Vanity Episode 25

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In the house of Adjoa Wusua the fumigating agency came over and with their experience in their job they smoked out 4 more kobras from the house which they killed immediately, one was seen under the bedsheet of Adjoa’s bed, another was seen in her wardrobe, then one in her kitchen cabinet then the last one was s₱0tted in a flower pot at her hall. What baffled everyone present was where the snakes came from, the colour and height because the smallest snake out of the 5 kobras they killed was almost 4feet tall and all were black without any s₱0t on them, they lined the snakes up and took pictures of them for evidence sake. The chief bodyguard called his boss Nana Yaw to inform him of the outcome of the search they conducted in Adjoa’s house, for Nana Yaw he knew where the snakes came from but he kept it to himself and pretended as if it was strange for those snakes to be seen in Adjoa’s place so he told his guard to report to the security men at the main entrance of the estate so that should incase any misfortune occurs they will know what action to take. When the security men came to see the reason why they were summoned to Adjoa’s house they were really amazed as to how the snakes came to the house and where they came from because no one in the estate has ever complained of such thing before, the senior security ordered some of his men to immediately grow moringa trees in the corners of the house to repel all reptiles from coming close to the house again.

Now back at the hospital Lawyer Ayibontey came back and announced to everyone in Maame Afua’s room that he had something to say, he went round and round and at long last when he was done with his special speech he invited into the room Chief Supt. Ansah Akoto. As he entered the room Maame Afua and her mum froze because they least expected to see him in the room that very moment;
Lawyer Ayibontey: My dear is this the man you have been wondering where to locate him now?
Maame Afua: Yes please.
Lawyer Ayibontey: Commander do you know the lady lying on the bed and how do you know her?
Chief Supt Ansah Akoto: Sir please I know her and she is my ex lover.
Lawyer Ayibontey: Ex lover? Why did you break up with her?
Chief Supt Ansah Akoto: It’s simple sir, I wanted her to conceive for me first before I go and pay her bride price because I come from a royal family and with our family when you marry a woman before trying to make babies, you will never succeed, an old lady in my village revealed that secret to me after I helped her son come out from jail, I told Maame Afua about my predicament and she agreeded with my plans but for over 18months we tried over and over to see if she will conceive but nothing happened. My family was also at my neck because the thrown in my family needed a successor and I had to also get married first before I could ascend the thrown of my late uncle, because I so loved Maame Afua and wanted her to be my wife, I started looking for a different lady to get pregnant for me so I could get the opportunity to marry Maame Afua when the other lady gets pregnant, she found out that I was flirting or better still cheating on her, she didn’t allow me to explain to her my actions and immediately she broke up with me, God knows I tried my best to reconcile with her but she never gave me a listening ear. Sir I tried my best and Maame Afua knew very well how much I cherished and loved her.
Maame Afua’s Mum: So why didn’t you come over to me so you explain matters to me, I could have also be of help to you if throughly you had a clean motive.
Chief Supt. Ansah Akoto: I heard stories about you and the lioness that you were, how some guys had received insults and slaps from you all in the name of visiting your child and in some case how you threw hot water at a guy one time. I didn’t want to get an deformity on me since it would ruin my chances of ascending the thrown in my village.
Lawyer Ayibontey: So have you gotten any lady to help your dream materialise?
Chief Supt. Ansah Akoto: Well I haven’t so far as I tried many ladies and I wasn’t getting the results I wanted, I pleaded with my kinsmen to give me 6months to get a wife and present her to them but talking to you now I haven’t gotten anyone and the 6months ends this week.
Lawyer Ayibontey: So if I plead with Maame Afua to accept you back would you be happy?
Chief Supt. Ansah Akoto: It will be a dream come true sir and I will quickly make arrangements for her bride price to be paid immediately, she is the luckiest lady I have ever been with and as she came to my life everything changed for my good, I got promotions in a way that surprised everyone who knew me, am ready to be her husband even if we can never give birth on this earth, I will accept that fate.
Lawyer Ayibontey: My dear you heard him speak his heart out, do you want to accept him back into your life again and correct the wrongs he did?

There was a little silence in the room as Maame Afua pondered over the question her father threw at her and by then Chief Supt. Ansah Akoto was sweating as if there was a gun pointed to his head, everyone in the room was eager to know what Maame Afua was going to say and gradually she spoke.

Maame Afua: To bring this long bachelorette life to an end, I accept him back into my life again. I accept Michael Ansah Akoto to be my husband to be no other than yourself, loving what I know of you and trusting what I do not know. To be no other than yourself with respect for your integrity and faith, in your abiding love for me. In all that life may bring us, I pledge my love for you always.

After this carefully chosen words, Chief Supt Ansah Akoto rushed to Maame Afua’s bed and gave her a warm loving hug, everyone in the room clapped his/her hands with what their eyes were seeing but something very strange and unusual happened in the room


As Chief Supt. Ansah Akoto hugged Maame Afua long enough, he released himself from her and as he turned he saw Lawyer Ayibontey also hugging Maame Afua’s Mum, he rose to his feet and went before them to as them something.
Chief Supt. Ansah Akoto: Please would you give me the chance to marry your daughter and make her the Queen to my life and heart?

In a chorus voice the 2 parents responded YES and after that answer Chief Supt. Ansah Akoto went on his knee and brought out a ring.

Chief Supt. Ansah Akoto: Charlotte Maame Afua Mirekua Adofo will you marry me?
Lawyer Ayibontey: (cuts in rudely) Point of correction my boy, the name is Charlotte Maame Afua Mirekua Adofo Ayibontey. Yeah that’s my daughter’s full name.

Akosua Aboagyewa punched lawyer’s shoulder and they started k-ssing, Maame Afua didn’t even answer the question she was asked and she also held her man’s head and they also started k-ssing, the doctor feeling uncomfortable cleared his throat on several occasions to announce his presence in there but it fell on deaf ears, as he couldn’t stand the heat any longer he left the room and as he got out of the room he met a nurse in her late 30’s who was coming to call him for an emergency, as the nurse got closer to him, the doctor held her to the wall and started k-ssing her passionately, the nurse struggled and released herself from the doctor grip, she landed him with a heavy slap and asked him, why did it keep you so long to notice me, give me more and don’t forget to come to my house this evening to quench the fire you have lite in me, I will text my house address to you immediately and don’t keep me waiting like you have done all this year’s, your wife has been dead for over 3years and someone needs to take her position and keep you warm.

Now in the house of Nana Yaw, Adjoa Wusua had gained her consciousness and was trying to recollect what happened to her because if she could remember she drove to her new apartment to rest a bit before coming to Nana Yaw’s place;
Adjoa Wusua: Am feeling a migraine, Nana please can I get some painkiller?
Nana Yaw: Certainly my dear, look next to you there is an envelope with different pain killers in it, choose your choice.
Adjoa Wusua: If my memory serves me right, I was at my end and saw this big black snake right infront of me and I………..
Nana Yaw: You passed out, my guard came home with your phone in his possession that you left it behind when you left your supermarket, I came with them to return your phone to you only to meet you lying on the floor with the snake just some few inches next to you and about to a’
Adjoa Wusua: Jesus Christ!!! But how did it get access to my house and where did it come from?
Nana Yaw: Well with our little investigation so far we gathered that there was this veterinary doctor leaving in the estate who kept those reptiles in his house for export and because of his business some people leaving in the estate raised concerns and out of anger he packed out leaving the animals there, they managed to escape from their cages and once in a while some of the people see those snakes in their houses, your house is very safe now since it has been fumigated thoroughly and now moringa tress has been planted to repel any reptile for stepping feet into your compound.

Adjoa Wusua: Am not stepping feet into that place until I hear all the snakes in that estate have been killed or captured, am scared to the marrow.
Nana Yaw: Hahahaha if you not leaving then where will you stay?
Adjoa Wusua: Here of course, where else do you expect me to move to? As I said, until I hear everything has been taken care of that is when I will go back and secondly been here with you will give me the opportunity to take good care of you with your feeding and your medication. Dont try to say anything because I won’t listen to anything you have saying, am starving already so let me go to the kitchen and cook something since we both have not taken in lunch because of the busy task we faced today.

Now Eddysongs and Esi Haizel too had been spending time together as Esi had cooked a delicious meal for him, as they were enjoying the meal, Eddysongs started feeling the edge to visit his homemade shrine because he was hearing voices in his head, Esi asked him if all was well and he smiled and said he just remembered to call his Dubai counterpart so he makes a hotel reservation for them before it’s too late, he washed his hand and as he stood up, Esi asked him where he was going and that couldn’t he make the call with his cell phone here, Eddysongs lied to her that the call charges with the cell phone was too much and that he was going to use the telephone in the bedroom upstairs to do the calling rather, as he was climbing the stairs he told Esi to peel pineapple for him when she was done eating and that he will be back soon.

Now back at the hospital Lawyer Ayibontey released the good news to Chief Supt. Ansah Akoto about the current condition of his daughter and you can’t imagine the joy that filled his heart.

Chief Supt. Ansah Akoto: Baby is it true what I just heard and am I the one responsible for it?

Maame Afua: Yes my prince, am 3months pregnant for you and am going to make you a proud father, you dreams will be coming true very soon.

Chief Supt. Ansah Akoto: This calls for a great celebration, from here am going to arrange for you and your mum’s travelling doc-ments. You will have to deliver my child in the Queensland.
Lawyer Ayibontey: My friend did I hear you say, you taking my wife along with my daughter? Hell no!!! Who will be taking care of my needs in her absences, please take a different decision.

Maame Afua’s Mum: Hahahahaha am I sensing jealousy here, where my daughter goes, I follow her also.
Lawyer Ayibontey: Then me too where my wife goes, I move with her. Can’t you see I miss you.

Everyone in the room bursted out with laughter.
Now back in the house of Eddysongs, Esi was done eating and had gone to peel the pineapple but as she waited for a while and Eddysongs was not coming down, she decided to make a follow up……..

What will Esi Haizel stumble upon up there when sh e joins Eddysongs?
The story is about to begin!!!!!

To be continued

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