Vanity Episode 6

Vanity Episode 6
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the previous episode Adwoa Wusua had been locked up because she was the first suspect and witness to the incident that led to the injury of Nana Yaw, now her only hope was that nothing bad should happen to the injured person or even if he will die he should first alert the people close to him as to what triggered that problem.

Now let’s continue

Meanwhile Esi Haizel was also contemplating seriously on Adjoa Wusua’s plight as to what exactly happened in the mansion between her friend and the rich young man, did Adjoa really hurt the guy because he wanted to do something with her s€×ually as she entered the mansion or what? No if it was anything relating to s€× I know Adjoa Wusua very well that she will give in into that offer without even thinking twice, she told me just some few minutes before the action what her plans were for the year and how prepared she was just to raise enough money before the year ended, that alone I can stand to defend Adjoa anywhere she is taken to. But what got her thinking was, what exactly happened in the mansion that led to the injury, was her friend at the wrong place at the wrong time or was it the nemesis of life that had caught up with her? Adjoa Wusua had caused much damage to many homes by destroying other people’s marriages with her extra marital affairs with some married men, I have witnessed about four fights between Adjoa Wusua and some married women and at the end she succeeds in defeating the women because she was strong and well built in stature, most of this ladies end up heaping curses into the life of Adjoa Wusua. That night Esi Haizel couldn’t sleep herself because the only friend she truly had on this earth was now on the cross path, as at now the only hope available now was Eddysongs who could assist them(Adjoa Wusua and herself). The following day was going to be a very tedious day so Esi Haizel tried to catch some sleep before the sun rises, she struggled to sleep before later the angel who takes people to dreamland came to take Esi Haizel away, she slept for a while and around 5am she was wild awake, she tried sleeping more but sleep was really far from her room that early morning, she laid on her bed for a while and drew her plans for the day. First she called Eddysongs lines on the call card but none of the numbers was connecting, her hopes diminshed as she felt now that she had to face the case all by herself. She took her iPad and went to the internet to surf for the best human rights lawyer or advocate so she could hire the services of that lawyer but it seems all the lawyers information she got concerning their charges were on a higher side, the charges they had attached to the services they provided and considering the case at hand she was heartbroken, she was now in a dilemma as to how she was going to get a lawyer to defend her bossom friend when eventually the case is arranged before the law court, you know very much that the laws of Ghana states clearly that the police can’t keep someone in their custody for more than 48hours, as she was about to give up and logout from the internet, she stumbled on an advert in a small corner of the page, out of curiousity she clicked on the link on the advert and a website popped up, she went through the site and read through the charges over there, she saw the charges labelled there were four (4) times cheaper than what the other law firms were charging, she wrote down the contact and location details of the law firm and decided to go to the office personally and see the lawyer there so she knows what measures they will be follow to help bring Adjoa Wusua out from police custody. She stood up from her bed went to the bathroom and took her bath, she came out from the bathroom in no time and came to prepare breakfast for herself and that of Adjoa Wusua but as she was done she couldn’t even take a scoop of the food she had prepared immediately when the thought of her friend came to mind, she packed the bowls she will be sending to the police station, hurriedly dressed up and took some money from her wardrobe then she left the house to face the tasked that was ahead of her for the day………..


Esi Haizel chartered a taxi to the police station and as she was in the car going she drew her master plan on what to tell Adjoa Wusua because if she opened up to Adjoa that she couldn’t get in touch with Eddysongs she will be very devastated and heart broken so she got a nice tailored idea to explain to her friend so she will reduce her negative thinking in the police cell, meanwhile doctors were also trying their best to revive Nana Yaw from the comma he was in now, they had run massive checks on Nana Yaw and they discovered that his left leg had broken into two (2) and his right hand has also shifted from the shoulder socket and also his neck has also gotten a fracture, they had treated all that part and what was left now was for him to regain consciousness so they ask him series of questions as to what or who caused this life threatening injuries on his body and life. Meanwhile at the police station Esi Haizel had handed the food over to the police officer on duty, Adjoa Wusua was called by her cell leader Mama Terror and she came to stand behind the door of the cell, you could tell from her eyes that she had been crying all night long because of where she finds herself at the moment, if you have ever been in a serious fatal case at the police station or law court you will understand. Esi Haizel had to be smart and do things that will bring hope to her best friend, she tries to engage Adjoa Wusua in a conversation
Esi Haizel: Hello darling how are you doing this morning and I hope you slept well last night?
Adjoa Wusua: Hmmmmmm Esi as you can see am looking very miserable and not feeling well at all, been locked up in a small room together with a lot of unfamiliar faces is a hell. I feel am suffocating now and the stench in,side here is driving me nuts, please did you call Eddysongs as we discussed last night?
Esi Haizel: Yes!Yes!!Yes!!! I spoke to him early this morning.

(Adjoa Wusua quickly cuts in without even allowing Esi to finish with what she was saying or about to say)

Adjoa Wusua: What did he say?
Esi Haizel: Relax my dear, well I spoke with him this morning as I said and unfortunately for us he can’t be here to visit you but he instructed me to see one of his lawyers to take charge of the matter. From here am going straight to see him and am sure by the time i return your statement would have been taken and we will know the next step to take so you are taken out from police custody. Please do well to eat the food I prepared for you, its enough for three (3) people so you can share with Mama Terror and another person, please try not to think much of the case because I know and believe this trial is just a temporal issue, before I take leave, is there anything you will need so I get it for you?
Adjoa Wusua: I need a toothbrush, toothpaste, bottled water, toilet roll, soap, painkiller, roll on and a small face towel.
Esi Haizel: Is that all you need?
Adjoa Wusua: For now that’s all I need.
Esi Haizel: Okay my dear, I will get you those things and then rush to meet the lawyer so we know what to do next to get you out from here.
Adjoa Wusua: Esi you know what, just forget the things I need now and rush to the lawyer’s place first, you can get me those things later when you come with the lawyer.
Esi Haizel: Okay if that is your request or wish for now, I have heard you. I will be back very soon with the lawyer, please worry less for everything will be fine with God by our side. See you later my dear

(Esi Haizel takes leave from the police station to her next destination known to her alone, she gets to the roadside and boards a taxi to her work place)

Upon arrival at her work place and checking her time she was 1hour 25minutes late but she wasn’t scared or bothered about that because the person to reprimind her was under her control now so what was the big deal here. She enters her office and one of her colleagues give her a hint on how angry Elder Akyeah was for her lateness to the office without any prio notice or calling anyone to inform him or her, immediately she remembered that there was a board meeting which was scheduled to take place early in the morning with the CEO of the company and even with that she had a special role to play that morning by doing a presentation on behalf of her department, she bite her l-ips and snapped her fingers because she realized an opportunity had passed her by, if she was present at that meeting it would have been the start of her turning point in her life and things would have taken a different dimension. She dropped her bag and made way to Elder Akyeah’s office, she knocked and entered the office but was received with a negative  response.

To be continued

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