Vanity Episode 20

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As they were about to exit the house Adjoa called them back and did something very funny, excuse my please, Ramos come over here, Adjoa went through her bag and brought her purse then brought out two 5 dollar notes, take this for your troubles and remember where the money is coming from, have a nice day. As the 2 people went to sit in their car the lady spoke first, I can see the lady is very rich, look at the house she bought and the kind of car she rides in, she looks very educated and sophisticated, I like her and the way she carried herself about, the next thing the lady saw was tears dropping from Ramos eyes, Ramos Adatsi can you tell me what the problem is? Is everything alright with you?. Madam I wish I could say everything was fine oooo, the lady in context happens to be my ex girlfriend, I dumped her because I claimed she wasn’t educated and sophiscated as you said, little did I know that the world is such a small place to leave in, I presume she gave you that money to mock you right? Ramos nodded his head and the lady adviced him never to look down upon people ever again in his life because no one knows tomorrow so we should becareful how we treat others.

Meanwhile Eddysongs was also boiling up with rage with some information that had been connevyed to him by the auditors who came to audit some of the departments, the truth was that they stumbled on some illegal transactions made by Elder Akyeah, it seems he had been doing that illegal business for over 3years and he has been covering up his tracks with the help of some senior audit officers who were also taking their share of the money. After going through the doc-ments Eddysongs realised that Elder Akyeah had successfully embezzled over 70million Ghana cedis from the company.

Eddysongs: Whaaaaaat? This is outrageous, where did I go wrong over here, I bought a duplex and 2 V8 cars for him, every year I sponsor his wife and him to an all paid holiday to a country of their choice, I sponsor his childrens education and lastly take care of their medical bills, how many bosses do this for the employees?

Auditor: Hmmmm it’s so unfortunate that Elder Akyeah of all people will involve himself in such shady deals, if I didn’t oversee this auditing myself I would have said my boys were wrong with their balancing and checks. I was very shocked when I stumbled on the first illegal doc-ments, I had to go over the balancing for 5 good times before I was convinced that I wasn’t wrong.

Eddysongs: So please what advice will you give me as to the next action to take.

Auditor: I would advice you call for a board meeting immediately and address all the departmental heads and alert them on your new modules of how you were going to take drastic actions on anyone who is also into any illegal transactions in the company, lastly he adviced that every pesewa Elder Akyeah had stolen or spent he must pay back within a time frame or else he will face the full force the law.

Adjoa on the other hand locked her new apartment and drove straight to the market to get some food stuffs that she was going to use in preparing food for her good samaritan, after doing her shopping she drove majestically to Nana Yaw’s mansion and because of her apperance and the car she drove, the bodyguards didn’t question her or make things difficult for her to enter the compound of Nana Yaw, “indeed monkeys played by sizes”, that saying was very true, she parked her car in an open space and as she looked around she marvelled at what she saw on the compound, from left to right were expensive cars in the world ranging from Maserati, Chevrolet Covert, Royce Rolls Dawn, Royce Rolls Wraith, Range Rover Evogue 2016 module and Tesla. She now understood why she was given the car she owned now, she called for assistance from one of the guards for him to help her with the things she brought to the house, even before she entered the house she met Nana Yaw sitted close to the swimming pool, she quickly went to him and gave him a k-ss on his l-ips.

Nana Yaw: (feeling very shocked) What was that for Adjoa?

Adjoa Wusua: That was to say thank you for the car and house, they say a k-ss says thousand things even when silent, honestly you have captured my heart with the gifts you showered on me today, what you did for me will take years to achieve or acquire, you gave it out to me without me even asking for it.

Nana Yaw: I did that for various reasons, first you raised an alarm for me to be saved if not I would have been dead by now, secondly you were arrested and detained for nothing, thirdly you didn’t show any negative sentiments towards me after everything that happened and equally took care of me when I was hospitalised. My dear you deserve more than I have even given out to you because they say one good thing derseves another.

Adjoa Wusua: Really, then let me rush in a prepare something for you, I believe you haven’t taken anything as you came home and by now you might be starving.

Nana Yaw: Nodded his head but his eyes were filled with tears.

Adjoa Wusua: Hey lover boy what is making you cry? Well whatever it is you will tell me after you have finished eating so let me rush in to the kitchen and do what I do best.

Adjoa enters the kitchen and the cook in the house came to help her but she told him to relax for the day because she was going to do everything on her own. In about an hour and half she was done with the food she was preparing, she prepared plantain and palava sauce, surprisingly that was Nana Yaw’s favourite meal and he ate it with so much excitement that Adjoa felt pleased for what she did, she made it known to Nana Yaw that she has done additional stew and different soups for him and she has kept everything in the fridge, Nana Yaw couldn’t hide his joy and after the meal they moved to the hall to have a chit chat but something unfortunate and strange happened


After they finished the meal they moved to the hall to have a chit chat and Nana Yaw ordered his boys to bring the most expensive wine in his bar at his house, one of the guards brought Belaire Luxe champagne the liquid gold and served them with it, as the were getting along and Adjoa Wusua was done telling Nana Yaw about herself, Nana Yaw was about to tell Adjoa about himself and from no where his main door was opened ajar by some unknown faces to Adjoa, some strange looking men dressed in suits with different apron colours on their wa-ist with symbols in it marched into the hall, Nana Yaw felt so embarrassed and angry at the people, he summoned his chief bodyguard in and before he could ask him any question, the leader of the men pointed a metal rod to Adjoa and she immediately fell down, the chief guard rushed to her rescue and the leader again pointed his magical rod to him and he went deaf and dumb at that very instance.

Nana Yaw: His holy eminence what you did was not necessary, why are you taking your frustrations on this innocent people over here?

Holy Eminence: How dare you question my actions, you think you have grown wings now so you can do what you want right? I will clump your wings down and take your feathers from you wings if you don’t move from the road you have decided to journey on, don’t forget whoever you are and whatever you have achieved came from us. You have played the war drum of the ancestral spirits and you must dance to it.

Nana Yaw: See I brought myself to you people and I will be the same person to exit if I think I have had enough, when I was been chased by the spirits of the people I took their lives what did you people do to savage the problem, the oath I took wasn’t a for better for worse oath, it will do us a great deal if you will please let this innocent people come back to their normal self again. Deal with me and not people who don’t know you even exist in this world.

Fratenity Member 1: Nana Yaw shut up, your attitude towards us is very strange to me, ain’t you the person who motivated me to stay in this fraternity when I wanted to quit this group?

Nana Yaw: So what my friend, David said in the bible that “when I was a boy, I did my things like a boy and now that I a man, I have also decided to act like a man”.

Holy Eminence: And that same bible makes me believe that “heaven suffered violence, which means we can only use force to enter heaven”, the stubborn flies aways goes to the grave with the corpse, you know what I can do on this earth so don’t try me, what ever you own on this earth I can make you loss it in just a second, this is my last warning to you, for those fools down there sprinkle water on them and in 10minutes time they will be okay when we leave here. This is your last warning, guys let go

Fraternity Member 2: Wise up man and stop behaving like a cheap b****.

Nana Yaw: (fuming with anger) You fool, you have now gotten mouth to exchange words with me huh, I will deal with you at the appropriate time, now get out of my house before I order the release of my dogs on you people. Nonsense!!!!!

After all the money I have gotten my sick mother back in the village can’t enjoy a pesewa of my worth and you fools want me to sacrifice her soul for you, if I go to the “Wanzam” for him to circ-mcise me and I change my mind later does he have to seize my p-nt? Nana Yaw sprinkles water on Adjoa Wusua and his chief bodyguard and waits for 10minutes as he was instructed.

Now back at Eddysongs group of companies something was also taking place there that you will be informed of it later…………………

So can Nana Yaw stand the test of trial as he now faces an unknown future to a known fraternity who deal with people mercilessly when  they cross the path of the fraternity?

To be continued

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