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Unwanted twins episode 17 – 18

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( We don’t need a female child)

By Aishat kemisola ( Three star)

Episode 17

Writer p.o.v

Another romantic, action, thriller or family stories @:- Pizarena.com

Can cole makes me happy. I don’t like anything that’ll give me problem that’s why I accept to divorce my husband. We all know cole is a good man Flora said.

But have you seen cole have he tells you anything about it. No o he hasn’t. I will advise you to wait till he tells you hiself. Alright thank you Flora you are truly a friend.

Back to leo company

It was almost time for closing. Sir am done Dora said. Leo doesn’t expect Dora to be done with that works on time.

He goes through it and see she did it right. Oh how did she do it herself he asked hiself. Even my former p.A did it for 2weeks am speechless.Leo said .

and drop them in the waste bin I don’t need those files again. He gave her another one to work on but sir it almost closing hour Dora said.

and so that’s none of my business he said and left the office for house.

Welcome darling Nora greet Leo yeah how are you and my baby doing leo asked and peck her on her lip. We are fine.

Where is Dora? Nora asked looking around. She’s still in the office leo replied.

What!!!!! Office by this time how did you expect the innocent girl to come home Leo. Why are you this heartless.

Did you know what that girl have pass through in the hand of her parents. You are just as the same as her mother.

Nora just stop this am tired and wants to rest leo said. You won’t rest in this house if you don’t go back and bring her.

I mean it no one is sleeping or eating in this house till she comes. Just tell me what your problem is Leo. Fine since you want me to go and get her I will he said. He went out get into his car and drive to a near by motel.

Dorathy on the other hand was busy with the file. Even if she wants to go home she doesn’t have transport fare. She gave the last cash with her to the cabman that brought her. She has not even eaten, she’s feeling hungry and tired.

Dorathy p.o.v

How could they spent this amount of money for two weeks. Many money are going out and there’s no good reasons for it.

I need to inform Leo about it.

something is not right. Am done with it but this is 12pm how will I get home now. The ringing of my phone brought me out of my thought.

Hello Dora have been calling you since and you don’t pick madam silver said.

Oh am sorry mum am so busy at work that I don’t see it she said.

What at work by this time. Why are you still at work madam silver asked me.

My boss gave me some work to do I said.

What by this time is leo crazy did he wants to kill you for me. Just wait am coming to pick you she said and cut the call not giving me time to protest.

You’re not going back to his house today madam silver said. No mum please let me go am sure my sister will be worried. Sister? Madam silver asked me. Yeah his wife. Oh that beautiful lady yes I said.

Hello Dora were are you am worried hope you are on your way with leo Nora asked me. Leo no he has left for home I said.

What he didn’t come back to pick you she said. Yes I replied. Were are you right now am coming to pick you myself leo will hear from me when he comes back Nora said. Don’t worry sister am with my mum.


Dora did you go back to your mum not at all. It madam silver I said. Better thank her for me. I will be waiting for you she said. Alright sis take care.

Writer p.o.v

The next day

Senator Cole was deep in thought thinking about what Dora told him. She’s through I will wants to remarry but silver is not an option though she’s a very good woman.

She was the one he saw first in there highschool days something happens that’s why he left her.

He later found out all the things Clara said about her isn’t true. But is late cause he’s already married to Clara and he loves her.

He felt guilty how will I tell silver now that I wants her to get married to me how will she feel he thought and decide to call her.

Hello silver senator cole said

Hello who am I speaking with she asked.

You’re speaking with cole he said. Please I really need to see you for something were can we meet he asked. Any place of your choice just sent me the address and I’ll be there she said.


( We don’t need a female child)

By Aishat kemisola (Three star)

Episode 18

Writer p.o.v

Madam silver dressed up to go and meet senator cole. Well madam silver is a fashion woman she was dressed in black suit trouser and a top.


it comes to looks and dressing Clara didn’t have e chance with her. She was very young pretty and always dressed well. Some people mistook her as a youth. But madam silver is in her earlier fourth.

Hello cole am outside she said. Just come to the VIP section am there waiting for you he said.

Hi madam silver greet hello. Thanks for honoring my invitation senator cole said. It my pleasure. So how have you been senator cole asked.

As you can see am fine madam silver replied. Senator cole call the waiter to get something for them. I know you will be wondering why I called you. The thing is Dora have been disturbing me to marry get marry to you.

So I don’t even know what to say. But silver am very sorry for what happen between us before. I told you I have forgiven you since she said.

So am thinking if we can continue from where we start he said scratching the back of his head.

So if I heard you well you mean you want to get married to me because Dora want it not because you want it how did you expect the marriage to last she said.

Look here silver I don’t mean it that way. I still love you but Dora makes me realize it he said and madam silver smile.

Leo company

Leo didn’t go back home the next day he called Nora to inform her he will be going to the office from there.

Dorathy p.o.v

I woke up early and Clean the house even though sis Doesn’t want it. Am dressed up ready to leave for the office. Dora my driver will drop you at work and he will come back later to pick you okay.

Bye sis I said and Peck her on the cheeks she’s very lovely. I can do anything for her.

When I got to my office I quickly go through the file I work on yesterday. I smile when am satisfied with it.

Am not sure Leo knew anything about the transactions. I need to inform him.

When I get to his office I gave a light knock afraid of what he will say this time. I heard him muttered a come in and I walked in.


morning sir I greet but he doesn’t replied. Am done with the work sir I said and hand it over to him.

He collected it and go through it. He raised his head to to look at me surprised was written on his face. When did you leave the office yesterday he asked. 12 sir I replied bowing my head. 12?

He asked yes sir. How did you get home, someone came to pick me I replied. You can leave he said grumbling. One more thing sir I noticed some strange transaction to some unknown accounts.

I said. Not even account is accounts he asked and I nod. For how long has it been going on he asked. Two years sir I replied. Thanks you can leave let me call my friend to track the account for me he said.

You don’t have to worry about that have track the account. Have transferred all the money to to the company account I said. You can leave wait thanks he muttered. Oh did he just thank me.

Leo p o.v

This girl is really brilliant I really underestimate her. Even me myself can’t do that work for two days. She left me speechless. She even track the accounts and sent all money in the accounts to the company account without traces.

Writer p.o.v

Leo mansion

Hey darling Leo greet don’t you dare greet me you this heartless man Nora said fuming in anger. Am sorry babe leo said. You aren’t sorry.

First of all were did you sleep yesterday Nora asked. At the motel Down the street he replied. You’re heartless. So you can sleep when you leave the innocent girl at the office.

You even have the mind to sleep you are an animal Nora shouted. Meanwhile Dora is not back she went to madam silver house to try convincing her.

Nora stop shouting leo said frustrated. Why will you tell me to stop shouting, I won’t stop until you stop this bad character of yours she shouted.

She sudden hold her heart and started vomiting blood. What Nora what happen to you leo rushed to her side and carry her to the hospital.


Dora tried to call Nora to inform her that she will not be coming to the house but the phone kept ringing without response. She was surprised and dial leo number.

Hello sir is Dora am sorry for disturbing you but have been trying sis number since but she’s not picking can you please give the phone to her Dora said.

Dora is in the hospital leo said what!!! What happen to her Dora said. Which hospital she asked city hospital leo replied.

What happen to sis where is she Dora asked don’t asked me any questions please leo said.

Doctor where’s my sister Dora asked the doctor she’s out of danger now you can go and see her later the doctor replied. But why did she vomit blood Leo asked.

It nothing is deal to stress he replied. But Nora hasn’t been doing anything in the house he asked surprised.

Dora Leo called and Dora was surprised to hear him call her name. Is it true that am heartless and an animal he asked Dora nope Dora replied. I need nothing but the truth Dora he said. Fine since you want to hear the truth.

You are heartless, selfish, snobbish and an animal she said.

Did Dora just say that to leo🀣🀣🀣

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