Vanity Episode 2

Vanity Episode 2
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Elders say that when you push the housefly into the toilet then you have equally directed him to his in-laws house, what the birthday boy said was a wish come true because the ladies were already eyeing the VVIP section of the party grounds but they didn’t know how they were going to penetrate the tight security personnels who were manning the VVIP section. Infact in this life if someone tells you that money is sweet if you can beat the person, kindly go ahead with some series of slaps to him/her then console him/her back with some few notes of your money because the truth of the matter is that money is the sweetest and one of the most powerful assets on earth and even the good books has stated clearly that money answereth everything on earth apart from death. The ladies showed a little pride before they adhered to the much awaited offer that was been given to them on a silver platter, the second lady gave a faint smile before she spoke

Second lady: Who are we to decline such a lovely offer from the birthday boy himself, with much respect and appreciation we humbly accept your offer.

Birthday boy: Thank you so much my dear ladies for accepting my invitation to join my friends and I at the other side of the house. Well am Nana Yaw Adane Dankyi aka NY

Second lady: Smiles and mentions her name as Belinda Adjoa Owusua and my friend here is Gertrude Esi Haziel.

After exchanging names with Nana Yaw Dankyi the two ladies picked their hand bags and followed Nana Yaw closely, most of the ladies at the party looked at the two ladies with utmost anger and depreciation but the two ladies were not so much bothered with the kind of attitude that were been given to them by the other ladies there. Sometimes they say if you can beat them just join them, as they were about to enter the VVIP section of the party grounds the security guard on duty tried to stop them for interrogation but Nana Yaw signalled him to let them pass without any delay or body check. Honestly if protocol speaks on your behalf no barrier or person can stop your shine, the two ladies walked by the security guards feeling very pompous and special because for once they have conquered something that they saw was a stumbling block to achieve their aim for the evening. Nana Yaw eventually gave them a seat at a very vantage point in the VVIP section and signalled a waiter to attend to their needs and stressed to him that anything they order his shouldn’t hesitate to give it to them, on this note he told the ladies to make themselves very comfortable and that he will be with them soon.

Adjoa Wusua: I now know God gave me this heavy load in front of me for a great purpose and by the time I leave this place to the house I should be rest assured that my life might be on the road to the land of riches.

Esi Haziel: (smiles before talking) I trust you and everything you say because for you, you are more than a blind person who goes to the market to buy a mirror, you always know how to turn things around in your favour.

Adjoa Wusua: Don’t forget am a Kwahu lady and for we Kwahu’s we don’t give any small thing chance, we aren’t opportunists as people perceive but rather we know how to make lemonade when we are given lemon, just play along as I have already crafted our escape plan for this evening. Since you are not good with words for this evening any guy who approaches you, don’t give him face or respond to him, I will do the talking myself, I believe you understand what I said?

Esi Haziel: Yes my lady boss, you know am always comfortable when you come up with this you genius ideas, am with you 101% so please lead me to the promise land.

The waiter who was mandated to serve the ladies came back to the ladies table with a bottle of Moét, glasses and ice cubes in bowl and also some slice of a hot grilled pork in a big plate, but before the waiter left their table, the Adjoa Wusua point to the first waiter who served them at their previous table and told the new waiter to tell the first waiter to get them banku and tilapia which has been stuffed with rich spices and vegetables, the new waiter informed Adjoa Wusua that every waiter at the party had been assigned to a particular responsibility to perform but immediately the EsiHaziel invited herself into the ongoing deliberation and told the waiter not to forget the instructions the birthday boy left behind before he excused himself. The waiter had no option than to just dance to the rhythm been played for him, he walked to the first waiter and told him exactly what sort of things the ladies wanted, at first he didn’t want to comply to what his colleague just told him but his colleague stressed on the fact that those ladies were specially invited guest by the boss and failure to attend to their needs is enough reason for one to loss his job. Meanwhile in one of the rooms in the big mansion something unbelievable was going on there.


With this reminder the first waiter swallowed his pride and did as he was told. Back at the ladies table they were enjoying their wine and grilled pork, the Esi Haziel signals her counterpart as to the eyes that had been set on them.

Esi Haziel: Bae the way this guys are looking at us am even scared, see the one in the orange top, they way he’s watching me and smiling at me simultaneously am not comfortable at all oooo.

Adjoa Wusua: Hahahaha when a man looks at you for long it’s called “admiring” and when that happens you just give him a sed-ctive look and be licking your l-ips with your tounge then you make some flirting moves.

Esi Haziel: What do you mean with sed-ctive look and flirting moves, how do I do that?

Adjoa Wusua: You need to come for extra classes at my end because it seems you are very green in this adult game. You see naturally some men behave like dogs, excuse me my words but it’s a fact and even the holy bible has stated it clear that he who has to be addressed as a fool, must be done without any prejudice or compassion. When a man looks at you for long he ends up lusting for you and in some men they lack self confidence so giving him that sed-ctive look or flirting move you boost his confidences so he can approach you easily because that move creates the impression to him that you have also noticed him and you want a piece of him.

Esi Haziel: You have been lecturing me for long but haven’t said anything credible to the question I asked.

Adjoa Wusua: Why are rushing to meet the dance when it is being brought to your home, if I say sed-ctive moves or looks they are simply body moves you use in communicating to the opposite s€×. You wink at him in systematic sequence and also you throw k-sses to him in the air then once in while you lick your l-ips in a very slow but rom-ntic way, also you don’t forget to try and position your b-obs very well, if possible try and heap it because now most men love big br-ast and not just small ones but as big and heavy like yours. Even though I have big br-ast, you have bigger br-ast than me and I must confess I envy you on that because if I had you b-obs I swear I would have been creating a lot of havoc in the legs of men. But yet still am very grateful to God for what I have all the same.

Esi Haziel: (tries to put into practice what she had just been taught and in a blink of an eye her trap works) Bae it seems the guy is making a move to our table.

Adjoa Wusua: Good, remember what I told you earlier on, just play along with it.

First lady: As you highness pleases

A handsome guy in his early 30’s makes way to the table of this two wanna be ladies and tries to get a conversation going.

Handsome guy: Hello gorgeous damsel, good evening my lady (referring to the first lady) but he’s received with hostility.

Second lady: (immediately jumps in to savage the issue) Sorry sir my girlfriend here is not in a very good state of mind right now, she has been having problems back at home and work, I went through hell to persuade her to come along with me to this very place so please if she doesn’t relate to you properly kindly bear with her, honestly she is a very nice and lovely person to be with.

Handsome guy: Oh so bad but am cool with your explanation, all the same my name is Edward Ansong, you can “Eddysongs” for short.

Second lady: (smiles for a while) Well am Belinda Owusua aka Adjoa Wusua and she is Truddy Esi Haziel you can call her Esi for short.

Eddysongs: Indeed your names befit your personalities, am not good with words so I won’t disturb your beautiful moments with my boring talks but please take my call card and call me so we can seat and discuss the problem of your sister here, a beautiful lady like her should be having problems only for where she will go shopping and what to pick when she gets to the place she chooses to shop that day.

(Eddysongs hands the card over to Adjoa Wusua and takes his leave)

Adjoa Wusua: (looks at the words on the call card and scre-ms OMG) Esi you won’t believe the information on the card I have in my hands.

Esi Haziel: What could that be that made you to draw attention to us by scre-ming?

Adjoa Wusua: Hands over the card to Esi and request her to read the contents on the card to her.

Esi Haziel: On the top is HARRYSONGS GROUP OF COMPANIES, followed by his name, position, contact numbers(house number, office number and his personal cell phone number), email address and office location.

Adjoa Wusua: Okay so what did you gather from what you read to me.

Esi Haziel: Nothing and I don’t still understand the purpose of shouting to bring attention to our table.

Adjoa Wusua: So you when will you be fast like me, it seems you follow me blindly, learn to be a carpenter who measures twice before cutting his wood. What is the name of the company you work in and what did you hear was the name of the CEO who owns about 85% of the entire group of companies?

Esi Haziel: I heard he’s called Edward Ansong with his nickname as Eddysongs. But why do you ask because even me working in that company I haven’t seen him personally before. I learnt he’s a very busy guy who is always chasing money a nd doesn’t even have time for any lady

To be continued

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