Vanity Episode 1

Vanity Episode 1
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The MC of the party said by the count of three you will cut the cake, so everyone here please help Nana Yaw with the countdown, three, two, one and Nana Yaw Adane Dankyi cut his birthday cake, cheers and applauds followed from friends, family members and business partners. The MC gave the microphone toNana Yaw to say a word or two to everyone present. Ladies and gentlemen thanks very much for finding time to celebrate my birthday with me on this special day of my life, the journey to this very day has not been easy but God has been merciful to me, to my closest buddies you know what I mean but I won’t make this night boring with my past story, there is enough to eat and drink, to the ladies who are single there are rich and handsome young guys here try hook yourselves up and with the young men also don’t be rigid with the ladies, mingle with them and have fun because life is too short and you only live once. Have a pleasant evening and enjoy yourselves, Mr DJ let the music flow, Nana Yaw handed the microphone to the MC and started to exchange pleasantries with his guest at his birthday party. From one small corner of the house two ladies were having a little women’s talk and I believe you understand what I meant by that,

First lady: From the look of things and this house I can tell this young man is very rich.

Second lady: (cuts in as the first lady spoke) my sister are you calling this edifice a house? Its a mansion in fact its a castle or should I rather call it heaven on earth because that is what we are all seeing right now.

First lady: My sister you are not far from right and on this note I retract my earlier statement and thanks for the correction also.

A waiter passed by with some drinks and the ladies called him and requested he drops everything on the serving tray in front of them, he complies and leaves their presence but as he was leaving one of the ladies called him, he returns and the lady request for sticks of Khebab but he replied her that he was only in charge of drink distribution but not food or anything else, on this note he turns and leaves their presence again.

Second lady: This guy is very rude I need to report him to the birthday boy when I get closer to him!!!

First lady: (jokingly drops a funny comments “you are going to report him to who? Were you invited to this party in the first place? They both started laughing

Second lady: This party was an open to all party without any strictly by invitation thing, the first lady tapped her and said you think so, check the place behind the swimming pool and see for yourself. That is the place for the big fishes and if you ask me that is where my target is, tonight am in for the ultimate price and I will do everything humanly possible to net myself with one of this guys, I don’t care even if that man is nice looking or not, tall or short, pot belly or has six pack, married or not, after all we have been given our bodies to this one gallon boys and what do we get in return, for me I have a target to meet at the end of this year.

First lady: And what is that target?

Second lady: At least I should own a 3bedroom duplex, a car and not less than fifty thousand (50000) cedis in my accounts.

First lady: (looks at her friend with an open mouth) my sister don’t tell me you are planning to rob a bank because your current job fetches you only six hundred (600)cedis a month and your boyfriend is also a parasite who feeds on your salary like he was the one who worked for the money.

Second lady: Is as if you don’t trust me again, has it occurred to you how you got your job even though you don’t own a Degree or HND certificate. Do you think I have big br-ast for nothing? Seat and watch me paint this city red, this year I won’t leave any stone unturned because am going to use what I have to get what I want, men love s€× whiles women also love money so at the end both parties get satisfied, that is the order of the day


First lady: Looking at her friend in a very dazzled way and then asked her friend what exactly she did to help her secure a job at her current workplace.

Second lady: Now that you have asked me the multimillion dollar question, I will give you a befitting budget for your question. The only way the man I mean your boss will listen to my plea was for me to sleep with him for a wh0le night at a hotel out of town.

First lady: (cuts in rudely) You mean you slept with Elder Akyeah before he gave me work to do in his company? Hmmmmmmm my dear even though I got the job alright he has threatening to terminate my appointment if I don’t satisfy him in,side his office time to time, all because he said my credentials don’t meet the requirements and standard of the people he works with and for me, he was only considering me because we attend the same church. You can’t believe and imagine the number of times he has forcefully f**ked me in,side his office.

Second lady: This man is very wicked and he behaves like a saint in the sight of everyone when he comes to church, he does well with donations to the church for the churches projects but pays his employers peanuts. Karma will catch up with him soon.

First lady: What pains me most is that am not the only lady in the company who he has been having s€×ual escapades with in his office, it seems every lady or woman in my office department has had the privilege of enjoying his magic stick, but truth be told he is also very good and also strong, his s€×ual works doesn’t correspond with his age at all, he works like a Stallion horse going on a race at the Olympic games, after all this satisfaction I have been giving to him, he has never given me an amount closer to five hundred (500) cedis before. He claims he runs a joint account with his wife so any huge sum of money that is withdrawn from his account will reflect on his wife’s mobile phone and that he has got no explanation to give her should she put a question to him, but since there is no job in town I have no option than to dance to the tune been played by him. All the same you know am a full blooded woman and I have my s€×ual needs, Elder Akyeah has been my comfort and because he does me right am very okay now that I am single, my only worry is for him not to impregnate me or infect me with any s€×ually transmitted disease because he’s the type who doesn’t like c-ndoms, the last time I confronted him on that issue, he asked me a question that “who eats a toffee with its wrapper on”.

Second lady: My dear is about time you step up your game, for the fact that he hammers you right doesn’t mean you must continue like that with him without any financial progress, I also attest to the fact that he’s good, thick and strong but my dear you should look sharp. Try and give him some rules and regulations that if he can’t comply with it, you blackmail him, trust me the other ladies will back you at the office, as I have said am going to use what I have to get what I want. For you, you have more machinery even than me both front and back. Look sharp

First lady: Bae shhhhhh it looks like the birthday boy is coming our way.

Second lady: Don’t just sit there like that, try and package yourself by heapping your br-ast and also try and show some flirting moves as he gets here.

In a short while the birthday boy, gets to the table where the two damsels are seated.

Hello pretty ladies, hope you are enjoying yourselves at my party since you have isolated yourselves from the others, one of them faked a smile and responded “well we are trying to make ourselves happy since the person who invited us to this place is nowhere to be found”. Really that’s very bad but all the same am here now and I will see to it that you enjoy yourselves to the max, if you don’t mind I will like you to vacate your boring seats here and join my friends and I at the VVIP section of the party grounds right now. The two ladies looked at each other surprised as if they had seen a ghost, one of the ladies said in her head “eeeeiiiii God I never knew you had upgraded yourself like this with a 4G network, see how you have responded to our request in a short while or is that you answer prayers and wishes faster depending at the house or place the person sends his/her request? If this is so then I will always find a beautiful place like this to stand and make my request and appeal to you”. The birthday boy comes in again to repeat his question as the ladies were quite for a short while, hellooooooo are you ladies okay with my idea or you just want to be here all alone? If am also infringing on your privacy also you can alert me so I take a walk from you because am not the type who likes to poke my noise in matters that I haven’t been invited to come in….

Do you believe God answers prayers or request depending on your location, where you stood or stand to make your reque st or appeal?

To be continued

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