Vanity Episode 32

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Nana Yaw: She is seated next to you my dear.

Adjoa Wusua: (Quickly jumps on her feet to take cover behind Nana Yaw) Am not ready to see any ghost Nana, hope she is not mad at my presence in her house.

Nana Yaw: No my dear, she didn’t come here to harm any of us, I use to run for cover when she started appearing in my dreams and showing herself physically to me. She was the reason why I got myself injured because I was scared of her presence and that was when I fell from the staircase on my birthday. During the time that I was hospitalised, she visited me countless times and made her intentions known to me. Adjoa if you want to walk away from me with this revelation, I won’t hold anything against you or bear you any grudges.

Adjoa Wusua: Nana what are you saying, I equally fell in love with you the very first day I set my eyes on you and over the days my love for you rather kept increasing, I won’t judge you by your past because I know you don’t live there again. We all have our ugly side or past and I must confess my respect for you has rather grown bigger. I will stand by you through thick and thin my dear, we will take eveything one step at a time and I believe with God by our side we will definitely smile at the storm.

Nana Yaw: Thank you very much Adjoa, you have proven to me that behind every real successful man, there is woman. God bless you for coming into my life.

Adjoa Wusua: Looking at the time it’s already morning my dear, let me rush to the kitchen to prepare you breakfast and in the course of the day we will go and see a man of God for spiritual guidance as to what to do next.

During the day, the person who worked on the travelling doc-ments of Esi Haizel and Eddysongs called to inform them that their travelling doc-ments were ready and that their flight will take off late in the evening so they should get themselves ready. Esi felt happy because all her life she had never travelled to any of the countries closer to Ghana before not to talk about outside Africa, she packed her things and went to town to fix her hair and nails so she looked classy. Nana Yaw and Adjoa Wusua also went to see a well known man of God in town but were told he had gone to the mountains to observe a forty(40) days fasting and will be back in a weeks time.

Fast Forward:

Esi Haizel and Eddysongs were in Dubai now, they checked into the Royal suite of Burj Al Arab hotel, Esi couldn’t simply believe her eyes with the interior decoration in the suite they checked into, the room had staircase built with expensive marble and real gold. They toured the best sites in town with a Rolls Royce from Palm island, Burj Khalifa, Dubai museum, Dubai zoo, Dubai creek, Dubai mall, Dubai miracle garden, Dubai waterfront, Dubai Dolphinarium and the almighty Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo. That night when they came back from their tour they were served with an international cushion, a seafood feast of caspin caviar, Tasmanian salmon with foie grass and grilled Atlantic lobster at the Mahara resturant where a special reservation had been made for them.

As this wonderful things were taking place Esi Haizel was also masterminding her evil intentions as to how she will pin Eddysongs down with her pregnancy, she drugged the drink of Eddysongs that night as they came back from the wonderful expedition of the great city, Eddysongs took the drink and shortly after it started taking negative effect on him, Esi did her best to drag Eddysongs to their bed and undressed him, she did same to herself and went to work immediately, she took hold of Eddysongs manh-od and started giving him serious blowjob to bring power into his power house but still there was no power running through Eddysongs system, for close 2hours she did her possible best to generate power but her action yielded no fruits, she got very devastated because it seems her luck was slipping through her fingers whiles she watched helplessly. What option was she having now, she taught deep into the night before she got a very brilliant idea, she went to shower and came out smiling, when they were served supper last night, a container or plastic bottle which contained mint toffee was added to their serving tray, which she took along when they were coming to their suite, as she checked the size of the plastic bottle she knew it could help her do the magic so she poured the mint somewhere and washed the plastic bottle very clean, she came back to the bed and started masturbating with the plastic bottle vigorously, she did that for almost 15minutes and she discharged a lot of fluid from her p***y, after that she rubbed the fluid that she discharged on the d**k of Eddysongs so that when he wakes up from his sleep at least the dry fluid discharge will serve as an evedience for the action he took the previous night.

 After Esi was satisfied with her mission she went to wash the plastic bottle and placed it where she took it, she came back to the bed to sleep next to Eddysongs unclad, both of them slept for long that it was the sun rays that penetrated the curtains of the room that made Eddysongs wake up, as he woke up and saw himself and Esi Haizel unclad he got scared and jump out of the bed, he used his hand to rub his manh-od and smelled the content to see if the thing on his manh-od smelled like anything from a woman’s body, after trying it twice he realised that it was the scent of a p***y, knowing the consequences that was ahead of him, he tapped Esi to wake up and when she woke up, she started putting her acting prowess to display.


When Esi woke up she pretended that she was feeling sleepy, Eddysongs told Esi to wake up so they talk because it was an emergency.

Esi Haizel: Bae please let me sleep small wai, because you were so aggressive on me last night my king. You didn’t even have mercy on me as I pleaded for mercy, you were like a hungry lion who had pounce on its prey, you nearly killed me with the doggy style you gave me.

Eddysongs: Really, I don’t remember anything ooo. All I recollect is we taking some drinks and I went blank.

Esi Haizel: Eeeeiiii papa blackman, you jumped on me like a beast and tore me apart. Bae why did you take any aphrodisiac pills? You were on me like 3hours non stop without mercy, if this is how you will be having s€× with me then am afraid I will run and leave you oooo, I say I love having s€× but I have met my my match and that happens to be you. I think I have to change your name to African Tiger, you are really powerful and strong, you rock my world sweetness. Thanks for last night I really enjoyed myself even though am tired.

Eddysongs: Well no comments from me on last night encounter, am feeling a severe headache this morning, I think it’s because of the strong drink I took last night.

Esi Haizel: Not to worry I will phone the reception for them to get us some painkillers for your headache but I will suggest you come to bed again and rest, you know we did not have much sleep last night, I believe that is the cause of your head but I will love a repeat of what happened last night again today, you know for we fanti’s when it’s sweet we always want it in heavy quantities.

Esi later stood up and went to the bathouse feeling fulfilled about her actions, she knew within her that she was in a comfortable lead so far, as she was enjoying her warm bath Eddysongs joined her in the bathouse to ask extra questions.

Eddysongs: Are you sure of what you said to me my dear because my conscience is still battling with me.

Esi Haizel: You are a very bad man, see the formula you want to use for more of last night episode, you know am yours so if you want anything from me you don’t have to go about beating about the bush, am ready for you any day. See I can even hold the wall for you to strike from behind since that style is also one of my favourites.

Eddysongs: That’s not what I meant my dear, but you never mind.

Esi Haizel: Where are you going at least come and let us shower together then erh.

Since Eddysongs didn’t want to raise any brawls, he took his cloth off and joined Esi in the jacuzzi, she then tried to calm Eddysongs down by helping him scrub his back and that was when she realised that Eddysongs had tattoos on his arms.

Esi Haizel: Darling this tattoos on your arms really look nice ooo, where did you do it and how long have it been on you? I have always wanted to do some but when I get to the tattoo shop then my morale comes down, I even don’t know what exactly to write or draw on my body and also where to get it done, but now that I have you in my life I will write your name on my body at a place I will always see it and have you in mind.

Eddysongs: Thank you for the compliment my dear, I did this tattoos years back when I was in the university, as you can see it’s my nickename I have on my arms, I have EDDY here and SONGS at the other arm.

Esi Haizel: Wow so what inspired such words to reality?

Eddysongs: I just felt like doing it and I don’t regret having a tattoo on me for anything. We have to go for shopping since we will be leaving to Ghana this evening. Hope U enjoyed our coming here?

Esi Haizel: Honey if I say I just enjoyed our coming to this place that will be understatement, memories that I got here is enough to last in my memory for the rest of my life, the site seeing, food, cars, buildings and the rom-nce you gave me will remain very fresh in my head always. Am going to be Oliver Twist who would always ask for more.

Back in Ghana, Adjoa Wusua and Nana Yaw have met the man of God and the moment he set his eyes on Nana Yaw he started saying hidden things about him to his utmost surprise.

Pastor: Young man may the peace of the Lord be with you, I know the reason why you are here and am very happy you took that step. When one soul repents from his/her evil ways, there is joy and merry making in heaven, you made a mistake to have a covenant with the devil but I assure you that if God be God then everything will just be fine because He has said it in holy books that “If we are faithful to confess our sins and move away from it; He will forgive and cleanse us of all unrightesouness”, nothing happens under the sun that God doesnt know or see, some issues and crisis doesnt just come like that, God in his own wisdom designed such things. If there was no death on Friday by Jesus Christ, there wouldn’t be any resurrection on Sunday, there is an angel following you with a sword of fire protecting you and delivering you from every evil plan of the devil. She is called Stella.

Nana Yaw: Pastor my late wife was also called Stella and she has been appearing in my dreams for somtime now.

Pastor: Yes my brother even talking to you I saw what led to your injury in your house and also I see her standing close to you smiling at the bold step you have taken, my brother it is well and God will see us through, the battle ahead of us isn’t a small battle but God said I should tell you as His servant and mouthpiece on earth that you will win the battle ahead of you. The race is not for the swift and the road won’t be an easy one to travel on, you need to be committed, content, courageous, faithful, obedient and prayerful. You must come out of your comfort zone to do this and I don’t know how ready you are for the battle ahead.

Nana Yaw: Man of God am so much ready for this task ahead that there is no turning back to the world again, am ready to denounce and relinquish anything I own on earrh with the help of that evil fraternity, I see nothing good behind me and am not ready for any slavery again because I don’t want Jesus Christ to reject me in his second coming.

Pastor: Am happy to hear that my brother, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a bold step and that is what you have just done, you will have to undergo 21days of serious fasting and prayers, I will give you some scriptures to pray with and would advise you move out of the house without even taking a pin along with you, we will be meeting at this auditorium every evening at 6pm to break the fast and I believe after embarking on this serious fasting and prayer session, everything will be alright but mind you, you won’t get it easy, your enemies will come after you with full force, your life will be in danger, things will be tough for you but in all don’t let your faith in God shake because God will always be with you now and forever. Let us pray.

Adjoa Wusua and Nana Yaw left for the house feeling a bit relieved, can this 2 people stand the test of time and what plans have they got to face the battle ahead of them.

An unknown future has just been placed in the hands of a known God. Light and da rkness has nothing in common and who shall be victorious at the end?



To be continued……

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