Vanity Episode 36

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Nana Yaw: Well sir judging from the time this barbaric incident took place my friend had been rusticated from the university for some examination malpractice and I never saw him again until about 6years ago when I came across him in a traffic jam.

Lawyer Ayibontey: So you mean you know that pig who took my happiness away from me within a day? That idiot, son of a b****, stupid b******, herh I will get him thrown to jail for the rest of his life without even seeing light again, I will make life unbearable for him in this world. I will………..

Adjoa Wusua: Sir please take it easy, you know very well that until the court proves him guilty, he isn’t a criminal yet. The important thing is how to get him apprehended for serious investigation to commence.

Nana Yaw: Yes I agree with you totally Adjoa.

Lawyer Ayibontey: That won’t be a problem my good people, I will call my in-law to this matter for him to get that swine, herh I will make him defecate and eat his own thing. I will make him beg for death to come and take him away whiles his time isn’t up. For taking my daughter and wife away I will deal with him ruthlessly. (he picks his phone and summoned his in-law to come to his office right away because something very serious and a vital information had just been given to him)

After the call, lawyer took Nana Yaw and Adjoa Wusua through some preventive measure and how they would survive this difficult battle they had ahead of them. In no time Chief Supt Ansah Akoto joined lawyer and his guest.

Chief Supt. Ansah Akoto: Good day to everyone, madam Adjoa how are you doing? Sir your call sounded very urgent and I hope all is well?

Adjoa Wusua: Am very fine our husband-to-be, I hope you taking very good care of my sister also?

Chief Supt. AnsahAkoto: She is also very fine and looking beautiful every rising minute.

Lawyer Ayibontey: Enough of the pleasantries for now, there is this revelation I just stumbled upon and I want us to tackle it with an utmost agency. I don’t know if you could remember as far back as the early 2000, some robbers murdered a woman and her daughter at their residence in front of the man of the house, the incident was all over the place for weeks.

Chief Supt. Ansah Akoto: Eeeeerm do you mean the case that involved a young lawyer whose daughter was raped and when her mother opposed she was shot in the head.

Lawyer Ayibontey: Yes that is the very case am talking about.

Chief Supt. Ansah Akoto: Oh that case? That case was the first murder case I was called upon to investigate but when I started I got a call from the former regional commander to close the docket and forget about the case, I was willing to dive deep into that case to apprehend the culprits at all cost but the regional commander threatened to transfer me to the worse district in the police service or interdict me for insurbodination if I persist to carry on with the case. I had no option than to do as he said because among my mates that were commissioned on the same day, I was the only person who was transfer to the city, they were all sent to typical villages and I didn’t want to join them anytime soon.

Lawyer Ayibontey: So you mean that swine who died on a toilet seat last year ordered you to close that case, no wonder he died an ugly death after he came on retirement. Well to set the records straight, I was the victim who lost his wife and daughter that day.

Chief Supt. Ansah Akoto: (feeling very surprise with the information he got) You don’t mean it sir.

Lawyer Ayibontey: I mean every word I said my boy and the reason why I called you over is because I have just been given up to date information of the gang leader who led those hoodlums to my house that day. I know where he is now and at the mention of his name you will marvel.

Chief Supt. Ansah Akoto: You see one good thing I love about criminal cases is that, criminal case does not have an expiring date or validation, so far as you can gather enough information about the culprit then we are good to go and take legal actions towards the culprit. But if I may ask, who is the suspect you have in mind.

Nana Yaw: I won’t use the word suspect because I know the person was the very person behind that crime and he is no one but Edward Ansong, the CEO of Eddysongs Group of Companies.

Chief Supt. Ansah Akoto: Whaaaat? Do you realise the person you accusing of such crime? Are you aware of the number of projects he has been doing in the city and at my police station? He’s even promised to renovate the wh0le police station with a state of the act gadgets to make our work easier and even add 5cars to what we already have. He looks more decent than the accusations been levelled against him.

Nana Yaw: Am very disappointed with you comments Mr Commander, are you simply judging a book by its cover without reading? Do you know this guy better than me or are you trying to defend him just because of the things he has been doing at your police station? Do you even by chance know the person who paid for the CCTV camera’s which was installed at your station just last month? You better start gathering the information we are going to give you and go to work.

Lawyer Ayibontey: So what happened to the docket of my case?

Chief Supt. Ansah Akoto: I still have that docket in my drawer, I never closed or destoryed that docket, so revisiting the case is going to be very easy.

Lawyer Ayibontey: But how are you going to get my statement since you weren’t the one who wrote it. Well I have everything in the docket very much intact and I will org-nise my boys so we draw a plan to make an arrest this evening, I will appeal to you to stay calm

and leave the rest to us. I will call you if I need any extra information. Have a nice day.

Later in the evening Esi prepared a very nice food for Eddysongs with her intentions to break the pregnancy news to him, by then Eddysongs was upstairs in one of the rooms, she scre-med his name out loudly and he rushed downstairs to check what the problem was but when he got down he realised his favourite food had been prepared so he was asked to sit down for him to be served, when she served him and he was eating she started smiling with her man and she was asked why? Baby I have a very big surprise for you that will make you the happiest man on earth but first enjoy your food whiles I get something for you upstairs. Esi Haizel rushed upstairs and when shs got to the top she threw a question to her lover and the question was Mr Edward Ansong, do you really love me and want to spend the rest of my life with me? Eddysongs looked at her smiled and nodded his head to affirm his love for her, she then told him she will be right back, a few minutes later Eddysongs heard a loud scre-m upstairs and he quickly dashed out to see what the problem was, when he got upstairs he saw Esi standing infornt of the room which had his home made shrine, apparently he was in,side that room when Esi scre-med out loud and as he came out of the room he forgot to lock the place up because of the agency of the call;

Esi Haizel: Baby so all this while you are an occultic person, you lied to me when I asked you about this idol and everything you have been telling me happens to be lies, am very disappointed in you and here lies the case where am carrying your child in,side my womb (in her hands was a the confirmation paper).

Eddysongs: (feeling guilty and angry at the same time picks a flower vast which was on a table close by and hits Esi with it on her forehead) You cheap slut, you have been sleeping around with other fools and you lie to me that I have impregnated you? If you care to know my sp**m are sterile and I can never ever in my life impregnate any decent woman unless a mad woman. Gold digger like you, I will chop your body into pieces and offer it as burnt offering to my idols, fooooooool!!!!

He drags the body of Esi down to the hall and moves to the kitchen to get a sharp knife so he starts with his butchering exercise but he hears some one ordering him from behind;

Freeze Mr man if you move I will blow your head off, don’t try to make any stupid move because if you try anything silly that will be the last thing you will do on this world. As Eddysongs turned he saw 7 armed police officers standing in his hall together with Nana Yaw, Lawyer Ayibonteny and Chief Supt. Ansah Akoto.

Chief Supt. Ansah Akoto: Mr Edward Ansong aka Eddysongs, you are under arrest for the murder of one Mrs Ayibontey and her daughter, you have the right to an attorney and anything you say now shall be used against you in the court of law.

Eddysongs: What nonsense, so Nana Yaw after all I did for you, you repay me back with evil by accusing me wrongly and bringing this stomach police officers to my house. For you this stupid commander after all I did for you personally and your stinking police station you followed this dimwit to my house to make noise and accuse me wrongly of something I know nothing about. I will sue the entire police service to last the last person in the service.

Lawyer Ayibontey: Oh shut up you murder, you think your cup will never full up, remember what I told you that day when you were about leaving my house after you murdered my wife and daughter in cold blood. To everything that has a beginning surely there is an end, your tattoos on your shoulder were what revealed your personality. Am the one laughing last and I will see to it that you will spend the rest of you occultic life behind bars where there is no light.

Chief Supt Ansah Akoto: Corporal handcuff him and lets take him away.

Eddysongs: Hell no, am not going down alone (he quickly grabs Esi from the floor whiles she was unconscious and bleeding from her forehead as result the knock she got from Eddysongs). Anyone who comes anywhere closer to me will witness the death of this harlot and myself.

The next thing everyone in the room heard was a gunshot from behind, when they turned Adjoa Wusua was holding in her hands a silver pistol, she shot Eddysongs hand which was holding the knife.

Nana Yaw: Baby where did you get the gun from and why did you do that?

Adjoa Wusua: (pulled a chain out which had a badge of authority on it) Am an undercover agent from the Interpol and I have been trailing this idiot for the past 6years, he has been doing some illegal narcotics business in Europe and the last time he travelled to Canada he killed a man and his wife who didn’t want to do business with him again. Secondly he does human trafficking business where most of the girls he sends abroad are turned into pr-stitutes. Lastly he is the one responsible for all the pregnant mad women in this community. I came to your birthday party for a purpose and that purpose has been achieved.

Nana Yaw: Adjoa so all this while you were not the person I taught you were, you have been using me as a bait to achieve your aim.

Adjoa Wusua: That is not true my dear, we will talk about that when we get home.

Chief Supt. Ansah Akoto: Guys take him away and lock him in,side the hærd-core criminals cell. His case will be processed and arranged to court as soon as possible, Lawyer Ayibontey, Nana Yaw and Adjoa Wusua please I will like to see you tomorrow at my office so I take your individual statements so we know what step to take. Good night and thanks for your support. Inspector Donkor you an your team please take the lady to the hospital

Adjoa Wusua drove Nana Yaw to the house in silence, no one wanted to speak but eventually Nana Yaw spoke.

Nana Yaw: So Adjoa you have been using me all this while? I taught you were so madly in love with me but this evening you just made it known to me that you were just using me to accomplish your mission. Please tell me who you really are because I don’t know you any longer?

Adjoa Wusua: The only thing I didn’t tell you was my work Mr lover boy, everything else about me is genuine so please don’t worry and yes I have fallen so much in love with you that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Get  well early so you walk me down the aisle because I can’t wait to be your wife.



To be continued……..

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