Vanity Episode 30


I guess by now you might be wondering what the problem was at that time, if you can remember clearly I told you as I got out of my room I saw a car parked downstairs and it looked familiar?

As the meeting was ongoing we heard a loud crashing sound which made all of us to turn our attention to the direction the sound came from, my dear the sound came from the windscreen of the oldman’s car.

My little boy had a pavement block that he was playing with in the corridor of our room and mistakenly he dropped the block on my rival’s windscreen, all hell was left lose as everyone rushed to the car, the oldman quickly rushed to where my little boy was with intention to beat him or scare my boy, he lifted him up from the floor and started shaking him for what he did to his windscreen.

My boy also wanted to free himself and since the oldman was not having much strength in his hand my boy slipped from his grip and fell from the top to his car, I got so furious that I climbed the stairs to the top, held the oldman and started punching him like my age mate, I also wanted to drop him from the top to his car but from nowhere some armed police officers from the regional headquarters walked into the compound ordering me not to do anything silly, I wanted to end the oldman’s life for all the atrocities he had made me pass through but it dawned on me that if I get jailed for this stupid course, who will take care of my pregnant wife and kid now? I left him with blood oozing out of his nose and mouth, my little boy was rushed to the hospital whiles I was taken to the police station with assault and attempting to murder charges.

 I was behind bars for 3 good days without my statement been written or allowing any visitor to come see me, on the third day my wife came to the station with Eddysongs and because of his financial influence I was granted bail and he took care of all expenses ranging from my little boy’s medical bill and that of the damaged windscreen, he rented a chamber and hall for my family and kept visiting and giving me money to support the running of my home.

One day he called me to his house and told me that he didn’t like the way he was fishing for me always but rather he wanted to teach me how to fish so I fend for myself, he told me there was this prayer group he had joined where anyone who comes there is supported and strengthen in the spiritual world, he mentioned some known names in the society who also came to the place for spiritual assistance, I felt it was a great idea since I was also prayerful that time and was ready to do anything in my capacity to bounce back to normal again, he told me he will take me there when the time comes. Some few days later he came to pick me to the allegedly “prayer camp”, he was dressed in a fancy way but I taught it was a fashion style so I kept mute and followed him to where he was taking me, on the way going he asked me if I was ready and had a strong heart for the battle ahead? I told him am very ready for anything just to be on my feet again in life, he liked my morale and told me that, with the faith I was displaying now to him everything will be okay for me so he drove out of town to a quite place with this huge mansion with a lot of men guarding the place all fully armed to the teeth, I wondered which prayer camp had a top notch security detail that way but I remembered some of the names he mentioned and I taught since some were ministers of state, it was normal for that place to be secured that way, as we entered the compound of the mansion I marvelled my dear because the cars that were parked in,side were more than I anticipated, he took me in,side the room and spoke to someone who led us to a section of the house, I realised all the men in,side were dressed in the same attire with something like an apron on their wa-ist, the apron was in different colours and they sat in groups per the colour of the apron, I also noticed there were no female amongst them.

 That was weird but I taught it was a man’s world so I just followed Eddysongs, we were ushered into a room filled with thick smoke and I could see different idols and drawings on the way, Eddysongs introduced me to someone he called as his holy eminence and the man welcomed me to the holy fraternity, Eddysongs went on further to tell the man that I was ready to join them as a new member so I should be initiated into the fraternity, the man asked me if I was very ready to undertake any task that was given to me? I told him if that task will help bring me back to my feet I will do that, he gave me a golden cup to drink from it and after drinking from it I realised it was blood, I was confused but had to relax and get explanation from Eddysongs when we left the place.

After drinking the man told me I was done with phase one and that the second and final phase will be done in our next meeting day but warned me that should I discuss what I witnessed in the compound with any soul out of this fraternity, I will go deaf and dumb then also go mad, he stressed that because of the blood that I had drank there was no turning back for me.

 We left the place after the meeting feeling very angry with Eddysongs for not giving me up to date details of the place he wanted to take me, that day I told him my mind and left his house to mine feeling very angry and bad, the fact that I wanted money didn’t mean I should turn into a ritualist or cultist, I tried to vomit the blood I took on my way but my actions never yielded any fruit, hmmmm as I got to the house, Stella saw that I wasn’t cheerful and I looked stressed up, she tried to find out what the problem was but I lied to her that I was okay and also hungry, she gave me food and as I was eating in,side I heard my son scre-m outside the house, my wife and I rushed to the house to see him lying down motionless…………


My wife and I rushed outside the house to see our little boy lying down motionless, I ordered my wife to bring water for me to sprinkle it on his face to see if I could revive him but as I tried the value was the same, I placed my head on his chest to find out if he was breathing, infact his heart was beating but not in the normal way so I rushed outside the house to get a taxi which will convey us to the hospital ASAP.

When we got to the hospital the nurse’s on duty were demanding for a cash down payment before the would attend to my little boy, I tried persuading them to commence treatment on him as I also run along to mobilise funds for his hospital bills. Because of what Eddysongs did I didn’t want to even see his face again so going to him for assistance was the very the last thing that could come to mind, I went back to the house to get my susu box and when I broke the box the only money I had in,side was eight thousand five hundred and thirty cedis(8530) now not even up to ninety pesewas (90p), I rushed to the hospital back to make payment of what I have been able to raise but I was told unless I pay about sixty thousand cedis (60000) before they will commence treatment, my wife had been crying her heart out even though her condition now didn’t permit her to do so, I went to her for her gold rings so I add it to mine and go and sell it for me to raise extra money, after she gave out the ring she asked why I haven’t been able to call my friend over to assist us, I lied to her that Eddysongs was out of town and she in return spoke to me in a way she had never done to me before that should anything happen to our son, she will never forgive me in this world.

I went out of the hospital with her threat ringing in my head continuously, I went to a goldsmith in town to sell our wedding rings feeling very bad, the rings that I bought for two hundred and seventy five thousand cedis(275000), the man said he could only buy it for forty thousand cedis(40000) nothing more nothing less, was I having a choice? I took the man like that and went back to the hospital, I paid the deposit fee and immediately they started attending to our little boy, an oxygen was placed on him so it would help him to breath, the doctor wrote some prescription for me to get those drugs immediately but where was the money, I went to the hospital dispensary to get the prices of the medicine on the prescription form and cost was close to two hundred thousand cedis (200000), where was I going to raise such money? Was I supposed to rob a bank? Even if I was to go into stealing, was I having the courage to do so? Thousands of unanswered questions flashed through my head within a minute, the only choice I had now was to swallow my pride and go to Eddysongs to plead with him for him to assist me because he was my only hope, if God was still doing his miracles on this earth then my miracle was Eddysongs.

 I rushed to his house and luckily for me he was about to step out of his house, the first thing he asked me when he saw me was, “have you come to my house to insult me more?”, I told him that was not my mission to his house but I needed his assistance dearly, he asked me to follow him in,side the house so I tell him everything, when I was done he told me that because of such problems that is the reason why I needed to join the holy fraternity so that I won’t lack anything on this earth, he took that advantage to corner me to come in terms with him, I told him to give me a little time to ponder over what he said to me and the only thing he said was “my brother time nor dey”, he stood up and went to his room only to return with an A3 envelope in his hand, he threw the evenlope at me and told me to go and rescue my little boy, he even dropped me at the hospital and immediately I went to the dispensary to get the medicine for my boy.

 My wife gave me a smile seeing the medicine in my hands after that long period of sadness and hopelessness, she asked how I came by the money and I told her not to worry for now, I told her I wanted to go back home so I put things in place since we didn’t even lock our door when leaving the house and before I left the hospital I gave her fifty thousand cedis(50000) that should in case there was the need to buy anything for our boy she could use it but I wanted to rest a bit so I come back to sit by our child later for her to also go and rest.

When I got home I poured the money remaining on the envelope on my bed and per my calculation I realised Eddysongs gave me six hundred and fifty thousand cedis (650000) but on a piece of paper in,side the envelope there was this small note written on it, I heard a knock on my door and left to check who it was and when I did it was this old woman I had never seen around the neighbourhood before, she said she was thirsty and that she needed water to drink, I told her to come in,side the room but she refused say she was okay outside, I went in to get her water and after drinking she thanked me and told me not to dent my life with anything bad on this earth because I have a good heart and clean mind, I decided to give her something small so she uses when she needed something, in my right pocket was the little money left on me with the wedding rings I sold and in my left pocket was some of the money I got from Eddysongs. The money in my right pocket was left with two thousand five hundred cedis(2000) now twenty pesewas(20p) which I felt wasn’t enough so I dipped my hand in the left pocket and brought out five thousand cedis(5000) now fifty pesewas(50p) to hand it over to her but she refused that money and rather said she wanted the smaller money which came from my right pocket saying the money from my left was not clean money.

 I didn’t understand her but gave her the money she preferred and she left but when I turned again she was out of sight, I got a bit scared but ignored that feeling some few seconds later, I went for the paper attached to the money and my eyes opened wide



To be continued…………..

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