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Victims of love episode 1


Victim’s of Love: 1
by Ifeoma Isabella Okeke in Victim’s of Love on

Somewhere in Akure:

(Mrs Juliet and Mrs Lillian were at the front of Mrs Juliet house. They were both seated and facing each other)

Mrs Lillian: Where is your daughter Rose?

Mrs Juliet: She has gone to fetch drinking water from the tap in the next street.

Mrs Lillian: I hope you’ve told her she will be coming with me to the city in two days time?

Mrs Juliet: Yes my sister, I have told her and she has accepted to follow you down to the city.

Mrs Lillian: Good, I will come in two days time to come and pick her up, this is the least I can do for you to lessen your burden.

Mrs Juliet: God in heaven will reward you for me my sister.

Mrs Lillian: Amen (Stood up from her seat) I will have to be going. (Open her bag and bring out a bunch of money which she gave to Mrs Juliet) Use the money to hold yourself and your children.

Mrs Juliet: (In praises as she collected the money) Thank you so much my sister. God will continue to bless you. (Mrs Lillian left.)

The night before Rose departure:

(Mrs Juliet was seated, an empty stool was seen beside her. Rose, a 12 year old light skinned girl came out of the house with a lamp and sat down on the empty chair.)

Rose: Mama I am here.

Mrs Juliet: Rose my daughter, I called you here to talk to you.

Rose: Okay mama, I am all ears.

Mrs Juliet: Tomorrow you will be following your aunt to her house in Lagos.

Rose: I know mama.

Mrs Juliet: Please and please, avoid any bad friends and always do what your aunt tells you to do, you dey hear me so?

Rose: Yes mama.

Mrs Juliet: Your Papa don die, na only me and your brothers na e you get, no go do rubbish for there.

Rose: Yes mama.

Mrs Juliet: I hope you have prepared everything so you won’t keep your aunty waiting when she comes for you tomorrow morning?

Rose: Yes mama.

Next Morning:

(Mrs Lillian drove in with her jeep and parked it at the front of the house. Rose and her mother came out of the house with her little bag with her. Her two younger brothers came out also behind them.)

Mrs Juliet: Thank you once again, my God will reward you.

Mrs Lillian: How many times have I told you not to thank me, I know if the case was reversed you would do the same for me my friend. I will take care of your daughter and treat her like my own child.

Mrs Juliet: I trust you.

Opening the passenger door for Rose to sit. Rose took her bag from her mother bidding her goodbye with her brothers, she entered the car.

Mrs Lillian: (Opening her expensive bag she counted some money and gave it to Juliet who collected with a grateful look) Manage this my friend.

Mrs Juliet: Thank you. (Watch as Lillian ignite her car and drove off) bye bye Rose (She and her son’s shouted at the moving car)

Mr James Duplex:

Almost noon.

(Mrs Lillian jeep entering inside a large compound and packing her car. Getting down from the car with Rose. Opening the car of her booth, Rose went to carry her bag and together they walked inside.)

Mrs Lillian: (Met her husband and her 6 years old only son who was sleeping on his lap at the parlour. Going to meet her husband and peck him) Good evening darling.

Mr James: evening sweetheart, how is your mother and your journey?

Mrs Lillian: Great love and how are you and junior faring?

Mr James: We are fine now that you are back.

Mrs Lillian: He is asleep already.

Mr James: Yes, the nanny left not too long ago (Seeing Rose) And who is this?

Mrs Lillian: Oh, this is Rose, the one I told you I will be bringing.

Mr James: Your friend’s daughter?

Mrs Lillian: (Sitting diet and caressing her husband cheek) Yes darling, I met my best friend hawking a few days ago and she told me about her condition so I had to take one of her children with me at least to help look after junior when we are not at home.

Mr James: Okay my love anything that is fine with you is fine with me.

Mrs Lillian: (getting up and took junior from his lap and gesturing to Rose with her head to follow her, they left the parlour and walked the stairs. She took Rose to a furnished room) This will be your room from now henceforth okay rose.

Rose: Thank you ma’am.

Mrs Lillian: I will check if there is food for us to eat and if there isn’t, I hope you eat indomie?

Rose: Yes aunty.

(Mrs Lillian sent a smile at her and left the room. Rose stares everywhere in wonder.) So I will be living in this big room, only me? (She dropped her bag on the bed and started moving from one place to another in awe. Few minutes later the door to her room opened and Mrs Lillian came in with a plate of indomie and glass of juice and gave it to Rose.

Mrs Lillian: There is no food in the house rose.

Rose: Thank you auntie.

Mrs Lillian: Tomorrow I’m going to teach you how things are done here and your work. Once you are done eating keep the plate outside the door and make sure you lock the door.

Rose: Okay auntie. (Mrs Lillian left the room and Rose quickly devoured the indomie.)

Mrs Lillian the next morning showing Rose how to use the shower, make use of the toilet, how they wash the plates and mob the tiles etc.


(Rose was the only one seated on the parlour watching Icary when Junior walked in.)

Rose: (Smiling) Hey my handsome husband how you doing?

Junior: (Smiling back) I’m fine aunty Rose and you?

Rose: I’m good, come sit with me. (Junior sat next to her and they watched the cartoon together.)


(Mrs Lillian was seen seated outside the corridor of her house.)

Mrs Lillian: Rose! (Rose quickly came out of the house)

Rose: (Greeting her) Good afternoon aunty. You called me aunty.

Mrs Lillian: Yes I did, what class did you stop?

Rose: I stopped school when I was in jss 1 aunty.

Mrs Lillian: (Surprised) Really? Anyway you will be starting school with my son two days from now. Your job is to keep an eye on my son.

Rose: Yes aunty.

Mrs Lillian: I will be sending your mother a phone so that you both can communicate with each other. Your mother was a very good friend of mine who had always helped me out whenever I am in trouble back in those days (smiling at Rose) You can go now.

Rose: Thank you auntie (She went back into the house)

Two Days Later ….

At the School gate:

(Mrs Lillian was seen waving her hand to her son and Rose as they entered the school compound. She drove off.)

School Compound:

(The Students of St Mary’s where on break and Junior was seen with Rose. Rose follow him to his classroom. Going to his sit, ge brought out his food flask which contains boiled yams and fried eggs.)

Junior: Let’s come and eat aunty Rose.

Rose: Ah my husband, eat, I was given lunch money.

Junior: I was given lunch money too, so we should eat this one together and then go and see what we can buy with our lunch money. I won’t tell my mother.

Rose: Okay. (Rose sat down and followed Junior to eat his food.)


(Mrs Juliet was seen with her two sons. They were the only ones outside. She was seen dividing two trays that were filled with oranges when a postman came to meet them.)

Postman: Good afternoon ma.

Mrs Juliet: (Stopping what she was doing as she straightened up her upper body to have a good look at who greeted her.) Good afternoon my son.

Postman: Please ma I am looking for one Mrs Juliet living in this compound.

Mrs Juliet: Is there a problem?

Postman: Not at all ma, I have a message for her.

Mrs Juliet: Okay, I am the Juliet you are looking for.

Postman: Okay (He brought down the backpack he carried and opened it bringing out a new phone pack and a book) please sign here. (he pointed at the paper with him and gave it to Mrs Juliet who signed it and gave it back to the postman.) This was sent to you by Mrs Lillian from Lagos. (He gave the phone pack to her and left.)

Mrs Juliet: (In bewilderment as she opened the phone pack to see an android phone. Her two sons were happy.) God I thank you ooo, who go believe sey my friend Lillian go send me phone? Baba God na only you be Baba. (She saw a sim card which has already been registered together with a piece of paper with Lillian number written.) God go continue to bless you for me, Lillian you no go ever lack. (Praises Lillian)

To Be Continued…

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