Vanity Episode 23

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Eddysongs left the fraternity meeting place with a preoccupied mind, where was he going to get a liver of a lion, the heart of a crocodile, the egg of an eagle and the private hair of an old lady? Wasn’t this pure madness from the side of his holy eminence? If he wasn’t going to help me, why then didn’t he tell me point blank that he can’t help me rather than putting me in such s₱0t light. He drove back to his office feeling bad, now his second worry was what was in stock of the women he was going to sleep with, was he suppose to take innocent ones or was he to go in for this commercial workers who worked only at night, if you don’t know the rich also cry.

Esi Haizel called to inform Eddysongs that she was done at the passport office and that she has her passport in her hands now so she wanted to know where she should meet him and hand it over to him, Eddysongs told her to bring it to his house this evening and that he was going to text his residence address to her so she can follow the direction, she was later asked to take the rest of the day off and try and get some stuffs from the market when coming because he would like her to cook for him when she comes.

Nana Yaw and Adjoa Wusua were still at the airport observing matters, they were sent to the signal command room where they could see the runaway directly from the top, Nana Yaw got a call and when he checked it was his chief supervisor Paulina Sablah at his warehouse calling, he answered and another bomb was dropped on his head,

Paulina Sablah: Hello sir the warehouse is on fire right now, fire officers are trying their best to put the fire off but because of some of the agro chemicals we have in here they are finding it difficult to put the fire off, please we need you around right away.

Nana Yaw: I will be there in a while, hope no one has been trapped in,side?

Paulina Sablah: I can’t tell for now sir, please hurry up to this place (ends the call)

Adjoa Wusua: My dear is everything okay?
Nana Yaw: Is there anything too difficult for God to handle?

Adjoa Wusua: Not at all my dear, your face doesn’t look pleasant to me please talk to me.

Nana Yaw: Madam insurance officer please from here I want you to insure my woman’s supermarket right away. Any information you need will be given to you by my chief bodyguard who will be waiting for you downstairs by your car. We have to leave now so my bodyguard will wait for you so you go with him to the office to do all the paper works. Adjoa please get me to the car, we have somewhere going.

Adjoa Wusua complied and pushed Nana Yaw to the elevator and down they got to the grand floor and straight to the car, as they got to the car most of the reporters and their crew were still waiting for Nana Yaw for more questions and answer but he told them everything was under control and signalled his bodyguards to carry him into the car, he told his chief bodyguard to wait by the insurance company car so he goes with the lady to insure Adjoa’s supermarket, with this he told Adjoa to drive to his warehouse which was at the outskirt of town, as they were getting closer to the place Adjoa saw a very thick black smoke going up the sky and scre-med Jesus, someone’s house or office is burning and with a low tone Nana Yaw replied that, the place burning was his warehouse.

Adjoa Wusua: No! No! No! Nana what is really going on? In less than 6hours a serious tragedy has been befalling you and to me is not ordinary, first your sh¡p and containers sunk, then you private plane and as if that wasn’t enough your warehouse is also on fire. Nana is there anything that am yet to be told or are you having a problem with some people that they have decided to ruin your life by putting fire into everything you have, am scared ooooo please tell me something.

Nana Yaw: Adjoa you lets get to the fire scene first, am shocked myself as to how my hærd earned properties are crushing down on me this way in a faster pace, the devil is a liar.

Adjoa Wusua: Amen my dear, they will never succeed, we serve a living God who will never sit for his children to suffer, anyone behind this fire outbreak, holy ghost fire will consume him or her, they will never know peace anywhere they find themselves.

Adjoa parked the car at a place one of the fire officers directed her to park and everyone came down from the car, Nana Yaw was heart broken because the wh0le place was burnt to asses, what got Nana Yaw sad was that just 3days ago some concealment the government ordered were brought in and they were to be collected by the close of the day. It was worth about 15million dollars, indeed when things starts to fall apart the centre just can’t hold because it has lost balance, Paulina Sablah and the chief fire officer came to Nana Yaw to talk with him.

Paulina Sablah: Good afternoon sir, thanks for coming, we don’t know how this fire thing started and what baffles me is that we have emergence water sprayers in this warehouse but when the fire started it didn’t work neither did the fire alert alarm also blow, am kind of surprise here.

Nana Yaw: Am at a lost with what you just said Paulina but I hope no one has been trapped in there?

Fire Officer: Well sir some of my men said they heard voices in,side there but they are finding it difficult to enter because of the thick smoke coming from in,side, they suspect about 4 to 6 people might have been trapped in there

Adjoa Wusua: Jesus Christ, please sir you and your men should try and do something before they loss their lives.

Fire Officer: Madam as you can see we are trying our utmost best to curtail the problem, let me join my men, we will talk more when we are done with the fire quenching.

Paulina Sablah: Sir but there happens to be another problem here.

Nana Yaw: And what is that?

Paulina Sablah: The accountant of Rich Agro Chemicals came here this morning to clear their 17million Ghana cedis debt in cash, we called the bank to come and collect the money to the bank since you had warned us never again to move such amount of money to the bank ourselves, they never got here until this happened. Am very terrified with the way the fire took over this place in just a twinkle of an eye.

Nana Yaw: Don’t worry my dear, the money isn’t important than the lives of my workers in there. I want to take leave to the house now because of my medical condition, let me know of any new development that takes place here.

Paulina Sablah: I will do just that sir, sorry for your lost.

Nana Yaw: No my dear, it’s our lost since we are in this together even though am the one who owns this place. Adjoa go with this guard to the supermarket and do you inspection if anything give me a call, will see you later in the house.

Nana Yaw was put in a different car whiles Adjoa left with one of the guards, Nana Yaw made the driver drive to somewhere else and along the line Lawyer Ayibontey had a very disturbing call

Lawyer Ayibontey was in his new apartment when someone called with Maame Afua’s line, the caller sounded disturbed so lawyer told the caller to relax and talk to him, the caller was relaxed and he quizzed the caller about where the owner of the phone was, the caller told lawyer that Maame Afua passed out in her office and that she had been rushed to the hospital and since he was the last caller on the phone log she decided to notify him of the condition of Maame Afua. Lawyer Ayibontey felt so bad that he rose to his feet and rushed to his car and upon getting to the car before he realised he didn’t pick his car keys, he rushed back to his room and got his car keys then straight away he drove to the hospital the caller told him Maame Afua had been rushed to. When he got there luckily for him the doctor on duty was he roommate at the university, he told him who he came to the hospital looking for and the Doctor in return told him the medical condition of Maame Afua, the underline thing was that Maame Afua’s blood was very low or better still she was anemic and needed to be given blood but unfortunately the blood bank was not having her blood type so they needed blood donors immediately to help save her life.

Lawyer Ayibontey: Am O+ and willing to donate blood to her now and here, take me through the process so I can immediately give my sweetheart blood.

Doctor: Have you eaten this afternoon?

Lawyer Ayibontey: Is that even necessary?

Doctor: It is very very important to ask you this question and even more questions so that the one who will take you through that exercise won’t endanger your life.

Lawyer Ayibontey: Yes I ate not too long ago so please can we go to your office so we commence with the donation process

Doctor: Very well then please follow me to the lab for further examination

Lawyer Ayibontey and the Doctor went through the questionnaire session and if not the fact that the doctor knew Lawyer Ayibontey and also that Maame Afua needed blood he would have disqualified lawyer from donating the blood because he had too much alcohol in his blood and also because of the tobacco he used to smoke. When they were done they moved to the ward where Maame Afua was lying but as they got in there lawyer was met with the greatest shock of his life, Maame Afua’s mum had been informed of her daughter’s sudden admission at the hospital.

Maame Afua’s Mum: And what is this heartless and selfish man doing here? You want to come and complete what you couldn’t finish 36years ago right? If you don’t leave this place at this very moment I will pounce on you like the lioness you knew me to be 40years ago. Nonsense! Nonsense!! Nonsense!!!

Doctor: Madam please come down, don’t forget this place is a hospital and that noise making is banned from this place, if you have a problem I believe we can resolve it in a matured way in,side my office, remember shouting and ranting won’t solve the problem.

Maame Afua’s Mum: Doctor why shouldn’t I shout when standing next to you is the devil’s advocate. The man standing there is a monster, a beast who has no feelings for his fellow human, I curse the day I set my eyes on him, if I had a gun in my hands now I won’t hesitate to blow his head off for what he did to me 36years ago. God will continue to punish you and your entire generation.

The noise in the room woke Maame Afua up and all this while Lawyer Ayibontey was very quite and dumbfounded with the way he was been attacked, Maame Afua smiled at her “lover” and asked her mum what the noise was all about;

Maame Afua: Mum what’s all this noise about, you know this place is a restricted area with noise making and why are you looking at my sweetheart in such an aggressive way?

Maame Afua’s Mum: Hahaha small girls are young, is this thing here the same person you have been showering praise about all this while? If you care to know this is the same man who impregnated me and denied been responsible for it because of his education and selfish ambition. This man you call your lover and want to spend the rest of your life with is your irresponsible father.

Maame Afua: (in tears) No mum tell me what you just said is false this man is very responsible and decent, he’s caring and God fearing, he’s affable and loving. Bae is what my mother saying true?

Lawyer Ayibontey: Hmmmm my dear what you mum is saying is true but I have reasons to my actions back then and my friend here who happened to be my roommate by then in the university can attest to my actions and what I went through later in life. I tried everything humanly possible to make amends to your mother but all my efforts proved futile, I came to your grandparents house serverally to check up on you 2 but I was always driven away, the scar i have on my forehead was a bottle your grandfather broke on my head, the maid servant in the house told me that your mum was sent to the village to leave there but she didn’t know where exactly the village was, that was how I gave up on you 2 and hoped destiny will one day bring us together. I tried my best Akosua Aboagyewaa.

Doctor: I know it’s a family issue which am not to involve myself in but since I witness virtually everything that went on 36years ago, I can’t just standby without saying what I also know about this story. Madam the man here tried his best to make amends but it was unfortunate he never had the opportunity to get to you, what happened really had a negative impact in his academics then, it was just by the grace of God that he survived rustication from the school authorities. His decision he took earlier on by denying you was the only free option available to save his future.

Maame Afua’s Mum: Papa doctor don’t say that koraa, he was thinking of his future what about me and my unborn child, how were we going to survive, I was a very young girl with a bright future, my parents wanted me to study hærd and step into the shoes of my father as an engineer and thanks to your good friend, my education came to an end, how pathetic it was, I have vowed never to forgive him ever in my life.

Doctor: Your story is a sad one but remember so far as we are human we will wrong our fellow beings one way or another, to err is human but to forgive is divine, the bible said we should forgive seventy seven by seven times (77×7). Remember what you say in “the Lord’s prayer” and let bygone be bygone. Look at the love you have for you daughter and forgive her father

Will Lawyer Ayibontey be forgiven? The evil men do always leaves with them. If you have a child you have abandoned somewhere, this is a wake up call for you!!!!

To be continued

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