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Vanity Episode 16

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At the end of Lawyer Ayibontey he had called Maame Afia and they were getting to know each other very well, the long and short of their conversation was both of them telling each other their past experience even though it wasn’t easy for both of them to spill the beans easily. In the case of Maame Afia because of the nature of her job she can’t keep the men that come her way because they claim she always has time for her work more than the relationship she was in which equally was true, others who also pretended they were okay with her job came to also exploit her financially and emotionally, the last guy who she breaked up with made her borrow thousands of cedis in her name from her bank for a business deal only to find out later that the guy used the money for his wedding arrangement with another woman. The painful thing is that the guy had made her abort 2 pregnancies all because he claim he didn’t want to father a child out of wedlock, her family had been on her neck for a very long time that she had to even relocate to a different place to avoid the constant pressure which was coming from her mum. Her mum said because she was the only child of her’s she wanted grand children before she dies but Maame Afia also didn’t want to also toll the path her mum took because all her life she never knew her father, according to her mum she got pregnant when she was about to enter the tertiary institution by her first love but surprisingly the guy refused to accept responsibility of the pregnancy all because if he did his parents would disown him and his education will come to an end. My mum was sent out of the house to the village to go and continue life there, if not through the benevolence and intervention of an NGO that came to the village to scout some ladies for soap and beads making plus sewing and baking my mum’s life would have been miserable, through the NGO and their assistance my mum was taught all the things I said first and even gave her an additional capital to start business with, surprisingly the eatery that you met me belongs to my mum but she hardly comes around. After Maame Afia’ s long narration Lawyer Ayibontey felt bad for her and also told her about how he also lost his entire family in a day infornt of his own eyes and ever since the encounter how he had leaved his life for about 15years now, he stressed on the fact that he intended to leave a single life all his life but meeting Maame Afia that promise he made to himself he wants to break it and start all over because in life a man is not measured only by his wealth alone but rather his achievements and the size of his family. Lawyer told Maame Afia since both of them had been in series of pains and heartbreaks, it could be prudent for both of them to come together and start a relationship which could lead to marriage, age was a number so he told Maame Afia not to worry with that and that the important thing here was love, respect and trust for each other. At the long run Maame Afia decided to give Lawyer Ayibontey a try but gave some conditions which if he was okay with then she will give the proposal a chance, the condition was “No marriage, No s€×”. They all came into agreement that until their honeymoon or first night of been married they were going to take s€× out of their relationship so on this beautiful agreement Maame Afia accepted to be the girlfriend or woman lover of Lawyer Ayibontey from that very moment, you can’t imagine how happy lawyer was and equally Maame Afia was also happy because for sometime now she was wondering if no man liked her because of her size, she had gradually bought into the school of thinking that men of now a days liked their women to be slim and not oversized. To every padlock there is his special key and men of today also had their spec of women, some preferred ski-ny ladies with small b-obs, others wanted women with small wa-ist and broad hips, some also like oversize women with bigger b-obs and backside, other men also preferred women with colour that if you are dark in complexion they won’t even take a second look at you, most also went in for facial beauty and some men even only liked women with stretch marks on their bodies.

For Lawyer Ayobontey, Maame Afia had stolen and captured his heart that the only thing he wanted to do now is to start making arrangements for her hand in marriage, later they decided to take things easy and slow, one step at a time was the tailored move they were going to use to study each other to see if they were compatible, they fixed a date for themselves the next day before they decided to call it a day.

Now back at the VVIP section of the place Esi Haizel, Adjoa Wusua and Eddysongs were, they were also wrapping up the nice outing they had and truthfully everyone enjoyed him or herself to the brim, Eddysongs even requested to even have another date with the ladies in the course of the week if they don’t mind, it seems for the ladies everything was going in their favour. They left the place and the moment Esi and Adjoa went to sit in the car they brought Esi’s phone rang, when she saw the number calling she got frightened.


As Esi checked her phone the caller was Lawyer Ayibontey, she got scared for 2 things as the call came through, the first one was if he had been attacked by the commander and his boys and the second one was that he had never called her at this distressed time before, she managed to answer the call but placed it on a loudspeaker

Esi Haizel: Hello sir, is everything alright

Lawyer Ayibontey: Certainly my dear, sorry for calling you at this unholy hour of the day but I couldn’t help it but to call you, hope you weren’t sleeping when I called because if that is the case I will hang up and call you tomorrow.

Esi Haizel: Not at all sir, as a matter of fact we were about to leave the venue I and Adjoa went to catch some fun.

Lawyer Ayibontey: Oh really, it’s good for you girls, put Adjoa through so I can ask her some questions.

Esi Haizel: She is right here so please go ahead with your questions sir

Lawyer Ayibontey: Adjoa my dear please be sincere with me for the questions am about to ask you

Adjoa Wusua: Okay sir please go ahead

Lawyer Ayibontey: Good, so what is your general assessment on the lady you came to meet me with this afternoon

Adjoa Wusua: Well she is very beautiful, soft spoken and heavily endored both front and back, she looks responsible and presentable in all aspects, her dressing and make-up was on point. Overall I will grade her A+ based on what I saw today, but wait ooo this is the second time you are asking me this question in a space less than 12hours, is there anything you aren’t telling us?

Lawyer Ayibontey: Hahahahaha my dear exercise patience because the dance is been brought to your home and you need not rush to meet it outside for you to break your leg. The truth is I just finished speaking with her on phone and she has accepted my proposal to be my lover, you might think or even ask how long we have known each other but that isn’t necessary, you see the fact that you have known someone for years before starting a relationship with the person doesn’t promise you a perfect relationship and also the fact that you have been in a very long relationship with someone doesn’t also guarantee marriage, I have been lonely for long and the lady has also been in much pains, I believe the 2 of us will make a good couple, please I need you to assist me make this relationship work out.

Adjoa Wusua: Am very happy for your bold step, for Esi and I, you shouldn’t worry your head because we sticking on you like a parasite and it’s host, we will help you in anyway you want us to assist you, just forward her details to us and we will run a background check on her to see if she has a clean hand because you know all that glitters is not gold.

Lawyer Ayibontey: Well said my dear, I will convey every information you need to make your search easily but for now let me leave you ladies to enjoy your peaceful evening but don’t forget am in love oooooo (lawyer scre-ms out loud before ending the call)

Both ladies smile as Esi pulled the car over to join the main road, later Eddysongs calls the ladies to find out if they had gotten home safely as courtesy demanded from him, Esi responded positively that they were home and that she really enjoyed the time they spent together, she made a funny statement that when it’s good or sweet there is always replay so she would love another outing section with Eddysongs again, he told her that he will check through his schedules and alert them when next they could go out again. He further thanked the ladies for honouring his invitation and assured Esi that he will see them on Monday hopefully, that night the ladies took time to an-lyse the occurrence of the day starting from the visit to the hospital, then to the eatry and police station then lastly at the VVIP section with Eddysong. Adjoa asked Esi about the pictures she took Eddysongs and her, immediately Esi started laughing and told Adjoa what she did with one the pictures, bae as I excused you people to visit the washroom it was a camouflage, as I entered the washroom I realised the place has a free WiFi so I quickly sent Opana the best picture of what you and within 30seconds he called me to find out where I was and how I got that picture, I told him I and the boss were having a meeting and you can’t imagine the fright that captured him, funny enough he started starmmering like he had seen the ghost of Lawyer Ayibontey’s wife, he started confessing his sins to me in a very professional way. He told me about the fake land doc-ments and how it wasn’t meant for me and a wh0le lot, at the end he pleaded with me to continue keeping our little agreement secret and that he was ready to meet me anywhere I want at that very moment with the original doc-ments, I told him that for trying to deceive a civilian police like me am taking an additional 1000cedis as compensation and that if he tries anything silly again he knows he will have himself to blame. My dear it’s seems my driver to dreamland has arrived so let’s call it a day but am still wondering what Eddysongs has for me as compensation on Monday but for now I will just keep my fingers crossed and my hopes  I will put to sleep

To be continued

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