I took my phone and headed out.
When I got to his door, I pressed the bell. But no response. He just doesn’t opened the door on time. Is that a habit?
I pray he doesn’t put off the lights today too. I took a deep breath and wanted to press the bell again but the door flung open. I looked in,side then stepped in when I didn’t see him. The door closed and I looked back. He was standing behind the door. He look at me and I put on a shy smile raising my hand. “Hy”I said. “Hy”he replied staring at me. Thank God he’s not putting on all black today. He wore a blue Polo and black short. He looks so amazingly s€×y. Well, he’s always like that. Dripping hot. Hell no!. What am I thinking again. Just get to your senses Annabel.”I thought to myself.
“You can have your seat.”he said in his soft friendly tone. “Thanks”I said and went to sit down on the couch.
He sat opposite to me and was staring at me not blinking. I caught his eyes and I blushed. Oh my God I hope he won’t notice how embarrassed I am right now. There was an awkward silent between us and my heart was beating fast that I think he can heart it too. Stop you stupid heart.
“Uh… You said you have something to say”he said breaking the long silent.
“Oh yeah.”I said not looking at his face. I think his face makes my heart go crazy when I see it. It’s better to avoid them till I finish whatever I wish to say or I might end up saying nonsense. “What is it?”he asked.
“Yes. It’s about the inci…”I looked up and caught his eyes. I stopped and hiccup. I covered my mouth and quickly looked back down. “Sorry”I said feeling embarrassed. “Is there a problem?”he asked. “No but…”I said and look at him. “What?”he asked staring back at me.
Oh my God! I can’t do this. No I can’t. I can’t” I thought to myself.
“Please Can you do me a favour right now?”I asked.
Dave’s POV
I was sitting on the stood instead of the couch with my back turned to her. I wonder why she asked me to do it. Does my face irritates her or I look scary to her?”I thought to myself in confusion.
“I’m sorry I ask you to do this but I have no choice”she said. “It’s ok. You can go on”I replied with a little smile.
“Ok. About the incident, can you remember anything that happen to you that night?”she asked. I thought and thought but couldn’t.
“No. I can’t”I said.
“I think that’ll be hærd. You must have been put on heavy drugs”she said. “You think so too?”I asked and turned to her face. She didn’t reply but was staring blankly at my face. I think I scared her. “Oh sorry”I said and turn back again.
“Ok.”she said and I folded my arms quietly.
“Yes. I think you were drugged but still, you should be able to remember”she said. “I try doing that but I couldn’t”I said.
She was quite for a while then spoke again.
“Ok was there anyone else there with you at the club. Maybe someone who you went with”she asked. “Yes there is. Michael was there but he went out to make call. He told me he could not find me again when he got back”I said.
“That’s strange.”she said.
“Michael is a suspect”she said and that made me turn to her.
“What?”I asked staring her her in confusion.
“Yes. If he truly can’t find you, the first thing that he should do is to call the police but he didn’t? He went home alone. Why?”she asked looking at me. “But Michael can’t do that.”I said.
She put on a half smirk and stood up staring at me. “You still trust people at this stage?”she asked. I then think about everything again. It’s true Michael went out saying he have to pick a call but he told me while we were in the car that his phone was off. Could Michael know about this too?”I thought to myself.
“Suspect number one is Michael.”she said. “I think you’re right”I said looking at her.
“We need to do proper investigation. First of all, we’re going to visit the club you went to that night maybe you can start picking some things from there or what do you think?”she asked and I reason with her. “Ok. That’ll be good.”I said and she smiled. “I believe we can do it together”she said raising her hand. I looked at it confused on why she was raising it. She took my hand up and gave me a high five smiling.
I smiled too staring at her. She stopped smiling and was staring at me with and unknown expression. “Why? Is there a problem again?”I asked but she shook her head looking down. There she goes again. Avoiding eyes contact with me. “Why? Am I looking that scary even when I smile?”I asked.
“Scary?”she asked looking at me. “Hell no!. Your smile are so perfect. I mean it makes my heart stop that I think I might collapse. You’re so amazingly handsome Dave”she said and I almost blush. People tell me that a lot so I’m not surprise to hear it from her too. “Really?”I smiled looking at her.
She was quiet after saying that and I guess she was embarrassed.
“Oh…Sorry…I think I should go now. Goodnight”she said and turned back not looking at me. I stared at her in confusion until she was out. I smiled again and sat on the couch. “How cute”i said. Oh that means she actually told me to turn back while she talk because she doesn’t want to meet eyes with me?” I thought to myself and smiled shaking my head.

To be continued…

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