Vanity Episode 17

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Early the next morning Adjoa Wusua prepared breakfast and immediately moved to the hospital to visit Nana Yaw, honestly he was so delighted to see Adjoa again especially as she came alone and also with food, Adjoa fed Nana Yaw and he was really impressed, the look on his face showed much satisfaction to what he was enjoying, meanwhile Adjoa was dressed in a way that exposed here heavy machinery both from and back, hmmmm Nana Yaw who was supposed to be sick couldn’t take his eyes off Adjoa’s br-ast anytime he saw Adjoa looking else where, our elders say “sleep knows not sorrow”, after stealing a glance enough the hydro energy between Nana Yaw’s legs went to work, all of a sudden the beast started rising up and when Adjoa saw what was happening to Nana Yaw she couldn’t help it but smile at him, you can imagine how embarrassed the man was but hey was it his fault? Who will spit out honey that has been poured in his or her mouth freely, Adjoa asked Nana Yaw if the nurse on duty has come to clean him this morning, with a shy face Nana Yaw said no and immediately Adjoa rose to her feet, got herself a bowl and a small towel then went into the washroom of the ward and fetched water, she came back to the room and started cleaning Nana Yaw and that even worsen the case for him, as Adjoa got to the “place”, I know you know where am taking about and held it to clean it, the thing stood er-cted like a senior officer who has just heard the Ghana Natioal anthem been played, Adjoa was even shocked and started smiling to herself again, within her she knew this was her type of rod, “thick and long”. In other to decrease tension in the room he looked at Nana Yaw and said do you like what your eyes are seeing on me? Like an agama lizard he nodded his head still feeling shy and Adjoa told him to get well soon, what killed Nana Yaw the most was after cleaning him Adjoa gave the thing some stroke of rubbing the thing then finally k-ssed it. Why won’t Shaggy the musician wonder if God was a woman? Nana Yaw laid there out of words whiles Adjoa kept giving him a devilish smile over and over again, I believe at that very moment if God descended and came in to ask Nana Yaw of his last wish on earth the only thing he would say was to be healed so he could pounds on Adjoa Wusua and devour her for calling out the beast in him.
Meanwhile Lawyer Ayibontey and Maame Afia had met at the beach and were enjoying themselves there like there was no tomorrow, through an open conversation where everyone was bringing his or her do’s and don’ts, both of them had something’s in common which was really going to favour them in their union because that was going to forster unity and love between them.
Eddysongs also called Esi to find out her whereabouts and Esi told him she was in the house all alone but feeling bored, with this information Eddysongs requested if he could join her and she gladly accepted the offer for him to come but told him her groceries and drinks in her house were finished so if he could pass by a mart and get something’s they could use to pass the day with it was going to be awesome, Eddysongs was okay with that idea and went on further to ask Esi to text him her address so he could follow to her place, Esi told him not to worry and that she will do so immediately the call ended but before the line went off, she stressed on the fact that if he keeps long before he gets to her house he will come and meet her absence. For my men imagine a lady telling you this kind of thing, what will be your next move even if you were a 1000miles from her, Eddysongs rushed through his task and within a short while he was infront of Esi’s house, the dress he wore to Esi’s house was a bit alarming and scary as Esi came to open the door for him dressed in a transparent dress which was exposing everything she had on her chest, what Esi saw can only be revealed in the next episode hopefully


Esi Haizel rushed to open the door and infront of her was Eddysongs, he was dressed in a black tuxedo with a reddish apron like thing on his wa-ist which had several symbols on it, equally he had a medal on his neck with one of symbols on the reddish apron as a locket on the medal, on the calf of the tuxedo were another designs and symbols, lastly he wore red gloves and a red hat. Eddysongs knew Esi was not comfortable with his apperance so he quickly made some comments to calm her down

Eddysongs: Good day my dear, it looks like you are not comfortable in my apperance today? Forgive me for that, am a knight in my church and today happened to be our anniversary launch so all members were to dress this way, I wanted to rush home and change into something causal but I was afraid I won’t come and meet you as you warned on the phone so I had no option than to come here looking like this. I am a very strong Catholic so there is no cause for alarm
Esi Haizel: (hearing this loosen her fear) Okay Eddy but truth be told you scared me in the way you are dressed but with you explanations am very okay now. But where are the groceries?
Eddysongs: Oh my bad, I left them in my car, let me quickly go for them and also take some of the things on me off so you feel more comfortable but I must confess I love what am seeing this afternoon, you are looking s€×y and damn hot, give me a minute so I get the things from the car.

Eddysongs left to his car to get the things and also take the red things and his tuxedo off whiles Esi also took her phone to alert someone on some thing. She sends a text message to Adjoa and this was the content

“Baby girl if it’s in ur plans to come back home any time soon, I will entreat you to stay a bit much longer bcos I have gotten Eddysongs in one corner and I want to trap him with my thing, he has gone out to get something 4m his car so we will chat more when you come home in the evening, see you later”.

Eddysongs: (walks in shortly with 3 polythene bags filled with groceries and drinks) Hope this will be enough for us?
Esi Haizel: Hahahaha I hope you not planning to stay with me here for a month because this things you have here can sustain us for a very long time. Let me get it into the kitchen and also get some ice cubes and glasses for us to get down to business, sorry if my place is too small and hot for you, that is the least I could afford for now. She bends down infront of Eddysongs in a very tempting way to collect the polythene bags that were on the center table.

Eddysongs watched Esi as if he had been hypnotized and foolishly he licked his l-ips in a lustful manner. Esi by then was also watching Eddysongs in a mirror infront of her, she smiled to herself knowing very well that she was going to use what she had to get what she wanted. She left to the kitchen and came back with a bowl filled with ice cubes and 2 wine glasses, she came to sit next to Eddysongs, opened the wine and served him before engaging him in a conversation

Esi Haizel: (going straight to the point) I saw how you were looking at me lustfully some minutes back, am sensing that if you get me, you will shake the walls of my emotions very hærd without mercy.
Eddysongs:(feeling a bit embarrassed) Its not like that my dear, my mind wasn’t even here ooo, it just happened as a coincidence that my eyes were probably looking at you but my mind wasn’t here
Esi Haizel: So you mean you are here with me and you mind is on another woman, I see you love your wife very much then, sorry for thinking that way towards you.
Eddysongs: Don’t say that, am not married yet.
Esi Haizel: Then your girlfriend is very lucky to have you, very handsome and rich, judging from your flap I can say you might be carrying some heavy loads down there and add to the fact that am jealous of her for what she is enjoying alone.
Eddysongs: Hahahaha bad girl, why should you be jealous of someone whiles you have yours also, but even as at that am very single without any woman in my life, the lady I first loved told me I was very poor and could’t even afford to buy her body cream for her so I should go and get rich and come back, she was the reason why I worked hærd to achieve what I have now, ever since then I haven’t gotten any love for any lady because I see all of them as money chasing people. “If you have money, ladies call you honey but if you don’t have they call you monkey”.
Esi Haizel: Awww so bad for that lady because if she waited a bit she would have been enjoying wealth now and also let me correct you (she uses he finger to rub Eddysongs chest down to his mid section) not or women and ladies chase after money, some of us like nice guys and good quality s€×, money just becomes a bonus to us when we get those 2 things from our men. Also you mean after all your wealth you only urinate through that perceived heavy thing down there alone.
Eddysongs: Hell no, I have some side chicks who satisfy me anytime I feel for s€× but I want to put a stop to it and get myself a lady of my own.
Esi Haizel: Bad boy so you have some ladies who have been enjoying that thing down there, mmmmm so are you going to give me my share this afternoon?
Eddysongs: What share? Do you want your guy to come after me for eating a fruit that doesn’t belong to me? Please I don’t want any trouble for you or myself because if you taste my thing today you will want more everyday.
Esi Haizel: Mmmmm is that so, please am very single just like you and am very ready to mingle. I broke up with my guy about 5months ago when I caught him cheating on me severally with some other ladies, he was an ungrateful being, I fed him both in the stomach and down there and even assisted him financially in his business but as he got financially strong he started fooling around with other ladies.
Eddysongs: Gosh so unfortunate for you my dear. So you mean all this heavy things on you has no one to operate it?

Something is about to happen right now. I know what you thinking but I have told you, you will always guess wrongly if you do so relax and wait f or the next episode

To be continued

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