Vanity Episode 15

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After the lovely time together Lawyer Ayibontey takes leave to his house and the ladies also proceed to the meeting place with Eddysongs feeling very happy for their new found uncle and lawyer. On the way going Adjoa came out with a very brilliant idea and opens up to Esi

Adjoa Wusua: Bae do you know what I want you to do this evening

Esi Haizel: Unless you tell me.

Adjoa Wusua: Good, when we meet Eddysongs I will take a picture of you people together then you will Whatsapp Elder Akyeah with it. You don’t bother to add any written message to it. After he sees or downloads the picture he will rather call you and report himself to it.

Esi Haizel: Wow this is a brilliant idea my dear, so you let me ask you, what type of memory do you have in your head becasuse for you every hærd puzzle, you unravel it easily just like that, you are and will remain one of the best thinkers I know in this world. Your plan is undebatable, infact you plan is flawless and nothing again can contest it. We will just go the way you want it.

Adjoa Wusua: Am glad you like it.

Meanwhile in the private ward where Nana Yaw has been admitted he has a serious chat with his friend Eddysongs.

Eddysongs: NY what really happened to you that night? Were you drunk or what? One of your bodyguards informed me that they apprehended a young lady thinking she was the one who caused your injury.

Nana Yaw: You know you have really disturbed my peace and existence to happiness in this world. This holy fratenity of yours is making my world cave in on me. For some time now I hærdly get a peaceful sleep, all I see are dead people chasing after me, my once big and happy family has been axed down by this fraternity, I have all the money in the world but happiness eludes me. Let me ask you, do you enjoy the life you live where as your manh-od only can er-ct and penetrate through a mad woman, do you enjoy having s€× with a smelling woman?It will be better you see to it that, the innocent lady you arrested is left free, I got injured because I was been chased by the people I sacrificed their lives to the fraternity. And let me add when next you attend the meeting of the fraternity, tell his holy eminence that I have stopped the fraternity for good, they can come for anything I gained through them so I can have my peace, it’s better to eat gari and hot pepper with no fish without any problem rather than eating fried rice and chicken with champagne and be involved in a big mess, I have learnt my lessons in a very hærd way.

Eddysongs: NY do you know the kind of trouble you want to get yourself involved in? This fraternity isn’t a club or group you can join and exit on your own, when you join is only death that can separate you from the fraternity. I would advice you to have a rethink before you take any decision because the consequence that comes with it is great. Please don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Nana Yaw: Bulls*** Eddy, if you had told me this all this while I wouldn’t have affiliated myself with you blood s-cking murderers, what good thing have I got ever since I involved myself with the fraternity?

Eddysongs: My brother don’t be ungrateful, access your life and see the massive improvement that your life is experiencing. Apart from your lost, the wealth, power and respect you command in this country and Africa as a continent ain’t you happy with that. Who doesn’t know you in this country, you fly in a private jet anytime you travel, sleep in a 5star hotel anywhere you travel to in this world, even the cars you drive is a customised to your specification, when top moguls and bank rollers meet for a meeting or conference without your presence the meeting is never started, you have been receiving domestic and aboard awards all with the help of this fraternity. When was the last time you went in to bid for a contract, don’t people and companies rather chase after you with contracts? My brother wake up from your slumber and smell the coffee of life, afterall we will all die some day and I can’t suffer on this earth and miss heaven as in the future, that is impossible. God himself should bow in shame for not blessing our hærd and geniue work we started earlier on with a clean heart and mind, for me I know this is the life that was scripted for us to act upon, whether you like it or not, you are in and you can’t back out until death do us apart. Get that into your bandage head for the is no escape plan for you. Don’t say anywhere that I didn’t caution you, you think you can eat your cake and have it back, have you forgotten we use meat to get meat, even the air we breath is not for free from God because He also expects us to worsh¡p him in return

Nana Yaw: Am glad you said worsh¡p, but not to sacrifice the lives and destiny of other people to enrich yourself. Am fed up with this fraternity and not even his holy eminence can persuade me into staying into this fraternity any much longer, please if you don’t mind I want to rest and make sure you see to it that the lady in police custody is released immediately because she knows nothing about my injury, I even owe her my life because if not her coming in to raise an alarm I would have died over there that very night.

Eddysongs: Releasing and compensation to her will be taken care of, but have a rethink on our discussion this afternoon. See you later

All that glitters is not Gold


Eddysongs leaves the hospital but before he drove away from the hospital, he called the senior bodyguard of Nana Yaw to quickly go and bail the lady who was wrongly accused of masterminding the injury of Nana Yaw and bring her over for compensation. After the call he rushes home to change himself because he felt the sleeveless top he was wearing was not good for a first time date with those succulent ladies, since the day he saw Esi he has never been himself, there is something about her that brings joy to my heart and I can’t tell if that is also love because in the fraternity we don’t know and practise that theory called love again, we just do what will make us happy, our selfish gain always comes in first.

Eddysongs snaps out of his questionnaire and brings life to his car, he then drives straight to his house, freshens up and quickly change to a nice colourful shirt and jeans trouser, he puts on a nice mild perfume to place him in a comfortable lead and then quickly sets off to the restaurant they agreeded to meet, as he walks in he realises that the 2ladies are already seated in the reserved VVIP section of the place, he smiles to himself and throws a wave into the air to alert the ladies that he has also arrived. In a twinkle of an eye Eddysongs is with the ladies and as courtesy demands he greets the ladies with a peck on their cheeks, come and see how Esi is already blushing and smiling to herself as if she has contracted a smiling disease. Adjoa immediately vacates her seat and offers it to Eddysongs so that he can be close to Esi Haizel better, the moment Eddysongs takes his seat Adjoa Wusua executes her plans.

Adjoa Wusua: Wooow I like the colour combination of your dresses, you people should come closer to each other whiles I take a picture of you together with Esi’s phone, I love the background also, this picture is going to be awesome (she takes different shots of Eddysongs and Esi). This pictures are nice especially this one that has the infectious smile from both of you.

Esi Haizel: Let me see my dear, OMG this pictures are extremely beautiful, I need to immediately upload it on my social media handles and use this very picture for my Whatsapp display photo, Eddysongs what do you think about the pictures?

Eddysongs: I must confess I think am looking more handsome in the pictures more than I appear physically.

They all burst into a loud laugher as a waiter walks up to them with bottles of expensive champagne drinks, later another waiter came up there with a wh0le grilled pork head and cutlery set to devour what is infrontof them. As the were enjoying themselves Esi sort permission to use the washroom, she stood up with her phone in her hand and quickly as she entered the washroom before she put her data on she realised the place was providing a free WiFi service, she smiled and selected the best picture then she sent it to Elder Akyeah’s number, surprisingly the man was online and the moment he recieved the picture and viewed it he calls Esi immediately

Elder Akyeah: (stammering as he tries to speak) He……….llo Esi, h…..o….w are you?

Esi Haizel: Am very fine and happy as you can see in my picture, oh sorry I sent you that picture which wasn’t meant for you, please kindly delete it from your phone wai.

Elder Akyeah: (sensing danger) Mmmm but where did you meet our boss in the first place? I have been planning to call you but I have been busy the wh0le day with some office reports I have to inspect before auditors come around next week to audit our department reports.

Esi Haizel: Oh really you could have called me to assist you do that job after all we have each others back but with the boss am discussion some business deals with him and I must say it is really going on well for me over here.

Elder Akyeah: I hope our little secret is out of your discussions with him?

Esi Haizel: But why this question?

Elder Akyeah: Mmmm you seeI discovered this morning that the land doc-ments I handed over to you last night were fake, they weren’t meant for you.

Esi Haizel: Really but my name was boldly written on the doc-ments, but wait oooo if you claim the doc-ments are fake that means the location, size and everything on the doc-ments are fake also?

Elder Akyeah: Please I have with me the original doc-ments so if you don’t mind, I can meet you somewhere convinent this evening and present it to you.

Esi Haizel: Oh so bad, you see I have already given the doc-ments to my lawyer to send it to court early Monday morning and do some works on it for me.

Elder Akyeah: Esi I beg you in the name of God to call him and ask him not to go to the court with that doc-ments because it will only bring a big problem to me. Am bringing the original doc-ments to you anywhere you want me to meet you.

Esi Haizel: Mmmmm that will cost you another thing ooooo, for trying to deceive me by giving me a fake doc-ment it will cost you extra 1000cedis and am taking it the moment I meet you, let me give you this free advise, please don’t try anything silly with me ever again because if you do, I will mess up your life. I will notify you as to where we can meet when am done with my business meeting with the CEO. Goodbye for now and cuts the line.

She walks back to the place Adjoa and Eddysongs were seated feeling very happy like never before, as she joined the others she planted a peck on the cheek of Eddysongs which got him smiling. Adjoa took to the floor and narrated her story to Eddysongs as to how she was wrongly accused and the ordeal she passed through and how the lawyer Esi brought came to savage the wh0le issue. After the narration Eddsongs felt very bad because she wasn’t expecting the accused lady to be anyone close to Esi or Adjoa but it had already happened, he had something to say

Eddysongs: My dear please forgive and forget the wrong allegation that was levelled against you and what you passed through. As a matter of fact I only got to know that a lady was arrested in connection with Nana Yaw’s injury just when I was about to leave his ward some few minutes ago. Truthfully he mandated me to search for the lady and compensate her for the embarrassment she might have passed through but little did I know you were the one. So do you know what I will do to erase that ugly encounter in your head?

Adjoa Wusua: No unless you tell me of your plans.

Eddysongs: Mmmmmmm okay you will have to meet me on Monday afternoon at exactly 12pm at Nana Yaw’s ward for your compensation.

After that was settled they had a very long conversation about their lives individually till it got late in the night. Me anwhile at Lawyer Ayibontey’s end also something was going on

To be continued

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