Vanity Episode 19

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Lawyer Ayibontey drove to meet his client feeling some how bad that he couldn’t meet the woman who conceived and carried the lady that has captivated his heart for 9 good months, but he gave himself heart that everything happened for a reason, he drove to the venue where he would meet his client, as he got there he was briefed on a multi million business deal that one party had breached the contract claws and hence everything the person who breached the contract has saved or toiled for the court will take it from that person and add it to that of the other partner.

Later Eddysongs joined in friend at the hospital and spoke at length before going home.

Eddysongs: NY am leaving to my house if you need anything just alert me and it will be delivered to you, I will see you tomorrow hopefully. Good night bro

Nana Yaw: Sound sleep and please don’t forget to call your man tomorrow.

Back in Esi’s house the 2ladies also got involved in a conversation.

Adjoa Wusua: Bae you need to start confessing to me this evening in a very professional way ooo. Why that text message this hot Sunday afternoon?

Esi Haizel: You this girl your ears they sweet you just like your center part, well this afternoon was an afternoon to remember my dear, I had so much fun and I felt really special. Eddy made me feel loved and like a real woman.

Adjoa Wusua: (interrupts without evening allowing Esi to finish her statement) Feel like a real woman, how?.

Esi Haizel: That guy is so rom-ntic and very s€×y, honestly he is a real African man, herh if you see how he treated me this afternoon erh you will call for a threesome, now to tell you the best part, am now his woman full time. He’s mine and am his yours, now that I have gotten him am going to tie him to my shadow and jealously love him like there is no tomorrow, I will keep him in my love web that the next offer he brings to the table will be for him to ask me to marry him straight away.

Adjoa Wusua: Mmmmm my girlfriend is in love ooo, so how many times did he give it to you today because I see you in a very high spirit and your face has been beaming radiantly with smile ever since I came home.

Esi Haizel: To be honest we didn’t do it this afternoon ooo, even though I wanted it badly.

Adjoa Wusua: But why what prevented you 2 from doing it?

Esi Haizel: Mmmm he wasn’t prepared for it, that guy is a real gentleman and am glad I have him in my life now, from now I have to take steps as to how to penetrate his heart with my food and life style. Now enough of me what happened at your side when you visited Nana Yaw, how is he doing?

Adjoa Wusua: He’s fine and recuperating very fast, tomorrow by this time he should be home but it looks like something is really worrying that guy, even though he hasn’t told me anything yet something in me is telling me that guy is really wallowing in pain. As at now am worried about who is going to take care of him if he is discharged because it seems it’s only men he has around him in his house, not even a single lady, am waiting to see if he can be bold enough to ask for my assistance.

Esi Haizel: What if he doesn’t ask you and expects you to volunteer yourself to him freely? But wait ooo is he also single like his friend?

Adjoa Wusua: I don’t know much about him yet, I asked him a question about his family and that was what brought the miscomfort and pain into his eyes, for me I won’t push him hærd to come closer to me or open up to me now, I believe if he see me worthy of my trust he will tell me everything about him. But on a general assessment I see him to be a nice guy and am equally falling for him also, am just taking things one step at a time. My dear sleep is catching up with me, good night and sound sleep.

Early the next morning Adjoa Wusua prepared breakfast again and rushed to the hospital to clean and feed Nana Yaw before he was discharged, whiles Esi Haizel also left for work, Nana Yaw’s boys came around to take him home when the doctors approved of him leaving to the house, Adjoa promised to come home in the evening to prepare something for him and then rushed to Esi’s work place to meet with Eddysongs. As she got there she phoned Esi to alert her that she was in the office complex and Esi told her to wait for her at the cafeteria, Esi immediately called Eddysongs to alert him that her friend was in and after the call she went straight to Elder Akyeah’s office to retrieve her land doc-ments and after taking it, she threatened him that if she checks and the doc-ments she has just received is another fake doc-ments he should expect his downfall. She took the papers to her desk and locked it in her drawer then left to meet her friend at the cafeteria, in no time Eddysongs joined them and they shared some c*cktail drinks. As the were chatting a very nice car pulled over infront of the caferteria and Eddysongs phone rang, he smiles as he sees the caller and when he answered the call his other phone also rang, he told the first caller something and answered the second call, the caller gave an information which wasn’t pleasant to his ears


As Eddysongs received the call he scre-med and told the caller to wait for him at his office, Esi asked if all was well and he replied to her that it was some small issue he had to oversee back at his office and that he will handle it when he is than with the purpose of bringing Adjoa Wusua over to his work place.

Eddysongs: Adjoa you see the white Range Rover Sport parked infront of this place, Nana Yaw said I should give it to you as compensation to the trouble that came your way and the patience you have had for him.

Adjoa Wusua: Oh my God!!! You don’t mean it what (she starts to scre-m out of joy)

Eddysongs: Yes I mean it the guy is waiting for you in,side the car with you car keys and doc-ments, you can go and take a look at your new baby.

Adjoa rose to her feet and rushed to the car to examine it, when she got closer the driver got down from the car and handed over to her a brown envelope containing the car doc-ments and also the car keys. That was when she reliased it was not a prank or a joke, she went round and admired her car but all this while Esi Haizel was quite and moddy, she wasn’t rejoicing with her friend. Eddysongs asked her if she was okay and she smiled, she claimed that she was feeling a slight headache all of a sudden, Eddy told Esi to move to the clinic in the yard so she is given some medication, laster he joined Adjoa together with Esi and handed over another brown envelope to Adjoa.

Eddysongs: My dear to climax everything Nana Yaw has bought a new house for you at the estate close the mall down the road, you have some of the estate agents waiting for you infront of your house with you keys the address of your house is on one of the doc-ments in the envelope, they will hand over your keys to you when you show them the house doc-ments.

Adjoa Wusua: (scre-ms and hugs Eddysongs) Thank you very much Eddy am out of words, I didn’t see this coming. Esi why are you so quite? Come join me let’s celebrate for this wonderful present I have received, you know what belongs to me equally belongs to you my dear.

Esi Haizel: Am very happy for you my sister but just that am feeling a severe headache all of a sudden, I wish I could be going out with you for a ride but no I can’t, first I have to get medical attention at the clinic over here and secondly there is a heap of reports on my desk that I have to work upon, don’t forget I told you auditors will becoming round to audit our department.

Adjoa Wusua: Oh so bad but yet still we will party along the line when you come home.

Eddysongs: My dear I hope you already know how to drive?

Adjoa Wusua: Yes please, I was the one who even taught my sister here how to drive.

Eddysongs: Oh really then I will say enjoy your first ride in your car alone, I wish I could spend a little time with you ladies but I have some people waiting for me in my office, we will party together very soon.

Adjoa Wusua: Okay director, once again an very grateful for this expensive and mind blowing gifts, I really appreciate them so much, you guys have turned my life around in a twinkle of an eye. Thank you and may God richly bless you.

Eddysongs: Hahahaha don’t mention my dear but this one I will emphasise that “you leave God out of this because he knows nothing about this”, all the same enjoy your day.

Adjoa Wusua brought life to the car engine and reversed the car and drove slowly out of the compound with the intention of first driving straight to the estate to get her keys to the house then to the market to get some food stuffs after which she will drive straight to Nana Yaw’s end to climax everything with him, if there was any celebration to be made then that was the place to do so but before she left the compound she looked through her in,side mirror and saw Esi Haizel standing there looking at the car with a serious face, she wonder why her friend was quite reserved this afternoon without even sharing her happy moments with her, was she jealous of what I had just received? Hell no Esi can never envy me in this life knowing where the 2 of us come from and what we have passed through, I was happy for her when she got hers so I believe she will equally be happy for me with what I have received also after all what is mine is hers and what is hers is equally mine. She drove straight to the new estate and when she got there, she marvelled at what she saw, the estate had been designed like a community, first you meet a very big gate at the main entrance where you go through security checkpoint before you are allowed to enter the estate then you make way to the exact house you are going in. She parked and brought some of the house doc-ments to check the house number or address she was supposed to drive to, when she checked the number on the paper and where she stood she was just a stone throw to her new house, she drove to the place to meet a car parked infornt of her house, she got down from her car and entered the house feeling like a big girl already. She met 2 people there and one of the people there froze like a statue upon seeing Adjoa.

Now back in Eddysongs office something serious was about to be revealed to him!!!!

What could that revelation be and who did Adjoa come across at her new house?

Was Esi Haizel jealous of what her friend has just received?


As Adjoa Wusua entered the house she met 2 people there and one of the people there froze like a statue upon seeing her, Adjoa greeted them and asked if they were from the estate developer’s end, one of them responded yes and that she was responsible for taking their clients round anytime somone wanted to buy their houses or go round their properties. She ordered the guy who was with her to show Adjoa Wusua around the house when she showed the house doc-ments to the lady, the guy became dumbfounded that her senior colleague had to ask him if everything was okay with him, he faked a smile and said everything was okay, he took Adjoa around the 4bedroom house and showed her every corner of the house, surprisingly Adjoa was not paying attention to anything the guy was saying but rather she was enjoying the view of the house, from painting to interior decoration down to the floor tiles, furniture, bedsheets, kitchen arrangements and everything was a master piece and what killed Adjoa most was when she was taken to the balcony of her master bedroom upstairs and she saw the swimming pool behind the house, she really loved her new place and this came to her mind “SOME TROUBLES OR PROBLEMS THAT COMES OUR WAY SOMETHING’S ARE BLESSINGS IN DISGUISE”, so would I enjoy this benefits if I behaved rudely to Nana Yaw after I was granted bail? (she asked herself that question within herself) The youngman taped Adjoa’s shoulder before she came back to her normal self, for a while she took a short trip to wonderland and this youngman has brought him back even when her time there hadn’t expired. Adjoa Wusua descended down on the youngman like he had a score to settle with him.
Adjoa Wusua: Are you alright? How dare you touch me with your filthy, despicable, sordid and salacious hand?
Youngman: Madam please I was only trying to get your attention since I had been calling you for about a minute without you responding to me.
Adjoa Wusua: Oh spare that lie Ramos, what were you thinking, that I won’t recognise you anymore or that you were wondering if I resembled the lady you once squandered her money and ditched because you claim she wasn’t educated to your level, you forgot I paid your fees from your second year till you completed the university even though I myself I had never stepped in a university lecture room. Even after that I still fed, clothed and sheltered you till you got a job at the bank and what was my reward? You dumped me like a used pad for a sophisticated woman, but wait ooo what are you doing here since this place is not a bank, did you loss your job or did that lady also squander your life savings and left you to your miserable fate? What goes around surely comes around, nonsense, if not for the fear of God I will make you loss you job here also by making a false complaint about you to the lady down there. See how ski-ny you look and how unkept you hair is, bro you need a makeover.
Youngman: (goes down on his knees to apologise) Adjoa please forgive me wai, it was the work of the devil, I don’t know what came over me in the first place.
Adjoa Wusua: If you don’t stand up from my face erh, I will take my p-nt off and use it to slap you for your ayigbe senses to come back to you, f******!!!! You think you will meet me wearing rags and selling pure water on the street right. My God is not an Ewe man, he has bigger and better plans for everyone in this world, you have received your reward after what you did to me and am glad you took your 2 left bad luck legs out of my life, as you can see life and levels has changed.

Adjoa left the room and came down to where the lady was waiting for her with the keys to the house and all it spare keys, my dear am very okay with what I have seen so far, kindly let me have the keys and if there is anything left for me to sign please bring it out so I do so my dear. Yes madam, Ramos please get the acceptance forms from the car so our cherished client sign and take her keys from us officially, Ramos came back with a file and some doc-ments which Adjoa signed and took her copy, the lady gave Adjoa all the keys and a warm handshake to congratulate her on her purchase. As they were about to exit the house Adjoa called them back and did something very funny…………

Meanwhile Eddysongs was also boiling with rage with some information  that had been communicated to him and you can’t imagine what will be following next!!!!!

To be continued

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