Vanity Episode 35

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Adjoa Wusua drove straight to her house to attend to her lover boy and also update him on her encounter with Lawyer Ayibontey, she also invited him over to Lawyer Ayibonte’s office the next day, they went through their afternoon prayer together, when they were done she decided to prepare the evening meal so that when they break the day fast, they will feast with on it immediately, as she checked the fridge and the kitchen cabinet the meal she could prepare was rice and chicken. She started with the chicken and as she was done frying it she decided to get something from the bedroom only to come back to the kitchen to meet Nana Yaw smuggling some of the chicken into his pocket so he can go and hide himself to chew it, Adjoa yelled at him and he hid his face in shame because he was the same person who rebuked Adjoa ealier on when she was in Eddysongs residence.

Esi Haizel cleaned the place and left the house to the hospital with her own selfish agenda in mind, she went to see a doctor to forge a fake pregnancy report for her to give to her partner.

Meanwhile Eddysongs went to see his holy eminence to inform him that he could not carry on with the assignment that had been given to him again and also Nana Yaw was been adamant to hid to his advice so the fratenity could take any action it deemed fit against him, this statement made his holy eminence get very angry and he sprung to his feet, I give you a small task and you fail to do it for me, make sure you don’t go against any of the rules in this fraternity. He chanted some words and did some magical incarnations which made some dwarf like beings to come out from an idol in the room they were sitted, he then ordered them to perform a certain task and after that he dismissed them to go and do the work that has been assigned to them.

Later in the evening when Nana Yaw and Adjoa Wusua breaked their fast and were eating, the doorbell rang and Nana Yaw went to check who it was, when he checked it was the man of God and his mother. Nana Yaw quickly opened the door and went to meet them so that he ushers them in, they were invited to the dinning table but the old woman refused to eat even though she was hungry because she had to travel a very long distance with the man of God, it took Adjoa and the man of God a very long time for them to convince her to eat something, all this while Nana Yaw watched his mother silently and was feeling pity in,side him because the mother looked pale and sick, her clothes were worn out. He cried within him for one simple reason and that was because the money he even spent on his dogs in a week was enough for someone for a wh0le month but here was the case where the mother who gave birth to him was wallowing in serious poverty and couldn’t even fend for herself for 3 square meals. After eating they went to the hall to have a very long discussion but one thing that baffled Adjoa and Nana Yaw was how the man of God got to meet Nana Yaw’s mother.

Adjoa Wusua: Prophet Owusu Peprah please ooo, how did you meet Nana Yaw’s mother because I don’t remember any of us giving details about her whereabouts?

Prophet O. Peprah: My dear when the Holy Spirit moves, there is harmony, redemption, liberty, hope and victory, as you left my place, I continued praying about your case and asked for God’s protection and guidance over your life and it was through the prayers that God revealed to me where I could locate his mother. I must say it wasn’t easy but God has been faithful, I told her everything that happened and the reason why Nana Yaw abandoned her without even coming to check up on her or send money over to her.

Nana Yaw: Mum I love you so much and I didn’t want your untimely death, everything I did then and now was because of your well being, the truth is the moment I give you money from my pocket, you will die in less than 24hours, your love, affection, attention and sacrifices towards my life is always fresh in my memory like it was just yesterday. I still remember how you s-cked the scorpion poison from my body when I got stung, mum I can never ever pay you back with evil and I plead with you to find a place in your heart to forgive me (he goes down on his knees to plead for mercy)

Nana Yaw’s Mum: (in tears hold her son) My son you are all that I have got on this earth, “I can’t throw my intestines away and fill my stomach with leaves”, the man of God told me everything that happened and all I expected from you is what you have done by showing me how remorseful you are, am here to throw my weight behind you in this battle ahead of you. I know the living God we serve will bring to us victory.

Prophet O. Peprah: Am very happy with what I have witnessed this evening and I know this is a sign of victory for this family, I trust in God that He who has started this thing will bring it to a successful end. There is something I will like us to do in your house in 3days time but the truth is you have to sell everything you have acquired through the fraternity and give it out to charity.

Nana Yaw: I don’t have a problem with that at all Prophet Peprah, all I look forward to is for me to get my freedom back and share the little I have with my super mum, my first love, my guardian angel and shield. Thank you very much Prophet for you heavenly assistance to me.

Prophet O. Peprah: God is the one to take the praise and not me my brother, am just a vessel that God is using in this end time to rescue the oppressed and those in bondage. Please don’t eat or drink anything outside this house as a form of gift or merits and lastly don’t accept any gift in the form of dress, shoe, hamper or even money. I will visit your shop very soon and anoint the place before you start work fully, but also at midnight when you hear noises or any knock on your door please stay in your bed and pray, don’t make any move to check on the cause of the noise or who is knocking on the door. Something serious will take place this evening and the battle is a though one, when I leave the this house, I will anoint the corners of this house and the all doors of this house.

Good night and God be with you


Prophet O. Peprah left the house and poured anointing oil in the four coners of the house, he did same for every door leading to the house and left to his end. The following day Adjoa Wusua and Nana Yaw went to see Lawyer Ayibontey in his office for an important disussion, he asked Nana Yaw several questions and he also answered calmly but one surprising thing was that lawyer seemed very composed and confident when asking the questions and he was even painting a picture of some faces for Nana Yaw to confirm or attest to that, what brought goosebumps to our body was when he described his holy eminence to us. Adjoa and Nana Yaw were very surprised with his description but he told us not to worry, he started with another story of his life which he had never spoken about it to any soul on this earth.

Lawyer Ayibontey: My children this story of mine is my greatest secret on this earth that I haven’t disclosed to any living soul on this earth before, as I graduated from the law school and the bar association called me to serve mother Ghana, things became tough for me with how I was to present myself as a young lawyer in the law court, a senior colleague in the chamber I was practicing one day called me over to his office for an important disussion because he claimed he saw a very bright future ahead of me in the law profession and that the potentials in me could be unearthed early if I would give him the cooperation that he would need, when he was convinced later that I was trust worthy he introduced me to a secret occultic group which had about 45% of the big time lawyers and judges in Ghana part of the group. Honestly within a short time of joining, I saw massive improvement with myself as to the cases that I started winning and in no time my name was everywhere in the country that even my fellow lawyers got scared at the mention of my name when they got to know I will be facing them at court, after passing through all the ranks in the group I was introduced to this holy fraternity of yours, when I joined there was this other youngman I heard came from Nigeria, he was a Ghanaian though but went in search of greener pastures there, a position availed itself and the race to occupy that position was between the other guy and myself but before you could take that position you must have a daughter as your first child and she must be someone who is a V-rgin and had started menstruation, my fellow colleague was not having a child by then and he saw me to be in a comfortable lead to win that position ahead of him, he recurited some boys who invaded my house one nice afternoon when my wife and daughter had just arrived from town after they went for shopping, the leader of those criminals right in front of me f**ked my daughter and disV-rgined her and when my wife tried to oppose, she was shot in the head by the gang leader, as if that was not enough they killed my daughter also when she was trying to fight back, I was given a hell of beaten that day that I can never forget, the beating I received that resulted in making me an impotent man. Yes you heard me right, ever since that day my manh-od never raised it head again until just last week when I met Maame Afua’s mum at the hospital that I started getting network back in it again, thankfully power has been restorted into it again that now I travel to Suhum, Nsawam, Nkawkaw and Kumasi back to back.

Adjoa Wusua: Wow what a story, lawyer but I remember the last time you spoke to us, you said you saw some tattoo or so on one of them?

Lawyer Ayibontey: Yes the gang leader had some tattoos on his shoulders, the one I read vividly was “SONGS” and for the other shoulder I couldn’t see well because of the beatings I was receiving, but there was “Y” and some other words that wasn’t more than 4 or 5 words.

Adjoa Wusua: (smiling to herself) Sir we are getting somewhere with this discussion, Nana Yaw please concerning tattoos what do you know about your friend?

Nana Yaw: He has some tattoos on his shoulders, yes and it’s his nickname.

Adjoa Wusua: Sir please give me pen and paper (it’s handed over to her and she writes some things boldly on it and shows it out to them) Nana Yaw please is this the words on your friend’s shoulder?

Nana Yaw: Yes my dear, that is exactly the words on his left and right shoulders respectively.

Adjoa Wusua: Hahahahaha beautiful, lawyer please check what am about to show to you carefully and tell me if you have any idea on what am going to show to you. Please have you seen this words before? (she shows the content of what was on the paper to lawyer)

Lawyer Ayibontey: (takes a clinical look at the paper and it contents for a while and starts shedding tears) Adjoa this are the same words that was on the shoulder of the gang leader, the one who disV-rgined my daughter and shot my wife and daughter to death. Oh yes those are the same words he had on him, he stands tall about 6feet and is well built in stature.

Nana Yaw: That’s very true, he’s over 6feet and is well built but when did that happen sir?

Lawyer Ayibontey: It happened somewhere in the early 2000, I have accurate information about the date and time it all happened here (opens a drawer and brings a file out, he hands it over to Nana Yaw to go through it for every information he wanted to know).

Nana Yaw: (goes through the file and his curiosity level w¡den) As he went through the file he realised that the time the incident took place was around the same time Eddysongs was rusticated from the university.

The story is getting heated. Nothing can be hidden under this sun forever.

Nemesis has a way of c oming back to us in everything we do in this life.



To be continued……

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