Vanity Episode 13

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Lawyer Ayibontey: I was once married to the most beautiful woman I ever came across, she was a banker and we had only a female child, the love and joy in our house was impeccable, we moved to my new house in East Legon not long ago after I had won my biggest case in my career, the case was about a very known and powerful drug baron in the country by then and a poor widow who happened to be the wife of the drug baron’s counterpart, the state and the drug carter wanted to take everything away from the woman and her little children.

That was when I popped up and defended the woman, my colleagues back then who were in the same chamber with me tried to persuade me from perusing the case because there was no way I could win a case against nine (9) other lawyers who were by far better off than me at that time, my wife motivated me not to give up but rather push h-rder, at the long run I won the case with a simple tricky question and that was how I made a name for myself in the country and bar association.

My V-rgin daughter had graduated from the premium university with first class upper in Law and had made arrangements for her to start the law school immediately, I was personally grooming her to step in my shoes one day when I retire from the bar.

 She went to town one day with the mother to do a window shopping before she travels to London for a little vacation I promised her if she graduates with a first class degree, it rained that day so they kept long before they came back to the house, my wife and daughter surprised me with exactly the gift you bought for me this evening, hmmmm they asked me to go and change into one of the dresses that bought for me and I quickly obliged to that idea, I rushed to my bedroom and changed into one of the polo shirts they bought for me and a pair of jeans trouser.

 I must confess I looked really good in the dress so I came out to show my swag to them only to be welcomed by armed robbers pointing a gun at me and my family members, I was ordered to lie on the floor and before I even did I was lynched by some of the robbers, right infront of me my daughter who I had never seen her uncladness ever since she turned into an adolescent was stripped unclad a the robbers started having s€× with her in sequence, her mother tried to oppose to their actions but one of them fired her with his pump action gun, my ladies my wife’s head was blown into pieces. After the gunshot they rushed out of the house without even taking a pin, my daughter held one of them who was wearing a sleeveless top and the guy punched her so hærd that she fell down and hit her head on the centre table and that was the end of her life. The guy who punched my daughter was the same person who fired at my wife, the only clue I gathered that day was the tattoo I saw on his shoulders but the only one amongst the 2tattoos I remember is the word “SONGS”.

Esi Haizel: So you mean he had another tattoo on him.

Lawyer Ayibontey: Yes my dear, the second one ended with the letter “Y” or so, because I was severely beaten I couldn’t see far, I passed out and woke up days after the incident at the intensive care unit of the hospital. As to how my wife and daughter were buried, I have no idea my ladies, when I came out of the hospital I decided never to visit my house again because that place will only bring to memory sorrows of my lost.

 I packed some stuffs of mine and came to this building I bought several years ago, am very okay leaving a private life here and drinking and smoking only happens to be my comfort, but for those hoodlums if they are still alive I will hunt them down for the laws of this country to catch up with them.

Adjoa Wusua: Its a tragic story, please accept our deepest condolence. God will see you through all your pains.

Lawyer Ayibontey: Amen my dear, Esi I will call the commander at 9am tomorrow God willing, by 2pm go to his office and pick the envelope up. I will meet you at the eatery down the streets.

Esi Haizel: Ok sir but please we want a favour from you.

Lawyer Ayobontey: Feel free and voice it out.

Esi Haizel: Sir I did some business transactions with a man and in return he decided to give me some parcels of land but I want you to confirm if the land doc-ments are authentic or genuine papers.

Lawyer Ayibontey: Is that all my dear?

Esi Haizel: Yes please.

Lawyer Ayibontey: Then you don’t have a problem, consider you request granted. I will see you ladies tomorrow with the various envelopes.

Adjoa Wusua and Esi Haizel stood up and bid their lawyer goodnight as he esc-rted them to where they had parked the car they brought. Esi drove straight to her house feeling very happy because in less than 24hours she had been able to complete and achieve every task ahead of her, Adjoa spent the night in Esi’s house because they had somethings they had to do together the following day. They retired to bed shortly after 12am after they had a lengthy chat


Early in the morning Esi Haizel quickly prepared breakfast and after they were done eating, Esi took the land doc-ments and together they drove to the direction that was given to them by Corporal Kwaku-Duah the previous day.

They got to the hospital and easily located where Nana Yaw Adane Dankyi had been hospitalised, as if by magic the moment they walked into his private ward his eyes opened very wide and he greeted the ladies with a very broad smile and of which they also returned a lovely smile back to him, they saw around him and had a very long casual chat with Nana Yaw that everyone enjoyed him or herself to the max but one thing they all avoided at that moment was, what led to Nana Yaw’s injuries. There is a saying that there is time for everything and that was what guided the ladies from not going to that side of the story, the doctor who was personally taking care of Nana Yaw came in examined him and with the tremendous improvement she saw on Nana Yaw’s folder, she notified him that if he continues with the quick recovery he should be out of the hospital by Monday afternoon, it was a great news to everyone in the room by then, as Esi checked her watch it was some few minutes after 1pm and because she didn’t want to be late with the time she had been given by her lawyer to meet the commander she asked permission to take leave and promised to check up on Nana Yaw again before he was discharged from the hospital.

Adjoa left with Esi to get the land doc-ments from Esi’s car so she could show it to the lawyer for examination even before she returns from the police station. After taking the doc-ments she went back to the ward to have a little word with Nana Yaw before leaving, she spoke with Nana Yaw for a while and later took his contact details from him, before leaving she planted a little k-ss on the l-ips of Nana Yaw and promised to check up on him later in the evening.

Now in the eatry named ANGIE’S KLASSIC PLACE walks in a nice youngman dressed in his sleek polo shirt and a nice khaki trouser, smelling very good, he takes a look at the tables in there and sees a lady which catches his fantasy. He moves to where the food is sold to make his order,

Lawyer Ayibontey: My dear lady please vend unto me some balls of banku and a lot of bush meat accompanied by groundnut soup and okro.

Lady: Okay sir I know what exactly you stomach requires from me this afternoon. Please relax whiles I dish out your food and ask one of the waiters to serve your food.

Lawyer Ayibontey: Very good, here is the Ghanaian legal tender for my vend.

Lady: (takes the money with a smile) Please sir here is the change of the Ghanaian legal tender you gave to me for your vend.

Lawyer Ayibontey: Hahahaha you learn pretty fast

Lawyer Ayibontey then channels his mind to a lady who has isolated herself in a corner of the eatry,

Lawyer Ayibontey: Hello gorgeous lady, good afternoon may I please locate myself adjacent to you?

Nice Lady: Hello, good afternoon sir, I have no problem, you can make yourself comfortable.

Lawyer Ayibontey: Nice one, honestly you look plumpy, round and rosy. My apeallation is Lawyer Doctor Niibi Ayibontey the law genius. It’s with much joy and privilege that am seated next to you.

Nice Lady: (Smiles in a very shy manner) Well thanks very much for the nice complements you showered me with.

Lawyer Ayibontey: You are most welcome but have you made available your legal tender to the vendor? I mean to say have you paid for the food infront of you?

Nice Lady: Yes please

Lawyer Ayibontey: Really? Okay I will reemboss your pocket with some good measure of legal tender into your purse.

Nice Lady: Thanks very much sir but am okay

Lawyer Ayibontey: Mmmmm my late mother use to tell me that a pretty lady who is heavily endowed with lots of artilleries both front and back like you should never reject a kind offer from a man anytime an offer is given out freely, she said it is bad luck for the lady and she will never get favour from men. All the same you haven’t tabulated your name out for me to inscribe in my memory.

Nice Lady: Am Charlotte Maame Afia Mirekua Adofo, you can call me Maame Afia for short.

Lawyer Ayibontey: Your name really befits your apperance and I must say my eyes are very excited and my heart is filled with joy whiles my mind has an attitude of gratitude for God. Infact the creations of God are very much on point, I presume you are part of the first batch of women God created because he has given you everything in abdundance ranging from beauty, body, colour, hair and any nice thing a man can think of. Well am a loquacious person so don’t mind me.

Maame Afia: No getting the last adjective you used?

Lawyer Ayibontey: Hahahaha forgive my big grammatic expressions, when am excited I loss hold of my big vocabularies and they keep dropping just like that. Well the word “Loquacious” means a talkertive, with my profession I talk and defend people for me to be paid so please bear with me. If am biting more than I should chew please notify me so I put a stop to it, it’s not in my nature to be a nuisance to others.

Maame Afia: Am okay sir, my line of job also deprives me of coming close to people and intEr×¢t with them so I guess you been here will take some boredom off me.

Lawyer Ayibontey: I like what you just said and aside you outstanding beauty I forsee a very pleasant inner beauty in you. Your husband is really a lucky person to have you.

Maame Afia: (gives a sorrowful smile) Am not married sir in a very soft tone.

Lawyer Ayibontey:(his eyes opens wide) Whaaaaat? Are you the one delaying him or he is the one now ready to walk you down the aisle.

Maame Afia: Sir can we please drop the topic for some other time please.

Lawyer Ayibontey: If you say so my dear, I rest my case for the day.

As the conversation takes place between lawyer and his new found friend, Adjoa Wusua walks in, she immediately s₱0ts someone and finds herself contemplating as to what her eyes were feeding her with………

Is Lawyer Ayibontey falling in love again after he los t his wife and daughter some years back? Time is the best jugde here!

To be continued

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