Vanity Episode 33

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Nana Yaw and Adjoa Wusua left the pastor’s end with the assurance that God was going to see them through the herculean task ahead of them. Funny enough all throughout Nana Yaw’s life he has not fasted before and today he’s been given a task to fast from 6am to 6pm, they went back to his mansion and went to pack some of his clothes then move to Adjoa’s house for the next 21days, when they were about leaving the house, his bodyguards decided to follow him since he prevented them from following him earlier on when he left the house to the pastor’s end, he told them not to worry but rather they should stay behind and guard the house in a very vigilant way, he wanted an eagle eye assessment in his absence, to the chief bodyguard he was surprise because since he was hired for about 5years ago, there is no single place his boss goes without him and a few selected guards, he went close to enquire why the sudden change of plan from his boss.

Chief Bodyguard: Boss you know very well that since you employed myself and the other guys for over 5years now, you don’t move out of this compound without some of us, even when you travel outside Ghana we go with you so why are you relegating us now?

Nana Yaw: Buffalo am not relegating you guys, we are visiting a herbalist for my leg and arm to be treated but the herbalist who will take care of me doesn’t feel comfortable with guards around me especially as you people carry guns around you all the time, she said I need to come out of my comfort zone in other to get healed early, I wanted her to even come over but she bluntly refused my offer. So you see what am doing falls in line but sorry I didn’t inform you guys early about my departure, I will be away for about 3weeks at least so you guys should be very vigilant and don’t entertain any visitor in my compound, I repeat don’t entertain any visitor in my compound. Don’t also forget to take good care of my dogs and also send them to the veterinary doctor for their weekly checkups. If anything call madam Adjoa’s number, she will attend to you on the request or matter.

Chief Bodyguard: Very well sir, I have heard you loud and clear, am always under your command sir and all the best of luck in your quest to get well. Safe journey sir

Nana Yaw: Okay my bodyshield please open the gate for me.

As the main gate was opened 5cars were already parked by the gate waiting for Nana Yaw already, one of the car doors opened and his holy eminence came down from the car and walked to Nana Yaw.

Holy Eminence: The butterfly thinks himself a bird since it can fly and the stubborn fly always goes to the grave with the corpse. You are treading on a dangerous ground my boy, a child who said he won’t let the mother sleep won’t equally sleep.

Nana Yaw: What is the meaning of this ambush, do you know you are obstructing my movement which is an offense and you can be arrested and prosecuted for that? Do I owe you anything on this earth? Is it by force to continue worsh¡pping that useless idol?

Holy Eminence: Hahahahaha you think your hands have reached your back so you can now rock shoulders with me right? Don’t forget I bought your wife’s soul for only fifteen thousand pounds (£15000) and that of your boy for six hundred and fifty thousand cedis (650000), for you I won’t even pay a pesewa to get you soul.

Nana Yaw: You bought their souls because I was naive and desperate to get money but for now I don’t need that money again, you can only kill my flesh or body but not my spirit or soul. You see that building, cars, dresses and money we chase after desperately, we will all die and leave them behind or if I may ask will you turn into stone one day without you dying. He that is in me is greater than the one in the world, repent for the kingdom of God is at hand, you can take that as a free advice from me Mr man. Now if you don’t mind take that milo container you call a car out of my residents before I make my boys tow it out of here (the bodyguards make a move forward to the direction of his holy eminence)

Holy Eminence: It seems you have forgotten what am capable of doing huh? You this ugly guy in black sunglasses have you forgotten so soon what I did to you in,side that house and for you this young lady, I will deal with you so severely that your corpse will not be complete when it’s time for your burial. You were lucky with my first attack when I sent those snakes to you but I promise on my second attack you won’t survive it to tell your story to anyone.

Nana Yaw: Oh Mr man have you now grown so soft and impotent that you fight people who have no issues with you personally, am the one you should be facing and not innocent people, I have taken my decision to back out of your useless fraternity. I brought myself in and am taking myself out, there is nothing you or anyone can do about that, my destiny is in the hands of Jehovah and if I live, I live for God and if I die I die in the Lord.

Holy Eminence: Hahahahaha you think you know the bible very well, go and ask for the meaning of “heaven suffers violence” in the bible, do you know why I have maggots parading on my head? (takes off his hat to show the maggots to them)

Nana Yaw: Do I look like I care about that, Mr man move yourself and those outdated things infront of my house.

The battle line has just been drawn, who wins the battle here?


Adjoa Wusua looked at Nana Yaw in a fascinating way as his holy eminence left, Nana Yaw I love your confidence, you stood to tour grounds like a man that you are but I have a problem with you because you lied to me about the snakes that came to my house, why did you do that?

Nana Yaw: Hmmmm I lied to save the situation by then, I told you earlier on that you have the right to go angry at me or even walk out of my life if that is what will make you happy.

Adjoa Wusua: In your dreams abrantie, walk out from you life s3n, didn’t you hear your man threatening me? I started this battle with you and am going to finish with you, mind you we Kwahu’s keep our promises so don’t worry your head koraa.

Nana Yaw: Thanks very much for your unflinching and unwavering support, you always remind me of my sweet Stella. Hmmmmm may God keep her beautiful soul for me safely, my dear please take me home.

Adjoa Wusua: Amen and I know her soul has found a resting place in the bosom of our Lord. She is gone but fortunately am here for you, I promise to make you the happiest man on earth.

Adjoa drove straight to her apartment, somehow scared but had to act brave so she can support Nana Yaw very well.

Meanwhile Esi Haizel and Eddysongs had touched down at the kotoka international airport, immediately the checked out and got to the arrival hall, Eddysongs got a call from his holy eminence and excuses himself to receive the call since he didn’t want Esi to hear details of the call;

Holy Eminence: Where are you youngman?

Eddysongs: (frightened with the call knowing he had gone against his vow he made in the fraternity) I am at the airport my lord, please pardon my mistake, I don’t know what came over me.

Holy Eminence: And what is the confession all about? See your friend has really gotten on my nerves and am asking you to call him into order for the very last time because when I strike there will be no mercy for him and for that lady who goes about parading herself like a diva or beauty queen, I want you to eliminate her from this world. I don’t care how you do it but make sure that, the job you do is clean because I don’t want any fingers to be pointing at us. Meanwhile come over right now to the holy sanctuary for a better discussion.

Eddysongs: Very well my lord, well be there in some few minutes time (call ends)

Eddysongs then moves to Esi to tell her to take lead to the house since his attention is needed urgently by a very important client.

Esi understood and boarded a taxi home whiles Eddysongs also goes to the holy sanctuary, as he got down of the car and was going in,side to meet his holy eminence he was a bit scared and he feared he will be punished severly for going against the fraternity laws. He eventually went in,side the room and when he got to where his holy eminence sat he went on his knees to beg for mercy and forgiveness for sleeping with a lady who wasn’t a mad person.

Eddysongs: My lord please forgive me for disobeying 6the laws of this holy fratenity, I was under the influence of alcohol my lord please give me another chance to compensate this fraternity.

Holy Eminence: Am still not getting you my boy but if you want to be pardoned for something you did then go and kill that girl.

Eddysongs: My lord, you know that task is a very difficult one to accomplish, please give me a little time so I talk some sense into the head of my friend, I believe he will come to his senses when I talk to him.

Holy Eminence: Am giving you only 72hours to get Nana Yaw back on track again or else the lady who happens to be a stumbling block between the fraternity and Nana Yaw, you can take your leave now.

Eddysongs on his way back home, had thousands of ideas popping up in his head, both negative and positive but he decided to tackle the positive aspect first before applying the negative one, scientist say the only time muscles is intersected is when persuasion fails and after that force is released with full vigour. He picks his phone and calls Nana Yaw serverally but he deliberately refuses to pick his calls, after trying like 15times without any positive response he sends him a text message and immediately Nana Yaw calls back.

Nana Yaw: What are you calling me for? Have you been sent to come and pursade me or kill me like how you did to the others?

Eddysongs: Hey relax my guy, you should be happy I picked my phone to call you in the first place, see everyone in the fraternity is mad with your insolent behaviour my guy, for sometime now you have been rubbing our faces into the mud and it’s high time I call you to order since I was the one who introduced you to the fraternity, see the kind of luxurious life you have been leaving for the past 5years.

Nana Yaw: My friend don’t even go there, did you say luxurious life? Don’t you see me work my ass out for the expansion of my business or does your fraternity send money into my accounts without me working for it? Let me emphasis on this issue to you and convey my message to your leader that, if he doesn’t stay off my back I will chew him like how a mother pig does to people who come closer to her piglets. You don’t want to see my other side because it’s uglier than hell (drops the call immediately)

Eddysongs: So this foolish dude has the temerity, effrontery, impudence, audacity and infact the chutzpah to cut the line on me whiles am talking to him. He has forgotten so soon how I turned his life around with the help of the fraternity. You see why some of us have started to leave a stingy life without helping our fellow brothers. The tree that will pluck the eye out doesn’t need to be trimmed down but it has to be uprooted, I have a perfect idea for NanaYaw and Adjoa Wusua

At Adjoa’s residence Nana Yaw summons Adjoa over and warns her about her movement, what to eat, where to eat and where she goes because he was smelling a looming trouble miles away to their location. After the decision Adjoa gets a call and guess who the caller was?

It was Lawyer Doctor Niibi Ayibontey.

Adjoa Wusua: Hello sweet uncle, how are you doing? What about my future mother? I miss you paaa oooo!!!!

Lawyer Ayibontey: Your uncle here is doing fantabulously well, so is that how nieces behave towards their uncle, you have left me all alone for me to be devoured by vultures other there huh?

Adjoa Wusua: You know that can’t be possible, our wife to be is there to take very good care of you and I trust she is already doing that work for you.

Lawyer Ayibontey: Hmmmmm did I hear you mention the adjective “wife”? There is a lot to talk about my dear, we need to find time, meet and talk.

Adjoa Wusua: Hope all is well and there is no bad news hovering around you?

Lawyer Ayibontey: Bad news is very far from my household my dear, just come home and let’s talk but before I forget how is your sister?

Adjoa Wusua: Hmmmm that one, I don’t know what have come over her, she started behaving cold towards me some weeks back which I seem not to understand but will give you full details when I come but I have a big surprise for you which I will come along with, when coming over to you house so please text me the house address details so i pass by tomorrow.

Lawyer Ayibontey: That will be great because I equally have an outstanding surprise also waiting for you. The address details is on its way coming.

After the call Adjoa tells Nana Yaw the content of the call, pleads with him to come along with her when she goes to visit the lawyer.

Will Eddysongs be able to convince his friend or would he go in for the p lan B which is to eliminate Adjoa Wusua?

Time is the best judge here even though it waits for no man.



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