Vanity Episode 37 (finale)

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Nana Yaw: Are you sure of what you saying because am scared of you now ooo.

Adjoa Wusua: Hahahaha I mean every word am saying my king. I want to be the mother of your children, be the woman you sleep and wake up with, my heart is by your side and I can’t wait for you to officially add your name to mine. I have spoken with a foreign agency who are willing to buy your mansion, business empire and cars at an amount of 30million dollars.

Nana Yaw: Wow that is good, I was bothered about getting a buyer who will purchase my things when we are done with the purification exercise but you have taken that headache away from me. My charity foundation is going to be great and I intend to name it “Make A Wish Foundation”.

Adjoa Wusua: I like the name of you foundation but would also like to suggest a motto for it and it is: “For Some Wishes May Come True”, importantly I am bothered about mummy now because I don’t want her to go back to the village again, I don’t know if she would be okay with that.

Nana Yaw: Don’t worry about her because I know how to convince her to stay with us. Thanks very much for coming into my life and showing me much love my Angel. You rock my lady.

As they got home, the man of God was waiting for them in their house with a new development;

Prophet O. Peprah: May the peace of the Lord be with you, I had a vision last night and I saw clearly what was going to happen in this house after midnight, I saw some dark dwarf like creatures in your house and the were feasting on your mother and when you tried to fight them you were murdered.

Nana Yaw: Blood of Jesus, the devil is a liar and nothing that he does will go in his favour. My mum will not die this early, she will carry her grandchildren at her back and enjoy the fruits of her labour.

Prophet O. Peprah: I like your positive spirit but what the Lord is instructing me to tell you is that we should pray without ceasing, tonight no one will sleep in this house. We will pray vehemently against any form of attack over this family and household, secondly we will be praying for a secured future free of crisis and any form of disaster, lastly we going to pray for God to put to death our fears and bring to life our hopes. I will entreat you to find something to eat, freshen up and come back here for the spiritual battle to commence.

Adjoa Wusua: Very well man of God, we won’t relent on anything and we will leave no unturned. The battle is the Lord’s.

Later that night the wh0le family with the man of God, led them to a serious session of intercessory prayer and then against the occultic kingdom, shortly after midnight things took a different dimension when serious air started blowing, the lights in the room were going on and off, you could hear the roof of the building shaking and the cry of vultures hovered around the house. All of a sudden the door to the house which had been locked opened wide and thunder lights started flashing together with some thunder strikes, the next thing they saw were 3 short creatures more like dwarfs walking into the room. This brought fear and panic into the room as everyone went to hide behind the man of God.

Prophet O. Peprah: You spirit of the marine world, you have stepped in the wrong house, light and darkness has nothing in common, the lion doesn’t corncern himself with the opinion of a sheep. Turn back and go to the place you were sent from with the message that you came to meet the holy ghost fire hovering around this household. The blood of Jesus has a long covenant with this house

Dwarf: Oh shut up you fool, you think the little power you have in you can stand that of ours, you see that old woman who is hiding behind you, her soul belongs to us and a will feast on her flesh this early morning. For you Nana Yaw I want you to know that am a punishment from the holy fraternity, if you had not committed great sins against the fraternity, the gods would not have sent a punishment like me upon you. Allow me do my work in peace before I add you to the sacrifice list.

Prophet O. Peprah: Hahahahaha that is where you are wrong, the devil has never been victorious in a battle like this before, my Holy Bible has made it clear to me that the blood Jesus poured on the cross cleaned our sins and paid every price we owed the devil and in rom-ns 8 vrs 37; the Bible says we are more than conquerors through him (God) who loved us.

Dwarf: Oh spare me that, where was that same God when the youngman was going through hærdsh¡p and sorrows, was your God on leave or was he sleeping? See the man there sold his soul to us the day he drunk that blood at our sanctuary and he has been condemned to our prison for life.

Prophet O. Peprah: rom-ns 8 vrs 1 -2 says there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus because through Christ Jesus the law of the spirit of life has set us free from the law of sin and death. Now I bind you with chains from hell and command a consuming fire to consume you right now, I call for the holy angels to cut you into pieces with their sword of fire, I evoke the anger of the Lord upon you and may you be cast into the pit of hell. Holy ghost!!!

Chorus Voice: Fire

Prophet O. Peprah: Holy Ghost!!!!

Chorus Voice: Fire

Dwarf: Ahhhhhh you fool, you have won the fight today but I will win the battle tomorrow (they vanish into thin air and the lights in the room became stable again, the door shut itself and serenity was restored back to the house again.

Prophet O. Peprah: The devil has always been a liar and a loser, you people can go to bed, I will stay awake to intercede on your behalf through prayers to God.

Nana Yaw: No sir, I have to also stay awake and pray to God for mercy because I brought this upon myself and I must face the battle squarely with you.

Adjoa Wusua: Certainly my dear, we are in this battle together that if we don’t end it, sleep will be faraway from us.

They prayed all through out the night without ceasing and around 8am they drove to Nana Yaw’s mansion to complete the mission at hand, Lawyer Ayibontey, Chief Supt. Ansah Akoto, Maame Afua’s mum were all invited to the battle between the servant of God and that of the devil’s agent. As they stepped feet in the house from nowhere they saw about 8 vultures flying over the house, after going round and round they descended to the ground and to their utmost surprise, the vultures transformed to human beings, the biggest vulture was his holy eminence.

Holy Eminence: And what are you fools doing here, this is a property of devil and I don’t expect you people to encroach on it.

Nana Yaw: That is a lie your monster, this is my house and you have no right to claim ownersh¡p of this place not even in my absence when I die.

Holy Eminence: If you claim the house is yours, go in and let’s see, you are behaving as if you don’t know what am capable of doing, don’t try my patience because I have already lost the patience I had for you.

Prophet O. Peprah: You can’t do anything to the children of God, because we are so covered with the blood of Jesus and there is nothing you can do to any of us.

Holy Eminence: You there challenge my authority huh (he chants some words out and something like fire came into his hands and he threw it at the people)

Unfortunately for Nana Yaw he couldn’t dodge the strike because he was still walking with the support of a clutches, the fire hit him so hærd that he fell down and started scre-ming for help, his mother, Lawyer Ayibontey, Maame Afua’s mum and Adjoa Wusua went to his aid to help him get back to his feet but he couldn’t rise up.

Prophet O. Peprah: The bible says touch not my annoined and do them no harm, you have just touched God at his soft and His anger will descend on you heavyly. Father I call on you to send your holy ghost fire to come and consume this evil doers like how you did it to the gods of baal, I clump the evil wings of yours down and render you powerless, may any evil power you operate with catch fire, I strike you down with a thunder strike. I arrest you with the holy ghost spirit and lock you up in hell where you belong. I strike you down in Jesus name.

His holy eminence fell together with his supporters that came with him, his hat fell down and the maggots in his head started falling down and he was bleeding from his mouth and nose as a result of the strike he received. Nana Yaw’s mother saw something in the compound and rose to her feet leaving his son still on the floor,

Nana Yaw’s Mother: Is that you Kwaku Adane Dankyi? So after you left me and my children to God knows where this is your face? You are now battling with your son for supremacy and his life now is at stake.

Holy Eminence: What do you mean woman, did you ever give me a son? Don’t bring yourself before I turn my anger to you.

Nana Yaw’s Mother: I got to know I was pregnant when you left my children and I to die of hunger, yes you got what you wanted because all the girls died shortly after you left us in a very alarming state, the boy you now want kill is the only heir you have in this world, if you want to kill him to appease your gods you are free to do that but remember God will judge and punish you.

Holy Eminence: Are you sure Nana Yaw is my biological son?

Nana Yaw’s Mother: Can’t you see the resemblance all this while that you have known him, check his eye balls, nose and forehead.

Holy Eminence: Oh what have I done to myself and my family, I can’t stand this shame and embarrassment any longer, I have to end it hear.

Fraternity Members: No please don’t do that!!! No please don’t do that!!!

His holy eminence (Kwaku Adane Dankyi) chants some words and the fraternity members including himself transformed into vultures again and flew up.

Prophet O. Peprah: Praise the Lord!!! The evil one has surrendered and fled, let’s go in,side the house, we have an idol to demolish.

Lawyer Ayibontey: Man of God is that the end of the battle?

Prophet O. Peprah: Yes please, unfortunately for him and his members they can never come back to human again, the refuse dump is going to be their home forever.

They all went in,side and with the help of the bodyguards, they brought all idols out and set it on fire after praying over it.

The house, flint of cars and business empire was sold to a whiteman and the money raised was invested into a Charity Foundation.

Lawyer Ayibontey legally got married to Maame Afua’s mum whiles Maame Afua gave birth to a set of twins (boy and girl) in London, she got married to Chief Supt. Ansah Akoto in a grand style and later was enstooled as a paramount chief and his wife a queen.

Eddysongs was arranged before court and was found guilty with all the offense levelled against him, he was given 68years jail sentence and his properties werr ceased by the government but Adjoa Wusua lobbed on Esi Haizel’s behalf and she was given a quater of Eddysongs properties.

Nana Yaw and Adjoa Wusua got married and relocated to the states, they left the house and supermarket in the able hands of Nana Yaw’s mother and as at now Adjoa Wusua is heavily pregnant waiting to make Nana Yaw a proud father!!!!!

Till I come your way again with another intriguing and c aptivating story, stay safe and remember me in your prayers when you go on your knees to say a prayer.

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