Vanity Episode 4

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Adjoa Wusua: This is good news and am grateful for your generosity towards me, even though I haven’t officially received anything yet from you am very happy. So tell me what happened to the lady in the centre of the matter.

Esi Haizel: Oh that one, hmmmm as I came out of Elder Akyeah’s office she was seating by her desk with her head down, her arrogant life style deminished at once, she was so ashamed that she couldn’t look at me eyeball to eyeball. Anytime I asked her a question she answered me looking somewhere else, I decided to captazile on the issue and also drain her financial coffers down to the red zone. I immediately sent her a text message to affirm to her that as far as she plays along with me, her little secret is very safe with me and that no soul will ever get to hear of us, as she got the text message and read through it, she lifted her head up and gave a faint smile as she looked at my direction, with this I said to myself bingo. I then sent her another message stating that I wanted her to get me grilled chicken and ch¡ps plus a des**t of big ice cream pack for everyone in our department that afternoon, she didn’t look cheerful but was she having a choice? She nodded her head in agreement and during lunch time some of my colleagues that I usually go out to eat with came to me for us to go and eat, I just told them not to worry because today we were going to enjoy lunch in the office courtesy our beautiful goddess, for once everyone looked surprise because what I said sounded like music in their ears, I intentionally threw a question to her if what I said to my colleagues was true and she smiled and said it was very true.

Adjoa Wusua: Hahahaha I wished I was present to see the face of that lady, am wondering how stupid she will be because for the bill she was going to incure I don’t think she had budgeted for it that very moment.

Esi Haizel: Do I look like I cared about that? Her presence had cost me a lot, financially and emotionally she had sat on my fundamental happiness and that was the only way that I will also punish her for double crossing me. That afternoon when the delivery was made by a deliveryman we made merry in the office, as we enjoying ourselves Elder Akyeah came out of his office to check why there was this pandemonium and cacophony in our department, everyone kept mute and rushed to his or her desk, I stood up and told him today was a very special day for Kafui(my rival in the office), everyone was expecting Elder Akyeah to reprimand me but to their utmost surprise he just smiled and told us to continue making merry but we shouldn’t over elapse our lunch time. Everyone in the office was shocked as to what they were witnessing back in the office because if someone had predicted something like this to happen no one will fall for it but hey it was taking place and I was only enjoying the moment in grand style.

Adjoa Wusua: My dear you know very well that death awaits people who always take pride in this blackmailing business aint you afraid that this people might come after you to harm you or even end your life?

Esi Haizel: Really my dear you see me to be daft but unfortunately am very smart than you can ever imagine. The following day after the discovery I went to Elder Akyeah’s office to lay claims that I saw some people trailing me home the previous night after work and because of that I had sent a signal to my lawyer that should anything happen to me he should come after you with the evidence I have left in the brown envelope so if he or Kafui were plotting to attack me they should have a rethink because I will make their lives unbearable to the extent that the world will be too small to contain us.

Adjoa Wusua: Herh this strategy of yours is one in a million, my mind had not travelled to that conception yet.

Meanwhile in one of the rooms in the mansion that the party was ongoing, Nana Yaw Adane Dankyi was pleading for mercy and time from someone, he wanted to be given a little time but time at that moment wasn’t a friend to him and he was sweating proferously in an air conditioned room


Your Eminence please kindly give me a little time to sort things out, you know for the past five(5) years I have served this fraternity diligently and have paid my dues in full. I have virtually done every sacrifice this fraternity has asked of me and even I have brought into our midst new and loyal members, all I require from you now is a little time, please your Eminence kindly bear with me in this hærd time for me to sort things out properly, if I had my own way I would plead for a change of sacrifice that is been required from me, as about now I don’t have any heir to inherit me when am out of this world, everything I own now on this earth has no relevance to my life. Eminence: Are you now throwing questions back to me Nana Yaw Dankyi?

Nana Yaw: No no your Eminence please don’t misinterpretate my suggestion, who am I to question your order my Lord? I was on pleading and asking for mercy from you my Lord, kindly consider me for my past achievements I have clinched in this fraternity. Eminence: Hmmmmmm Nana Yaw you are really putting me in a s₱0tlight, how do you expect me to explain things to the holy fraternity members?

Nana Yaw: Your Eminence I know when you speak it is law in the fraternity and nobody dares to challenge you when you utter your final words, please have mercy on me this time around.

Eminence: Nana Yaw I haven’t approved of your request yet so I will advice you stick to the plan and work towards that goal until there is any change, your time is limited and you know the consequences that befalls anyone who dares the patience of the fraternity. Your days are numbered and you are seating on a time bomb

Be warned!

Be warned!!

Be warned!!!

On this note his Eminence vanishes from the room Nana Yaw Dankyi and him were communicating.

Eeeeeiiiiii what have I gotten myself into now, I taught joining this so called holy fraternity was going to bring happiness into my wretched and disorg-nised life but little did I know it was the beginning of my worse nightmare, I hærdly get a peaceful sleep for about six(6) months now, all I see in my dreams are people chasing me from north to south and from the east to the west. Well I have already gotten myself into this mess and I must deal with it whether I like it or not, if you are born a man then you must be very ready to face and stand anything life throws at you, today is my birthday and I don’t have to let anyone or anything prevent me from been happy on this very special day, let me go out join the others to have fun, after all “you only live once” in this life. Nana Yaw leaves the room he has designed as his spiritual fraternity room and locks the behind him, as he takes some steps leading to the staircase of his mansion, he hears a voice from behind which sounds very sweet and familiar to him, for the very first time he wished what he heard was over stressing himself or probably he was now hallucinating and hearing voices now, so he proceeded to where he was heading to. Meanwhile back at the party grounds the party was getting heated since people were now trooping in and the merry making was heading to the climax, Esi Haizel and Adwoa Wusua were enjoying themselves as Esi Haziel continued with her narration for her discovery back at the office.

Adwoa Wusua: My dear so did you only punish Kafui for once or what?

Esi Haziel: Hw3 for the where? I have been making life unbearable for her in the office, do you know that any job that will pop up at our department for someone to do I quickly raise the alarm that Kafui has volunteered to do it? Even in the washroom when the cleaners were called to do something I quickly mention the name of Kafui and if she frowns or pretend not to make a move to that direction, I raise my phone up and immediately she gets to her feet to do as I said to her. You know when you teach the fool how to chew a chewing stick, even when going to bed the chewing stick remains in his or her mouth, I made the office a hot place for her to be, I even eavesdropped on her conversation later with Elder Akyeah where she was requesting for a reshuffle or transfer to another department, after her conversation I called Elder Akyeah and warned him that if he makes any silly move to please Kafui or try to grant her, her request I would also not hesitate to release the pictures I have in my custody to the company board of directors and his wife as well. On this note I ordered him to call Kafui on phone or better still send her a text message that her request had been overruled and that moving her to a different department will raise alarm in the office so she should just endure what she was passing through and that everything will be okay very soon, as I got back to my desk and looked at Kafui and her face was so red that I even got afraid that she might explode since she looked like a time bomb about to go off, I smiled at her whiles I waved my phone and upon seeing the phone she realised her angry face and started smiling.

Adjoa Wusua: Hahahaha bae you are wicked and bad, herh gye wo five(give me five), you are a master player and a genius.

Esi Haizel: Do you know just this afternoon I overheard her telling one of the guys in the office that she wants to quit her job in the office?

Adjoa Wusua: What? You don’t mean it, if it’s a joke cut that crap.

Esi Haizel: Why would I joke with such issue, I sent a message to Elder Akyeah as we got here earlier on but he hasn’t replied yet, I told him I want the land and it’s doc-ments which will prove the land is mine, I threatened him that it should be ready by next week Wednesday or else she will hear from me loudly.

Adjoa Wusua: Oh yeah, you mean business paaa oooo. Where is this birthday boy? The drinks we took have filled my bladder and I need to release the urine in my bladder, I think I have to move into the mansion and find the guest washroom to pay my water bill, excuse me my dear, will be right back.

Adjoa made way to the mansion and as she entered the mansion and was admiring the interior decorating, she bum ped into something out of the blues.

To be continued

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